BOBJ Auditing - Activity Universe and Crystal Reports

Here are the user requests.  Are these possible with BOBJ Auditor? There are some sample reports in Infoview Public folders and Activity Universe connection is working.
1. User and Group access and type of access to all folders and Crystal reports.
2.Develop a report of the inventory of all scheduled reports indicating report name, location, frequency/schedule and distribution list (include FTP / file location if not e-mail).
A monthly report would probably be sufficient and would be used to facilitate management oversight of report distribution.
3.An inventory of all reports indicating report name, location, database connection, scheduled or not scheduled, when created, when last time run, by whom
4.Automated report for failed instances - Crystal report failures within folders.  Most of the reports are run overnight
Environment: BOXI R2, Crystal Reports, Activity Universe

I'll attempt to answer your question. I should point out that not everything you need is an audited event. You might be better served by the Query Builder for some of your requirements.
1. It is possible to create a list of all folders/ reports a user/group has access to. The type of access a user/group has is not audited.
2. This is possible (more or less). You might have to move the distribution list portion to a different tab/ report.
3. Again, I'm uncertain how much of this info is audited. Needless to say, a report that has never been run will have no audit information. Report name and location (i.e. within BOE) are audited. It doesn't look like the database connection is audited.
4. This is possible and relatively simple.

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  • OLAP universes and Crystal Reports

    Hi everybody,
    as we know Crystal Reports can not use OLAP universes as data source. The details about that have been discussed several times in this forum, for example in the threads:
    Logon failed with Universe data source
    Logon failed when trying to connect to a SAP BW related universe
    The possible data sources are perfectly explained in the Blog from Ingo Hilgefort.
    But... why these connection type is not possible???
    From my point of view these missing functionality comes with a lot of drawbacks. The universe has a lot of advantages, and first of all it is isolating the business users form technical complexities. But if the business users can not access to the OLAP universe they have to face to technical complexities.
    Another point: Consider a perfect integrated SAP BW environment with Business Objects Enterprise and Crystal and Xcelsius. The administrator can now define a perfect universe structure, tailored on the particular business needs of the end users. This universe structure can be used for Web Intelligence and Xcelsius (QaaWS). But for the Crystal Reports I have to define another interface to the BW data sources, which can not be done by the Administrator.
    So, some open questions:
    - Why is the connect to OLAP universes not possible - does that make sense?
    - Will the connectivity be available in future - is that part of the actual roadmap?
    - What is the recommanded approach for a business case as shown above, meaning how can I isolate my business users from technical complexities by using SAP BW as data source for Crystal Report.
    Thank you for any comments and advises,

    Hello to everybody.
    When I was starting to work on the BO products I had exactly the same question.
    Why were the OLAP Universes not supported in Crystal Reports?
    Well, I have a few facts in my mind, I explained the decision of SAP in this case with for myself.
    1. Very simple and my first thought: monetary aspects. There excist the SAP Integration Kit. These drivers work pretty fine. So for what reason SAP should invest money in an other technique to access the SAP data?
    2. It excist a server solution for small and medium-sized companies named Crystal Reports Server. I'm not sure but I don't think this package contains the Universe Designer. If acces on SAP data over the OLAP Universes would be possible, the Crystal Reports Server customers should also get the Designer tool and the Translation tool, too. Less profit margin.
    3. Creating a Universe out of OLAP data destroys the moredimensionality. Universes are flat constructs. So maybe it makes no sense to use this meta layer.
    4. A typical Crystal Report user isn't someone who had no technical understanding. For me these users should know and understand the data source very well. So an Universe would limit there the possibilities for building a report.
    5. I think the SAP itself did not know where the journey should go with this toolset. A roudmap that changes severalt times in one year an many many rumours about these tools proof this.
    So I think maybe we just have to wait a few months and the support for the OLAP Universes will come with a fix pack.   Who knows...

  • KBase ID 344488: Logon failed when connecting to universe in Crystal Report

    My question is related to  [KBase Article ID:344488|]
    Article refers to: Crystal Reports XI
    When attempting to create a connection to a universe in Crystal Reports, after clicking OK in the Database Expert Query Panel, the following error message appears:  "Logon failed".
    The query is not generated. In the Universe folder of Database Expert, the following message appears: "u2026no items found".
    I'm running BOE XI and Crystal Report XI R2 with MS SQL Server 2005 using ODBC.
    The resolution psoted in the KBase Article ID:344488 does not resolve the issue in my case.  Does anyone have any ideas on what to look at next?

    Hello Donald,
    I'll describe the process flow when Crystal Report reports off of a Universe, in hopes the info will help narrow down your issue.
    When you create a Crystal Report and open an Universe, it connects to the Enterprise system and uses a Report Server on Enterprise to generate the SQL Statement.   After you create the Query in the Query Panel, and add the Query to the report, the SQL Statement is sent to the Crystal Report Designer. 
    The Crystal Report Designer makes a local connection to the database and sends the SQL Statement to retrieve data.
    You're using ODBC connectivity.  If the defined ODBC isn't identical between the server where the Report Server is running, and the client where the Crystal Report Designer is running, then you'd get the Logon failed error.
    Other than checking the drivers, I'd recommend that the ODBC connection on both server and client point to the same database, and allow use of the same database logon credentials.
    Ted Ueda

  • Migration between SharePoint07 and Crystal Reports - please Help !

    I downloaded trial ver. of CR XI R2 with SP3 ( version 
    so we could use the integration kit to MOSS 2007 (new upgrade).
    What do I need in order to install the Portal integration kit on Microsoft SharePoint 2007 server ?
    We have Crystal Reports v10 with license but I want to try migrating SharePoint with Crystal reports
    and if it will be OK we will purchase the new version.
    My purpose is to install the integration kit (keep asking for SP3 in installation menu)
    Do I need to Install Business Objects XI 3.1  in order to install the integration kit to SharePoint 07 ?
    Where can I download it  (trial) ? SAP site keep deny me.
    BTW, Does Crystal Reports 2008 will work fine with SharePoint server 07 ?

    Hi Raj,
    Please have a look at the below documents for ECC and Crystal Reports integration.
    BusinessObjects and SAP Part 4
    Hope it helps.

  • Difference between Crystal Report with VS2010 and Crystal Report Professional Version

    Dear Experts,
    We want to know the difference between Crystal Report Version with VS 2010 and Crystal Report Profesional Version.
    And from where we should buy it provide the link.
    Thanking you,
    Miral Shah

    If you are looking for difference in features, see this.
    You could design your report with any one of CR 2008/2011/2013 and still could use in the app with 13 version references.
    Here is the licensing info.
    - Bhushan
    Senior Engineer
    SAP Active Global Support
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    Getting started and moving ahead with Crystal Reports .NET applications.

  • Difference between Crsytal Report 2011 and Crystal Report for Enterprise 4

    difference between Crystal Report 2011 and Crystal Report for Enterprise 4.0?
    I think Crystl Reprt 2011 has more function, is it right?

    I recently attended a SAP Virtual trianing on SAP Business Objects BI 4.0.
    Here are few extracts from that which probably shows some light to you:
    SAP Crystal Reports 2011
    1. UI and associated processing servers remain the same as CR 2008
    2. Incremental update to CR 2008 with a few new features*
    3. Continue to provide current CR 2008 functionality as-is for existing customers
    SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.0
    1. Major update & redesign of the Crystal Reports Designer and associated processing servers
    2. Focus on streamlined report design, reporting against BI 4.0 Universe, & reporting against SAP BW data
    3. Provide the foundation for all future releases of Crystal Reports
    Differences between these two releases:
    Data Source & Usage Type                                       General Recommendation
    1. SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0                                        SAP Crystal Reports Relational Universe (UNX) for Enterprise
    OLAP Universe (UNX)
    2. SAP NetWeaver BW 7 BEx Query (BICS)                    SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise
    3. SAP NetWeaver BW 3.5 BEx Query                             SAP Crystal Reports 2011
    4. SAP Profitability Cost Management                              SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise through Analysis View
    SAP Strategy Management
    SAP Budget, Planning and Consolidation
    SAP Extended Analytics
    5. Platform Driven Alerting                                                SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise
    6. Business Views                                                           SAP Crystal Reports 2011
    7. Direct RDBMS or OLAP access                                    SAP Crystal Reports 2011
        SAP ERP/ Live Office Content/
        Enterprise search content

  • How to Integrate Epic and Crystal Reports

        My hospital uses both Epic and Cerner Reporting. As a business objects admin I was asked to integrate Epic with Crystal Reports. I'm Using BOE XI 3.1 and Crystal Reports 2008, I want a planning to integrate my Crystal reports server with Epic reporting. Any ideas how can I start the integration and step by step procedure to follow while integration.
    Edited by: [email protected] on Jan 27, 2012 9:02 PM

    You might need to create ODBC connection in BOBJ server to access EPIC.
    Refer to below link

  • Help requested on WEBI and Crystal Reports

    Hi All,
    1. Our Sys Admin has installed Business Objects XI Enterprise Server on the Corporate Development Server. The objective is to develop few WEBI objects and Crystal Reports and deploy on the Development Server for further testing. What developer tools I need on my local system to develop WEBI Objects and Crystal Reports?
    2. For crystal reports is there a need to develop universe, or is it possible to fetch from the database directly if the DB meets all the data needs?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi gudurusk,
    For CR creation the you need Crystal Reports. Thats a Report developing Tool which needs to be installed local on your Desktop PC
    WebI is a Java based Reporting Tool. So you create your Reports in a Web Browser. You LogIn to InfoView and click New -> Web Intelligence Document and start.
    Crystal can do both. It can report of a Universe and can by directly connected to your DB.

  • VS2008/VS2005 and Crystal Reports 2008 Developer

    1.) I am using VS2008 and Crystal Reports 2008 Developer. Are there any issues I need to consider when developing using both of the above? (or with VS2005)
    2.) The confusion for me is in regards to the SDK. From what I understand from articles etc is that using CR 2008 dev we can use the .NET SDK or RAS SDK for development purposes?
    3.) So downloaded the sample code for RAS .NET from [here|] and tried "DatabaseLogon_CS" example, as the option. It automatically opened in VS2005 (no problem) however it would not run.
    I would get an error :
    Failed to connect to server "localhost".
    Error returned from Windows Sockets API : 0.
    and line causing this is >>> rcd.Open(ref path, 0);
    Code below:
            string sampleReportPath = @"C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\Samples\en\Reports\Demonstration\World Sales Report.rpt";
            object path = (object)sampleReportPath;
            // Create an instance of the ReportClientDocument.
            ReportClientDocument rcd = new ReportClientDocumentClass();
            // Set the location of the RAS server.
            rcd.ReportAppServer = "localhost";
            // Use the Open() method of the ReportClientDocument to open the report.
            rcd.Open(ref path, 0);
    I have been able to open the RPT file by itself. So it does 'see' the database.
    Reason why it would not run?
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    If you're using the sample code from our website, make sure you have uncommented the InprocRAS option in the ConfigureCrystalReports method (see below). From your error description it seems like you're using the unmanaged RAS option, which requires a RAS server.
    private void ConfigureCrystalReports()
            /* The following methods implement the same sample functionality in three different RAS
             * scenarios. Uncomment the method you would like to use.
             * - inprocRAS() logs onto a databse using RAS and SQL authentication.
             * - managedRAS() logs onto a database using RAS and SQL authentication from a managed RAS server.
             * - unmanagedRAS () logs onto a database using RAS and SQL authentication from an unmanaged RAS server.
             * Undocument the call to the method which applies to your appropriate RAS settings.

  • Error on Visual Basic 6.0 and Crystal Reports 9.2 on XP SO

    We need support to resolve an error on a system made with Visual Basic 6.x and Crystal Reports 9.2.
    Error '-2147417848 (80010108)'
    Automation Error
    Not always give these errors.
    Often occurs after request two reports followed and SO is XP
    When SO is Windows 2000 professional this error not occurs.
    These are versions of the products used:
    Versión Visual Basic:  6.0.9782
    Versión Cristal Reports:

    This forum is for community use and is not considered a support site. For assistance you need to purchase a case from our support site. But 9 is no longer a supported version so this is your only place to get assistance.
    Try downloading the only patches available from:
    Thank you

  • Views on CF Report Builder and Crystal Report

    Dear all,
    I would like to get your opinions on CF Report Builder and
    Crystal Report.
    As we all know, CF Report Builder is a new reporting tool.
    But I find it very difficult to design a complex report maybe due
    to limitation in its functionalities. Sometimes the tool shutdowns
    by itself without any warning and reason. But the output is nicely
    presented on a flash paper / pdf and it can be run on non-MS
    On the other hand, Crystal Report is a more matured product
    but runs only on MS platform. It is very easy to use and very
    powerful. I have been using it for almost 10 years. But the output
    is not nicely presented on the web browser unless if we purchase
    Crystal Report Enterprise to generate the report which is very
    Can you all share your views? I need to make decision which
    tool(s) to use. Really appreciate it.

    Hi Keiko,
    Yes, CF Report builder is new and initially there was few
    issues with this. But I guess now it's good after hotfixes.
    Well, I am using CF Report Builder. It's good for me. You can
    also design and develop complex reports, that depends upon the
    query you are writing. You can also add subreports to your main
    Mainly CF Report is platform independent and you can also
    generate reports in PDF, EXCEL and FlashPaper.
    Crystal Report is no doubt is very good, and it's there for
    long years. I agree you can create complex reports with this, but
    you also can do the same in CF also. You are using this for last 10
    years, so I guess you should try something new and that is CF
    Report Builder and you can judge then.
    I am sure you will have fun with CF.

  • VS2013 and Crystal Report Layout printing

    <p>Hi,</p><p></p><p>I use VS2013 and Crystal reports.&nbsp; In my program i also use direct print from the form (not by crystal reports).</p><p></p><p>When I first print a documten from a form,
    and then I take a printpreview from a crystal report, the lay-out is not correct.</p><p></p><p>As example I put 2 screenshots:</p><p>first correct - second after printing from form</p><p></p><p>I
    hope somebody can help me.</p><p></p><p>Thx</p><p><img alt="right" src="" /></p><p><img alt="wrong" src=""

    Hi Detleff,
    Thank you for posting in MSDN forum.
    Since this forum is to discuss: Visual Studio WPF/SL Designer, Visual Studio Guidance Automation Toolkit, Developer Documentation and Help System, and Visual Studio
    Editor. Based on your Crystal Reports printing issue, I’m afraid that it is not the correct forum for this issue. Therefore,
    I suggest you can ask your issue directly on SAP Crystal Reports:[thread]
    for better solution and support.
    Best Regards,
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
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  • Empty report returned from WEBI and Crystal report when using external hier

    WEBI and Crystal report build from BEX query returned empty report when we used external hierarchy 0PROFIT_CTR.  In BEX we don't have any problems with it.
    No authority check is perfomed on the hierarchy when we start the report in WEBI/Crystal. Only check on the hierarchy is performed when the root authorization is assigned to the user

    We using BO4  SP12

  • Vb6 deployment and Crystal Report 8.5

    I tried to deploy a Visual Basic 6 on a client pc that use Crystal Report 8.5.
    Because no merge files exist for this version of Crystal Report I tried to added all the necessary dll in the deploy package (using visual basic 6 tools deployment).
    I read the file Runtime.hlp so I added every dll wriiten in this file.
    When I run my setup I always have this error :
    The program can't start because CRPE32.dll is missing from your computer.
    It's strange because I added this dll to my deployment package.
    So I don't no what to do anymore.
    Need some help to solve this problem because I know it's easier with more recent version of Crystal Report because of the merge file but right now this software need CR 8.5.

    Ok here what I'm trying to do.
    I have an application Visual Basic 6 that use crystal report 8.5 to export the report in pdf using the dll cradxt.dll by programming.
    On the dev pc I have Visual Studio 6.0 and Crystal Report 8.5 installed.
    I want to install this software on another PC so I created a deployment package, automatically the pakage added the "necessary" dlls.
    But is not enough I need to added more on the client pc so it's hard even if I read the Runtime.hlp that come with Crystal Report 8.5 and I added all the dll it always seems to miss somes.
    So I was wondering if a merge module or something exist like the other version of Crystal Reports to install the necessary dlls on a clients pc.
    Otherwise what is the best way to do it ?

  • Crystal reports and crystal report viewer

    I have up to recently used crystal report version 11.5 and reports have been made available for users in the organisation via Crystal report viewer.2010 ver
    The reports have been saved without data, and the different parameters have been available for the users for them to select approriate dataset,.
    I have now upgraded Crystal reports to version 2013 ver 14.1 and crystal report viewer to same version.
    The problem now is that the parameters are no longer available for the users, and it is also a requirement to save the reports incl a dataset to even open the report in the new report viewer.
    What have I missed? Anyone that can help me ?
    brgds Torunn

    Hi Torunn
    An alternative may be to create a web app using either the Crystal Reports .NET or Java SDK. Depending on what development software you already have, this may be cheaper than CR Server or "BO server". E.g.; both the .NET SDK and the Java SDK are free:
    SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio: Updates & Runtime Downloads
    SAP BusinessObjects - SAP Crystal Reports, Version For Eclipse Download
    The above would be predicated on the assumption  that your org has some developer experience (or is willing to acquire it) and that you have the development software (e.g.; VS 2010, or 2012, or 2013 for the CR SDK for .NET).
    - Ludek
    Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada
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