Calling a Report from a Form

I have uploaded my form to the app server and compiled to Linux. I have copied my RDF file to the reports_path/demo directory. I can run the report via a link from our portal using the URL as follows:
/reports/rwservlet?report=IndRpt.rdf&desformat=pdf&destype=cache&userid=' target="_blank"
That opens the report in a separate window, which is what we want. So far, so good.
I can run the form via a link from our portal as well using the URL as follows:
The config section hides all the form parameters very nicely.
In the portal, I created a Report Server Access portlet, REP_OMHAST2_MIDTIER, and use the following set_report_object calls in my form:
repid := find_report_object('IndRep');
v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid);
rep_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(v_rep);
rep_status := report_object_status(v_rep);
IF rep_status = 'FINISHED' THEN
/*Display report in the browser*/
substr(v_rep,instr(v_rep,'_',-1)+1)||'?'||'server=rep_omhast2_midtier ','_blank');
All that comes right out of the white paper.
Now here's the weird part, I have never seen this before. When I click my "Show Report" button in my form, the report seems to be running, but then I get a very strange dark grey, square icon superimposed over my mouse pointer. The icon has a small yellow "starburst" pattern with a tiny red exclamation point inside. The report does not appear on screen.
Incidentally, all of this works correctly when I run the same scenario on my workstation using the call to rwserver as: rwserver server=rep_omhast2_midtier. But when we port it to the app server, it does not run. I think it has to be in the way the form calls the report because the report will run as a stand-alone object.
Anything apparent to anyone out there?

Well, it looks like I stumped the band. And with good reason. Sorry for the error. The problem was that the user running the form and the report had a pop-up blocker that was blocking the report. The form and the report ran from another machine. I allowed pop-ups from the report's URL and that enabled the report to appear.
So, here we have another example of how to call a report from a form. Again, I am sorry for any angst this may have caused.

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    Hi Expert,
    I want to call a report from a form.My problem scenario like, a user is login to his account and there is a option called ADMIT CARD(Push Button).Now when he pressed the button a report will generate.I want that when he pressed the button the user id of the user will passed to the report and the report will generate corresponding to his details which was stored in the database.This scenario is like any online admit card.
    Suppose I want a details report of employee whose employee_id=100.How could I pass this value(employee id) to report which will generate a report details.
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    Thanks for replying.
    Actually I am a beginner.I think that I have to use RUN_REPORT_OBJECT built-in.But I cannot understand the parameterlist.Can u plz give me any example or code then I am very thankful.
    Suppose I want a details report of employee whose employee_id=100.How could I pass this value(employee id) to report which will generate a report details.

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    Is it possible to call crystal reports from oracle forms 10g?
    Can someone help to answer how, if there is a solusion, to call crystal reports from oracle forms 10g.
    Please provide codes with details showing step by step.

    try something like this.
    charWinHandle VARCHAR2(50);
    numWinHandle NUMBER;
    BEGIN Set_Application_Property(Cursor_Style,'BUSY');
    charWinHandle := Get_Item_Property('Control.Rep',Window_Handle);
    numWinHandle := To_Number(charWinHandle);
    :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').OCX.Crystal.Crysta lReport.WindowParentHandle
    := numWinHandle;
    :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').OCX.Crystal.Crysta lReport.WindowState := 2;
    :Item('CONTROL.CRYSTALREPORT1').OCX.Crystal.Crysta lReport.Connect
    := 'DSN=;UID=' || Get_Application_Property(UserName) ||
    ';pwd=' || Get_Application_Property(password) || ';dsq=;';
    Crystal_CrystalCtrl.ReportFileName( :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').interface,
    'C:\Sample_Rep.Rpt' );
    Set_Window_Property( Forms_Mdi_Window, Window_State,Maximize );
    Set_Window_Property( 'MAIN', Window_State, Maximize );
    :reptitle := 'Report Preview Window';
    numWinHandle := Crystal_CrystalCtrl.PrintReport( :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').interface );
    END;NOTE: Change the report name and path according to your required file name and path in
    the "Crystal_CrystalCtrl.ReportFileName" method call. Also, the connection string shown
    assumes that you will use the current USER and PASSWORD for the Form.
    - To make the above Form generic so that you can run any Crystal report from it, then create
    a parameter for the report name and pass it to the Form using CALL_FORM from any other Form.
    Then just replace the file name with the passed parameter.
    -. Run the Form
    If its correct/helpful please mark it thanks.
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  • Calling a report from a form based on procedure

    I created a form based on a procedure.
    It is a entry form where the user is selecting or enters data then on submit I must display the report based on selected data.
    I know I can simply create a report with all bind variable and do the job.
    My question is what is the syntax to call the report from the procedure for the selected parameters values.

    If you want to display other HTML page after successful submission, you need to use
    either go or call method.
    I created a form on SCOTT.EMP and a report on SCOTT.EMP and the report accept a parameter for
    the deptno. Here is my on successfull submission code:
    l_dept number;
    l_url varchar2(2000);
    l_dept := p_session.get_value_as_number('DEFAULT', 'A_DEPTNO', 1);
    l_url := ''| |l_dept;

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    Hi Andreas,
    I am trying to call the crystal report from an Oracle Form using a URL. No batch file is being used here.
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    Also I dont want to display the report on a screen or a window in Oracle Forms. I would like it to run just as we run an Oracle Report from an Oracle Form.
    Is that possible ? If yes please let me know the steps to do this.
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  • Calling Crystal Reports from Oracle Forms 6i

    I am trying to invoke/call Crystal Reports from Forms 6i.
    I have created OCX Item, while right click on item and insert-object, i am unable to see "Crystal Report" Control.
    I have installed crystal Reports 2008 (Version 12) and CR Standard Production version 9.
    Is there any Active X control registration in forms.
    I could see "Crystal Report Viewer Control 9" and "Crystal Report Print Control 12.0"
    Could some one help me,

    Did u Succeed in calling crystal Reports XI from Forms 6i
    or from Forms10g
    for me also the same Requirement
    please send any document ,Attachment ,steps to call Crystal Reports XI from Forms
    [email protected]
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  • Calling 10g Report from 6i Form

    A 6i client-server form has a call to a 10g report in the form of a URL.
    The HOST command calls Internet Explorer and with the URL appended. This, however, keeps the form locked until IE is closed.
    Is there a way around this or a better way to call a URL from 6i Forms?
    Thank you.

    Found an example. It seems to work fine.
    I believe this is replaced in Forms 10g by web.show_document though.
    win_api_shell.winexec(vcCommand, WIN_API.SW_SHOWNORMAL, FALSE);

  • Call Oreacle report from Oracle form

    I need call a Oracle report from Oracle Form and found the the following procedure from this forum. I have 2 parameters 'start_date' and 'end_date' passing to called report. The following example just have onle parameter
    'departmentno' passing. Is that mean I need to call add_parameter twice like the following?
    add_parameter(plid, ''start_date' , TEXT_PARAMETER,:control.start_date);
    add_parameter(plid, ''end_date' , TEXT_PARAMETER,:control.end_date);
    In the following example:
    add_parameter(plid, 'departmentno', TEXT_PARAMETER,to_char(:dept.deptno));
    Thanks for clarification!!
    PROCEDURE pass_parameter
    plid paramlist;
    the_param varchar2(15) := 'tmpdata';
    plid := get_parameter_list(the_param);
    /* check if 'tmpdata' exists */
    IF NOT id_null(plid) THEN
    END IF;
    /* if it does destroy it */
    plid := create_parameter_list(the_param);
    /* create it afresh */
    add_parameter(plid, 'departmentno', TEXT_PARAMETER,to_char(:dept.deptno));
    /* associate the param in the form with the param in the report */
    add_Parameter(plid, 'PARAMFORM', TEXT_PARAMETER, 'NO');
    /* to suppress the parameter form displaying */
    run_product(REPORTS, /* product name */
    'formrep.rdf', /* Oracle Reports module */
    SYNCHRONOUS, /* communication mode */
    RUNTIME, /* execution mode */
    FILESYSTEM, /* location of the Reports module */
    plid, /* handle to the parameter list */

    this my code on when_button_press
    rec_grp recordgroup;
    col1 groupcolumn;
    col2                    groupcolumn;
    col3                    groupcolumn;
    col4                    groupcolumn;
    col5                    groupcolumn;
    col6                    groupcolumn;
    col7                    groupcolumn;
    col8                    groupcolumn;
    pl_id paramlist;
    i number :=1;
    rec_grp := find_group('emp_rec');
    if not id_null(rec_grp) then
    end if;
    rec_grp := create_group('emp_rec');
    col1 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Empno',CHAR_COLUMN,8);
    col2 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Ename',CHAR_COLUMN,30);
    col3 := add_group_column('emp_rec','job',CHAR_COLUMN,15);
    col4 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Mgr',CHAR_COLUMN,8);
    col5 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Hiredate',DATE_COLUMN,10);
    col6 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Sal',CHAR_COLUMN,10);
    col7 := add_group_column('emp_rec','comm',CHAR_COLUMN,10);
    col8 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Deptno',CHAR_COLUMN,4);
    i := i + 1;
         exit when :system.last_record='TRUE';
    end loop;
    pl_id := get_parameter_list('para1');
    if not id_null(pl_id) then
    end if;
    pl_id := create_parameter_list('para1');
    ---------and this is my reprot query----------
    select Empno,Ename,Job,Mgr,Hiredate,Sal,Comm,Deptno
    from emp
    where empno=:emp_rec
    order by empno;
    but it show error at run time
    plzz solve this problem to me

  • How can we call a report from a form.

    how can we call a report from an existing form.

    Have you searched the Forms help system? It shows you how to use RUN_REPORT_OBJECT

  • Calling a report from a form and outputting to the screen.

    Hi all, I created a report from the Report node in Forms called Monthly_rep. It points to a .rdf file on the server that produces a monthly usage report. When run from Reports Builder both the web and paper version are fine.
    I have a button on a form using the When-Mouse-Click trigger, here is the code:
         report_id     Report_Object;
         report_job_id     VARCHAR2(100);
         report_id:= find_report_object('monthly_rep');
    When run, when the button is clicked, I get some disk activity and then nothing happens. If I change the "SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(report_id,REPORT_DESTYPE" attribute to screen I get a FRM-41214 unable to run report message displayed.
    I am not fussed if the report runs as a web style or paper style, I just want to get it to work ... for now LOL.
    Do the "SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY" settings in the trigger override the settings in the report node ?
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    You can use WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT. See
    There you'll find a complete example of RUN_REPORT_OBJECT with WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT.

  • Calling BI Reports from Oracle Forms

    Hi Guys,
    I have successfully called the BI Reports from Form Services at my Development Server.
    But now I am deploying the same in production Server but the following error is coming.
    Exception: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
    Does any body have any idea which jar file I can find the above method.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Here :
    where is jar file for
    they talk about a :
    What is sure is that the jar must contain/begin with WS as webservice.

  • FRM-41214: Unable ro run report while calling a report from a form in 9iDS

    Am in the process of migrating from Developer 6i client/server to Developer 9iDS on Windows 2000.
    I have read through the various postings on this issue & have made changes accordingly. I also referred to the white paper on the Forms/Reports integration.
    As I am trying to do a prototype, am compiling my forms/reports on my local machine & not on the apps. server.
    I installed a report server on my local machine as,
    rwserver -install 9irep
    I have defined this as a NT service and it is up & running & so is my OC4J instance.
    I have defined a reports object in my Form Builder & set Report Server=9irep,
    Execution mode=runtime
    I also removed the /security tag from the <report server>.conf file as suggested in the white paper. Also set the single sign-on to NO for the reports service.
    I have replaced my run_product with the run_report_object built-in as follows.
    report_id      REPORT_OBJECT;
    report_status VARCHAR2(255);
    rep_job_id      VARCHAR2(255);
    report_id := FIND_REPORT_OBJECT('KS'); --Created in form under node "Reports"
    rep_job_id := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(report_id);
    report_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(rep_job_id);
    WHILE report_status in ('RUNNING','OPENING_REPORT','ENQUEUED')
    report_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(rep_job_id);
    message(report_status); pause;
    IF report_status='FINISHED' THEN
    END IF;
    I get an error message "FRM 41214: Unable to run report" right after the call to run_report_object.
    Can someone please tell me where am going wrong with my run_report_object built-in? (I also need help writing my document to point it to my local machine/folders).

    How I have implemented the same and works
    Local OC4J is running.
    I established a reports server "repserver90" as a service.
    I created a report named "C:\TMP\TMP\test_report.rdf"
    I created a form with a Reports object with properties:
    Name: "EMP"
    Filename: "C:\TMP\TMP\test_report.rdf"
    Execution mode "Batch"
    Communication mode "Sychronous"
    Report Destination Type "Cache"
    Report Destination Format "HTML"
    Report Server "repserver90"
    I call the report with the procedure:
    repid REPORT_OBJECT;
    v_rep VARCHAR2(100);
    rep_status VARCHAR2(20);
    repid := find_report_object('EMP');
    SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(repid,REPORT_OTHER,'paramform=no pdeptno='||:dept.deptno);
    v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid);
    rep_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(v_rep);
    rep_status := report_object_status(v_rep);
    IF rep_status = 'FINISHED' THEN
    /*Display report in the browser*/
    message('Error when running report');
    END IF;

  • Supressing Parameter form when called a report from a Form

    Hi all,
    How can I supress the Parameter Form of a Report when called from a Form. I am using RUN_PRODUCT built-in to invoke the report.
    Thanks in advance

    Pass a parameter to your report .
    the parameter name is "PARAMFORM" and the value it should have is "NO".

  • Calling a report from the form shows SSO page

    Hi all,
    When a form calls a report, the single sign-on screen apears and the report is not generated until a valid SSO account is provided, can this be bypassed ?
    Oracle 9iAS R2 is used on Windows 2000 platform and forms/reports 9i
    Thanks in advance

    Any one has an idea ?

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