Can't hear playback for multiple audio tracks

Hi there!,
So I was mixing several audio tracks (6) with fade ins/outs and had locked them down. I had saved my project and the next time I opened it - only my first track played while the rest of the tracks didn't. The other audio tracks on the other hand do show volume levels and that it is "playing" in the meter - but no audio. How can I get them all to play?
I know it's not an overload problem (playhead is white) I've recently unlocked the tracks and changed my preferences to "minimun delay when playing instruments live" but - I still can't get them all to play. . .if you could please help, I'd appreciate it! ::smiles::

nevermind! it was the DUCKING feature. . . Control>Ducking

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  • Can't hear playback with USB audio interface plugged in

    I start Logic Pro 8 and then plug in Lexicon Lambda for a USB interface between guitar and macbook pro. With the Lambda plugged in I hear nothing from mac or headphone input on Lambda. If I unplug Lambda I can hear playback from mac just fine thru speakers or headphones.
    Very appreciative of any advice on how to solve this.

    berkleyrob wrote:
    I start Logic Pro 8 and then plug in Lexicon Lambda for a USB interface between guitar and macbook pro. With the Lambda plugged in I hear nothing from mac or headphone input on Lambda.
    Unplug your audio interface, reboot the Mac, plug the USB interface in, let it be recognized. Open Audio/MIDI Setup (in utilities) see if the Lambda shows up as an input and output device.
    If yes, you don't have to select if for any of the Input/Outputs, Logic's audio interface selection operates independently from the system.
    Open Logic go to "Preferences/Audio) select the Lexicon or Lambda interface as the default unit, set audio buffers to 256.
    Anything yet.
    All audio I/O will be coming from the lexicon the Mac's audio system is now out of the equation.

  • Creating Video with Multiple Audio Tracks?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but I figured its compression/video codec related so someone might have an idea...
    I've used Handbrake in the past to rip a DVD with an audio commentary that allowed for multiple audio tracks that could be played back in iTunes/Quicktime (though not on the iPod Classic for some reason... perhaps someone knows the answer to this?)
    I was just curious as to whether or not this was possible to do WITHOUT first making a DVD with an 2ndary track? I was hoping to record audio commentary for one of my shorts, and put it up on the web, but wanted to avoid the step of going to dvd first then ripping it.
    is this achievable in compressor? do I need to use a third party app? thanks so much.

    ehmjay wrote:
    is there any app (be it from apple or a 3rd party tool) that will allow me to add a secondary audio track for switching in quicktime/iTunes? if so could you point me in the direction of it (or even instructions)
    I'm afraid I'm unaware of anything - outside of HandBrake - that does encode a second track of audio. But I haven't exactly had my eyes open since I haven't needed to do this for a client yet.
    handbrake mentinos that its able to rip secondary audio for use with iPod Classic/Apple TV... however so far it hasn't worked for me. Does this mean that while handbrake is doing it properly its just my iPod itself that's having the troubles (like I said that alt. audio is there in iTunes/Quicktime just not on the iPod itself)
    I am pretty sure that the issue is that the software for iPod Classics - as is the case with AppleTV and, even, QT Player - which won't allow you to switch over to the other track. But I haven't had to work with the Classic in a while, perhaps there is a setting in Audio (or Video) that gives you the pop-up option you're seeking?

  • Can AppleTV play multiple audio tracks in a movie?

    I recently discovered (pretty much by accident) that iTunes and the iPhone supports multiple audio tracks in a single m4v video file. So I've started ripping my DVDs using Handbrake with both the main audio and the commentary track.
    In iTunes and my iPhone I can swop between the two at will, but I cannot find any information on how or if it's possible to switch audio tracks on the AppleTV. Does anybody know?
    I'm using an AppleTV 2 with up to date software and iTunes 7.6.2 set up to sync.

    this same question was asked in the last 2 days (and may even be still listed on page 1).
    however, the answer is no.

  • Premiere pro: multiple audio tracks in a single take. (Workflow for audio mixing outside premiere)

    Hi I am an editor from Finland.
    I need to sync multiple audio tracks (like 2 stereo and 4 mono) to different takes before i start to edit. You see, after the editing I will create an OMF file for the sound editor who needs all the audio tracks to work with. I have noticed however by just nesting (puttin video and audio clips in a single sequence) the resulting sequence placed on in the main sequence is flattened into stereo (not multichannel). You see my problem here? I am surprised, because i have always taught that this is a very normal workflow and so far i haven't found a single tutorial or a guide for this problem.
    Just to make sure we're on the same page: I know how to sync video and audio, just not so that the 6different audio tracks in all my 120 different takes that i edit into a single sequence will have the 6different audio tracks in the audio post production (which is done in protools, maybe...)
    Oh yeah, Premiere Pro CS5

    This is the case when i get a master clip with all the audio tracks in it. I however got separate files, a bunch of different video files (with stereo track), for every take a boom mic audio track, and a few tracks for all the microphones on the actors. Now after i import these into premiere, how will i proceed so that after i have synced all the audioclips to all the video clips (by nesting?) I will still have all the audio clips intact in the OMF file I will create.
    Last time i created omf, all the clips had turned into stereo because of nesting. Is the only way to avoid this by joining the video and audio clips into multichannel audio clips with another program before importing into premiere?
    I am not very good at explaining... Problem: I get a video and 10 audio tracks. I join them by putting them into a sequence. I repeat this about a hundred times (for every take). Now i start to edit. I create the main sequence in which i clip pieces from all the hundred takes. In the main sequence the clips have only one stereo track. When the movie is finished I create an OMF for the sound guy. The sound guy asks me why are there only 2 tracks per clip? Where are all the 10 separate audio tracks?

  • How do I import multiple audio tracks?

    Hi there...
    I have a number of video files that have multiple audio tracks in them. The problem is I can not work out how to get prem to see multiple audio tracks. The files import fine and I have also tried various other formates with multi-track audio.. but only audio "stream 1" is visible in prem.
    What I was hoping is that the video would come in with a 2 audio tracks instead of 1 each in its own "lane".. so I can then use the mixer and the audio files are  linked to the video file and in perfect sync.. (just like when you import with 1 track)
    NOTE: I am not talking about channels.. but complete 2 completely different audio tracks.. and I know that I could extract these audio streams into wavs and then re-sync them but this seams overkill and a duplication of effort... surly there is a way to have prem support more than 1 audio track on a video file?

    Well, if PP doesn't bring them in, then best guess is they just don't exist.
    There's really no trick or user adjustment for this that I'm aware of.  You import the file, PP sees what's in it.  I've never observed or read about any other behavior than that.

  • Is it possible to retain multiple audio tracks when exporting?

    While ripping my DVD collection, I've wanted to add a purchased RiffTrax (see to the movie as another audio track. I've been successful, but it took the following steps:
    1. Encode the movie using Handbrake, open the resulting m4v file in Quicktime Pro
    2. Also in Quicktime Pro, open the Rifftrax aac file I created and add it as another audio track in the m4v
    3. Save the m4v as a Quicktime mov file
    4. Use Handbrake again to encode the mov file into an m4v file, including my added audio track
    The reason I have to do step 4 is because if I were to export an m4v file directly from Quicktime Pro, it would compress all of the audio tracks into a single audio track. It would save a lot of time if Quicktime could export multiple audio tracks, at least when exporting to formats that can handle them. Does anyone know if this is possible?
    BTW, if anyone wants more details into how I create the RiffTrax aac, just ask.
    - Jake

    I've answered my own question, it was a lot easier than I thought. After the first encoding by Handbrake, there's really no difference between calling it a mov file or m4v file. I can change the file extension at will and there's no need to do an export that mashes the audio tracks. It's only AppleTV that needs to see the m4v file extension, Quicktime and iTunes doesn't seem to care one way or the other.
    Thanks for letting me think out loud.

  • Question about multiple audio tracks

    I see that imovie has only 2 audio tracks available when creating a movie. I need more than two since I will be working with a voiceover track, a soundtrack and at least one background/environment track all at one time. I won't be able to use the sound recorded with the video so that "track" is not an option.
    My question is; Am I out of luck here and need to spend the 1K for studio pro to add more multiple audio tracks?
    Also, I tried working with garageband but since all of my audio tracks import in at a minimum of 40 beats per minute, the voiceovers are all sped up and sound chipmunky.
    Thanks for any help!

    Well I didn't mean to irritate you...LOL And yes, I realize that this is the iM 6 forum but the gist of my question was related to multiple audio tracks in iM and thought I would ask about it in the forum pertaining to the latest release.
    I had already posted a question in the GB forum regarding the bpm problem and found no answers so I was pretty much about to shelve that idea and forgo the whole garageband thing; this without knowing about the new "swap" features. I just updated to iM 6 yesterday.
    As far as the "on-tape" raw audios: I was working on my movie in iM4. I wanted to add more audio bits but I don't have a proper mic for my G5 so I recorded the audio bits on dv8 tape through my camcorder. I imported the video (the image was the inside of my lens cap!), extracted the audio, took those audio files and imported them into GarageBand. That's when I noticed the bpm problem.
    I'm sorry about the lack of info I originally gave but like I said, I had pretty much gave up on the idea of using GarageBand. I'm pretty new at this and I'm trying to decide what I need in terms of software to get what I want out of my movie. I'd be willing to pay for FCxp but still looking into whether I need to do just that or whether I can get by by using imovie and now it looks like GarageBand too.
    ah, thanks for that
    what irritates me, Prince wrote:
    The audio tracks were voiceovers that came from my
    dv8tape, imported into imovie4.
    ... ehm, but this is the iM 6(six) section, as said,
    iM 6 allows now "swapping" files with GB3... (I'm way
    back in the 90ies.... see my specs... )
    so, video is in some iM, and he wants to use the
    actual "on-tape" raw audios...
    I thnik we need a little more detail...

  • Adding Multiple audio tracks

    Hi people.
    How can I add multiple Audio tracks on a video which then can be switched on a DVD remote control?
    Please help.
    thanks in advance.

    I agree with you on the separate purchase of Encore. It's a great authoring program. Until CS3, it was sold as a stand-alone, though was also included in the CS2 Production Studio, which is how I came by it. Adobe began integrating it more and more closely to Premiere Pro, so that became more of a "module," than a stand-alone. As of CS3 it only came bundled with P-Pro. Good on one hand, but not so good, on the other. Having used it for many years now, I would be loathe to use any other authoring application.
    It seems that Sony has done similar with their DVD Architect Pro, only bundling it with Vegas Pro.
    What this means is that there are now few full-featured authoring applications in an affordable price range. DVD Studio Pro being one of the few, and its interface is not as clean as Encore's. It offers potentially more power, but you have to do some basic programming to use that power. At the top of the list is Sonic Scenarist, but at around US$50K, complete, it's not really an option. Also, its interface takes years to learn.
    So very glad that I have Encore2. I will likely never part with that program, as it does 99% of what I would ever want from an authoring application. That last 1% can usually be done with some creative workarounds.

  • Multiple Audio Tracks

    Hey guys,
    My main profession is a composer, although I'm quite comfortable with various video tools as well and have done video production and post professionally for some time.
    often when I compose a piece for a trailer or something, I might have a couple of different versions, or at least a couple of different mixes to A-B on various systems, and show the client.
    Is there a way to have a quick time movie with multiple audio tracks? so that I would be able to switch from track A, to B, to C , etc...?
    I know how to do this for DVD authoring, but I was wondering if there is a way to do this for web and/or other formats, so that I can put the video on my iphone, or ipad and be able to plug it in and show the client option A, B, C, etc... or at least upload a video online and the client can choose the various audio tracks.
    any help would be much appreciated.

    Whilst FCP can create QuickTime movies with up to 24 audio tracks (so you could easily have a single video with 12 different stereo mixes) I don't know of any way to actually handle choosing which tracks to monitor other than by doing so directly in the Movie Properties window inside of the QuickTime Player app or similar ... but I'm not a web code monkey so it may possible nonetheless, hopefully some clever clogs will pop by and educate us

  • Trouble with Premiere timeline moving up and down multiple audio tracks.

    I have a project that has multiple audio tracks, aver 40. Only a portion of them are visible even when I use the new side scroll, I don't know the official name but the scroll on the side that Increases or decrease the size of the track so you can see the waveform. Even when I hide the video tracks and the other preview panels I still can't see all my audio tracks. How do I scroll up and down so I can see the tracks that I want to work on. You know, like in every other program I have ever used. 

    I feel like there's a bit of egg on my face. Rereading your message and messing with the horizontal bar I realized for both horizontal and vertical bars I grab in the center and drag left or right, up or down. There's a short cut for scrolling up and down your timeline tracks, hold down ctrl/cmd and then use the scroll wheel on your mouse, and that's what I was doing for my project last night. Ah growing pains of learning a new workspace.

  • Video with Multiple Audio Tracks-- IOS 4.2 Removes Way to Select Them

    After upgrading to IOS 4.2 on my iPhone 4, I've found it no longer lets me select from among multiple audio tracks. The option and button is completely gone.
    I encode my videos with AC3 audio as the first track (for my home media devices), and stereo audio as the second track (for the iPhone). Now the iPhone will just play the video, with no audio, and no way to select another track. This is extremely frustrating as I've encoded all my DVDs this way, and never had any issue with playback like this on any IOS device going back to the first gen iPod Touch.
    Anyone else have this issue, and know of a work around? Thanks!

    I too have the exact same problem for the exact same reason. Did you ever figure out a workaround (other than reencoding all your videos)?

  • No play back on multiple audio tracks

    I am editing a project and can not get all of my audio tracks to play back. A3, A4, A5, A6, ... all are silent. In audio editing, on the mixer, tracks show they are being played on the faders but no sound. A1 and A2 play just fine. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

    Let me give you a stronger clue, mmm. If your timeline audio playback is set for more audio channels than you have available in hardware, A3A6 could be set to output to channels that don't exist. Make sense?
    Right-click (Control-click) on the Audible button for each audio track and slide your mouse over to Audio Output to see what's what.

  • Recording on Multiple Audio Tracks

    For some strange reason I can not arm more than 1 audio track to be record enabled. I try to hold shift but it does not work. I am trying to do this within the arrange page.
    I just want to record my syth on 1 track and output of the effect unit it is running through (100% wet) on the next track.
    Can someone please help. I would like to be able to record enable about 8 audio tracks in a row and record all similtaniously.

    The basic idea is that an input can only be recorded on one track at a time. It's not possible to have multiple tracks record the signal from the same input.
    Let's say all of your audio tracks are set to mono. While it's possible to set them all to input 1, Logic won't let you go into record on more than one track.
    Let's say all of your audio tracks are stereo. It's possible to set them all to input 1/2, but again, Logic won't let you go into record on more than one (stereo) track.
    If your setup is like StaSh wrote, you can record multiple simultaneous inputs.

  • Identifying multiple audio tracks on Apple TV

    I like to add the director's commentary tracks to TV shows and movies I encode for my iTunes library. Until recently, usually I've been able to identify them through my Apple TV by holding down "select" on the remote, going into "audio" and then seeing things like:
    English (Stereo)
    English (Surround)
    English (Commentary)
    but now the same file would show something like:
    English (Surround)
    iTunes still shows the audio track descriptions and I noticed that there is some change in the whether anything at all appears in brackets after the language name when you play around with the Dolby Digital setting in the Options pane on Apple TV, so I'm wondering if I've somehow changed a setting? Can anyone help me out here?

    I've been able to do this by changing the language on the second track to something other than English. I use Quicktime Pro to open the file with multiple audio tracks and hit cmd+J. The screen that comes up shows each of the tracks in the Quicktime file. Click on the 2nd audio track and under one of the property tabs ("other" or "presentation" or something like that)you can choose a different language. Just pick one and save. Add the video to iTunes again and re-sync. Now you should be able to choose "french" (or whatever you designated your second audio to be) when you hold play.
    If that doesn't work, there is one other step but I can't remember if it is necessary: In QT Pro, in addition to changing the language, you may need to assign the 2nd audio track as an "alternate track" to the video. You do that in the "cmd+J" screen as well

Maybe you are looking for