CFwdALL for second line

I don't want user to activate CFwdALL for second line in ccmuser web interface due to security reason. I would like to ask whether there is phone sevice xml file for user to activate in IP phone.

Sure - use IPPhoneForwarder (free) from
I've used it a couple of times without any problems.
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  • CostCenetr not appearing in service PR for second line item

    Hi Experts,
    When we create a service shopping cart, if there more than one item in the shopping cart , in back end system in service PR under services tab column  Cost Center  is blank for second line item.
    How can we solve this?

    Problem seesm to be with only one service category..

  • Problem in invoice printout for second line item of the contract.

    There are two line items in the contract. Both with different material and different plants. 1st line item with plant japan, and 2nd line item with plant singapore. But, when i try to take printout for 2nd line item after invoicing it, the address appearing in printout is of Japan instead of singapore.
    Any idea why this happening?
    Please revert back asap.

    Hi Chetan,
    If that is a header output, then there are issues at the design level itself. You have an output as header output and you expect the item level details to be printed in two different printouts.How is this handled in the program. Mostly header outputs are used to print the details abotu all the items in the doucment , not for a specific item. If you want to print a specific item only , then it is always advisable to configure the output as item output.
    Leaving that aside, the problem lies in the code. You may be selecting the item number when you are printing the details of the second item, but for printing address, you are not coding using the item number.
    To prove this test this scenario.
    Create an order with first item belonging to Singapore plant and second item Japan plant.
    Now create the otuput for item1----it will work fine
    Do the same for item2-----Now, the plant address will be of Singapore, while the material belongs to Japan.
    If this happens, it can be safely assumed that problem lies in the code. Do this test and then if the problem is in the program, discuss with your developer, he will rectify the bug for you.
    You can reward me if this solves your problem.

  • Not displaying ship to party for second line item

    Hi All,
    When I am creating Sales order, I entered sold to pary,PO number,PO date,material (first line item)and qty.In partner functions for first line item it is displaying ship to party.But whaen I entered second line item & qty,ship to party is not displaying .
    Please guide.

    Couple of questions !!!!
    a)  Was system allowing you to save
    b)  has the data properly configured in Set Up Partner Determination for Sales Document Item
    c)  is the ship to party different for first line item
    d)  did you check in incompletion log
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Lost contacts for second line

    i recently added a second line and activated backup assistant. my phone says my contacts were backed up, but i can't locate them on my verizon account.where would i find them? thank you!

    You need separate My Verizon account for each line to access the contacts that were backed up by Backup Assistant on each phone.

  • Verizon Cloud login for iPad and PC for second line (not primary account holder line)

    I am the primary account holder but the primary line is associated with my wife's phone so I added Verizon Cloud to the second line which is my phone.
    I downloaded the Verizon Cloud app to my iPhone and backed up my data. The Verizon Cloud app did not ask for a password and must have recognized that my device was authorized.
    However, I can not access my Verizon Cloud "account" for my line from my iPad or PC. When I use the account name and password for My Verizon (which is associated with the primary line) I get an error.
    During the setup process of the Verizon Cloud app on my phone I supplied my email address but was never asked to setup a password for my line/device.
    How can I access my line's Verizon Cloud storage from my iPad or PC?
    Does Verizon Cloud only work for the primary account holder?

    I guess I should have read the Verizon Cloud FAQ #2. For anyone interested in the same answer I'll post it here:
    Can other individuals on my Verizon Wireless account access my Verizon Cloud storage account?No, your Verizon Cloud account is tied to your own individual mobile number. No one else on your account (including the Account Owner) can sign in to your Verizon Cloud account without access to your password for My Verizon.
    If you’re the Account Owner or want to manage the content of a different mobile number, you’ll need tosign in to My Verizon with that mobile number and password, or create a new My Verizon account for that number if it doesn’t already exist.

  • Integrated messaging for second line

    My daughter set up integrated messaging on her phone for use with the web through my verizon online . We would like to do the same for my phone but  do not see an option to set up my phone (an additional line on same account). Is this feature only for the primary account holder? If not, can someone instruct us how to set it up for my phone?

    guitardeerrun wrote:
    1. If you activate Integrated Messaging Service (IMS) for one phone on the plan, is it activated for all phones on the plan?
    2. If not, how do you activate other phones on the plan?  You need to have a login and password for EACH line on your shared family or share everything plan.  Secondary lines will only see information related to their line of service, and the account owner can see call, text, and data details and manage all the lines (but they cannot see actual texts unless logged in under each separate line).
    3. When you activate, does an automated Verizon message go to the phone announcing IMS, - or not. Not sure....I don't remember.
    4. Where and when does the message push occur - on server to phone & web simultaneously - or does message go to phone first, then handshake back to server for the push to the web.  This latter method then implies an app install on the phone which talks back to server saying now push out to the web.
    The 'app-on-phone' is what I want to avoid, hence one of my questions is "Do you just accept terms and messages begin appearing on web, - or must you first install and activate app on the phone.  I hope some of the Verizon knowledge people see, understand and reply.
    I had the Messaging app on my phone initially, and on the tablet.  I removed it from the phone as I was getting the texts twice (native texting and the app) and I preferred the native texting on the phone.  Since my tablet is wifi only, I like being able to access messages and text with the tablet using my phone number.
    I really haven't used the application on the computer, no need to, but when I do pull it up, all my messages are there. 
    I did activate it on my phone first, then the tablet.  But I have since removed it from my phone - so you don't have to have it on the phone for it to work.
    A couple of things I DON'T like about it:
    It doesn't sync with my contacts list, so all I see are numbers of contacts who text me.  I don't know everyone's numbers, so I have to read through a few messages to figure out who the thread is with, and I haven't figured a way to get names instead of numbers to display.
    It also doesn't sync read and unread messages.  My tablet has tons of unread messages, even though I have received and read the messages on my phone.  Maybe because I don't have the app on my phone any longer?  But it seems it was working that way before I removed it from the phone - the two did not "sync".  Maybe I'll try putting it back on the phone to see if the sync happens....
    In answer to @flapship - you need to set up a separate MyVerizon account for each line, then you can set up the Integrated Messaging for that line.

  • Discount for Second line item

    Hi All
    While creating a sales order, the pricing should be determined based on Product line item.
    For Example:
    If Line item 10 has Product X and if the same Product X is taken again for line item 20 then the system should give discount based on preceeding product.i.e. If I select the same product twice i should get less price than while taking a single product.
    Can Anyone help me to what condition type should be considered and how to solve this ?
    Edited by: Ramya Nagurtha on Dec 30, 2009 5:59 PM
    Edited by: Ramya Nagurtha on Dec 30, 2009 6:12 PM

    Hi Shantoo
    Thanks for your response. Let me clarify my question.
    We are not giving a free good. The price should be reduced only when when we go for a second item.The condition type we used is 0K04.
    The point is where we are refering the first line item.Can we do it through actions or is there any condition type referring preceeding item discount?
    Can anyone please help me in this?

  • Cloud access for second line

    When I access Verizon cloud, it only reports information for one of my phone lines; I have two in my name.  It is especially important today because my phone has died. How does one access a line on an account with multiple lines--it always reports on one and defaults to the principal line.

    Each line will require it own account to be set up to sign into the cloud.

  • Unable to change document through FI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE for second item line

    Hi All,
             I am unable to change document through FM FI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE for second line item (buzei 002).
             I want to change assignment field(ZUNOR) for second item line.( Please be noted that bseg-koart for this document is maintained as 'S' (G/L account).
             Please give some inputs on the same,it will be grate for me.

    First some tests, try to change the value with transacions FB02 or FB09, if you cannot that may come from the Field Status Group associated with the account and posting keys.
    - FS03 to find Field Status Group of the account
    - SPRO then Financial Accounting, General Ledger Accounting, Business Transactions, Carry Out and Check Document Settings, Maintain Field Status Variants to find Field Status Group definition  (or SM34 on view cluster V_T004V)

  • Logic to get same text for 2 line items

    hi all,
    i have an issue in my report,
    i have a final internal table. fileds in the table are
    bukrs  belnr gjahr buzei  sgtxt
    0010  12345  2008  01      text
    0010  12345  2008  02      -
    now the problem is if the belnr is same thn in the final internal table the above sgtxt shoud come for second line item if the second line item is initial ,i shoud get the output as
    bukrs  belnr gjahr buzei  sgtxt
    0010  12345  2008  01      text
    0010  12345  2008  02      text
    please help me how to write code for this

    Use this :
    Loop at itab.
    if itab-sgtext is initial .
    read table itab into wa with key bukrs  =  itab-bukrs
                                       belnr = itab-bukrs
                                       gjahr = itab-bukrs
                                        buzei = itab-bukrs
                                        sgtext <> space.
    if sy-subrc eq 0.
    itab-sgtext = wa-sgtext.
    modify itab transporting sgtext.
    Hope this helps.

  • Anyway to "UN" Ken Burns stills globally or as default bringing in jpeg's?  New to iMovie. I have 3 titles that build.  First is logo, add prod't name second line, add date 3rd line.  They shift when dissolving between them. Title function NG for this.

    Anyway to "UN" Ken Burns stills globally or as default bringing in jpeg's?  New to iMovie. I have 3 titles that build.  First is logo, add prod't name second line, add date 3rd line.  They shift when dissolving between them. Title function NG for this.
    The people at the Apple store gave me a long, tedious workaround which is open Pages and bring in logo.  Export it as a PDF.  Open the PDF in Review and then "Save As" a jpg to the desktop and drag and drop into the imovie.  Even with this process, the text will sometimes shift.  When it works, it looks good, the logo comes up, then the second line fades in under it as part of the build and then the third line completes the graphic.  It would something this easy and straight forward would be easy. 

    I did the work around for the titles/jpg's in this short video. 
    I'll try your fix on the next one.  I have 22 short 3-5 minute videos to produce
    and I'm on number 5.  This should save me a bunch of time. 
    It would appear that you know more than the guy at the Apple Store. 
    Thank goodness for on-line forums.
    I already tried fixing them individually as you suggested,
      by going the crop/fit route.  However, even then,
      the second in the series had always shifted. 
    The first and the third images lined up, but not number 2.. 
    So  I brought in all the images, (1, 2 and 3).  
    and then the 2nd image again and put it in the third position
    in the sequence on the time line. I deleted the "original" 2nd image.
    So I had 1, 3, then 2.  Then I dragged and dropped the correct number two
    into position two and it worked.  So what happens is that the
    client logo appears, then that stays put and the next line dissolves in
      and then the third dissolves in.  They are three separate titles, but they
    are aligned perfectly so that they build as I dissolve between them.
    I think the problem with the edit copy route would be that while
    I could edit/copy the logo, I couldn't position text through the
    iMovie text function exactly as it only gives you middle or bottom third etc.
      Each title with the product name is positioned individually depending on
    length and number of lines. By going through Pages, I can position the logo
    and the text exactly.  Also, some logos are horizontal, while others
    are square etc., so text positioning is crucial.Anyhow,
    I'll try the global approach for the next one and see how that works.
      Thanks very much for your insight and especially for your prompt reply.
    I trust you're inside on this gorgeous July 4th because you're
    making money on your computer. ;-)HarveyVOn 7/4/2011 3:57 PM, Apple Support Communities Updates wrote:
    > Apple Support Communities <>>>>       Re: Anyway to "UN" Ken Burns stills globally or as default>       bringing in jpeg's? New to iMovie. I have 3 titles that build.>       First is logo, add prod't name second line, add date 3rd line.>       They shift when dissolving between them. Title function NG for...>> created by AppleMan1958 > <> in /iMovie/ - View > the full discussion > <>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------>> I am baffled by what you are asking...but if you are asking how to > turn off the Ken Burns effect, you can do it for future photos you add > by going to File/Project Preferences and setting the default initial > photo placement to FIT or CROP rather than Ken Burns.>> For a global change on photos that are already in your project, pick a > photo. Open the Rotate, Crop, Ken Burns Tool. Select FIT or CROP.  > Exit the tool. Now select this same photo and EDIT/COPY.>> Now, EDIT/SELECT ALL.>> Finally, EDIT/PASTE ADJUSTMENTS.../CROP ADJUSTMENTS.

  • Free Goods for multiple line items of the same material

    Hi Friends,
    We have configured Free Goods to a particular material in such a way that if the customer orders 100 qty of Material A then he gets 10 qty of Material B free. This is working fine if there is only one line item of Material A with qty more than 100.
    However, if the order is created in such a way that there are two line items of material A for 50 qty each then the system is not giving the free material B, even though the total ordered qty in the sales order for material A is 100.
    How can this be configured in the system? Please Help.

    What is the purpose of giving the same material as second line item.
    specify in the first line item itself.
    or els the condition record which you have specified that for 100 material of A gives 10 material of B modify it to 10 of A should give 1 material of B
    The first you will be useful for you.

  • UK payroll - second line support

    Hi Guys,
    I am assigned Uk payroll second line support...
    Am looking for some regular issues in UK payroll... can some body help me?
    What are the other areas that I should focus on?

    Check with your previous functional consultant, he should be able to tell regular issues related to your package. Generally once SAP is fully set up and running for some months you may not get problem from SAP config related issues. Mostly issues are with related to processes.
    If you want us to give more suggestions on process related issues and may be you need to paste all process of your organization or tell us where you are working so may be if some one already have idea about that company could tell you more.
    Hope above information is useful.
    Manoj Shakya

  • Header Details to be Printed only for the line item details.

    Hi All,
    I have the following requirement.
    I have Page1 with the Logo, Header Window, Vendor Window, Send Invoice To, Delivere Invoice To and Main Window. Main Window Starts from the middle of the page. In the Page2 i have Logo, Header window and Main Window. In the Page3 i have only Main Window.
    In the Footer of the Main Window i have Placed the Terms and conditions which should always be Printed in the New Page. So in the footer i have given a command "Go to New Page " and given the page as Page3.
    The requirement is Logo,and Header Window should appear only for the Line items and not for the Terms and conditions.
    For the Page1 i have given the Next Page as Page2. Suppose if there is only one line item then it Prints in the first Page itslef and the control flows to the Page2 and since in the page2 i have given the condition for the Logo and header window to print only if line item is more than 1 and since Main Window is starting from the middle there is a blank Space appearing in the start of the page.
    The command i have given in the footer to trigger new page that is page3 is not getting triggered. If there are more than one line item then its printing the logo and header window and so there is no blank space appearing and it is working fine.
    Please let me know how to avoid this blank space and move my main window to the start of the Page if there is only one line item.
    Thank you.

    Dear Vasudha,
    I am a little bit confused regarding your query,
    "In the Footer of the Main Window i have Placed the Terms and conditions which should always be Printed in the New Page. So in the footer i have given a command "Go to New Page " and given the page as Page3. "
    When you say footer of main window does it mean , that you are using a table inside your main window and the command node your have inserted is in the footer of the table ?.I hope it is, because my suggestion is based on this assumption.
    Well my suggestion for your issue is,
    1.I  hope you are aware we can trigger a next page in two ways, one by setting the next page static attribute & second using  the command node which you have used.In your case you will have to use a combination of both.
    2.I feel your First page design is ok. Set its static next page attribute to PAGE2. Similarly set the static next page attribute for PAGE2 as PAGE2 itself. This should take care of your table which you have placed in the main window. If the table contains only one lineitem it will get over in the first page itself. If the lineitems are more in the table, it will automatically triggerPAGE2 (since static next page attribute for PAGE1 is PAGE2)  and the remaining line items will be displayed. Now no matter how many lineitems you have ,PAGE2 will be triggered repeatedly(since static next page for PAGE2 is PAGE2 itself) until the entire data in your table is displayed.
    In this way your requirement of printing the logo and header windows for the data lineitems only will be fulfilled.
    3.Now the last catch in your case is the printing of PAGE3(The terms and condition page) on an entirely new blank page.
       In the footer section of the table which you have used,  use a command node set to PAGE3.  After the command node and under the same  footer section now insert your terms and condition lineitem.
    Also Check the "at End of table" checkbox and uncheck " AT PAGE BREAK" under OUTPUT OPTIONS tab for the footer section.
    So now this footer section will be triggered only once after all the data in the table is displayed
    4. So now if there is only one lineitem, before the default second page is triggered the command node will trigger the PAGE3 and the terms and condition will be displayed.Else if there are more lineitems the page2 will be triggered again and again and finally when all the lineitems are over, the footer of the table will get triggered. So the command node will take you to the PAGE3 wherin the terms and condition will only be displayed.
    Hope this helps.

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