Can we send .csv file from sap srm system to sap pi?

Hi Experts,
we have 3 options send the data from sap systems to sap pi.i. e.proxy,idoc and rfc only
How can we send .csv file from sap srm to sap pi?

As you know SAP SRM and SAP PI are different boxes.
*_Option 1:_*
we need a shared AL11 directory in between SAP SRM and SAP PI (Ask basis to setup shared folder). Place / Populate the file in the folder from SAP SRM and then it can be picked through sender file communication channel.
In this case you (Basis team) will share one folder which is visible from the AL11 transaction of both the systems (SRM and PI). You will drop .csv file using some report or program from SRM at this location and from PI you can read that file using File communication channel (NFS mode).
Option 2:
Setup a FTP at SRM environment and expose some folder which can be accessible from PI. Use sender file communication channel at PI end to pick the file.
You can use this option incase sharing of folder is not possible (due to network / other constrains). Here FTP server is required to expose any folder as FTP so as it can be accessible from internet (remote location). You need to expose some folder at SRM machine.  You will drop .csv file using some report or program from SRM at this location. Now PI can fetch the file from that location using  sender file communication channel (FTP Mode) providing user credentials.
Hope it clears now.

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  • Reading File from a Desktop/ShareFolder in SAP MII 14.0

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  • Transfering .csv file from SAP to NON-SAP using FTP connection

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    I am able to place the .CSV file successfully to other system using FTP connection, but when i open the file I could see the gaps between each record. I mean 1st line with the 1st record and 2nd line having a GAP and 3rd line with the 2nd record and so ..on as shown below
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    3     1/1/2009     0     41000027
    I have declared an internal table as below
    TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_charlist,
             line(5000) type c,
           END OF ty_charlist.
    DATA:  w_charlist TYPE ty_charlist,
                 t_charlist TYPE TABLE OF ty_charlist.
    And concatenating each field seperated by ','
    CONCATENATE  res1 res2 res3 res4 res5 res6 res7 res8 res9 res10 res11 res12 res13 res14 res15 res16 res17 res18 res19  res20 res21 res22 res23 res24 res25 res26 res27 res28 res29 res30 res31 res32 res33 res34 res35 res36 res37 res38 res39
    INTO w_charlist-line SEPARATED BY ','.
    APPEND w_charlist TO t_charlist.
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    Thank you,

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  • Send binary files from SAP System to SAP XI/PI

    Dear experts,
    in our SAP ERP-System we have a link to JPG files which are stored in an archive. We want to send these files with some other information to our SAP XI and then store them on a file server. Is there a way to send a MIME attachment via RFC? Or is there another way to send binary files from SAP ERP to SAP XI? We want to avoid polling the files on OS level.
    Thanks and regards,

    Most recommended way is to go for ABAP proxies. They support attachments.

  • *Error retrieving some or all of your defaults from the SAP SRM system*

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    Please let me know the result and feel free to post back.
    Tony Chen
    TechNet Community Support

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    its giving me error ot hexa coonversion?
    can anyone provide sample code...
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    folllowing is my code--
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    pi_recipients IN com_batch_contact_dtl.stremailaddr%TYPE,
    pi_subject IN VARCHAR2 ,
    pi_text IN VARCHAR2 ,
    pi_filename IN VARCHAR2 ,
    pi_blob IN cLOB
    conn utl_smtp.connection;
    i NUMBER;
    len NUMBER;
    conn := demo_mail.begin_mail( sender => pi_sender,
    recipients => pi_recipients,
    subject => pi_subject,
    mime_type => demo_mail.MULTIPART_MIME_TYPE
    demo_mail.begin_attachment(conn => conn,
    mime_type => 'application/csv',
    inline => TRUE,
    filename => pi_filename,
    transfer_enc => 'base64'
    -- split the Base64 encoded attachment into multiple lines
    i := 1;
    len := DBMS_LOB.getLength(pi_blob);
    WHILE (i < len) LOOP
    IF(i + demo_mail.MAX_BASE64_LINE_WIDTH < len)THEN
    UTL_SMTP.Write_raw_Data (conn
    , UTL_ENCODE.Base64_Encode(
    DBMS_LOB.Substr(pi_blob, demo_mail.MAX_BASE64_LINE_WIDTH, i)));
    UTL_SMTP.Write_raw_Data (conn
    , UTL_ENCODE.Base64_Encode(
    DBMS_LOB.Substr(pi_blob, (len - i)+1, i)));
    END IF;
    UTL_SMTP.Write_Data(conn, UTL_TCP.CRLF);
    i := i + demo_mail.MAX_BASE64_LINE_WIDTH;
    demo_mail.end_attachment(conn => conn);
    conn => conn,
    data => pi_text,
    mime_type => 'text/csv');
    demo_mail.end_mail( conn => conn );
    Thanx in advance...
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    Ignore "SQL*Loader-292: ROWS parameter ignored when an XML, LOB or VARRAY column is loaded" error
    after importing your csv file just change length CHAR(100000).
    ex: your column col1 CHAR(1000) to change CHAR(100000).
    and deploy your mapping and execute

  • How to send CSV files to external server

    Hi All,
    How to send CSV files to external server (not to application server).
    I know how to download files to application server.
    Please give me the steps to send CSV files to external server.
    Is it posiible with RFCs? If yes, then plz provide me the steps. Do we need to create RFC destination for this.
    Appriciate your help with rewarding points.
    Please help as this is an urgent requirement

    you can send via xi.
    chk this blog
    a) content conversion (sender)
    b)content conversion (receiver)
    reward points if this helps you.</b>
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    1.Receive file from Source system via RecvPipeline
    2.In Orchestration  extracting some values like ENO,Ename,Salary etc.these values to be added in to CSV file from Expression Shape.How to append/add emp records in to CSV with out overriding the rows.
    Ex:If we submitted 10 files then the CSV file should contain 10 rows in CSV.
    Let me know how to create CSV file from Orchestration and how to add rows into that csv value
    Regards BizTalkWorship

    Receive the message through a Receive Port/Location.
    Create a flat-file schema representing the CSV file structure. Ensure each row is delimited by “{CR}{LF}”. 
    This flat-file schema should only contain the element which you want to see in the destination CSV file like ENO,Ename,Salary etc.
    Have a map where the source schema should be the one which represents the received file and destination schema should be the one which is above created flat-file schema.
    Map the source schema to the destination schema mapping the filed 
    ENO,Ename,Salary etc.
    Have a custom send pipeline with flat-file assembler component it. Use this send pipeline in the send port.
    In send port, configure the send filter like “BTS.ReceivePortName == YourReceivePortName”. Configure the send port’s “Outbound Maps” to the map which you have created in
    above step
    Key Point. In your send port, set the “Copy Mode” property to “Append” from default “Create New”
    With your send port’s, “Copy Mode” property configured to “Append” this will append the value of the output to the existing file. Since in your flat-file schema, each record
    is delimited by “{CR}{LF}” and since you’re overwriting the output file you will have one file with records appended. So if 10 files received, instead of 10 output files, you will have 1 CVS file with 10 rows.
    If you want to construct the message in Orchestration as do, you do as opposed to map in send port at outbound map you can still do.
    If this answers your question please mark it accordingly. If this post is helpful, please vote as helpful by clicking the upward arrow mark next to my reply.

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