Background Colour in Pages 5.0.1

Knowing how Apple likes to have everything sent electronically, and not printed, I am surprised that I can't change the background page colour of documents.
I can change the background of a word, sentence and paragraph. I can even select all the text on a page and change the background colour of that.
But there is still a white border all around this document, where the margins, headers and footers are.
It looks really NAFF.
Anyone got any ideas please.

Make a page size rectangle, color it and send it to the back or make it a master object.

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  • Background colour for page for readability

    In Microsoft word, I can change the background colour of a page to make it easier to read - good fro proofing long documents. Can't work out how to do this in Pages.... Don't want to print a colour, just to read comfortably....

    You could slip a colored Shape behind the Text layer. You just have to remember to remove it or change its color when you print.
    Insert > Shape > Rectangle. On the Format Bar, click Floating and, if necessary, No Wrap. Size the rectangle to cover your page, set the Fill Color, Arrange > Send Objects to Background.

  • Browser background colour and page background colour

    On one entry page of my blog, the browser background colour is over-riding the page background gradient colours. I've tried remaking the entry page by duplicating another entry page, but this still happens on just this one page.
    Hoping someone will be able to work out why...?
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    Thank you. It's
    The page in question is the 29 September entry for the blog page ('rehearsal notes'). This was on the 'Choir Members Only' site, but I've moved it to the 'public pages' site for this discussion. I can leave it there only overnight (British time).
    Thanks again.

  • Background colour in pages document

    Is there a way of having white as my background colour for my document and using white script?

    Peter, thank you for your response.
    I wasn't trying to lock horns with you.
    Your story about your sister in law made me laugh.
    To be certain, I am NOT arguing that black text on white background is less legible
    [I'm sure you are correct that it is more legible. That would stand to reason].
    I am saying that staring at lots of white light hurts my eyes and I don't like looking at it for a long time.
    I'm sorry you disagree with what I have experienced that applies to me personally over many years.
    I don't think that's superstition.
    That's years of personal experience, related to my own personal eyeballs [not yours].
    To drop pretensions of science,
    I'm afraid what this boils down to is I can't be told what I like to see, or look at for long periods, and what is more comfortable for me personally.
    To use a very rough analogy : 
    Would it be more painful for you to stare at a very intense little ball of light [or a few of them] / [or a neutral-coloured ball of light] against a dark night sky?
    OR at a few black dots in front of , perhaps not the sun, but some other similarly but far less intense light across say, the sky as a backdrop, all of that light shining in your eyes?
    Would you rather try and read small text on a dim lightbulb, or against a fully-lit lightbulb?
    You may be different. I personally prefer the text on the more neutral lightbulb.
    I'm perfectly happy to be surprised, but I don't think you were addressing a slightly separate topic: legibility, rather than photoreceptors being bombarded with hot-light all day.
    While legibility is a factor related to eyestrain, I would suspect for different reasons,
    and ultimately, what negligible-difference I may lose in legibility is far-more than made up for by not having to stare at a flat panel beaming hot-light into my eyes all day.

  • Background colour on pages

    Please can you help, I used to set the background colour on my windows so didnt get white glare..and so no visual migraines, but I don't know how to sort the it not possible to set a background colour that only shows on screen but doesn't send or print with that colour? Many thanks C

    You can dim your monitor to comfortable levels in your System Preferences. Particularly on the new LED screens which dim down to extremely low levels.
    However I think you are more likely to develop headaches trying to read content with too little lack of contrast than too much. As for coloring the background, readability studies show black and white is by far the best for readabilty.
    But then there is no end to the crazy illogical excuses people will come up with for doing the oddball things they do.

  • Colour of pages background

    Any chance that anyone might know how to change the background colour of Pages. So instead of white it could be green, or lilac etc. and not just the text area, the whole area.
    Just a thought.

    See Pages Help topic, "Creating a common background image for multiple pages".

  • How can I change the background colour when working on a doc in full screen view (pages)?

    Recently I have been working on docs without the distraction of having to see my desktop around my page file by using the full screen view in pages. I do find the contrast to an all black screen too harsh though and it makes my eyes more tired than seeing the clutter of my desktop around the page. Is there any way I can change the background colour?
    Any help much appreciated!

    When you are in Full screen mode move the cursor up to the top to show the Format bar. Then look to the far right. There you'll see Background  and a rectangle. Click on the rectangle and change the colour.
    For information on Pages download the Pages User Guide from your Pages Help menu.

  • Changing background colour for a new Workspace page

    Hi everybody,
    can anybody help me?
    I want to create a new Workspace Page. When i create a new page in the workspace, the colour is white. How can i change the background colour?
    Thanks for any suggestion!

    This forum is for workspace manager - a database product that has no UI itself. I'm not sure what product you are using, but it's not WM.

  • How do I - change the background colour of the output HTML page

    Captivate 5
    I am publishing my project to html, but wish to change the background colour of the html page to match the projects colour scheme.
    I can find no option in Captivate to do this, and it is always output as white = <body   bgcolor="#f5f4f1">
    I change the colours used within captivate and change the html colour of the borders, or the captivate project background, but this does not effect the html page when published.
    Is this possible?
    At present I am having to manual amend the html to the colour of my choice.

    Hi there
    Can you post a screen grab of what you are seeing? The instructions Orange_Sean provided should have done the trick for you. Even though you aren't using Borders, it still should have changed the HTML background color. Unless we have unearthed a bug or something.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • How to change the page Header background colour in a Theme

    I want to know how to change the page header background colour. If you are in the Editor I don't find a property where to change it.
    If you are in the Theme Editor in the header bar I want to change stands <b>Theme Editor</b>. This (in my case blue colored bar) I want to change in another color.

    Hello Radhika,
    thanks for your answer. Where do I find the option for the pageheader in System Administration>Portal Display>Theme Editor ->IView Trays exactly?
    The pageheader is a picture, which must be uploaded for the web dynpro. Why should any webdynpro element in the ivew tray. There is no relationship between these two parts.
    I have not found any option to change the web dynpro pageheader. Could there any extra theme editor for webdynpro?

  • How to Change background colour in the Arrange page

    I find the LPX arrange page is generally rather too dark, is there a way of changing the background colour? I am sure L9 had this facility but cannot find it on LPX.

    No, there (probably) isn't. You can only set the piano roll background lighter, but not the arrange background, unless this is mentioned somewhere in this thread about customizing the LP X color scheme: 65e9c718e5c38f62
    Note that this topic now has 18 pages though...

  • Setting a page background colour

    Hi everyone,
    Im new to InDesign, and am (or at least i thought i was), in the final stages of completing a brochure (A4 landscape format) for my photography business.
    The brochure Im creating is intended as both a downloadable pdf and also for viewing on screen.
    My issue is this:
    Ive somehow managed to set it up so that the page background colour is black, which is what I want, as my text alternates between white and a shade of grey.
    However, when I PDF this document, or try to physically print it, the pages show up as white, and so a lot of my white text does not show and the grey text looks almost invisible.
    Can someone please enlighten me as to how I actually achieve what i would like to - i.e. black pages.
    Many, many thanks in advance.

    Thanks for your reply.
    I figured that would be the way to go. Though I'm getting a glitch when using image gallery widgets where the background colour flashes white when zooming on an image on the final ipad book. The background fade effect when zooming is set by default to start from white I presume. Hope they fix that soon.

  • Background colour around my website page in CSS

    I want to set up a background colour around my website page. I can do this for each page individually in Page Properties but am looking for a way to do this through CSS so I can change all pages in the future. I thought I had succeeded by creating a new CSS property and applying it to the area to the side of my page, however, when I uploaded it, it was red instead of grey. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

    Add some css for the body tag in your stylesheet...
    body {
    This would make the <body> of each page black.
    If you have already tried this, we would need to see your code to figure out why it isn't working, specifically, what in your page css or stylesheet.css is overwriting it.
    Could you post a link to one of your pages?

  • Setting page background colour

    When setting page background colour I am currently using the shapes tool to create a colour rectangle to place in the background.
    Are there any other ways to set page background colour, say to set a book wide preference for page colour, or any alternative method at all?

    Thanks for your reply.
    I figured that would be the way to go. Though I'm getting a glitch when using image gallery widgets where the background colour flashes white when zooming on an image on the final ipad book. The background fade effect when zooming is set by default to start from white I presume. Hope they fix that soon.

  • How to change background colour of opening FF "splash"/page?

    I've a black background opening FF page (national US wx satellite map) & want the background as white, not black.

    Maybe check the default colors:
    *Tools > Options > Content : Fonts & Colors > Colors : [X] "Allow pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections above"
    See also:

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