Automation from Scanning to DMS creation

Hi Friends,
Is there any link bringing scanning doc. into DMS. What process we are following scanning the doc. in a local file. Then create a DMS & attaching. Then releasing the DMS document. The problems while creating doc. are:
1. We can attach the same file twice
2. There is no control for duplicate chk
Is there any software which will connects the scanning & DMS directly and create DMS doc. automatically. In this process is it possible to read certain data in invoce & enter the same in DMS fields.
Why I am looking this process is we will be doing scanning of 1000docs of various doc. types . In each invoice there will be 20pages. Chances of error will be much in manual process.
Sai Krishna
Sai Krishna

Dear Athol,
I hope in this we need to install a separate content server to store the documents.
In our case we already have one contenent server / SAPHTTP which we are using for DMS. Since it has capacity, we are trying to use the same. after two years we will archive & store in other areas.
In standard Invoice verification we don't have option of viewing DMS document for which we use screen exit.
For this DMS document type we added certain characteristics since I want to add new fields there by we use these filds furher processing.
Can I know what are all benefits with archivelink compare to DMS.
Sai Krishna

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    Hi Prasad, you may want to have a look at the following links:
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  • DMS document migration from Third Party DMS server(Omnidocs)

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    What is the apporach.
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    what is the function module to  download the contents of the server. by passing the url.
    with regards

    use ALE scenario to send the documents

  • I cannot edit text in a PDF created from scanning

    I am using Adobe XI, and I have created a PDF by scanning a document.
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    I am using Acrobat XI Pro on PC.
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    I digitalized the document from the scanner. This scanner is installed in the net, so I personalized the settings in Acrobat and I chose memory mode instead of native mode.
    Mode color: black on white
    Resolution: 600 ppp
    As you say in your mail, I understand I should choose ClearScan OCR not searchable just at this moment.
    Well, and what about the options of optimization?, JBIG2 (without lost)?, 4 CCITT?
    And filters?, I have: activated, low, activated, medium
    Are these values congruous or compatible?
    Thank you
    De: Phillip Jones [email protected]
    Enviado el: martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012 18:24
    Para: Suárez Suárez, Manuela
    Asunto: I cannot edit text in a PDF created from scanning
    Re: I cannot edit text in a PDF created from scanning
    created by Phillip Jones<> in Creating, Editing & Exporting PDFs - View the full discussion<

  • Create a dvd from scan photos on iMac

    Is it possible to create a movie on (DVD) from scan photos? And will it be compatible to play on a PC?

    You can create an automatically advancing, with some fading and sliding effects, slideshow of your scanned Photos in the app "iPhoto" on a DVD on your iMac.

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    I need to retrieve a pdf file from an external DMS. i have to write a program that will:
    1. Display the list of released Prod Orders (ALV) - done
    2. Open the Corresponding BMR(batch manufacturing record) for the specified Released PO.
    3. Pass 2 values from the report to the BMR pdf file
    Are there FM's for this?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hello Franklin,
    I can advise you a little on the retrieval part.
    I assume that the external DMS is configured as a Content Repository in your system. (OAC0)
    The content repository can be identified from OAC3, based on the SAP Object type and Archiving Object type being used. Please check the protocol that has been configured within the customizing of content repository. Further, go to OAA3 and verify the method of retrieval specified in the protocol and retrieve the data accordingly from OAOR or OAER.
    Please reward points if this info helps you.
    With Regards
    Vijay Gajavalli

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    Hi friends ,
    I am a fresher and i dont know anything abt DMS .. I have given a task of uploading a file from desktop to DMS server ....Our requirement is not to use FTP server ......plzz guide me guys from very first step .... it wud b of gr8 help 2 me.........!
    Edited by: Chandra Shekhar Singh on Jul 26, 2011 3:23 PM

    Please refer following links
    [Uploading of File in DMS using Webdynpro ABAP(|Uploading of File in DMS using Webdynpr(WDA- File containing garbage value;
    [DMS Application Server file Upload|DMS Application Server file Upload;
    [Uploading and Downloading SAP DMS applications|]
    Hope this will helpful.
    Renuka S.

  • Import redlining Layers from Cfolders to DMS or Local System

    Hi Gurus
    1. Assume, a JPEG image has 4 redlining Layers in cfolders ..
    Can we import the JPEG image and the redlinings layers from cfolders into DMS or to the local system ....
    2. Also In DMS ..i  tried Creating Layers in the JPEG file and i was able to save and view it again, but for the File which was imported from Cfolders to DMS, i was not able to view the layers contained in it .. Is there any settings , i am missing here ?
    Kindly advise
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Paddy,
    the folllowing steps for ingetration of cfolder with Portal:
    1. login in to portal. there will be one tab content admin.
    2. click on content admin, there willl be one folder portal content. here u can create new folder like e.g cfolder.
    3. under this folder, u have to create IVIEW, WORK SET and Role.
    first create iview, while creating iview it ask for some details related to cfolder like application id, system id, ip address and url mentioned for cfolder. this u will find in BSP application SE80 Tcode.
    same create roles and work set and assign roles to workset and iview to workset.
    4.then go to user admin here u have to map user ids in EP. it is only for mapping purpose so that there will be single login . they dont need to login again into cfolder if they accessing cfolder through ep.
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    note: please award points for useful answer

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    C:\MyFolder or there is s special path writing?

    If that's the folder you want to exclude then your doing fine. For more information see (List of Antimalware Policy Settings):
    My Blog:
    Follow me on twitter: pvanderwoude

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    I realise that pre-conditioning the images – flattening, cropping, down-sampling to a suitable size – would be a good approach, but I'd rather avoid that if possible for two reasons: (1) so that I only have one image to keep track of, instead of the original and a Premiere version; and (2) if I decide to edit colour or contrast I can do so non-destructively on the original. The latter is an important consideration. Images may be used in more than one project. If I decide to alter the look of an image (not because of the look of the image within a particular project, but because I decide the original edit was inherently flawed), it would be better to alter the original and have that change reflected in all other uses of the image, than to alter, say, two copies of the image plus the original.
    A finished AV will range from 30-400 images. The longer shows will be broken into sequences of no longer than about 20-30 images. These are some of my concerns:
    The scanned images include a small amount of the slide mount. That way I know I've scanned the entire slide. So that has to go. And given that slides are 3:2 and Blu-ray is 16:9, something else has to go as well. I've been through most of the Premiere PDF but have yet to come across a cropping tool. I know how to position, scale, rotate, but how do I crop? Scaling is not a substitute because I may want certain images to not fill the screen and not show the slide mount.
    Will layered Tiff files cause difficulties in Premiere or Encore?
    Will 5400 x 3700 files (versus resampling to 1920 x 1080) have a serious impact on the time in takes for any part of the process from importing into Premiere to encoding in Encore?
    Image Order
    Is it better to order and renumber images using Adobe Bridge, or should I just shuffle images around in Premiere? Working with Premiere alone would have the advantage that I can import the originals (if that is an acceptable workflow).
    When a project is finished, I want to package all the assets via Project Manager and archive them. And I'd rather not archive 100MB image files. Now, this is going to be a big ask, and I'll have to jump across to InDesign to explain. When I've used scanned images in InDesign, I link to the original 100 MB files. No problems whatsoever. Come archiving time, I package in one of two ways: use an InDesign script to crop and resample the original images, and then package; or I simply export to PDF, and during the export all images are automatically cropped, resampled, and saved within the PDF in whatever format I choose. A simple and elegant archive.
    Does Premiere have the ability to crop and resample the stills it uses, and either overwrite the original or save as a new file?
    That question has just made me think: if I do need to crop, flatten and resample before importing into Premiere, or for archiving, maybe I should be mocking up my Premiere projects in InDesign set to a page size of 1920 x 1080. I could drag in all the images, then shuffle, crop and size them. When I'm happy with the sequence, I export as jpegs, and get the cropped, resampled images that way, ready for Premiere.
    Any comments most appreciated.

    Your last paragraph makes the most sense. Although a script in Photoshop would easily do what you want.
    Before you resize them, make sure you don't really need to pan across them. Resizing down to around 4K or so might avoid problems.

  • Images from scan on flash drive. Can female- female USB adapter be used to input to ipad?

    Can female- female USB adapter be used to input images from scans to ipad?

    You have to use the camera connection kit adapter, which precludes the input of power at the same time. Most newer USB flash drives don't use too much power. You can also put your pics into a DCIM folder on a camera SD card and use the camera connection kit. Haven't seen any posts about an SD cards using too much power.
     Cheers, Tom

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    Using Windows 7 and Acrobat X to scan documents on a Brother MFC 420CN.  Prints from scans come out at about 80% of full size.  Would prefer to have prints at full size.  Is there a setting in Acrobat for this?

    You can try this to see if it gives you the proper page size:
    In Acrobat, choose File > Create > PDF from Scanner > Custom Scan.
    Click the Options button to the right of the scanner name.
    In the Scanner Options dialog, choose Show Scanner's Native Interface from the pop-up menu.
    In the scanner's interface, choose the correct page size.

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