Can I search for multiple images simultaneously in Aperture?

Can I search for multiple images simultaneously in Aperture?  For example, search for 'Image2.jpg, Image3.jpg, Image5.jpg' by image name, out of different folders? 

dusan -- your best procedure is likely to be to type the first file name (without extension) in the search field of the Photos View, and then mark that file either with a Flag or a color label.  (You might clear all Flags prior.)  If you have a lot of images or a slow computer (or both ) you may have to wait a few seconds.  Aperture will show "Loading ... " on the left side of the tool strip while it churns through your images.
Then hit backspace twice, and type "60".  Mark the file found.
Repeat with variations.
Then go to Flagged view, or filter the whole Photos view for the color-label you used.

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  • How can i search for multiple file names (images) in bridge?

    Hello everyone!
    Does anyone know how to search for multiple file names in bridge?
    That is to copy & paste something like this: _MG_2152, _MG_2177, _MG_2194, _MG_2195, _MG_2202, _MG_2212, _MG_2219, _MG_2261, _MG_2362, _MG_2401
    Not using several criterias in the search box that is. That takes too long.
    Steffen Rikenberg Photographer
    Oslo, Norway.

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  • Searching for multiple images across different volumes?

    Hi, is there a way or an app that can search for different images across various volumes? I need to locate 200 images for an InDesign file across 3 server volumes.

    In the Finder, press command-F to open a search window, or select
              File ▹ Find
    from the menu bar. In the search window, select
              Search: This Mac
    from the row of tokens below the toolbar.

  • Show file size in Cell Extras? (Either Compact or Expanded, or anywhere in Grid for multiple images simultaneously)

    I've searched and seen several suggestions saying to change Metadata to Exif & IPTC to see the file size, but that's for only one image at a time. Under Cell Extras (both Compact and Expanded) I see options for Megapixeps, Cropped Dimensions, File Name, Extention, and a bunch of other options, but no file size. I suspect this is because file size isn't a metadata field and simply a file attribute (that may be incorrect, but regardless...) is there really no way to have file size visible in the thumbnail cells in Grid view in the Library? I'm trying to reduce redundancy and viewing file size of multiple images at a glance based on my Library Filter criteria would be a huge help. Thanks to anyone who can help sort me out!

    Sure. I have a catalog with 22,000 images indiscriminately imported from hundreds of folders and multiple drives from this year alone (partially lost a RAID array to a corrupt index and recovered a dump of the files so I'm terribly disorganized juggling emergency redundancy backups wherever I had 50 gigs here, 100 gigs there, and working to clean up and organize my photos one year at a time ), including raw, jpg, websized jpg, png, tiff and psd (flattened and with layers/adjustments) and am now trying to identify my keepers and delete unnecessary files. I have 22 terabytes of personal files and photography spread chaotically and while I now have proper discipline when saving variants, I didn't always and want to remove unneeded, rejected, and duplicate images. I don't expect to be caught up for months or longer depending on my free time and sanity. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as keep the raw delete the rest. Sometimes I have multiple PSD documents with different version names and edits, sometimes with multiple layers, and I have to use a variety of information to identify which one is indeed the correct one to keep...or open them all/both.
    Often, file size can be an indicator for me and aids in making the decision more quickly. For instance between 2 psd files with the same Megapixles I'm often able to identify the flattened version vs the layers intact version by file size if it wasn't properly noted in the filename, which unfortunately due to a combination of bad or evolving practices and being tired or rushed happens more often than I'd like to admit. One I just came across that brought me here searching was 3 similarly named and appearing PSD files of a panorama, all with the same MP/dimensions. One was flattened, one was the original stitch, and one was flattened with a few masks, adjustments, and an extra layer, and being the one I'd want to keep. Filesize helped me quickly identify which was which. Also sometimes dimensions are misleading, like when a panorama is first created and uncropped, its dimensions are larger, but a tighter cropped image with multiple layers and a larger file size indicates to me that it is newer and more finished, even though smaller dimensions typically indicates a crop and may not be a 'master' copy. Additionally, 2 images with different names but the exact same file size are very likely duplicates (at least in my workflow) but 2 similarly looking images with the same dimensions could be retouched/not, sharpened/not, have noise reduction/not, and I'd have to view them in detail to determine if they were in fact identical. For my purposes (since these are my personal fine art images & I have the raw files incase I occasionally mess up) I'm often willing to trade an educated guess for my time. Seeing identical file sizes on 2 apparently similar images is good enough for me to delete one.
    I can select them individually and's not a horrific problem. But it would save me time so I was hoping I had simply missed how to view that. My reasoning is 'why not' have the option available with all the others? Me personally, I don't care about megapixels when I already have the dimensions, that's just redundant and honestly much less helpful than LxW. File size would be an additional tool I would use, though. There are other examples but the main thing is that I do spend time checking filesize, and specifically when comparing multiple images, so having it displayed in the cell would be a time saver for me.

  • Crop, can you use for multiple images?

    If you are doing copy work, is there a way to save a crop and use it on multiple images as you might drag an adjusment layer to other images? thanks.

    kevin4545 wrote:
    this is best done in ACR?
    That's what I was going to suggest, actually. If you're working with a file format ACR can take (raw, DNG, JPEG, TIFF), ACR will definitely be the fastest way. You can select them all in ACR, apply a crop, and they all get it.
    Or you can crop one image in ACR, exit ACR and select the image in Bridge, and choose Edit > Develop Settings > Copy Camera Raw Settings. Then select any other images you want to crop the same way, choose Edit > Develop Settings > Paste Camera Raw Settings, and select only Crop as the setting to paste.
    Either way, you'll be done in 30 seconds, much faster than it would take in Photoshop.

  • How can I search for multiple words (not a phrase, but different words) all at once?

    Hello everyone,
    I have a job that includes looking for many different words in large paragraphs. I would make things much faster for me if - instead of typing in "word 1", and then clearing it, and then typing in "word 2" - but rather, I could somehow search for a few words at once. Is there a way to do this? An add-on? Something built in?
    Thanks for the help.

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  • Using Tags, Can i Search for Multiple Tags in One Search Folder?

    Hi forum,
    i would like to set a Search Folder and search using Tags. I would liek to use one such folder and search for everythign i haver tagged last week. How cna i search for 'TAG A' and 'TAG B' in one Search Folder?

    Hi mumbles2701,
    All you need to do is to briefly type in your tag in the search bar and in the drop down menu, you should be able to select a tag, press enter and just repeat this process for as many tags as you like
    Hope I helped!

  • When I search for Google images I can't open source pages

    When I search for Google images I can't open the images or source pages. so cannot acces the full size images .

    Somehow, you've created two topics with the same question. Not to worry, here's the link:

  • When searching for an image in Finder on iMac, I found hundreds of images of printers !! All sorts of printer images which I certainly haven't loaded on.I went to Finder, File, Find and Image and there they are, hundreds,if not low thousands of them.

    I was searching for an image on my Imac and when I went to Finder,File,Find and then Image, I found hundreds if not early thousand images of printers ! Amazing in one way but I didn't put them on my machine and don't really want them there.Did they come pre-loaded? Can I delete them safely? Thanks

    Almost certainly, no absolutely not once you start deleting stuff like this that you think is not needed, eventually you'll trash something essential and cause yourself a lot of heartache.
    There are numerous files classed as images, some will be temporary files in browser caches, others system files, others your "real" images, others files which are not really images but appear to be.
    The amount of space of what I presume are essentially icons of printers will will be minimal, lets say these images are  5k in size (I guess they are much smaller?) and there are 1,000 of them, thats only 5Mb. No doubt your disk has multiple gigabytes free, eg thousands of times as much free as you'd save by deleting all of them. So you might gain back an extra 0.0001% disk space*. NOt worth the time, let alone the risk, plus then you'll get into a mindset "hmm, I dont think I can possibly need this 23byte file either I'll delete that as well etc, and then "problem......". 
    Where are the images stored? It may be that at some time you were searching for a new printer and these images are from that exercise (though I doubt you looked at thousands?) in which case they are in your browser cache and you can always delete that through the browser, but that space will be overwritten by other images anyway.
    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is a motto to work by with computers.
    *( or, if you really do need the (say) 5MB of disk space back because you are running out, this would only be a very temporary solution and that wont have done you any good)

  • In the new iphoto app, why can't i save multiple images to camera roll at once?

    why can't i save multiple images to camera roll at once? it seems i can only save one at a time and its very frustrating..
    the options seem to be there, they are just greyed out and i cant click on them.
    at first i thought its because the images were too big, so i tried it with smaller images but same thing.

    I can confirm @khaniff's original post the option in iPhoto for iOS is greyed out in conflict with the referenced article that follows:
    Save to the Camera Roll
    Tap a photo, album, or event and tap .
    Tap Camera Roll.
    Confirm or change the photos you want to share by tapping an option.
    Select all the photos in an album or event: Tap All.
    Select a range of photos: Tap Choose, tap Range, tap the first and last photos in the range, and tap Next.
    To use your photo in another app, open the app and select the Camera Roll album.

  • Edit capture time doesn't work for multiple images

    Hi all, hope you can help me.
    I'm trying to edit capture time for multiple images. I select the images using the grid view, and go to Metadata>Edit Capture Time>Adjust to Specified Date and Time, enter the time, and select "change all." However, it seems that some, or perhaps most of the images don't actually have a new Date Created when this process is done.
    I thought perhaps I needed to select 'write metadata to files', but the Date Created seems to revert back prior to writing to the file, or indeed, it doesn't actually change in the first place.
    Any ideas?

    Think I've fixed this using the following site: -
    Will update if that changes....

  • How to search for multiple values with Bex Prompts

    I would like to know  if it is possible to search for multiple values at the same time with Bex Prompts instead of searching one value at a time (please see the screen shot below). I searched the forum couldn't find any relevant answers. please let me know  how  to achieve?

    Hi Charvi,
    You can use wild card search to ensure you get multiple similar values listed as search output.use * for multiple characters and ? for single character.
    For Example, Ravi * would result you all employees with first name as Ravi
    You can use various search formats such as * Ravi * and * Ravi and Ra?? etc.

  • How can I search for duplicate photos in iPhoto libraries?

    How can I search for duplicate photos in iPhoto 9.5.1 library.  Installed on iMac 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, Mavericks 10.9.5.

    These applications will identify and help remove duplicate photos from an iPhoto Library:
    iPhoto Library Manager - $29.95
    Duplicate Annihilator - $7.95 - only app able to detect duplicate thumbnail files or faces files when an iPhoto 8 or earlier library has been imported into another.
    PhotoSweeper - $9.95 - This app can search by comparing the image's bitmaps or histograms thus finding duplicates with different file names and dates.
    DeCloner - $19.95 - can find duplicates in iPhoto Libraries or in folders on the HD.
    DupliFinder - $7 - shows which events the photos are in.
    iPhoto AppleScript to Remove Duplicates - Free
    PhotoDedupo - $4.99 (App Store) -  this app has a "similar" search feature which is like PhotoSweeper's bitmap comparison.  It found all duplicates
    Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto - free - was able to recognize the duplicated HDR and normal files from an iPhone shooting in HDR
    Some users have reported that PhotoSweeper did the best in finding all of the dups in their library: iphoto has duplicated many photos, how...: Apple Support Communities.
    If you have an iPhone and have it set to keep the normal photo when shooting HDR photos the two image files that are created will be duplicates in a manner of speaking (same image) but there are only twp apps that detected the iPhone HDR and normal photos as being duplicates:  PhotoSweeper and Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto.  None of the other apps detected those two files as being duplicates as they look for file name as well as other attributes and the two files from the iPhone have different file names.
    iPLM, however, is the best all around iPhoto utility as it can do so much more than just find duplicates.  IMO it's a must have tool if using iPhoto.

  • Skipping the search for linked images

    Hi all
    My indesign document have 250 images. While I have moved the indesign document to different server. All the images are missing links now. While I am opening the document indesign looking for image links, this process is cosuming more time to open the document.
    I want to just skip the searching for linked file and open the file. I will relink them afterwards.
    Skipping the search for linked images while opening the indesign file is prossible?
    Thanks in advance

    That preference can be changed. Edit>preferences>file linking (Windows) or InDesign>preferences>file linking (Mac)

  • What is the Search for:-  All images/All documents/all movies for in Finder

    I am confused as to the purpose of Search for:- All images/documents/movies in Finder. I seem to have documents, pictures and music I have never seen or downloaded, and often photos I have actually downloaded are copied in triplicate sometimes more. I have at times got 10,000 items in my documents in Search for? My worry really is does this all take up memory on my computer and if so why is it happening and how do I stop it?
    I do hope someone can explain the purpose of the Search For?

    Thanks Kappy, I had thought that is what it probably was but just confused by all the items I never searched for or downloaded. Now that I know it doesn't take up any memory I shan't worry about it. When I deleted everything from the search for files all the photos in my iphoto and documents were also removed. (thankfully I always have my stuff backed up on hard drive) I guess one just shouldn't remove them? Is there a safe way to clear it out without loosing the stuff I need to keep?

Maybe you are looking for

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    I would like to create child components of the component based on a XML which is retrieved by WebService/HttpService call. createChildren() is the one to be used to create components dynamically. But if I use createChildren() and call a WS/HttpServic

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