Can't open tiff files in PSE8?

In PSE4 I saved files as Tiff's, but now I can't open them in PSE8.  What am I doing wrong?

If  simple_chi is using Preview, that means Mac, so no irfanview.
If you do a Save As in Preview and save as tiff again, does that make a difference? Can PSE open them then?

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  • Not enough memory (RAM) error. Can't open TIFF file.

    I can't open a 74MB TIFF file in CS5 photoshop.   I get error message: Could not complete your request because there is not enough memory (RAM). 
    I have 16GB of RAM and 55.5 GB of scratch disk.
    I am using my recently installed copy of Photoshop CS5 64bit on a virtual Windows7 machine running in Parallels on a recently bought MacBookPro. This software (now deactivated) has run successfully on an XP machine and has successfully open TIFF files of this sort before.
    I don't know whether this is relevant, but I can't update my copy of photoshop either. It downloads the updates, but will not install them.

    I have discovered that the problem is that the TIFF files I am tying to open are 32 bit files.  There are several references on the Internet to Photoshop not being able to open these files   These are output files produced by the astro-imaging software Deep Sky Stacker.  Within DSS  I can save the 32 bit TIFFs  as 16 bit files which photoshop CS5 can open fine.
    Does anyone know whether Photoshop CS5 can open 32 bit tiff files at all?  Would it help if I could update my version of Photoshop (see update problem above)?

  • Can't open TIFF file.  Probably the file is corrupted.

    I have a batch of TIFF files that I am trying to open but when I do, Photoshop says "Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the TIFF file."  I assume the files are corrupt, so I was just wondering how would I do about to fix them.  I used PixRecovery but that wasn't that good because I couldn't repair them in as a batch and since I have more than 400 files, I don't have the time to do them one by one.  Please help.  Much appreciated.

    There could be some type of compression used on them that PS doesn't like. I know some geospatial imagery is tiff - jpg compressed and needs some other software help in order to convert to a readable form. Maybe post an image?

  • Will Adobe X open TIFF files by default.

    Can Adobe X be set as default to open tiff files on Win 7 computer. .  If so .. how?

    What is "Adobe X"? Do you mean Adobe Acrobat X, or Adobe Reader X? Either
    way, they can't open TIFF files directly. Acrobat can convert Tiff files to
    PDF files and then show them, and Reader can't do anything with them at all.

  • Having Trouble Opening TIFF Files

    I'm having trouble opening TIFF files into Camera Raw. I have checked all my settings in Adobe Bridge and everything seems to be saying that TIFF files should open in Camera Raw when I click on then int and then into photoshop when finished editing in camera raw.
    I'm trying to open 32 bit HDR images saved as a TIFF file into Camera Raw, and there seems to be nothing I can do to get them there. I have tried everything I can think of. When I right click on it (cmd click I'm on a mac) the option to open in camera Raw isn't there. I have tried clicking and dragging the image into Photoshop to try and force it maybe to open into Camera Raw, and I have opened photoshop and tried opeing it up from mini Bridge. In mini bridge I have the option to open the image into Camera Raw when I click this nothing happens.
    I'm not sure what else to try I'm on CS6 and Camera Raw 7.0 .

    Alright I'll try that thanks!
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    Subject: Having Trouble Opening TIFF Files
        Re: Having Trouble Opening TIFF Files
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    It might be that you need to update camera raw to version 8.3 by going to Help>Updates from within photoshop or bridge.
    (i don't remember exactly in which version of acr that was added, but probably after version 7.0)
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  • Can't open RAW file when moved from Lightroom to Photoshop CS4

    I have a Canon 6D and recently purchased Lightroom 4.4 so that I could open my Canon RAW files. They do open in Lightroom, but when I move them to PHotoshop CS4 I can't open the files. I get a message telling me I can't open them. Any suggestions?

    I don't know Macs so can't give you advice if CS6 will run on your Mac.
    But since you have Lr5 you won't need to open Raw images in Photoshop. Lr5 gives you all the Raw editing capabilities that you need. I don't think CS6 will add anything to Raw editing capabilities that Lr5 doesn't have - although I don't know CS6 since I am still working with CS5.
    You still can send images from Lr5 to CS4 for editing but you have to select <Render using Lightroom> in the dialog that says that the "Camera raw plug-in 8.1 may be required   ...". BTW: what this means is that the Camera raw plug-in 8.1 is required for Photoshop, not for Lr.
    When you select <Render using Lightroom> Lr will create a TIFF / PSD from the Raw image and send it to CS4 for editing.
    If you had CS6 Lr would send the Raw image to CS6 but on saving the edits in CS6 a TIFF / PSD would be created.
    The only drawback with using CS4 is that the options <Merge to Panorama ...>, <Merge to HDR ...>, and <Open as layers> will be greyed-out and are not available.
    If instead of selecting  <Render using Lightroom> in the dialog box you would select <Open anyway>, nothing would happen. CS4 would open but the image would not be displayed in CS4.

  • Can't open Tiff in Camera Raw CC

    I have checked the Camera Raw preferences to open jpgs and tiffs in Camera Raw.  I have the Bride CC preferences set to Bridge CC for jpgs and tiffs.
    I c n open jpgs in Camera Raw, but I can't open tiffs in Camera Raw.  I must be doing something wrong. 
    The settings for jpgs and tiffs in Windows file association are identical.
    The settings for jpgs and tiffs in Bridge preferences are identical.
    Yet, I can open jpgs in Camera Raw, and I can't open tiffs in Camera Raw.
    Any suggestions?

    Can you, from within Photoshop, choose File - Open As, then choose the TIFF file, and set the selector over on the right to Camera Raw?
    I know that you'd really like to set up to open them automatically through Camera Raw, but this could serve as a workaround.

  • I have a new Mark3 D 5, I can't open Raw files

    I have a new Mark3 D 5, I can't open Raw files I've shot in LR 3, I read I would be able to in LR 4 or 5. Because my mac is 10.6.8 I prefer to get LR 4 so I don't have to also update my operating system. Will LR 4 open my rw files in Mark3 D5. What about my older files in LR 3 will I loose the catalogs when I do this?

    Thanks John, I ordered the software from Adorama and I'm expecting it today. I did use a DNG converger, I found it kind of slow, maybe thats because of the file size.
    I'm curious to see if the conversion files will look the same as the direct raw files I'm used to seeing in Lightroom. It'll be good to compare. While waiting I looked at the files in Digital Photo Professional and the files looked incredible. I was able to open one at a time in PS but in TIFF format. Not the most practical but impressive. I'm loving the D5 Mark 111
    after one go at it.

  • Opening TIFF files from Safari mail

    I have a Mini.mac using OS X 10.3.9 and am unable to open TIFF files. I am particularly interested in opening TIFF attachments from my E-mails. I have downloaded Graphic Converter but can't get it to do the job, neither will Preview. Can anyone please tell me whether there is an easy way to make my machine open TIFF files? And if so, a simple explanation (because I'm a simple man) of how to do it would be greatly appreciated.

    kbwolf, you'll probably want to go to to do a search for issues with PowerPoint, Excel and Word as those are Microsoft products.

  • Unable to open CR2 files in PSE8 or Bridge CS4?

    Unable to open CR2 files in PSE8 or Bridge CS4? Any help would be appreciated.

    You would need PSE 11 to open those files directly into PSE. Your options are:
    1. Use DPP instead.
    2. Download the free DNG converter and use that to convert your raw files to dng files that your version of the raw converter can open:
    3. Upgrade to PSE 11, although that won't help Bridge any.

  • I can not open the file in Photoshop...

    I can not open the file in Photoshop after formattatto pc.
    I get the following error "could not complete your request because there is an error in the program
    Please me!
    Thank you

    Version CS3
    Adobe DNG Converter and Camera Raw 4.6 update
    Camera Raw 4.6 update
    Camera Raw 4.5 update
    Adobe DNG Converter and Camera Raw 4.5 update
    Adobe DNG Converter and Camera Raw 4.4.1 update
    Camera Raw 4.4.1 update
    Camera Raw 4.3.1 update
    Adobe Photoshop 10.0.1 update for Adobe Photoshop CS3
    Adobe DNG Converter and Camera Raw 4.3.1 update
    Adobe DNG Converter and Camera Raw 4.2 update
    Camera Raw 4.2 update
    Camera Raw 4.1 update
    Adobe DNG Converter and Camera Raw 4.1 update

  • I can not open adobe files. mainly ones that end in doc. I purchased the 19.99 to convert .doc files

    I can not open adobe files that end in .doc. I purchased the 19.99 to convert doc to pdf and I still cant open. I get an error reading.

    Which Adobe Service did you purchased?
    If you have purchased CreatePDF please visit:
    Sign in with your Adobe ID and password, and then convert your word doc into PDF.
    Please let me know if that works.
    If you have Adobe Reader, you cannot convert .doc file to .PDF by drag and drop.
    ~ Aditya

  • Can't open CR2 files in photoshop and camera raw

    This weekend I rented a Canon 5D Mark iii. I have downloaded the files and all of the thumbnails in camera raw say CR2 and when I try to open Photoshop does not recognize this product.
    I have:
    Photoshop CS4
    Camera Raw CS4
    Canon 5D Mark ii
    I have checked my updates folder and all my updates are current. Do I need to upgrade to CS5 or is there a way around this?

    Hi I recently had a problem opening CR2 files in PHotoshop cs4. I had to reinstall into a new computer, so obviously it installed the basic programme and not the updates.
    After trying everything, even calling the help desk, there was apparently nothing that can be donw as they no longer support cs4.
    I kept trying and found a you tube video, which i cant find again to add the link but i followed the link and with what I did earlier I can now open CR2 files in my photoshop cs4
    I found the relevany update that I needed to install and downloaded it, camera raw 5.2 ( Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter : For Windows : Camera Raw 5.2 update )  this is the one for the Canon 5d Mk2
    After downloading it would not update the progeramme so I was in the same possition, but i noticed the files were there and i just needed to put them in the right place in photoshop so carried on looking for were to put the Plus In.
    This led me to the video.
    To the point.
    Download the update and save to a location where you will remember.
    open Adobe photoshop and go to "edit"
    Them " Preferences "
    then "General "
    Then " Plus-Ins"
    At the top you will see " Add Plug-Ins Folder " Check this box then navigate to the "win64" ( this is because mine is a windows 64 bit computer and the download is specific ) and Choose it.
    Shut down photo shop and try to open a raw.
    Bridge doesnt work for some reason but im going to keep looking.
    Hope this works for you as well.

  • Can't Open any files in photoshop CS3

    I can not open any files in Photoshop CS3. It has been working fine. I was using camera raw and did not open the file and now can't open any file in photoshop. I reinstall it photoshop and it did not work. I reinstall install window xp worked fine until I tried camera raw. Canon (xti) Only cs3 is on the computer now

    reset the preferences per the faq?

  • Hi.  I have a Dell PC running Windows 7 64 bit.  I have the latest version of Adobe Reader,  It worked yesterday.  Today I have job training to do that is due tomorrow morning and I can't open PDF files.  I have to open a guide and read it and take a test

    Hi.  I have a Dell PC running Windows 7 64 bit.  I have the latest version of Adobe Reader,  It worked yesterday.  Today I have job training to do that is due tomorrow morning and I can't open PDF files.  I have to open a guide and read it and take a test tomorrow.  I have deleted and reinstalled the application.  I have rebooted.  I have made sure my PDF's are associated with the program.  Every PDF on my computer won't open and I get the same error message.  It simply says Attempt to access invalid address.  How can I fix this?  Thanks.

    Hi Don,
    I have seen this issue fixed for some users by modifying the following registry key:
    The key is "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management" MoveImages
    Set the key to 1 instead of 0 then reboot the machine.
    In case you still face the issue try the following registry key change:
    The only thing you have to do is rename the following key at the REGEDIT, and everything will be fine !!
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\iexplore.exe
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\iexplore.old
    Note: Please take a backup of the registry before attempting this change.

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