Can't Install Photoshop CS3 Trial

I began the setup process for photoshop cs3, and while installing it crashed. I tried to run the program, and it wouldnt load. I attempted to uninstall it through Add/Remove programs, and it would not work. I tried re-installing the program, but the setup program will not run. Nothing about this program will run/work correctly for me. If you have any ideas as to how I can uninstall/repair/re-install photoshop CS3, please let me know.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Use the CS3Clean Script:

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  • Can't install Photoshop CS3 Trial on Windows

    Hey, I downloaded the trial version of CS3 the other day, wanting to try it out and see what it's like, I got to the end of the installation and it says
    "A problem was encountered while trying to load the trial period for Adobe Photoshop CS3.
    Click Quit to see if restarting your computer or reinstalling the software fixes this problem. Otherwise, click Continue to display a screen where you can enter a valid serial number to begin using the product without trial."
    I'd rather not buy the software just yet, just want to try it out. I know CS3 is a little out-dated but due to pc requirements, I'm not able to run CS4 on my laptop, also I'm used to using CS3 as I used to use it on an old computer but for some reason it won't work on my laptop.
    I've tried reinstalling it, I've also tried to restart my laptop and the program and none of these got it to work.
    Is there anything else that can be done?

    Use the CS3Clean Script:

  • Can't install Photoshop CS3 on Windows XP SP3

    Hello, I recently have reformated my machine and installed XP SP3
    sadly now, I can't install Photoshop CS3, when I double-click on Setup.exe, it show me a small bar/dialog which tells me it's extracting files, but after that, NOTHING HAPPENS
    I left it for an hour, and again, nothing happens. I checked my Task Manager and I found that Setup.exe and Msiexec.exe are running but with completely 0% of system resource.
    I tried everything possible, nothing worked for me, I really need Photoshop CS3 for my work.
    thanks advance

    I hear ya. that's on an existing system with an upgrade. i've solved (well, resolved) a remote desktop problem with a rollback to sp2.
    but on the clean xp pro sp3 system (1st app install after anti-virus and firewall), the cs3 install took about 10 minutes. very fast very smooth.

  • Can't install photoshop CS3

    I need to use an older version of Photoshop. Adobe said it was my mac.
    I'm on 10.6.8 and can't install photoshop CS3. I've uninstalled and when I try to install, I get: please insert CS4. Doesn't sound right to me.
    I called Adobe and they wanted $69 to fix the problem. They looked at my crash reports and said it was my mac. I was afraid to let them touch my mac so I didn't go for it. He said I will have problems with other Adobe installations if I don't hire them to fix my mac.
    Can anyone read crash reports and help me out? I'm not sure which to include, mac or adobe.

    Roaku wrote:
    I've tried that.
    It works so so on another computer, but when I want to copy the files there is a pop-up saying that such an action cannot be done.
    I still cannot install it even on that computer.
    Is there another way? Or am I forced to buy CS3 all over again.
    Using Windows Explorer I have copied a CD's files and directories to a directory on my hard drive to install from there... I have NEVER seen a pop-up saying I could not copy the CD's files and directories

  • Installed Photoshop CS3 trial, now previous Photoshop 7 won't work

    I've downloaded and installed PS CS3 trial and given it a go but decided to stick with version 7 as it's still doing everything I need.
    So when the trial period on CS3 has expired I've uninstalled it but now Photoshop 7 won't run. I get this message a few seconds after I click on the PS icon . ..
    "An unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred due to a program error. Photoshop will now exit"
    I've reinstalled PS7 several times to no avail.
    Since I installed the CS3 trial I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard - maybe this is the cause!
    Any idea's how I can get PS7 working again?

    >Since I installed the CS3 trial I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard - maybe this is the cause!
    Photoshop 7 will not run under Leopard...

  • Can't install Photoshop (CS3) via Remote Disc

    I was successfully able to install iWork '08 last night via Remote Disc, but I've tried twice to install Photoshop and both times it failed. I was able to get on Acrobat Professional and some of the Shared Components, but after anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours it gives me a message saying that installation of Photoshop failed.
    Anyone else had a similar problem?

    Don't know about Windows issues since I was installing from my MBP. I can only imagine it's worse.
    I was successful in dragging the entire Photoshop folder over from the MBP last night, but when I opened it it said that pieces were missing. That's the trouble with CS3; it's all so intertwined that it seems like you really need the installer to help you get just the bits you need.
    I'm trying to embrace Steve's disc-less vision here, but I'm not sure if we're there yet. I don't want to break down and by the Superdrive, but it sounds like a lot of people got one (probably in anticipation of this kind of headache).

  • I can't install Photoshop CS6 trial

    Every time I try to install the Photoshop CS6 trial, i'm greeted with this message - This application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured. Please contact the application author for assistance.  What do I do?

    Troubleshoot Adobe Download Assistant nt.html

  • Can't install Photoshop CS3 10

    I download Adobe Photoshop CS3 10 and did what the installing file said I double clicked the setup.exe, after it loaded the files it needed in the ZIP file, the initializing box popped up with the loading bar, after its done loading the box diappears, but nothing after that. How do I get it to install? I have Windows VISTA and also ran the setup.exe as an administrator and still the same thing happens.

    Make sure you have sufficient disk space and proper priviliges for your Temp folders (Users/Scott/AppData/Roaming or so...). also turn off DEP for the installer package, if for some reason Vista has "protected" you because the package was downloaded.

  • Can't Install Flash CS3 Trial

    Hi everyone -
    I'm new to Flash - in my quest to find a tool where I can
    develop rich internet application, or rich applications for that
    matter I decided to download the trial version of Flash CS3.
    But I can't seem to be able to install it no matter what I
    I downloaded the trial version (Windows - 403.71 MB). I
    extracted the file 'ADBEFLPRCS3_WWE.exe' and ran the setup.exe, the
    installation screen saying 'loading setup' opens for a second and
    then disappears - I don't have any application running when when I
    start the installation - and the only Adobe software I have in my
    machine is adobe writer/ reader.
    OS: Windows Professional with plenty of space and memory.
    Has anyone experienced the same issue and can help me.....I
    want to evaluate the software and then make a decision for
    Please Help

    Thanks for the suggestion...
    But I never had to reinstall the OS in order to install an
    application, that seems a little bit extreme.

  • Can't install Photoshop CS3 on Mountain Lion 10.7.4

    I have uninstalled PS CS3 on one computer and tried to install it on a new computer with the same version of OS. Get the error message: Required resources are missing. I have an current version of java.

    Dee, do you have Lion(10.7) or Mountain Lion(10.8)?
    CS3 is not compatible with Lion or Mountain lion. IT may work in some cases but you might face issues as well.
    So, my advice isto upgrade to CS6 which is very well supported with both Lion and Mountain Lion.

  • Can't Install Photoshop CS6 Trial?

    I'm having trouble installing the trial mode for Photoshop CS6. I have already logged in through the installer then clicked the download link again, but it asks me to log in again (the installer) instead of installing it.
    Please help me out!

    You need to be more specific. We need at least to know on what system you are trying to install. For issues regarding the download refer to this:
    Troubleshoot Adobe Download Assistant

  • Installing Photoshop CS3 on Windows 8

    How can i install Photoshop CS3 on Windows 8 - install does not complete - error message "Installer Database corrupt".  The Abobe help chat system is unable to help.
    Rebooting my computer and re-downloading the software from the Adobe website for another clean install made no difference.
    Is this a compatability problem and if so how can I fix it?

         Something else to try:

  • Getting a "Setup Error" when I try to re-install Photoshop CS3

    I've had a nightmare week.  My iMac crapped out and I lost the harddrive.  Now I'm slogging through the process of re-installing all my software.
    Per the instructions of the Adobe Customer Service, I went into "My Adobe" > "My Orders" and downloaded the Photoshop CS3 I purchased in Sept. 2007.  (I know it's old but it serves the purpose I need).
    But when I double click the "Setup" application, I get the following message:
    Setup Error
    Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue. Contact Adobe Customer Support for assistance.
    When I contacted Customer Support, they told me they could not help me because they do not offer support for old versions of CS and to post a question here, so that's what I'm doing.
    Does anyone know what the "Setup Error" is and how I can re-install Photoshop CS3?

    Is IE your default browser?
    The address in that error is somewhat peculiar, in that it points to a process running on your computer ( is a loopback address that points to your own system).
    I suggest that after downloading and saving the Flash installer to a folder, you completely exit Firefox, and do the installation with Firefox closed in case having Firefox open is interfering in some manner.
    Of course, make sure you get the official installer from Adobe, and '''uncheck the box for any tag-along software that you do not want''':

  • Cannot install photoshop CS3!!

    Hello there. I currently have Windows vista installed on a laptop. I recently tried to install Photoshop Extended. However, when it get's to "initializing Adobe Photoshop" It just stops...nothing pops up. I had it installed on my computer before then I had to restore my computer using recovery cds. I was able to install Adobe After Efects but can't install photoshop CS3. It has an entry in my add/remove program in control panel but when I click uninstall nothing happens.

    yeah, i had the same problem as you too, but i got it fixed =]
    I think this happens because we uninstalled photoshop incorrectly
    heres how i did it, its kinda risky though...
    go to your start and click on run and type in "regedit"
    then from the beginning of your registry (by this i mean go all the way top of your registry and click on your My Computer) hold ctrl+f and search for "photoshop"
    delete (the folder) everything that is related to adobe products (careful though, some registry are not related to adobe...)
    just press F3 to search next...
    you might want to try other search terms, i used "cs3" and "adobe" but the bad thing about this is a lot of other adobe products show up
    hope this helps...
    oh yeah.. i am on windows xp, but i think on vista should be the same...

  • Can I install photoshop  trial version on student computer lab for teaching  student ?.

    can I install photoshop  trial version on student computer lab for teaching  student ?
    or  school need to buy a license.

    I don't see that anything would stop you installing the trial, though it is not for that and the license might forbid it, not sure. But the trial lasts 30 days and cannot be extended or repeated. You are expected to buy software used in teaching, though there may be academic discounts.

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