Change Ship-to-party in VL01N

Dear SAP Gurus,
My requirement is as follows,
In the transaction VL01N, shipping point and order number will be given, after pressing enter a pop-up should come asking that "do you want to change the ship-to-party".
if yes , then the ship-to-party is to be taken from the user and is to be changed in VF02. If no then it should be normally processed .
How can I do this , please help.
Thanks and Regards,

hi, Thanks for the reply,
can you tell me which user exit i can use to stop afer pressing enter in VL01n.
Thanks and Regards,

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  • How to change ship to party'  Transportation zone when create a order ?

       I want to change ship to party'  Transportation zone when create order with VA01 before save.
       what user ecit can be used? I modify the Transportation zone  in the table xvbpa in program MV45AFZZ, but it does work.
       Please help ~
      Thank you~

    in table u can find
    PARTNERS          Communications Fields: SD Document Partner
    PARTNERCHANGES          Partner changes
    and use UPDATEFLAG when  you change

  • BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE changing ship-to party

        i want to change ship-to party for sale's to do this using BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE.
    thanks in advance.

    I still see this thread as open.  Please review this code as a more clear solution.
    data: vb like BAPIVBELN-VBELN.
    data: cl like BAPISDH1X.
    data: rt type table of BAPIRET2 with header line.
    data: rt2 type BAPIRET2.
    data: pt type table of BAPIPARNRC with header line.
    vb = '0000153147'.     " your sales order here
    cl-updateflag = 'U'.
    pt-DOCUMENT = vb.
    pt-ITM_NUMBER = '000000'.  "header line item = 000000
    pt-UPDATEFLAG = 'U'.
    pt-PARTN_ROLE = 'WE'.
    pt-P_NUMB_OLD = '0003300744'.
    pt-P_NUMB_NEW = '0003300074'.
    append pt.
        SALESDOCUMENT               = vb
        ORDER_HEADER_INX            = cl
        RETURN                      = rt
        PARTNERCHANGES              = pt.
    loop at rt.
      write: / rt-MESSAGE.
       WAIT          = 'X'
       RETURN        = rt2.
    Reward points accordingly.

  • Change Ship to party number for outbound delivery

    Hi guys
    I have a problem 
    We need to change Ship to party number for outbound delivery
    Any suggestions
    Any Table level changes posibility???
    SAP MM

    You cannot change the ship to party in delivery, nor should you change it.
    If you really want to change the SH in delivery, please delete the delivery (after cancelling the picking) and then go to sales order in change mode and then change the ship to party there. After doing this, create the delivery once again with the new SH.
    It is not advisable even through programatically to change SH in delivery. This will have lot of implications in the further processes like PGI, Proof of Delivery and so on.

  • Changing Ship to Party

    Is it possible to change a ship to party once the billing document has been created?
    Thanks and much appreciated.

    Hi Kennedy
    Once you created billing, you cannot change any of the parter function in the billing but certainly you can change the ship to party in sale order both at Header Level and at Item Level, even if you have generated a  billing document.  The changed ship to party will flow ONLY for the subsequent billing.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Change Ship to Party on outbound delivery

    Our customer has a specific requirement changing the ship to party on outbound delivery when it is created (VL01N). The requirement is trading partner order the goods for example 100 qty. When the goods are ready for delivery he will inform to deliver 50 nos to XYZ customer (end user) and ABC customer (end user). So the sales order is created with the trading partner but when delivery is created the first 50 should be for XYZ and the second 50 should be for ABC. In this case there will be two outbound deliveries one with ship to XYZ and other one with ABC ship to.
    When sales order created it has trading partner as ship to now during the delivery creation we need sort of pop us to select the ship to party. I have searched all the possible delivery creation user exits but did not find any on partner function to implement the pop up functionality.
    Note: customer does not want to change the address of ship to on delivery by keeping the original ship to which is copied from sales order
    Please help me with suitable suggestions.

    My ex-company did this customization, and our users are very happy.
    As mentioned by G. Lakshmipathi, change that VOPA setting, untick it.
    Customized  a OB creation t code. You need good abaper for this.
    In selection screen, have something like this.
    Sales Order number
    Item Number (If required)
    Sales Order date
    Sold To party
    Shipping Point
    And "Delivery ShipTo Party" example.
    You should have a output screen for user to select which SO item to create OB.
    In your program, use VL01N to create it, then VL02N to change the shipto party to the required as per selection screen.
    You should then have a output screen to capture and display all standard error messages or succcss message.
    Optional: You may like to consider also, in VL02N user exit, control shipto party is grey off by user's ID and not by the customized t-code.

  • Changing ship to party address in sales order

    Hi All,
    We have a scenario herein in sales order, the ship to party  address is copied from some other ship to party address. Put simply if the ship to party in sales order 1 is A, the address of A will be copied from ship to party B. The ship to party B is in sales order 2.  The ship to party in sales order 1 will remain A only but the address is copied from B ship to address
    i just need to know where this kind of development must have been done. i.e the include program, exit etc.
    i am trying to see exit  EXIT_SAPLV09A_001, but i could not see it in se38?

    In first place why you want to have such a requirement. Why can't you have the correct address in the Ship to Party master record in the XD01 and assign correct ship to party at the sales order line item, so that correct address flows to the sales order line item.
    Sold to Party A
    Ship to Party A & Ship to Party B (Both are assigned in the Partner tab of Sold to Party A)
    Ship to Party A has Address A & Ship to Party B  has Address B (Ship to Party B was created with Account Group SHIP TO)
    On the sales order line item, change the ship to party to Ship to Party B
    So that you have correct address in the relevant line item.
    As per your requirement, you have to have a Z table to keep the logic between hip to Party & relevant address.
    If not, check below link for all User Exits in SD>
    Find a correct one for your requirement.
    Best regards,

  • Change Ship-to Party of Sample Line item

    Hi experts,
    Is it possible to change the ship-to party of the sample line item only during runtime, using userexits in transaction VA02? Without changing the ship-to party of the header and other line items.
    Can someone tell me how to do this?
    Points will be rewarded to helpful answers...

    Check the Below user exit
    V45A0002      Predefine sold-to party in sales document

  • How to change Ship to party no. in delivery doc. after creating Invoice

        Sold to party ( customer code ) 1001473
    But by mistake bill was raised ship to party ( customer code ) 1001082 then I changed the ship to party code ( through VA02 )and saved the documents, but still in the invoice it is showing  ship to party address only instead of sold to party.  If any thing possible in the delivery level ( vl02n ) to change the ship to party so that it will possible to change the invoice it self. Kindly confirm so that I will reverse the entry and change the ship to party code in vl02n and I hope it will not any reflect in the  invoice.

    First reverse the invoice(Cancel)
    Then change partner functions
    go to SE16N and  Change table entries
    if you want to change in SALES ORDER,then put table VBAK,VBAP
    if you want to change in delivery,then put table LIKP, LIPS 
    After chages
    create invoice again
    Note : As I am not tested this due to system unavailability, but as far as my undersatnding it will work

  • Need help for customer service management for changing ship to party addres

    Hi All,
    I Have a bapi that will be called from web application craete service notification .
    business requirement is to change the shipping parner details with addition of name that
    will be notify person.I follwed this approach.
    1.Call the BAPI BAPI_SERVNOT_CREATE to create service notification.
    2.Call the BAPI_SERVNOT_SAVE to  save.
    4. Called function module ADDR_GET to get the address details of the ship to party.
    5.ALL FUNCTION 'ADDR_INSERT'to insert the modified address to sam memory.
    6.CALL FUNCTION 'ADDR_NUMBER_GET' to get the address no that will create a adrnr in sap
    table adrc.
    7.Called function module PM_PARTNER_UPDATE to update parten table that is ihpa.
    8.At last called the function module CALL FUNCTION 'ADDR_MEMORY_SAVE to save the
    Now the problem is when i open the transaction IW52 to see the notification created it
    has not the changed data but has standard ship to party detail.
    but there is an entry in adrc table for address created but when i see IHPA table the
    adrnr is not assigned to the notification no.
    Information is required thanks

    Hi Venkat
    Go to <b>VA02</b>, change the ship to party as SH02 on top screen itself so that it will be defaulted for all line items.
    Now make changes for rest of the items.
    But ensure that no subsequent document (delivery) is generated for any of the line items for which you are trying to change which is NOT possible.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Ship to party address no change in sales order after delivery creation

    We have a below requirement
    After creation of delivery document,we should not be able to go and change ship to party in va02 of sales order..
    Tried using partner functions config,but it disables ship to party change completely...
    But we want to disable ship to party change only if delivery is already created.

    hi swetha,
    as per my understanding goes:
    you need to make SH field GREY when a delivery document is generated for it.
    but now even if delivery is created or not SH field is GREYED.
    you can use
    LOGIC : when ever the sales order status is completed or partially completed then only this SH field should be GREYED other wise NOT.
    hope this clears your issue & please check from your end

  • Change of Ship to Party on sales order after invoice

    Hi all,
    I have created a sales order, created a despatch advice and then created an invoice. After that i opened sales order and changed ship to party there. System is allowing me to change ship to party on sales order after invoice. I want that system should not let me change ship to party on sales order after invoice.
    How can i do that as this is an audit issue as we have different prices for different ship to parties.
    Please respond.
    Best Regards,

    You have two options
    1. create a transaction variant in T.code SHD0 for VA02 and make the field as display in the variant. But remember that you will not be able to use standard T.code VA02 after this, you need to make and use a "Z" t.code like ZA02
    2. Take the help of your ABAPER and ask him to find a screen exit in the sales order PBO module, where he will be able to grey out the ship to party field.
    Hope this helps
    Chandra Kiran

  • Disable Re-ATP check when ship to party is changed...

    Dear Folks,
    My scenario is as follows,
    1. Create a sales order in VA01.
    2. fill material and plant.
    3. click save or hit enter button.
    4. an ATP check will be carried out and the subitem will be created as item number 0011 under 0010 as per the availability configuration.(in your system it may not create subitem)
    5. now change the ship to party number and hit enter.
    Now the ATP check will take place again with regard to the changed ship to party data.
    but we want to restrict ATP check in this scenario. ATP should not trigger / the values of the first ATP check should remain same even thoe the Ship to party is changed.
    can anybody give me a clue? Full points will be awarded.
    Srinivas Maddineni
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            Srinivas Maddineni

    Because you are changing Ship-To on the order, Route determination is occurring.  When Route determination occurs, it causes ATP to re-trigger.   Transit time on a different route may impact the ship date.

  • No re-determining of Header Text, when Ship-to party is changed

    Hi Ravi,
    Whenever ship to party has changed then header text is not re determining,
    I am calling 'RV_TEXT_COPY' FM inside the include FV45PFAP_VBAP_FUELLEN_TEXTE , then its saving header text correctly,
    but this include is calling whenever I click on Header Text tab, if suppose if I am changing ship to party and I am not clicking on
    Header Text tab then this FM will not call , this is an issue and one more issue even in screen data is changing after
    calling RV_TEXT_COPY FM  but STXH table is not updating, its updating the first value when we created the order.
    Can any one tell me how to solve this issue, Thanks in advance!

    Hi Srinivas,
         Can you try out in the user exit 'EXIT_SAPMV45A_002' .
    If it is not working pls let me know.
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            raj joe

  • BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 not changing customer ship-to-party city and address

    Hi all,
    When we are creating sales order from VA01 we can change ship-to-party CITY1 and REGION from partners in the header information. I show it in the picture below;
    I create orders with BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 but i cant change the CITY and REGION. PLEASE give me some information about how can i do that. My code is at the end. THANKS VERY MUCH TO ALL.
    data: v_vbeln       like vbak-vbeln,
        header_in     like BAPISDHD1,
        header_inx    like BAPISDHD1X,
        items_in      like BAPISDITM    occurs 0 with header line,
        items_inx     like BAPISDITMX   occurs 0 with header line,
        partners      like BAPIPARNR    occurs 0 with header line,
        schedules_in  like BAPISCHDL    occurs 0 with header line,
        schedules_inx like BAPISCHDLX   occurs 0 with header line,
        return        like BAPIRET2     occurs 0 with header line,
        partner_address like BAPIADDR1  occurs 0 with header line.
    data: lv_adrnr type kna1-adrnr.
        header_in-doc_type   = ls_data-auart.
        header_in-sales_org  = ls_data-vkorg.
        header_in-distr_chan = ls_data-vtweg.
        header_in-division   = ls_data-spart.
        header_in-PMNTTRMS   = ls_data-zterm.
        header_in-PURCH_DATE = ls_data-girdat.
        header_inx-doc_type   = 'X'.
        header_inx-sales_org  = 'X'.
        header_inx-distr_chan = 'X'.
        header_inx-division   = 'X'.
        header_inx-updateflag = 'I'.
        header_inx-PMNTTRMS   = 'X'.
        items_in-itm_number   = ls_data-posnr.
        items_in-material     = ls_data-matnr.
        items_in-plant        = '2110'.
        items_in-target_qty   = ls_data-kwmeng.
        items_in-target_qu   = ls_data-vrkme.
    *    items_in-ITEM_CATEG   = PSTYV.
        append items_in.
        items_inx-itm_number   = 'X'.
        items_inx-material     = 'X'.
        items_inx-plant        = 'X'.
        items_inx-target_qty   = 'X'.
        items_inx-target_qu    = 'X'.
    *    items_in-ITEM_CATEG   = 'X'.
        append items_inx.
        partners-partn_role    = 'AG'. 
        partners-partn_numb    = ls_data-kunnr.
        append partners.
        partners-partn_role    = 'SH'. 
        partners-partn_numb    = ls_data-kunnr_t.
        if ls_data-region is not initial or ls_data-city1 is not initial.
          select single adrnr from kna1 into (lv_adrnr)
            where kunnr = ls_data-kunnr_t.
          if sy-subrc eq 0.
            partners-ADDR_LINK = lv_adrnr.
            partners-ADDR_ORIG = 'B'.
        append partners.
        schedules_in-itm_number = ls_data-posnr.
        schedules_in-sched_line = '0001'.
        schedules_in-req_qty    = ls_data-kwmeng.
        append schedules_in.
        schedules_inx-itm_number = 'X'.
        schedules_inx-sched_line = 'X'.
        schedules_inx-req_qty    = 'X'.
        schedules_inx-updateflag = 'X'.
        APPEND schedules_inx.
        if ls_data-region is not initial or ls_data-city1 is not initial.
          partner_address-ADDR_NO = lv_adrnr.
          partner_address-region = ls_data-region.
          partner_address-city   = ls_data-city1 .
          append partner_address.
               order_header_in               = header_in
               ORDER_HEADER_INX              = header_inx
               SALESDOCUMENT                 = v_vbeln
               RETURN                        = return
               ORDER_ITEMS_IN                = items_in
               ORDER_ITEMS_INX               = items_inx
               order_partners                = partners
               ORDER_SCHEDULES_IN            = schedules_in
               ORDER_SCHEDULES_INX           = schedules_inx
               PARTNERADDRESSES              = partner_address.
        loop at return where type ca 'AXEW'.
          concatenate lv_hata ' ' return-type ':' return-message into lv_hata.
    Note: İ found the link but it didnt work.

    Thanks all of you for directions. i solved the problem. there are to ways to do that ;
    1. Create the order and than change the required fields with this bapi, BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE
    2. Get the customer infos and add a new partner roles 'WE' with the same kunnr and than give the infos to the partneraddresses, i solved with this way and working very good for me. maybe some needs the solution
    here the code
      if ls_data-region is not initial or ls_data-city1 is not initial.
          partners-partn_role    = 'WE'.  """""""
          partners-partn_numb    = ls_data-kunnr_t.
          select single * from kna1 into CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF ls_kna1
               where kunnr = ls_data-kunnr_t.
          if sy-subrc eq 0.
               partners-ADDR_LINK = '9999999'.
               partners-address = ls_kna1-adrnr.
               partners-ADDR_ORIG =   'B'.
          append partners.
    if ls_data-region is not initial or ls_data-city1 is not initial.
          partner_address-ADDR_NO = '9999999'.
          partner_address-region = ls_data-region.
          partner_address-city   = ls_data-city1 .
          partner_address-city_no   = ls_data-city_code .
          partner_address-NAME  = ls_kna1-name1.
          partner_address-NAME_2  = ls_kna1-name2.
          partner_address-TEL1_NUMBR  = ls_kna1-telf1.
          partner_address-FAX_NUMBER  = ls_kna1-telfx.
          partner_address-COUNTRY  = ls_kna1-land1.
          append partner_address.

Maybe you are looking for