Can't load Music/photo CD's. Keeps ejecting.

Can't load Music/photo CD's. Keeps ejecting. Can load DVD's and use them on screen. Can create music CD from Playlist, but can't replay on iMac, just ejects. Will play created music CD, OK on regular CD player. Discussed the problem Apple support via Chat and have tried resetting SMC. No joy.  Have to use a work around by taking same Music and Photo CD's to Macair and loading them, then transferring files via memory stick.
Any ideas would be appreciated

Alright, if you loaded music from a CD to iTunes and then connected the iPhone, you need to make sure that syncing music is selected before you sync. That, or you can select manually manage music and click and drag songs over to the iPhone. Check with the manual here and see if that helps you out. Come back if you need more.
Or, try this Apple Support document
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    Thanks before.

    Hey ranz234,
    If you haven't already, I would run through the recommended troubleshooting steps in the applicable sections of the following article:
    iCloud: My Photo Stream troubleshooting
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!

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    No, it's Flu season & you shouldn't be sharing anything .

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    Is ist only me who can not load music recently buyed? The error: iTunes Store not available. The whole error in German:
    Es kann nicht nach gekaufter Musik gesucht werden. Der iTunes Store ist kurzzeitig nicht verfügbar. Versuchen Sie es später erneut.

    I'm having a similar issue: bought the latest "Edge Of Dawn" album, and when tried to Buy it in the shopping cart - it disappeared from the cart, and I got a message saying "iTunes Store it temporarily unavailable" message. That was yesterday, and as of yet I have not been able to download it. Reported the problem, still no response.
    The funny thing is that this morning I've tried to purchase another album and that one worked just fine - downloaded without a hitch. The previous one - still can't download. Perhaps they've screwed something up with that stupid ringtone thing they have turned up last night.

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    why apple id i can't load music from itune?
    It is up to Your Apple ID has been disabled

    For assistance with a disabled account, see this support article:
    If that doesn't help, contact iTunes support via the link provided toward the bottom of the page.

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    Here are some simple instructions to load a Screen Saver.
    1. Open System Preferences
    2. Click Desktop & Screen Saver
    3. Click the Desktop tab
    3. On the left your system should begin populating where it can find photos to use. If you cannot see the location the jpg is in then click the + sign and navigate to it.

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    I'm developing an application on BB to take and view photo. My problem is can't load the thumbnail photos from file 'BBThumbs.dat'. I'm using code as below:
    public byte[] getThumb(String fileName) {
    String DB = fileName.substring(0, fileName.lastIndexOf('/'))
    + "/BBThumbs.dat";
    fileName = fileName.substring(fileName.lastIndexOf('/') + 1, fileName
    if (thumbsMap == null) {
    thumbsMap = new Hashtable();
    byte b[] = null;
    FileConnection fc = null;
    InputStream in = null;
    try {
    fc = (FileConnection), Connector.READ);
    if (!fc.exists()) {
    return null;
    byte[] temp=new byte[(int)fc.fileSize()];
    in = fc.openInputStream();
    DataInputStream is=new DataInputStream(in);
    // b = getThumbNail(first, thumbsMap, fileName, in);
    b=readThumbs(temp, fileName);
    } catch (Exception e) {
    } finally {
    if (fc != null) {
    try {
    } catch (Exception e) {
    if (in != null) {
    try {
    } catch (Exception e) {
    return b;
    please give my any idea or suggestions. Thanks 

    Tho I would add MemberValidForPlan#;Plan#Aggregation, where # is a number of your application which this member is valid for or even has a specific aggregation, as well
    Even more as an idea use pipes, maybe.
    But you will need to say something about Aliases as well if this is a planning application.

  • Why i can't load music from my iTunes library to my synced iPod touch

    Why can't I load music from itunes library to synced ipod touch

    " I have no idea what you're talking about my phone being hacked."
    I explained:  "Your iphone must be hacked as you cannot copy from finder on a legit iphone."
    "I used to be able to drag music FROM THE ITUNES LIBRARY to THE IPHONE. Now I can no longer do that"
    Again, I explained: "you would check the manually manage music box of you wanted to drag and drop."
    Do you have the manually manage music box checked?
    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 4.2 and 4.3 Software)

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    Called iTunes Match:
    iTunes purchased content you can download to your phone antime you wish, match not required.

  • Can't load music library on Blackberry Link

    When I click on my computers files to load my music library through Blackberry Link it says:
    Blackberry Link Wasn't Able to Load Your Music Library
    Close then reopen Blackberry Link
    Did that many times, rebooted the computer, reinstalled the program etc all won't load my Itunes library.
    It worked fine on BB Desktop Manager with my Bold 9900 which I was using until yesterday.
    When right clicking on all music and going sync to > Blackberry10. It says 'A problem occured while attempting to access your media library (the sync did not complete."
    Although there is no music there anyway as it can't load my Itunes library
    Can someone please help?

    I find it easier to just go through windows explorer and treat the phone as a memory stick. I click and drag everything over, a bit archaic but it works for me, problem free.
    It's always funny when it's someone else.

  • HT1373 can i load music on to my new iTunes account from my old itunes account

    i have a new itunes account. Can i transfer music from my old account to new one

    If you mean iTunes libraries, import the files into the new one.
    If you mean iTunes Store accounts, no. Unless the old account's inaccessible, leave it as is.


    I use my laptop for 99% of my itunes library and update my ipod on it as well. I recently downloaded a few albums to a desktop -- when I try to load the music onto my ipod, it asks me if I want to REPLACE all my music with the few albums in this new library. How do I keep all my existing music on my ipod and add just a few albums from a new, previously unused libary on the desktop.

    If you want to connect and use an iPod on more than one computer change the update preference to "manually manage songs and playlists:
    Using iPod with Multiple computers
    Managing Your Songs Manually

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    Thank you for your fast reply, I have a   2011  mac osx 10.9.3 can I use the mirroring (I have seen it on the TV safely
    some one told me that it can mess things up and that I should be carefull with using it thanks again

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    can music be loaded to your i pad touch from your desk top computer? if so can you please tell me the proper way to do this? thank you

    you might find the iPod Touch User's Guide helpful:

  • Can't load music videos to itunes

    Hello, i am new on this. My husband gave me an ipod and i will like to load it with music videos and dvds that i have at home. But when i try to open it with itunes it does not let me. What can i do?

    Unfortunately, the process of getting video files and DVD's onto your computer, and then onto your iPod can be a tricky one, especially for someone new. I'm quite familiar with iTunes/iPods myself, and still haven't looked much into the process of putting certain videos onto the iPod.
    Some people might say: "oh its easy" "you need such and such program", but there are a lot of settings for the video files that are specific to the iPod, and not everyone knows that. Without those "extra programs" however, theres no real way to get a non-compaitable video onto your iPod, it simply HAS to be that format, and you WILL need a program for doing that. So if you want to get DVDs on your computer, youll need to get your hands dirty with some programs and some tough processes to figure out, sometimes tricky especially when some methods of doing so may or may not be very legal.
    Sadly, it's not as easy as putting the DVD in, and having it appear in iTunes to save for your iPod.
    What I CAN say is if you want to purchase/rent music videos/movies from the iTunes store, that is the easiest way obviously because when downloaded, they are already in a ready-to-go format for your iPod. It's the best way to do it, but of course, will cost you per purchase.
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