Can't install 10.3 panther or 10.4 tiger what can i do? Help!!!

Hello guys i have a G4 powermac 450 mhz AGP graphics 448mb ram and i can not install osx on my system. I have tried everything. (i have tried three different sets of panther).
It will startup with the OSX 10,3 disk but after te zilver apple in the screen i get a blue screen with a rotating indicator and than it wont get any further.
With the 10.4 tiger dvd it also starts-up and than when i get the blue screen te computer is turning himself off.
the mac has a 30gb HD and a DVD-ram drive. No pci cards installed.
OS9.2 is now installed. I think i have the newest ROM version $0004,28f1
Does anyone have a idea?
(sorry about the bad englisch)

Thanx for the replys but nothing workt. I've tried some memory switches and only a original 256mb ramm dimm but nothing workt.
I also tried three different harddisks without suc6.
The problem is that when i start up from the install cd it doesnt show a install screen only a blank blue screen with a rotating indicator in the bottom.
I also tried 4 different cd/dvd/ players olso without suc6.
when i installed osx 10.3 on my own harddisk on my work (on a old G3) en i placed it in my own G4 he only starts-up in a darwin kennel (or something like that).

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