Chart - Adjust X-axis label orientation

I have Crystal Xi version
The labels on my X-Axis are oriented 45 degrees diagonally. Can this be modified?

select your actual chart label and right click,
select rotation
make a selection and click ok.

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  • Creating X/Y chart with X-Axis labels in between

    Hello all.
    I would like to create a Numbers 09 scatter/XY chart with the X-Axis labels between the gridlines instead of on them.   How can I do this with a line chart also?  Or, does thids format require a Combination chart?  If so, how can what I'm trying to create be made?

    I'll give you the basic steps. I might miss one or two along the way.  The basic steps are to create the chart, remove all the unecessary parts of the chart and set the fill color to none, create & format the table, slide the table under the chart, align the two, then lock them.
    Create a chart from your data. I said the chart above was a line chart but it was actually a scatter chart.
    I'd recommend making up a few "special" data points (overwriting a few points in your actual data for the time being) that you can use to align the table and chart.  In the chart above, I used something like (1.5, 0.1) and (30.5, 0.9), two points that should align exactly with the X & Y gridlines if the chart and table are properly aligned.
    Set the min and max for both axes.
    Size and place the chart where you want it
    Set the fill color to none
    Remove the value labels, gridlines, axes, etc.
    Create a plain table with the necessary number of columns and rows. The one above has 32 columns and 7 rows.
    Put the value labels in the table. I vertically centered the Y axis labels in the cells using the icon on the toolbar. I didn't horizontally center the X axis labels but maybe I should have.
    Make the table borders the color & thickness you want.  At this point, the X&Y axis labels will also have borders.
    Turn on Border Selection in the Table menu
    Select the borders you want to remove and change them to no line. You click on a border to select the entire thing then click again to select a segment. You can command-click to select multiple border segments. Be careful you don't miss when clicking or your entire selection will disappear. I recommend selecting & changing a few at a time
    Select the table and send it to the back using Arrange/Send to Back.
    Slide the table under the chart.
    With the entire table selected so that it has the little squares at the corners and sides, drag on the squares to get the table about the right size. Hold down Command when dragging to turn off snaps. Try it without Command and you'll see what I mean.
    Use the Table Inspector to fine-tune the row & column sizes so the table "gridlines" match the chart. You are trying to line up the gridlines with your two "special" data points. You might want to adjust the size of the chart some too.
    You can move the table around by dragging to get it close to where it should be. You can select the chart and use the arrow keys to move it pixel-by-pixel.
    You'll have to repeat the steps above until everything is aligned. Then you can get rid of those "special" data points.
    When it all looks good, lock the table and chart so nothing gets changed or moved accidentally.
    That was it off the top of my head. It comes out to alot of steps but once you've done stuff like this a few times it gets easy.

  • SVG chart: length of axis-labels

    Apparently there is a limitation on the length of x- or y-axis labels for a SVG chart.
    Does anybody know how to display axis labels that are larger than 15 characters? Is there something that you can do with the CSS to increase the limit?

    Hi Jan,
    not sure you are on the same as I was... but found in other thread that on the series page there is maximum rows setting defaulting to 15.
    Hope that helps.

  • Chart - Legend Box Axis label

    Hello Expert,
    Could any one show me how to increse the width and height of "Legend Box".
    Also if any one let me know how to increase the space between to labels on x Axis

    See this example and the related thread:
    Basically, you need to customize the chart XML. That is quite easy to do.
    Denes Kubicek

  • 2-d column chart, custom X-Axis labels

    Been looking through this forum and anychart's and did no t find an example of customizing a 2d chart in the following fashion..
    Data I have is month report data for a period of 12 months or more..
    Each x-axis item has a month & year label right now
    Customers are wanting the following accomplished:
    Show each month label, but for every 12th month period, show the Year centered for the period..
    I know it will involve custom XML, but for the life of me I am drawing a blank.. I looked briefly at some demos online (Hilary's I Believe and am not sure how to go forward)
    Sample Application posted on
    Workspace: Homeworld
    User: demo
    Password: demo
    App ID: 28970 - Percent in report issue
    Page : 5, Sample chart
    Thanks again folks!
    Tony Miller
    Dallas, TX

    Does this version of your SQL do the trick?SELECT NULL link,
              WHEN TO_CHAR (date_charged, 'MON') = 'JAN'
                    TO_CHAR (date_charged, 'MON')
                 || ' '
                 || TO_CHAR (date_charged, 'YYYY')
                 TO_CHAR (date_charged, 'MON')
           amount / 10000
      FROM (  SELECT *
                FROM test_chart_data
            ORDER BY date_charged ASC)Tried it in a new page (6) but the chart is not returning all 40 rows.

  • Vertical axis labels on column chart

    I'm trying to get the x-axis labels oriented vertically on a 3D column chart, so that the labels don't overlap each other. With 2D column charts I can do this via "format>chart>format x-axis" but these options are grayed out with the 3D column chart. Is there any way to get vertical orientation on the axis labels with this chart type???

    It's usually not necessary to make the axis labels vertical to keep them from overlapping in a 3D chart since when you rotate the chart the labels are vertically offset. But you're right, there's no other control for this.

  • CR4E Chart Axis Label

    I have a report developed with Crystal Reports XI Standard that includes a chart. The axis labels for the chart have been set (via Edit Axis Label) and appear correctly in preview mode of the Crystal Reports XI designer (e.g. "District" instead of "Sum of StateReportsView.District").
    When this report is exported to a PDF file via a Java program (using Crystal Reports for Eclipse), the axis labels revert to their original values (e.g. appear as "Sum of StateReportsView.District").
    Can the axis labels be set before exporting the report via the JRC API?
    Or is there some way to save the axis labels to the report using the Crystal Reports XI designer?
    Thank you...

    Thanks so much for following up on this. To clarify, converting month numbers to names is nice, and I did that using the specified order suggestion, but it doesn't effect the order of say, May, when Jan thru Apr are missing, and in fact created other issues of data misintrepatation I didn't bother resolving at the time.
    I suppose the best solution would be something that supplies a placeholder for blank months, so that the Jan-Dec order remains constast and the data graph bars appear in appropriate months, Jan-Apr no bars, May-Dec with data generated bars.
    Does this help?

  • Using a formula as an axis label on an x-y scatter chart

    I have a report with an x-y scatter chart and I want to be able to use a Formula Field (called xAxisLabel) in the x axis label.  In the Chart Options | Title tab there is a place to enter the text you want for the X-Axis label, how do I include the Formula Field in this text.  I have tried the following but each time the text I've entered as the X-Axis label is displayed instead of the result of the Formula Field .
    So for example if the Formula Field xAxisLabel returns the text 'ng/ml' I want the x axis label to be 'ng/ml' not ''

    You can't paste the formula field in Chart Options -> Titles tab.
    Workaround is
    Obviously, you need to empty the X-axis text.
    Adjust the "Chart Frame" height manually up such that some space is available at the bottom of the chart.
    Then Place a text box manually at the bottom of the chart and Drag the formula field into text box.
    Ensure "Can Grow" option is checked for that text box.

  • Showing one data point on a line chart - X-axis label placed away from its actual position

    Hi Guys,
         In line chart, i used CircleItemRenderer to show single data point. It shows correctly if it is single data point. But the x-axis label placed away from its actual position. Right now it displayed left most position where the line chart starts. I need to move that label straight of that datapoint where it plotted.  Please see the screen shot attached with this post.
    In screen shot, x-axis label "Jan" displayed in left most position.
         And how can we show the datatip for single datapoint. At present, we can't able to see the datatips also with single datapoint.
         Can any body help me to fix those two issues.

    I figured out a way to customize a single datapoint in a line series.  The solution is at this link:

  • Stacked bar chart with custom x axis labels

    Is there a way to build this simple chart in labview that I did in Excel?  I need to have many x axis labels and there could be from 5 to 100 of them depending on the data set. 
    Excel.JPG ‏33 KB

    Hi id,
    Thank you for your response. I hope you are doing well.
    There is an example in the LabVIEW Example Finder (Help>>Find Examples..). It is titled, Stacked Bar Graph. You can search for it if you switch tabs in the Example Finder window. This should help you create a stacked bar graph. To help you with your veritcal axis labels, here is a knowledge base link that details the process:
    How Can I Customize the X-Axis Labels On My LabVIEW Graph/Chart So They Appear Vertically?​5908E86256C8C0051894A?OpenDocument
    Let me know if these examples help.
    Best regards,
    Anna L
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • Display Column Chart Y Axis Labels in Kilo(K), Million(M)...

    Hi Folks,
    I would like to display the Y-axis labels of a column chart in Kilo, Millions etc. I used the below mentioned formula in excel for that set of data. Here is the formula [>=1000000]0,,"M";[>=1000]0,"K";0
    Though in embedded excel it displays the values as desired, when I assign them to the column chart in Xcelsius the Y axis labels are not as expected. For Kilo it works fine but when it comes to millions it is not displaying accordingly. Any help is appreciated.

    Hi Sukumar,
           If You want to display the Y Axis Labels like Kilo(k),Million(M),Billions(B)...etc.Do the following things ,
            goto column chart properties->behaviour->scale in that Enable the Fixed Label size checkbox.

  • Duplicate y-axis labels on charts for small data values -- is this a bug?

    I have several charts where the data values are small (1,2,3). The y-axis labels are duplicated for these charts. For example, if the data value was 2 the y-axis labels display as 0 1 1 1 2 2 2. I know that I can manually set the maximum y-axis value and also set the segments on the chart to eliminate the duplicate values. My issue is that I have over 100 charts in my dashboard and I have to manually set the values each month, and then in the next month when the data values are larger I have to remove the maximum y-axis value so the y-axis value is dynamically created. Is this a known bug within the software? Is there any fix for this besides what I'm already doing?
    Please let me know if anyone else has seen this issue and if this is a bug, or if this has been corrected in any fix packs.

    Hi Jim,
    I have data for three months in the data range A1 to B3 as given below -
    Jan - 1
    Feb - 2
    Mar - 3
    In Cell D1 write a formula =MAX(B1:B3)+1 (This will give you value 4)
    Go to Chart property -> Behavior -> Scale -> Manual (Y) Axis ->  Minimum 0 and Maximum will be pointing to cell D1.
    Go to Chart property -> Behavior -> Scale -> Division -> Size of Division 1 and Minor Divisions 1
    This will give you Y Axis values as 0,1,2,3,4
    Now change value of any month to 5.  Now value in D1 would become 6 and Y-Axis would change to 0,2,4,6.
    Hope this helps.
    Edited by: RashmiG on Jan 8, 2010 4:45 PM

  • How to display axis labels on both x and y-axis of a column chart

     i have an urgent requirement of having axis labels on both x and y axis
    In x-axis i got it by sorting order also but in y-axis i'm unable to do
    i need in y-axis ,my column values are L1,L2,L3,----L10these shuold display in y-axis in sorting order and 0 in axis should remain as it is to take the interval ....? as of now i'm using Auto
    my y-axis values shud look like 0,L1,L2,L3,L4,----L10can anyone get perfect solution
    thanx in advance

    Hi Lucky,
    Per my understanding that you want to display the values(Column1) like  "L1,L2,L3....L10" which comes from the "Series group" in the Y-Axis label and keep the row group in "Category group" to
    display in the x-axis and Numric column(1,2,3,4) in the "Value", right?
    Gernerally the lable display in the y-axis is automatically based on the value of the Numric column in the "Value" and it default is numbric labels.
    I have tested on my local environment and in your scenario, i suggest to hide the axis lable of the y-axis and create an tablix to only show the one column contains the values (L1,L2,L3,L3) to display in the place of the hidden y-axis label.
    Detais information about to design an new y-axis label ae below for your reference:
    Create an tablix to display only the row group of the "Column1" ( for the
    Column1 may have duplicate values, you can create parent row group for this column and hide the detail column by setting the "Column Visibility").
    Right click the y-axis to select the "Vertical Axis Properties" and select the "Labels" on the left pane to check the "Hide Axis labels"
    Select the Chart Area and in the properties set value of left=0 under the CustomPosition:
    Set the border style=None for both the Chart and Column1's row group
    Drag the tablix at the position near the hidden y-axis and set the size of both the chart and the tablix to make the value in the tablix row group(Column1) to be align with the y-axis label:
    Right click the "Chart legend" to delete or hide the legend
    If you still have any problem, please feel free to ask.
    Vicky Liu
    Vicky Liu
    TechNet Community Support

  • How do I rotate chart axis labels?

    Trying to rotaet chart axis labels for the x-axis, but would like to know the same for the y-axis too. Know the solution for a text box, but doesn't seem to work for the axis labels.

    Hi Martin,
    The solution is the same for X and Y labels. Select the labels and then set the rotation angle, either in the Format Bar or in the Metrics Inspector.

  • Flex Mobile Charts -- Less Than Symbol in Axis labels

       I am creating a Mobile Project and want to display a column chart. My problem is I want to display "<" in  Axis label of charts.But somehow its not working.I have tried using "&lt;" and is working fine in Web and Desktop project.But somehow it is not working in Flex mobile project. I have attached the source code for the same please help me to resolve this issue.
    Thanks & Regards
        Vishal Lad

    No attachment option found so pasting my mobile project code.I am doing same thing in Web and destop project this is working fine.But for mobile project somehow I am getting blank label.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:View xmlns:fx=""
    xmlns:s="library://" title="HomeView" xmlns:mx="library://">
    <!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here -->
    import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
    public var expenses:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
    {Month:"&lt;200", Profit:2000, Expenses:1500},
    {Month:"200-400", Profit:1000, Expenses:200},
    {Month:">400", Profit:1500, Expenses:500}
    <mx:ColumnChart id="myChart" dataProvider="{expenses}" showDataTips="true">

Maybe you are looking for