Asset Report with PO Numbers

Hello Experts,
Is there any standard report which shows Asset ID, Asset Tag, Acquisition Cost, Accumulated Depreciation, NBV and PO numbers?

Hi Bob,
You can display this fields for example with RAGITT_ALV01. In this report you can define a Sort variant and an History Sheet version.
You can change the output list via "Change layout" (Ctrl+F8) and also include another fields with report 335065 if the are not available in the layout.  The reports is for all fields (expect of RASIMU* und RAKOPL*) for all fields from ANLAV and ANLB. ANLAV is for ANLA, ANLU und ANLZ.
Perhaps also the inventory lists are relevant for you.
Regards Bernhard

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  • Asset report with vendor number and vendor desc wise

    Hi Gurus
    The requirement is to generate asset reports with the below fields:
    Asset class, Asset number & desc, vendor number & desc
    Suppose say all asset balances should be reported by vendor name and desc.
    I couldn't get the right results using an existing or a custom sort version. Do not want to go with a custom report or a SAP query.
    Any pointers in this regard would be helpful.

    You can use table ANLA.
    Populate the asset field then go to settings tab and choose fields.
    Check the following fields given below:
    then execute.
    hope it helps.

  • Group By reports with Serial Numbers

    i am creating group by reports with serial numbers. i use the
    following code to generate the serial numbers using a formula
    function SNOFormula return Number is
    SNO NUMBER(5);
    SNO := :SNO + 1;
    I am able to acheive the required output with the above code in
    the case of Normal Tablular reports. But in the case of Group by
    reports, the output goes as follows:
    for example:
    Any way out?. pls help.
    Prabhu S

    create a summary column in the group . set the function to
    count. set the source to the group name. set the reset at value
    as report. create a field in the lay our editor left of the
    group field. set the source as the summary column. you will see
    the numbering.
    Ex :
    Query : Select * From Emp;
    Group Field : Deptno
    Summary Field : CS_Count
    Properties of Cs_Count - Function => Count
    Source => DEPTNO
    Reset At => Report
    Now create a field in the lay out editor left side of deptno
    field lets say "SEQ", set the source to Cs_Count.
    It will disply the serial number of the groups.

  • Asset Report with old Asset Number in the Second description text field

    I have a requirement for a report in the Asset accounting.
    User wants a report where in he can see the asset details with the legacy asset number which is entered in the second description field in the Asset Master.  I executed the available reports and could not find one like that.  Please help me out.

    You have the option to ad this field to the reporting stucture.
    Wy you have ased this field and not the fields in the tab origin for old asset number?
    For extra fields in the asset see the Wiki
    for all the wiki's from asset accounting go to the link:

  • Asset report with master data fields

    It seems like that all standard asset reports can not display fields from the master record of the asset like room, user fields, etc. But those fields are there in the selection screen of standard reports. Is there standard report that can show me the asset values and fields from the asset master record?

    A comment from my side, for fixed asset related data like the fields you mentioned are available in asset history sheet report and all available fields are easily exported into Excel sheet if only the 'Use ALV grid' indicator under the 'Display options' is activated. Alternatively building a separate report using the query tool as mentioned.
    However from end user perspective, the former may be readily accessible and with minimum maintenance when compared to the later as it requires the knowledge of database table relationship and query creation.
    Thanks for the attention.
    Kind regards,
    John Chin

  • Asset report - with asset G/L accounts connected for gross value and amorti

    Hello dear all,
    Is there a way to obtain asset report by asset (and not by asset class) with the G/L accounts connected for gross value (acquisition) and amortization (depreciation) ?
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    Look to the report S_ALR_87011990 - Asset History Sheet  for more information about this report look in the wiki part from this forum
    perhaps you can find with the ransaction ARQ0 - Ad Hoc Reports  you need

  • Asset Report with CJ88 document

    Hi Experts
    We have developed Z report for asset having material code,vendor,CJ88 document.In old Z report we are not getting material & vendor which is relevant for CJ88 document.
    So we have develop new Z report in which we are getting material but that value is not matching with AS03.What could be reason.
    The Logic is as follows:
    First get the field OBJNR  from table COVP  where field REFBN eq to Settlement Docs in to ITAB..
    Then fetch the amount and other field from Table COVP where OBJNR eq ITAB-OBJNR and BLART NE u2018SAu2019 and KSTAR NE u20180000300010u2019.
    Please check the actual function code to fetch the settlement doc details below:
    btab[] = itab[].
    sort btab by bwasl.
    delete btab where bwasl ne '115'.
      if not btab[] is initial.
    select objnr
         into corresponding fields of table dtab
         from covp
         for all entries in btab
         where refbn eq btab-belnr.
    sort dtab by objnr.
      if not dtab[] is initial.
    select belnr
            into corresponding fields of table ctab
            from covp
            for all entries in dtab
            where objnr eq dtab-objnr
            and blart ne 'SA'
            and kstar ne '0000300010'.
      if not ctab[] is initial.
    sort itab by bwasl.
    delete itab where bwasl eq '115'.
    loop at ctab.
           itab-ANLN1 = ' '.
           itab-belnr = ctab-belnr.
           itab-buzei = ctab-buzei.
           itab-bzdat = ctab-bldat.
           itab-bldat = ctab-bldat.
           itab-budat = ctab-budat.
           itab-gjahr = ctab-gjahr.
           itab-bwasl = '115'.
           itab-name1 = ''.
           itab-AWTYP = ''. "Transaction Type
           itab-matnr = ctab-matnr.
           clear wmaktx.
           select single maktx into wmaktx
           from makt
           where matnr eq ctab-matnr.
           itab-maktx = wmaktx.
           itab-name1 = ' '.
           itab-dmbtr = 0.
           itab-wrbtr = 0.
           itab-anbtr = ctab-wkgbtr.
          itab-anbtr = ctab-wtgbtr.
          itab-butxt = ctab-butxt.
           itab-ebeln = ctab-ebeln.
           itab-ebelp = ctab-ebelp.
           itab-kstar = ctab-kstar.
           itab-blart = ctab-blart.
           append itab.
    ENDFORM.                    " GET_SETTLEMENT_DOC
    Is there any reports for settlement document having material & vendor code with description.
    Nitin A


  • Sales report with gl numbers

    Hi Gurus,
    I want to generate a report from SD showing details of Material description (items sold) and amount from G/L Numbers 400013, 400017, 400018, 400001 and 400005.with the gl number also displayed. pls help.

    You can get the Desired report usign the Following tables,
    I would Suggest you to first analyse what fields you want to extract in the report and if the extracting logic is fairly easy use a SQVI Queiries to make a desired report and specify the join conditions where ever needed in the infoset
    or you can ask your ABAP team to write a program in your desired functionality,
    Since your report is involving BKPF and BSEG better to write an ABAP Program than a Query.
    There will be a reference number in the billing document header (VBRK) which needs to be used as a join condition to BKPF  and the accounting document number is the join condiion between BKPF and BSEG.
    for getting t he GOods issue number you can use the document flow table VBFA. Give the billing document number as the Subsequent Number and preceding  document category as " R - Goods Movement"
    Hope this Helps

  • Asset report with asset quanity

    We create the asset master in asset master we are not entering the quanity in asset master  after thta we create the PO for asset using the asset code then we complte the PO to invoice cycle  after this we can see the asset balance in the all the asste report  but i am not getting the quanity of aset in report which we enter at the time of GR  so in which report we can see the qty. of asset.

    Run MB51 and  Check Column Field "Asset", if not showing then right click on any output column and Click on Show and Move Asset. Now you Filter and get the GR of Asset only.

  • Asset report with WBSE

    how to get asset no against WBSE is there any specific report?

    Hi Sivashankar,
    After dynamic selection Internal order than also Internal order Value not display.
    Thanks & Regards,
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  • SAP query for asset report with retirement and depreciation retirement

    Hi Expert,
    Can anyone tell me in table ADA which filed is holding the figure of retirement and retirement depreciation?
    Thank oyu

    For your question you can check the tables ANEP for asset transactions line items and for asset value fields you can check out ANLC.
    I hope this may help you.
    If you have any doubts feel free to ask.
    Pankaj A Bhalerao.

  • Employee number in the Asset Report

    We have a requirement to see a report of Assets assigned to employees.  We have created assets filled with Personnel Numbers in the master data.
    In the asset report, we have given the employee number in the dynamic selection and got the report.  But in the report output, the field 'personnel number' is not available. 
    Is there any asset report wherein the employee number is also displayed ?

    Hello Atif
    As you said, I created a sort variant and included the fields Personnel Number and Cost Centre. 
    I have the requirement to add the Personnel Name & Department also in the report.  Is it possible to bring those fields also ?

  • Stock Report with Batch Number

    Hi ,
    My Client requires stock report with Batch numbers .required report format is
    Item Code,BatchNumber,OpenQty,OpenVal,PurchaseQty,PurchaseVal,SalesQty,SalesVal,ClosQty,CloseVal
    I tried using query on wiki for stock report but that query is written in 2007 and Batch tables and OINM table is changes in 8.81.
    can any one help with stock report- batches.

    use below query as basis and mofiy the fields required. it shows linking in batch and transaction tables:
    SELECT distinct T0.ItemCode,T0.ItemName ,T0.DocDate ,T0.DocType ,T0.DocNum,T0.LocCode ,t4.DistNumber as [BatchNumber], T1.Quantity ,T5.CalcPrice as [Price]  
    FROM  [OITL] T0 
              INNER  JOIN [ITL1] T1  ON  T1.[LogEntry] = T0.[LogEntry] 
              INNER JOIN  OBTN T4 on T1.MdAbsEntry=T4.AbsEntry
              INNER  JOIN [OITM] T2  ON  T2.[ItemCode] = T0.[ItemCode]   
              Inner JOin OINM T5 on T0.ItemCode =T5.ItemCode and T0.LocCode = T5.Warehouse  and T0.AppDocNum = T5.BASE_REF

  • Asset Report by Vendor/Manufacturer #

    Is there a standard SAP asset report with the field of vendor and manufacturer #? 

    you can got the vendor and manufacturer name in T code
    For that you have to create a sort variant by using T code OAVI
    There you have to put the vendor and manufacturer table name
    Then when you excute the above mention report in the layout field you can find vendor and manufacturer option
    Note- To find the  Vendor and manufacturer name in the report you have to maintained that in Asset master

  • Assets reports (URGENT)

    Hi all guru's
    we need Assets report with invoice date
    is it possible...
    its very urgent....'
    i can get addtion of the assets, with doucment number, date...
    but we need assets with invoice date.

    there's only abap RAZUGA_ALV01: field asset value date (bzdat)
    for analysing bldat you must create a query (sq01/2) with logical database ADA and table ANEK
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            Andreas Mann

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