Big blue question mark with Quicktime Symbol???

Hi, everytime I want to open up a web page or something with streaming media in it, I always get a symbol with the Quicktime sign and a question mark. Please help.

go under quicktime settings then to browser then mime setting and turn off flash media under misc.
hope that helps

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    I just recently received my new modem and have hardwired my internet to my iMac OS X 10.7.3 w/ Lion and my Safari is 5.1.5 (7534.55.3)...
    My problem is that some sites will either not open at all... referring to Safari can't find the server. And the others will have either blue boxes with questions marks *for pictures* or will open as a text page with no html... all left default.
    I am sure this is an easy fix... for my computer ran just fine and is under 1yr old.
    I am tired of being on the phone with tech support... so no more phone calls please!! :-)
    If anyone has suggestions or know of this proplem with a fix... I would truly appreciate your help!!!
    Thank you very much!!
    btw: i have cleared cache, updated adobe, reset my Safari, unplugged modem and restarted my computer. *sigh*

    Thank you very much Linc Davis...
    I used the Google public - IPv6 ending in 8844.
    Works perfectly now!!

  • Question mark in Quicktime Symbol!

    Whenever i go to say either msypace, ESPN, Gamespot, Yahoo, ETC. The little quicktime symbol has a little question in it and it wont play. I called quicktime and they knew nothing about it..

    Click on the apple in the top left hand corner.
    Click on "About This Mac".
    The next window will tell you exactly which version OS you have.
    Please correct your system info by going to My Settings over here in the right column.---->
    We also need to know which version of QuickTime you are using. Open up QT & click on "About QuickTime Player".
    The next window that opens up will let you know which version you are using and also if it is "PRO". Will need to know that also.

  • When I go to a webpage it shows a blue question mark after quicktime logo

    Quick Time Browser and websites wont work I have downloaded all the things I need and it still wont work...anyone know how to help me out???
    Please email me at [email protected] thanks

    The computer can't find a startup drive:
    A flashing question mark or globe appears when you start your Mac - Apple Support

  • Dashboard Widgets: All I get is blue question mark where QT should be

    I have tried installing some interesting Widgets but many of them fail to operate. If there is a QT element to the Widget, all I get is a big blue question mark and the letter 'Q' though I'm being told that Quicktime is needed but the widget can't find it. I know for a fact that Quicktime is on my iMac (how could it NOT be?), so what problem am I suffering from and how do I remedy it?
    Thank you!
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    Well, it works even on Dialup here, no QT box.
    I'm not clear on what you mean by 'Repair Permissions.' What's that?
    Easiest way...
    Safe Boot from the HD, (holding Shift key down at bootup), it will try to repair your Disk Directory while the spinning radian is happening, so let it go, run Disk Utility in Applications>Utilities, then highlight your drive, click on Repair Permissions, reboot when complete.
    PS. Safe boot may stay on the gray radian for a long time, let it go, it's trying to repair the Hard Drive.

  • Blue question marks in safari...

    I was changing around the layout of my blog and made a large image file as the header. I use firefox mostly, but I checked it on safari to see whether or not it was rendering correctly.
    In Firefox, the image displays fine.
    In Safari, the image displays as a blue question mark with the Alt Text.
    It's a standard, jpeg image... What is going on here?
    PS- if you'd like to confirm.

    the image fails to display in any mac browser I've tried - likely because it is specified as which refuses to serve to a webpage, only as a download.
    I would guess that the blogger software or page-writing app you use has maybe messed up the image storage somehow.

  • Upgraded to ios6 on my iphone 3gs and email is not displaying images. It has a blue box with a blue question mark inside

    I just upgraded to ios 6 on my iphone 3gs and I noticed on a couple of incoming emails that the images and information are not being displayed. There is a blue square box with a blue question mark inside. I already tried to press the home key and power key to restart. The email still does not display correctly. I went on my laptop to retrieve that same email and I was able to see the graphics and information, so the problem is on the iphone. I received two emails like this, so I'm missing all the important information. I also tried to retrieve my email through the internet browser and I still have the same problem. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    I forgot to mention that I have an Ipad 2 also and I can view the email information on there also. I received an email from Party city and it said to click here to print out the coupon. So I click the coupon and there is the little blue box with the question mark. This is the first time I've seen this happen, as I have printed out the coupons before. Maybe it has to do with the IOS6 update, because this just started to happen right after the update.

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    On my new MacBook Pro when I am connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable, Facebook pictures do not load. They show up as white boxes with blue question marks. This also happens on a website editor. But, when I am connected to the internet via Wifi, everything load properly. This is my work computer, so I have to be able to connect through the Ethernet cable to access everything. Please help me!

    I mostly use Safari. But I also tried it on Firefox, Mozilla, and Camino. Mac OS X. It's my work computer, so I've only tried it at the office. I have to be connected through the Ethernet cable to access my files and email on the server.

  • I have a question regarding a small blue question mark instead of photo, I asked about this and was directed to a question about text edit, which, by the way, a neighbour helped with.

    Email photographs not seen, photograph are replaced with a small blue question mark.....what do I need to do to see the pictures ?

    Hello tomfromridgetown,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities! 
    I understand that sometimes when you receive an email it contains a small box with a question mark for the attachment. It sounds like what you may be seeing is a windmill.dat attachment. Please review the attached article for information on what these attachments are and how to avoid them in the future. 
    Mac OS X Mail: What is a winmail.dat attachment? - Apple Support
    Have a great day,

  • Photos from the Internet will not load correctly. I get white boxes with blue question marks inside. This has only been happening for the past 3 weeks so I'm not sure why it is happening.

    Photos from the Internet will not load correctly. I get white boxes with blue question marks inside. This has only been happening for the past 3 weeks so I'm not sure why it is happening.

    Yes - email & text work fine but when I use something like Google Images or search a blog with imbedded photos I get the empty white boxes with question marks.  If I click the question mark it opens the photo but I can't possibly do that for EVERY image on EVERY page I search!?!?!  I've rebooted the iPad & my wireless card several times but neither action helped.  Have any clue what I should do now?

  • Pictures on safari are coming up with blue question marks

    Pictures on safari are popping up as blue question marks, instead of the picture. Help! I have a Macbook Air 2012.

    Ok, try this:
    Go up into the menu bar where it says Safari in bold type.
    Then, click the Safari button.
    Then, click Reset Safari...
    I hope I helped,

  • Question marks with some audio files

    Hello all,
    I've been trying to understand the problem I'm having with some audio files of my website, but to no avail. Some audio file are not loaded up with Quicktime, and only show a question mark with a blue "Q" around it.
    In other words, would any of you be able to help me find out why the audio files in the following pages do not work: egro2.html llegretto2.html _op._19_-_i._Allegro_conbrio.html
    Although it does in these other pages: _nontroppo.html ._2_-_i._Adagio_sostenuto2.html _BWV529.html
    I really appreciate your help.

    You are giving viewers the full title on your web page.
    You could cut your files names like < Beethovens_Piano_Concerto_no._2_in_B-flat_major%2C_op._19_-_i._Allegro_conbrio.html >
    to something like BthvnPC2BfM.
    Publish to a folder and look in the "Media" folder to see that all your files are there.
    A better way to provide a download is to ZIP the music file and link to it via "Link to: A file" in the Link Inspector.
    Type "Download" over the file name that appears and select your rollover colors and U or not in the format page.

  • Blue question mark instead of my picture message. Can anyone help?

    I've recently restored my iPhone 4S and going back through my old messages none of the pictures can be opened. It's replaced with a blue question mark.  Can anyone help?

    No app installed that will view the pics and bar codes.  
    Which email client are you using?  Which version? 
    File suffix of the pics & bar codes?  Example:  .pic, .bmp, .jpg, etc. 

  • Images show up only as blue question marks

    I just purchased a new Macbook Pro approximately one week ago, and concitering it's BRAND NEW I don't understand why I have this problem. On sites like and also images show up as blue question marks... I have downloaded both chrome and firefox to check if they were any different, but the same images wont load there either. I've read some about this, but no one seems to have any other advice than to "check preferences" and set it to "show images" or something, as far as i can see there is nothing wrong with the preferences. I have also downloaded and updated to the latest versions of both java and flash, but nothing seems to work. This is getting really frustrating, and I am desperate for help! I greatly appreciate ANY advice. Thanks in advance

    this is what I get on deviantart
    and well, basically this is weheartit

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    I created a new email signature with basic html but when I place the html into the email sig. through library it shows the jpg's as blue question marks.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Best tut for html sig applicable to 10.8 as well

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