BAPI for operation change in production order?

Hi there,
I want to change operation data in a production order and I can only find this BAPI:
Can this BAPI also be used for changing an production order? Because in the documentation of the BAPI this function isn't really mentioned...
Can you give me some hints or the name of another BAPI doing this task?
Kind regards

yep it can be used for that, the documentation for this bapi is ( very unusual for bapis I know ) available
call the bapi in se37. goto -> documentation
I don't have an example for changing orders and operations but I use it to copy serviceorders (only difference between serviceorder and production order is that you can enter a customer at serviceorders)
which are quite extensive with lot of operations and components and functional locations
here my example for creation. for change I believe you also have to fill the UP structures accordingly to what you want to update
kind regards
gs_meth-refnumber  = 1.
  gs_meth-objecttype = 'HEADER'.
  gs_meth-method     = 'CREATE'.
  gs_meth-objectkey  = c_init_ordid .
  append gs_meth to gt_meth.
  move-corresponding gs_meth to gs_ext.
  gs_meth-refnumber  = 1 .
  gs_meth-objecttype = 'PARTNER'.
  gs_meth-method     = 'CREATE'.
  gs_meth-objectkey  = c_init_ordid.
  append gs_meth to gt_meth.
  h_refnumber = 1.
  loop at gt_operations_i into gs_operations_i.
    concatenate c_init_ordid gs_operations_i-activity into gv_so_operation.
    gs_meth-refnumber  = h_refnumber.
    gs_meth-objecttype = 'OPERATION'.
    gs_meth-method     = 'CREATE'.
    gs_meth-objectkey  = gv_so_operation.
    append gs_meth to gt_meth.
    add 1 to h_refnumber.
  clear h_refnumber.
  loop at gt_components_i into gs_components_i.
    add 1 to h_refnumber.
    gs_meth-refnumber  = h_refnumber.
    gs_meth-objecttype = 'COMPONENT'.
    gs_meth-method     = 'CREATE'.
    concatenate c_init_ordid
    into gs_meth-objectkey.
    append gs_meth to gt_meth.
  clear h_refnumber.
  loop at gt_texts into gs_texts.
    add 1 to h_refnumber.
    concatenate c_init_ordid gs_texts-activity into gv_so_operation.
    gs_meth-refnumber  = h_refnumber.
    gs_meth-objecttype = 'TEXT'.
    gs_meth-method     = 'CREATE'.
    gs_meth-objectkey  = gv_so_operation.
    append gs_meth to gt_meth.
* gebruikte objecten cq functieplaatsen
  clear h_refnumber.
  loop at gt_objectlist_i into gs_objectlist_i.
    add 1 to h_refnumber.
    gs_meth-refnumber  = h_refnumber.
    gs_meth-objecttype = 'OBJECTLIST'.
    gs_meth-method     = 'CREATE'.
    gs_meth-objectkey  = c_init_ordid.
    append gs_meth to gt_meth.
  clear h_refnumber.
if p_objrel = 'X' and gt_relation_i is not initial.
* koppeling functieplaats met operatie
* kunnen geen meervoudige koppelingen gemaakt worden in BAPI
* dus hier 1 koppeling maken en na BAPI de rest aanleggen
  read table gt_relation_i into gs_relation_i index 1.
  add 1 to h_refnumber.
  gs_meth-refnumber  = h_refnumber.
  gs_meth-objecttype = 'OLISTRELATION'.
  gs_meth-method     = 'CREATE'.
  gs_meth-objectkey  = c_init_ordid.
  append gs_meth to gt_meth.
  gs_meth-refnumber  = c_init_ordid.
  gs_meth-objecttype = space.
  gs_meth-method     = 'SAVE'.
  gs_meth-objectkey  = c_init_ordid.
  append gs_meth to gt_meth.
* BAPI-call
  refresh: gt_ret, gt_numbers.
  clear:   gt_ret, gt_numbers.
  call function 'BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN'
    destination 'NONE'                       " --> Zie note 770626 !
      it_methods             = gt_meth
      it_header              = gt_header_i
*       IT_HEADER_UP           =
*       IT_HEADER_SRV          =
*       IT_HEADER_SRV_UP       =
*       IT_USERSTATUS          =
      it_partner             = gt_partner_i
*       IT_PARTNER_UP          =
      it_operation           = gt_operations_i
*       IT_OPERATION_UP        =
*       IT_RELATION            =
*       IT_RELATION_UP         =
      it_component           = gt_components_i
*       IT_COMPONENT_UP        =
      it_objectlist           = gt_objectlist_i
      it_olist_relation       = gt_relation_i
      it_text                = gt_texts
      it_text_lines          = gt_text_lines
      extension_in           = gt_ext
      return                 = gt_ret
      et_numbers             = gt_numbers.
    destination 'NONE'
      wait          = 'X'
*         IMPORTING
*           RETURN        =
*   Zie note 770626 ...
  call function 'RFC_CONNECTION_CLOSE'
      destination                = 'NONE'
*       TASKNAME                   =
      destination_not_open       = 1
      others                     = 2
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    Dear SAP Daya
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    Please help.

    Hi Arvind,
          Thanks for for your response.
    1. List: Components,  Layout: Standard layout          set the Missing part
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    2. List: Components,  Layout: Pick list          set the Missing part
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           It shows the component requirement/commit quantity for each production order. It is not showing the commit quantity at opertion level.
          We are unable to get the solution from all these 1 to 4 reports from COOIS.
    Do we have any option to change the existing layout (ex: 3 ) to get the commit quantity for operation with missing parts indicator?
    If avilable, what is the procedure to be followed?

  • How to change operation dates in Production Order /Capacity Leveling

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    2.Running MRP with Lead Time Scheduling -2  in md02 and converting the Planned Order to Production Order .
    4.Production Order have following dates :
             Basic Finsish Date : 21.03.2010
             Basic Start : the day Pl.Or--Pr.Ord
             Schedule Start : 15.03.2010
             Schedule Finsish : 17.03.2010
            Schedule Release : 13.03.2010
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    6.In material master : Work Scheduling View : Setup : 3 days , Processing : 4 ,Interoperation : 2 for one Base Qty 1
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                             Op2 : Start Date : 17.03.2010      FD : 17.03.2010
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    2.How to change/re-schedule operation dates d in CM21 (Graphical view -Work Center Capacity load as per   Production Order and Operation combination ) based on capacity availale in advance dates? I am using  Time Profile : SAPSFCZ002 -SFC Graph midterm-3 motnhs and Planning  ,
    How to solve this above issue in scheduling operation and capacity distribution .

    Closing the thread

  • Block Operation Number Change in Production order

    How can i block the operation number change in production order if the operation status is CNF...?
    ie either disable the operation number cell or disable the entire row in the production order.

    hi prashob
    i can't disable the column, as user need to insert operations in between
    I will check for this...

  • IDoc creation on save and change of production order

    I am looking for a way to create, and send if possible (if not I'll send with a batch job), on the save (creation and change) of production orders.  This will be a modified LOIPRO iDoc.  Currently we have a customer exit on the save of the production order but because it is before the save we must predict the number of the prod order.  This has worked but now we are creating one production order per line item in a sales order (automatically) so this is causing us to predict the same production order number twice.  We need a way to automatically create and send an iDoc for all production orders for given plants.  Right now the solution we are looking at is creating an output type and running through those output types a few times a day, sending them down to the Shop Floor system (proprietary system). 
    Is there anything setup in SAP that we can utilize?

    Hi Rick,
    Follow the below sample steps for changing component quantity:
        l_methods TYPE bapi_alm_order_method,
        it_boperations TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF  bapi_alm_order_operation_e WITH HEADER LINE,
        it_components TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapi_alm_order_component_e WITH HEADER LINE,
        it_components1 TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapi_alm_order_component WITH HEADER LINE.
    1. Call BAPI :BAPI_ALM_ORDER_GET_DETAIL , it will give existing order component details.
          number        = <production order number>
          et_operations = it_boperations
          et_components = it_components
          return        = it_bapiret2.
    2. Move it_components to components table compatibel to BAPI "BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN".
    LOOP AT it_components.
    MOVE-CORRESPONDING it_components TO it_components1.
    _*"Note here while moving change the component quantity"*_
    APPEND it_components1.
    CLEAR it_components1.
    3. Build the methods table for change production order :
    it_methods-refnumber = v_refnumber.
                it_methods-objecttype = 'COMPONENT'.
                it_methods-method = 'CHANGE'.
                it_methods-objectkey = v_objectkey.
                APPEND it_methods.
    "Note v_refnumber has 1 to 1 relation ship with the components table, if you want to change First component in it_components1 then you have to enter value '1' here for v_refnumber.
    it_methods-method = 'SAVE'.
            APPEND it_methods.
    4 . Call
                it_methods   = it_methods
                it_component = it_components1
                return       = it_bapiret2.

  • Changes in Production Orders

    Hi gurus,
    I want to track changes made by end users in the production orders in a report format. Which will tell what was old value and what is new value.
    What needs to be done for this?

    Changes in Production Order can be  traced through following ways :
    1.Order Change Management :
    Frist a Overall profile should be configured in SPRO > PRoduction>Shop Floor Control > Operations>Change Management for Production Orders-->Define Overall Change Profile.
    Create a Change Number CC01 with Release Key
    In Object Types select/tick "Actv", "object", "MgtRec",
    You get the Change Number by Saving .
    Use this Change Number to Change BOM or Routings
    Then Release the Change Number useing Release Key till then you don't find the Change of BOM in Production Order.
    Then go to Oder Change Process T Code :- COCM
    Tick Change Number and Select the Change Number & Execute
    Select the Production Order, click on Procurement element icon you get another screen select and execute again.
    You get an Pop-Up screen. "Determine changes, Check changes, Change Original Order.
    you see the changes in BOM for Production Order i.e. after COCM.
    Then Confirm the Changes in Production Order then New changes will be Active in production Order.
    Use COCM1 to find out the details or CO03--Extra --change
    Please check link  :
    2.To  get the changes in Production Order apply SAP Note 390635.
    3 .You can use T.code AUT10 to check the changes made to production orders in specified period.
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  • Component number change in production order

    hi experts,
              i want to know tat any standard bapi is available for change in production order
    regards ,

    hi gaurav,
              thanks for ur response,i want to know how to use this bapi,any sample coding is there

  • User-Exits/Badis for T.Code Co01 Production Order

    Hi Friends,
    Please can any one give the User-Exits/ Badis For Co01 , I need to link the Material with Documents....

    These are the available user exits..
    CCOWB001            Customer exit for modifying menu entries
    COIB0001            Customer Exit for As-Built Assignment Tool
    COZF0001            Change purchase req. for externally processed operation
    COZF0002            Change purchase req. for externally procured component
    PPCO0001            Application development: PP orders
    PPCO0002            Check exit for setting delete mark / deletion indicator
    PPCO0003            Check exit for order changes from sales order
    PPCO0004            Sort and processing exit: Mass processing orders
    PPCO0005            Storage location/backflushing when order is created
    PPCO0006            Enhancement to specify defaults for fields in order header
    PPCO0007            Exit when saving production order
    PPCO0008            Enhancement in the adding and changing of components
    PPCO0009            Enhancement in goods movements for prod. process order
    PPCO0010            Enhancement in make-to-order production - Unit of measure
    PPCO0012            Production Order: Display/Change Order Header Data
    PPCO0013            Change priorities of selection crit. for batch determination
    PPCO0015            Additional check for document links from BOMs
    PPCO0016            Additional check for document links from master data
    PPCO0017            Additional check for online processing of document links
    PPCO0018            Check for changes to production order header
    PPCO0019            Checks for changes to order operations
    PPCO0021            Release Control for Automatic Batch Determination
    PPCO0022            Determination of Production Memo
    PPCO0023            Checks Changes to Order Components
    STATTEXT            Modification exit for formatting status text lines

  • Bapi for Equipment change

       I would like to know , is there  any  BAPI for Equipment change(T.code-IE02) to update all the feilds of equipment & automatically creates an asset number as normal tranaction code performes.
      As of now i am useing BAPI_EQUI_Change, please let me know any other than this BAPI

       Check the FM <b>I_CHANGE_STATUS.</b>
    See the documentaion below
    Short Text
    Change a status for an object
    This function module is called to update the user status for a specified object (notification, notification task, order, or operation).

  • Assembly to order: change in sales order with change in Production order

    I want to activate change in the sales order data when a production order(which is created w.r.t the sales order) data is changed (Strategy 82 used); I have de-activated "No Update" for the corresponding requirement class 201; also the material for which SO created ,is not a part of any Delivery group.
    But when I am changing the production order (date/qty.), SO isn't getting updated accoringly.
    Please tell me the reason why it isn't happening!!

    The sales order requirement can be made as the production order receipt once you save the order in the system.
    so it is possible to change the receipt according to the sales order reqmt if any changes made in the sales order,
    in every entry or changes in the sales order ( if you use the stategy 82) . in back end system explode the BOM and the create the production order as per the order reqmt,
    even while you do the changes mad in the sales and save that time sytem re explode the BOM once again and change the production order qty.
    but if you change the production order , system not re run or explode the BOM , Routing . such setting is not made in the system . so obviously updation will not happen for the sales order .
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  • How track changes in production order which is already Read PP master data

    Hi Gurus,
    Due to some unavoidable reason my client has to do Read PP master data time and again, now my client having a requirement that want to see what has been changes in Production Order.
    We already created 1 report for that which tracks whatever has been changed in Production Order but having a constraint in it.  That It could not be able to distinguish to which order READ PP MASTER DATA done.
    So my query is how to map that in report. As sytem Status directly changed to CRTD phase.
    Any table which can track the changes once the order been through with READ PP MASTER DATA?
    As there are huge number of Production Order so we can go and open each order to see the Status changes in each and every order.
    Hope to get a reply soon.
    Sap User

    A suggestion:
    Change the specification as, log changes at each save instead of Read PP Master Data, as the changes would become effective only upon save. So if this is acceptable then 2 options, 1. Go with OCM feature or 2. Refer note - 390635
    Revert if you face any issues.

  • Mass change on production order (assembly type) to put deletion flag status

    Dear all,
    I've make a mass change on production orders to settle the status DLFL through the Tcode CO78.
    Some of the production orders  are "assembly order" type. Those could not be up-dated with the DLFL because there are linked to customer order. The customers orders are closed.
    What can I do to change the status for this kind of production orders. It is necessary for me to be able to put the DLFL status in order to improve the process of production closure done each month.

    Hi kiran 
    Thanks for the response. As I cannot put deletion indicator on the Assembly order directly, Do we have to put deletion indicator on the sales order item?. If so, Can we put a deletion indicator after the sales order was delivered and invoiced. What exactly have you guys done to put deletion flag on the production order.

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