Calling Crystal Reports from Oracle Forms 10G

Hi everyone,
I am trying to call a crystal report from Oracle Forms 10G.
I have a button on my Form which when clicked calls a Crystal Report which the uaser then wants to save as a PDf file.
Can someone please send me the code to do this and also the exact steps that are to be followed.

Hi Andreas,
I am trying to call the crystal report from an Oracle Form using a URL. No batch file is being used here.
I am looking for a peice of code similar to run_product or run_report built in in Oracle which calls an Oracle report from an Oracle Form.
Also I dont want to display the report on a screen or a window in Oracle Forms. I would like it to run just as we run an Oracle Report from an Oracle Form.
Is that possible ? If yes please let me know the steps to do this.
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    Is it possible to call crystal reports from oracle forms 10g?
    Can someone help to answer how, if there is a solusion, to call crystal reports from oracle forms 10g.
    Please provide codes with details showing step by step.

    try something like this.
    charWinHandle VARCHAR2(50);
    numWinHandle NUMBER;
    BEGIN Set_Application_Property(Cursor_Style,'BUSY');
    charWinHandle := Get_Item_Property('Control.Rep',Window_Handle);
    numWinHandle := To_Number(charWinHandle);
    :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').OCX.Crystal.Crysta lReport.WindowParentHandle
    := numWinHandle;
    :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').OCX.Crystal.Crysta lReport.WindowState := 2;
    :Item('CONTROL.CRYSTALREPORT1').OCX.Crystal.Crysta lReport.Connect
    := 'DSN=;UID=' || Get_Application_Property(UserName) ||
    ';pwd=' || Get_Application_Property(password) || ';dsq=;';
    Crystal_CrystalCtrl.ReportFileName( :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').interface,
    'C:\Sample_Rep.Rpt' );
    Set_Window_Property( Forms_Mdi_Window, Window_State,Maximize );
    Set_Window_Property( 'MAIN', Window_State, Maximize );
    :reptitle := 'Report Preview Window';
    numWinHandle := Crystal_CrystalCtrl.PrintReport( :Item('Control.CrystalReport1').interface );
    END;NOTE: Change the report name and path according to your required file name and path in
    the "Crystal_CrystalCtrl.ReportFileName" method call. Also, the connection string shown
    assumes that you will use the current USER and PASSWORD for the Form.
    - To make the above Form generic so that you can run any Crystal report from it, then create
    a parameter for the report name and pass it to the Form using CALL_FORM from any other Form.
    Then just replace the file name with the passed parameter.
    -. Run the Form
    If its correct/helpful please mark it thanks.
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    how to call a report from oracle form 10g

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    I am trying to invoke/call Crystal Reports from Forms 6i.
    I have created OCX Item, while right click on item and insert-object, i am unable to see "Crystal Report" Control.
    I have installed crystal Reports 2008 (Version 12) and CR Standard Production version 9.
    Is there any Active X control registration in forms.
    I could see "Crystal Report Viewer Control 9" and "Crystal Report Print Control 12.0"
    Could some one help me,

    Did u Succeed in calling crystal Reports XI from Forms 6i
    or from Forms10g
    for me also the same Requirement
    please send any document ,Attachment ,steps to call Crystal Reports XI from Forms
    [email protected]
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  • Calling a Report from Oracle Forms 10g

    Hi Everyone,
    I need assistance.
    Am running Oracle Forms & reports 10g.
    My Form module is running just fine. Inside the the Form Module I added a button with a "When Button Pressed Trigger" that has the following code
         repid REPORT_OBJECT;
         v_rep VARCHAR2 (100);
         repid := FIND_REPORT_OBJECT ('REPORT49');
         v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT (repid);
    This compiles without any errors.
    At runtime when I press the Button from Forms, I get the following error;
    "FRM-41211: Integration error: SSL failure running another product"
    Please assist.

    Hi user593321
    FRM-41211: Integration error: SSL failure running another product.
    Cause:     There is a problem detected when launching another product.
    Action:     Check the RUN_PRODUCT built-in.
    Level:     99
    Type:     Error
    Below a very useful links pls try them, i recommend the 2nd one:
    Best Regards,

  • Is it possible to call a Crystal Report from Oracle Forms.

    Hi Everybody,
    I got a Dout about Crystal Reports. Is it possible to call Crystal Reports from Oracle Forms.

    That depends are you running Forms via the WEB or client/server. I will assume you are running client/server since you are running crystal reports. The answer is yes. All you will have to do is use the HOST command or the win_api_shell to run the report. Look in the Forms manual for information on the commands and what else you may need.

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    How to invoke crystal reports from Oracle forms 11g R2 along with passing parameter to it.
    how to pass parameters to crystal report, please help.

    how to pass parameters to crystal report, please help.This would entirely depend on crystal reports and you might find informations on crystal reports related communities more likely...I for one have seen crystal reports the last time about 12 years ago. And even back then I simply acknowledged it's existence instead of working with it.
    Maybe crystal reports can be invoked via a URL call which would make it simple as you'd need simply build an URL and show the report using web.show_document. But that's pure speculation. Also you might not be the first with this requirement, so the solution to your problem might be right under your nose and just a little google search away ;)

  • Call Oreacle report from Oracle form

    I need call a Oracle report from Oracle Form and found the the following procedure from this forum. I have 2 parameters 'start_date' and 'end_date' passing to called report. The following example just have onle parameter
    'departmentno' passing. Is that mean I need to call add_parameter twice like the following?
    add_parameter(plid, ''start_date' , TEXT_PARAMETER,:control.start_date);
    add_parameter(plid, ''end_date' , TEXT_PARAMETER,:control.end_date);
    In the following example:
    add_parameter(plid, 'departmentno', TEXT_PARAMETER,to_char(:dept.deptno));
    Thanks for clarification!!
    PROCEDURE pass_parameter
    plid paramlist;
    the_param varchar2(15) := 'tmpdata';
    plid := get_parameter_list(the_param);
    /* check if 'tmpdata' exists */
    IF NOT id_null(plid) THEN
    END IF;
    /* if it does destroy it */
    plid := create_parameter_list(the_param);
    /* create it afresh */
    add_parameter(plid, 'departmentno', TEXT_PARAMETER,to_char(:dept.deptno));
    /* associate the param in the form with the param in the report */
    add_Parameter(plid, 'PARAMFORM', TEXT_PARAMETER, 'NO');
    /* to suppress the parameter form displaying */
    run_product(REPORTS, /* product name */
    'formrep.rdf', /* Oracle Reports module */
    SYNCHRONOUS, /* communication mode */
    RUNTIME, /* execution mode */
    FILESYSTEM, /* location of the Reports module */
    plid, /* handle to the parameter list */

    this my code on when_button_press
    rec_grp recordgroup;
    col1 groupcolumn;
    col2                    groupcolumn;
    col3                    groupcolumn;
    col4                    groupcolumn;
    col5                    groupcolumn;
    col6                    groupcolumn;
    col7                    groupcolumn;
    col8                    groupcolumn;
    pl_id paramlist;
    i number :=1;
    rec_grp := find_group('emp_rec');
    if not id_null(rec_grp) then
    end if;
    rec_grp := create_group('emp_rec');
    col1 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Empno',CHAR_COLUMN,8);
    col2 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Ename',CHAR_COLUMN,30);
    col3 := add_group_column('emp_rec','job',CHAR_COLUMN,15);
    col4 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Mgr',CHAR_COLUMN,8);
    col5 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Hiredate',DATE_COLUMN,10);
    col6 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Sal',CHAR_COLUMN,10);
    col7 := add_group_column('emp_rec','comm',CHAR_COLUMN,10);
    col8 := add_group_column('emp_rec','Deptno',CHAR_COLUMN,4);
    i := i + 1;
         exit when :system.last_record='TRUE';
    end loop;
    pl_id := get_parameter_list('para1');
    if not id_null(pl_id) then
    end if;
    pl_id := create_parameter_list('para1');
    ---------and this is my reprot query----------
    select Empno,Ename,Job,Mgr,Hiredate,Sal,Comm,Deptno
    from emp
    where empno=:emp_rec
    order by empno;
    but it show error at run time
    plzz solve this problem to me

  • Calling web service from oracle forms 10g

    Problem Description:
    I'm following the steps as per the doc:
    to create a java stub to call external web service and then use java importer in oracle forms to call this web service from oracle forms.
    WSDL for external web service used is http://gend:83/DesignService.svc?wsdl
    The service was developed by us.
    Calling the web service using JDeveloper works fine but when I complie in Oracle Forms it returns wrong number of types of arguments in call SENDHELLO.
    The code from oracle form to call web service is as below:
    jo ora_java.jobject;
    xo ora_java.jobject;
    rv varchar2(2000);
    ex ora_java.jobject;
    str varchar2(100);
    jo :=;
    rv := GendServiceClient.sendHello('Nora');
    message('Unable to call out to Java, ' ||ORA_JAVA.LAST_ERROR);
    Any help/ideas on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    My primary skill is PL/SQL but the only information I found on Oracle's site to call a web service from a 10g Form was creating a jar file and importing the java class. Since I don't want to ask our corporate IT to make changes on the UNIX box for the jar files I went a different route.
    I use UTL_HTTP.BEGIN_REQUEST to call a URL then load I load the data to a table as a CLOB since we have more than 4000 characters. Now I need to parse the XML and load it into a form. I have never done this so if there is a helpful site please let me know. I have looked at several sites but none do what I want.

  • Exception when calling web service from Oracle forms 10g

    Hi All,
    I am trying to integrate Oracle Forms 10g(V with Web Services.
    There is a java class named 'authenticate' which is generated using Oracle JDeveloper.
    This class is included in the forms application by using "Import Java Class" feature.
    Forms built the following funtion based on that class:
    -- Method: authenticate (Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/lang/String;
    FUNCTION authenticate(
    a0 VARCHAR2,
    args := JNI.CREATE_ARG_LIST(2);
    JNI.ADD_STRING_ARG(args, a0);
    JNI.ADD_STRING_ARG(args, a1);
    RETURN JNI.CALL_STRING_METHOD(FALSE, obj, 'mypackage/AuthenticatorWebServiceServiceStub',
    'authenticate', '(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/lang/String;', args);
    However when the above code is invoked it shows the message 'here1' on the form and then throws the following exception: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.ClassCastException
    Please suggest me what's wrong with the code. I appreciate your time and help.

    My primary skill is PL/SQL but the only information I found on Oracle's site to call a web service from a 10g Form was creating a jar file and importing the java class. Since I don't want to ask our corporate IT to make changes on the UNIX box for the jar files I went a different route.
    I use UTL_HTTP.BEGIN_REQUEST to call a URL then load I load the data to a table as a CLOB since we have more than 4000 characters. Now I need to parse the XML and load it into a form. I have never done this so if there is a helpful site please let me know. I have looked at several sites but none do what I want.

  • Calling Word document from Oracle Forms 10g

    Hi all,
    I would like to call a Microsoft Word document from my Oracle Forms 10g.
    What would be the best way to do this?
    Thank you in advance.

    Have you tried something like

  • How to send a character mode report from Oracle Form 10g to a printer.

    how sending a character mode report from Oracle 10g report to a printer.
    I'm sending to a printer located in the network
    i have theses parameter report
    desformat = prtname
    destype= ?????
    i would like to preview the report before to send to a printer

    2006-2007 From Date : 01-JUL-06
    Printed On : Friday August 31 2007 11:13 AM To Date : 30-SEP-07
    G A/C. Code 99-99-9999 Description: xxxxxxxxxxxxx H
    -- DOC. # -- -- DATE -Chq/Slip# ---------- N A R R A T I O N -- -- DEBIT -- -- CREDIT -- -- BALANCE --
    Opening Balance: -999,999,999.00 Cr.
    G *** Total *** 0.00 0.00 -999,999,999.00H
    ================= ================= =================
    when i run character mode report in browser then display this output properly
    but sir problem is that when i print the report
    G(use for bold)
    is not working
    means not print in bold format in printer
    same character print G
    do you have any idea when i print through browser to printer G for bold purpose its work to printer ?

  • How to run an XML Report from Oracle Forms 10G

    Hello Friends,
    I am in need of showing a xml report output through a button press trigger in Oracle Forms10G.
    I have designed the report in XML Publisher and the report looks fine.I found few scripts useful in running the Oracle Report from Oracle forms10G like Run_Report_Object.But I am not aware of any script that could run a XML report and show the output directly from a Form.
    All I want is to run a XML report from an Oracle Form with a button press trigger and show the output in an html version.
    Can this be achieved?
    If so, Kindly advise as this is an immediate work.

    If I am not wrong the XML publisher is same as BI publisher ...
    There is one document which explains how to integrate using web service
    You want to check this
    or you can also try web.show_document ..

  • RUNNIG CRYSTAL REPORTS FROM ORACLE FORMS (for oracle report team too)

    run this if any one has syntax or any detail please send me
    or reply

    Ask the Crystal support forum how do you invoke their tool from
    a command line.
    You can then use host command from forms.
    You can also try and find out if they have an OLE2 interface and
    then work with the OLE2 package in forms.

  • Urgent: Calling Reports from Oracle Forms 10g ( fails

    Problem displaying a report from within Oracle 10g forms.
    After a lot of work, we are able to access and actually display a report directly from Internet explorer and view the report from the report server as well.
    The successful url was:
    ?report=/u01/app/oracle/produ ct/vrcmidtier/reports/vrc/pmw41051.rdf
    &userid=vrcpr/[email protected]&destype=cache&desformat=HTML
    The form displays correctly back to the screen
    When executing from within the form, however, the report runs but does not display back to the screen.
    Forms Steps so far:
    created a report object called pmw41050
    static parameters are:
    file name: /u01/app/oracle/product/vrcmidtier/reports/vrc/pmw41051.rdfination format
    execution mode: batch
    communication mode: synchronous
    destination name; null
    destination format: HTML
    reportserver:: vrc_york_midtier
    Built a when button pressed trigger as follows:
    l_report_file varchar2(200);
    l_report_id REPORT_OBJECT;
    l_report_status varchar2(200);
    -- capture the report
    l_report_file := 'pmw41051';
    l_report_id := find_report_object(l_report_file);
    -- set the parameters for this output
    set_report_object_property(l_report_id, REPORT_EXECUTION_MODE, BATCH);
    set_report_object_property(l_report_id, REPORT_COMM_MODE, SYNCHRONOUS);
    set_report_object_property(l_report_id, REPORT_DESTYPE, CACHE);
    set_report_object_property(l_report_id, REPORT_DESFORMAT, 'PDF');
    set_report_object_property(l_report_id, REPORT_SERVER, 'rep_york_vrcmidtier');
    set_report_object_property(l_report_id, REPORT_OTHER, 'PARAMFORM=NO');
    set_report_object_property(l_report_id, REPORT_DESNAME, 'DESNAME');
    -- and run the report
    l_report_status := run_report_object(l_report_id);
    -- monitor progress
    while l_report_status in ('RUNNING', 'OPENING_REPORT', 'ENQUEUED') loop
    l_report_status := report_object_status(l_report_status);
    end loop;
    message('back from the report'); -- test message for return
    The report executes without error (as indicated by the message on the last line) but does NOT display back to the screen
    checking the rwservlet/showjobs verifies the report completed and the reportcan be displayed from there.
    So, bottom line: how to make a 10g form call report and display it on the screen?

    Thanks MIke for your feedback...
    Will this surfice?
    Procedure Test_Report Is
    repid REPORT_OBJECT;
    v_rep VARCHAR2(100);
    rep_status VARCHAR2(50);
    repid := find_report_object('report5');
    SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(repid,REPORT_OTHER,'paramform=no pdeptno='||:dept.deptno);
    v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid);
    rep_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(v_rep);
    rep_status := report_object_status(v_rep);
    IF rep_status = 'FINISHED' THEN
    /*Display report in the browser*/
    message('Error when running report');
    END IF;

Maybe you are looking for

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