Can I install Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection in my PC?

Hi, I'm Kendo from Bangkok,Thailand.
I'm using Windows 7 Ultimated 64 bit
-CPU Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHz
-Graphic Card Geforce 9500 GT
I'm afraid that Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effect won't smooth as expected because Adobe recommends 8 GB of RAM but I have only 4 GB.
Are the Premiere Pro and After Effect will run smoothly in my PC? or I must use Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection?
P.S. I don't want to upgrade RAM to 8 GB.

Download the CS6 Trial version from the Adobe website and see how it runs on your system.
It's free and fully functional for 30 days. After that you must purchase it or it will stop working.

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    My new computer has 3 HDD.
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    When I try to install the Adobe Creative Suite, and I choose D: as the HDD to install it on, here's what happen :
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  • Can I install adobe creative suite 5 master collection on windows 8

    can I install adobe creative suite 5 master collection on windows 8

    You should be able to.  Are you having a problem?

  • I try to install my creative suite master collection (student version) on my new mac. the point is that when I want to write the product key. The computer does not accept the number 3. so what can I do ?

    I try to install my creative suite master collection (student version) on my new mac. the point is that when I want to write the product key. The computer does not accept the number 3. so what can I do ?

    Can you use the number 3 key elsewhere?
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  • Where did photoshop disappeared in my Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection?

    Hey there!
    My Macbookpro wanted to taste Photoshop! So i deactivated my serials on my old pro and wanted to install all the great programs from my Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection on my new baby.
    Well ,unfortunately photoshop is missing in the list! WTH?…and as well the menu does look different…whats wrong?…im sick and im tired…:(
    please someone help me!

    Missing in what list?
    Are you talking about the suite installer?  If so, it can't change - it's just a DVD or disk image with fixed content.

  • Can you install Adobe Creative Suite CS3 on a 2012 Macbook Air running Lion?

    Can you install Adobe Creative Suite CS3 on a 2012 Macbook Air running Lion?

    Are you talking about adobe creative cloud? 
    If you are, the Adobe Creative Cloud give you most of Adobe's tools (and all that most would need) to do anything.  I will warn you about this though, is that it is a subscription, and you are basically renting it.  that means you really do not own it.
    About the hard disk space, all Adobe apps seem to take up at least a GB (and this does not matter if you get the master collection or the Creative Cloud).  so ether way, it will take some space. 
    Also, if you want to try-before-you-buy, you can go to, and get a free account and try out all of he adobe apps available for creative cloud.  The best part of it, your apps will be updated to CS7 (if or when it comes out) instead of buying the apps again in your subscriptions.  if you need even more information, you can go to adobe's site to find out more (

  • Приобретённый продукт Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection CS5 - не активировался!

    На мой День Рождения,31.12.2013, мне подарили продукт Вашей компании - Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection CS5.Сообщаю сведения о покупке,указанные на коробке продукта: серийный номер
    [ private information removed - see ]
    С 01.01.2014 по настоящее время - 04.01.2014 я мучаясь пытался установить этот продукт Вашей компании,но, к великому моему сожалению - безрезультатно! Продукт устанавливается только в пробной версии на срок 30-дней!
       Естественно,был испорчен не только День Рождения,но и праздник - Новый Год!
    Считаю нужным высказать свои претензии подобным образом,со всеми подробностями,указанными на коробке с продуктом Adobe, администрации Вашей весьма известной компаниию
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    Так как перечисленные мною файлы имеют большой размер, попытаюсь выслать их Вам с помощью Google Drive.
      On my birthday , I was presented with the product of your company - Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection CS5.Soobschayu purchase information noted on the product
    [ private information removed - see ]
    From 01.01.2014 till now - 01/04/2014 I tormented tried to install the product of your company , but to my great regret - to no avail ! The product is installed only in the trial version for a period of 30 days!   Naturally, there was not only spoiled birthday, but also holiday - New Year !Consider it necessary to express their grievances in this way, with all the details specified on the product box Adobe, your administration is very famous companyAbout  In addition, certainly hope for your understanding of my claims and correct decisions to be taken by you to solve this problem! Also , I would like to know your e-mail address where I could send ALL AVAILABLE THIS PROGRAM FILES (ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE MASTER COLLECTION CS5) and 4 PROGRAMS ADOBE, from my computer. Since I listed the files are large , try to send them to you via Google Drive.

    Sign in or activation errors
    For anything more, contact serial and activation support by phone or web chat.

  • My mac won't read my adobe creative suite master collection disc 1 what do I do?!

    My mac won't read my adobe creative suite master collection disc 1 what do I do?!

    Which version?
    You could download the installer file from Adobe and install from that instead but it's a big file (6+ GB).
    Download and Installation Help

  • Active Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection / Key for English Version / Use in German Language

    Hello Supporters,
    I've successfully downloaded and installed Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection as Test-Version.
    Today I've got my activation key and activated the version successfully.
    Since we live in Austria and want to use the products in German language, I found some related articles how to change the interface to german.
    That is quite easy and works, but... if I switch to German the products want to get activated again.
    Please give me note how to switch to German, not loosing the activation.
    Best Regards.

    you can't.
    Order product | Platform, language swap

  • Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection Help

    Hey all,
    This is the problem. Basically, my brother finished University last year. He moves out and takes all his stuff with him. A year passes and now it's my time for the great adventure. I have chosen to follow in his path and take Motion Graphics and Cinematography.
    I recently hand built a computer from scratch. He gave me his old Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection which is the Student and Teacher edition. He has completely uninstalled and removed all serial codes on his machine. Can I simply now install it on my machine and just apply for a student code via the way I was told (email support)?
    Let me know, would save me a quite a bit of money and I can start learning early.

    Although Adobe offers a license transfer process, it only applies to the current version which is CS6.
    So I suspect it will not apply to CS5.5.
    Have you tried installing the software and entering the serial number he received?

  • How many Pc can have installed ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE 4 Web Premium already bought?

    I have a legal copy ( cds and cases ) of Adobe creative suite 4 web premium for windows, but i cannot find if is legally possible to install it on another Pc ( total of 2 pc ).
    Can i install it on another pc without legal problems?
    Thanks in advance

    Yes, a single user license allows you to have the software installed and activated on two different machines.

  • How can I install Adobe Creative Suite without a CD-ROM?

    My old computer died and I have a copy of Adobe Creative Suite that I would now like to install on my new Mac, however, the MacBook Air does not have a CD ROM.
    I still have a copy of the serial number and coupon code. How can I install/download this software without using the DVDs?

    CS3 -
    CS4 -
    CS5 -
    CS5.5 -
    CS6 -

  • Adobe creative suite Master collection 4 - Instalaciòn no avanza

    Hola a todos, resulta que estoy tratando de instalar la suite de adobe, pero se queda atorada en "Comprobando perfil del sistema"
    La ventana luce asi:
    Adobe creative suite 4 Master collection Programa De Instalaciòn: Iniciando
    Comprobando perfil del sistema...
    Gracias por su atenciòn y ojala alguien pueda ayudarme!

    No especificas qué ordenador es, la cantidad de memoria y otros datos técnicos para saber si cumple los requisitos de hardware necesarios.
    Has instalado versiones de prueba anteriormente? Tienes activado algún antivirus en el Mac?
    Por otro lado este tipo de preguntas deberían dirigirse primero a Soporte Técnico, algo más propio que un foro de intercambio de dudas y comentarios.

  • Adobe creative suite master collection

    I bought my son “Adode Cerative suite 6 Master collection” (academic version)
    Unfortunately – his laptop was stolen and had to install the second copy on his replacement.
    He had to take the second copy of CS6 off our main PC so he didn’t go over the 2 seat limit.
    As one of the licenses was stolen how do we regain access to our second seat as criminals are using our legal second one?
    Can you help? J

    Contact activation support by web chat or phone.

  • Can't install Adobe Creative Suite 4 from website

    I have CS4 Design Premium and I want to re-install it on my new laptop but it doesn't have a disk drive. So I downloaded the archive from the website but it gives me an error saying that the archive is corrupted/There is a problem with the archive and the archive won't unzip. Please help me

    Shane.Thompson the Installer database is corrupted message usually indicates corrupted installation files.  You did state this was a new laptop.  Did you copy or transfer any files or applications to the new laptop?  If so then please try running the CC Cleaner Tool to ensure there is no files preventing the installation process from proceeding.  Please see Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6 - for information on how to use the CC Cleaner tool.

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