Classic Scenario: follow on document from BID

Dear All,
We are trying to create a PO from an accepted BID . We can create the PO, and if we check it in the backend system, everything is OK.
Our problem is that we are trying to find in SRM, somewhere that shows us the follow on document of the Bid but we can´t find it.
It´s important to say that as soon as the PO is created, we get a message that contains the PO number. But after that, we can´t find in SRM the PO number anymore.
Is this a lack of SRM or may be another problem? Has anyone face up with this issue? If so, How it was resolved?

I noticed that you have a very similiar Bidding scenario that we have.  We can create a bid invitation in SRM and we have used the BADI - BBP_DETERMINE_LOGSYS to indicate to the system to create a purchase order in the backend system after the bid is accepted.  We keep getting the following error in SM21:  Purchase orders cannot be created without IPC pricing
Did you have to turn on the IPC in order to create the purchase order in R/3?  We are on SRM 4.0.  Also, if you have used the BBP_DETEMINE_LOGSYS Badi and have example code that might be helpful as well...thanks!

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    Could somebody help us to configure the follow-on documents (Purchase order and Contract) from Live Auction (SRM Server 5.5) to backend system (R/3 4.6C)?
    We are using the classic scenario in (SRM Server 5.5).
    Thank you very much

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    Hope this will help.
    - Atul

  • Reverting to classic scenario in SRM7.1, from PPS and extended classic

    Hello  Experts,
    Recently we have moved  from SRM7 to SRM 7.01, in which we can have PPS without Extended classic scenario.
    As business wants classic scenario, How can we make the system as classic , in which PPS and extended classic is activated.
    any badi is available for this? Please help.

    Basically you have few points to keep in mind. (yes you need to activate the SPRO config for extended classic, apart from this).
    1. switch between extended classic and classic is actually defined by the backend logical system of the document. if thats SRM itself then it follows the path of extended classic or if it is ECC then it follows classic.
    because its basically creating a follow on document and that explains the scenario.
    2. it also depends on what object are you expecting to be created. from a SC many documents can be created.
    a. PO in SRM
    b. PO in ECC
    c. PR in ECC
    d. Reservation in ECC
    - so, if you can define at any point that where is your document to be created and what is to be created you can control the flow.
    Now to do this. if you have few options.
    1. set the object types(2) for product categories (config, backend document type).
    2. implement BBP_EXTLOCALPO_BADI  to switch off extended classic
    Options 2:
    1. in doc change badi, change the backend destination to ECC
    2. in Badi BBP_TARGET_OBJTYPE pass the object type you want your follow on document to be.
    hope this explains

  • Create Follow-up document from Service Contract automatically while saving

    In CRM 4.0, under the Service secnario, Service Data for Service Contract is related to --
    1. Interval value
    2. Period
    Based on these parameter values how to generate the corresponding follow up documents automatically while saving the parent doucment(i.e Service Contract).
    For ex, Interval = 6 , Period = 36, then all the 6 docs should be genarated at once while saving the Service Contract.
    Please Advice.

    Yes , manually executing the Action through PPF.
    But the requirement is to generate the subsequent docs at once while saving the Service Contract i.e the corresponding Action should also triggered automatically.
    Please Advice.

  • Lead as Follow up document from Service Contract

    Hi Experts,
    There is a requirement to create Service Lead from Service Contract. I dont think there is something different by name Service Lead so i assume it is Standard Lead which is present in system.
    I maintained the copy control for Tx. Types and as well as for Item Categories.
    If i create a Service Contract and create a follow up Lead with no items, it works fine.
    Suppose i use an item (sales/service item), and i try to create a follow up Lead, the resulting pop-up to choose items from preceding document shows and error and the item doesnot get coped and displays an error, 'Sold-to-Party is not eligible for contract items'.
    Has anyone come across this issue?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Maggii,
    1. Is it possible to create a Lead from Service Contract? Does the system allow it even after maintaining relevant copy control configurations?
    A.Yes, it is possible while arranging of copy controls for transactions need to activate u201CCopy Item numberu201D.
    2.What does the error message, 'Sold to party not eligible for contract items' mean....have u ever seen such error?
    A.  Means, the particular sold to party is not maintained for that contract (for trail check with any maintained sold to party for that error message), cross check the contract again under in partner functions.
    If it is suits to your requirement please some reward points,

  • Bidding Engine in Classic Scenario

    We are implementing SRM7 with Bidding Engine.  According to this forum it is possible now to use Direct Procurement (Plan-Driven Procurement) in both Classic and Extended Classic scenario.
    However, according to SAP, Bidding Engine can only be used in Extended Classic scenario - is this correct?  Can someone please confirm as we are looking to use a Classic Scenario with Direct Procurement and Bidding Engine.  Requirement is to have both Project procurement (requisitions from ERP) and shopping cart in SRM, going to Sourcing (RFQ/Bid), and creating the leading PO in ERP, not SRM.

    Hello Monica
    Bidding is possible both in Classic and Extended classic deployements
    As of SRM7.0, you can directcly route the PRs (projects/MRP) from ECC to create a RFx in Bidding Engine. You will need activate the relevant SOA service and a BADI to be activated.
    Following information may helps you
    Implementing BaDI for RFQ Request SUITE Request
    In order to use the SOA RFQRequestSUITERequest message, you have to
    implement the BaDI named BBP_EBPXML_OUT_BADI. Please create a BaDI
    implementation for the interface: REQUESTFORQUOTE with the following
    METHOD if_ex_bbp_ebpxml_out_badi~requestforquote.
    use SOA system type to get the SOA interface
    from bbp_function_map.
    cv_system_type = 'ESASAPXML1'.

  • Valid from and Valid to are not getting copied to follow up document.

    Hi Experts,
    I am creating job quote as a follow up document from master quote.All are getting copied from the master quote to job quote,but valid from and valid to dates are not getting copied from master quote,instead it is calculating the date from date profile rules.
    But I need to transport the dates from Master Quote to Job Quote.
    Please advice.

    You need to implement CRM_COPY_BADY for that. Please refer to:
    Re: create a new follow up complaint to the earlier completed complaint

  • Standard process for PO creation from Bid Invitation or Bid

    Hi everybody,
    I would like to know what is the standard process to create local Purchase Order (i mean in a extended classic scenario) from Bid Invitation or Quotation.
    In the current process, Bid Invitation are created form Shopping Cart using Sourcing Cockpit. Then, Purchaser will send its Bid to supplier (by publishing Bid Invitation) using BBP_BID_INV transaction.
    Then, supplier will submit its Bid.
    At this step, what it is the standard process (does it exist ?) to create a Purchase Order linked to this Bid ?
    The need is to have a PO as follow-on document to Bid.
    Thank you to clarify this point.
    Laurent Burtaire.

    After the bids are submitted and when the bid invitation opening date arrives, there will be a map for you to compare the bids received.
    To see this map, go to BBP_BID_INV transaction and the map will be there when you search your document.
    When you click on this map, you will find one column for each of the companies that sent quotations.
    You can click on the company's name and then you need to click on button 'Accept', in order to accept the company's quotation.
    Then you click on 'Refresh'.
    Then you click on 'Create Purchase Order' or 'Create Contract'.
    In order for that to happen, you must have defined number ranges and document types for bid invitation, quotation and purchase order.
    Let me know if it helped.

  • SUS for classic scenario

    Hello All,
    Is it not possible to set-up a SUS for classic scenario? if so, can some one tell me why?
    We have a ECC- EBP classic scenario for direct procurement and plan to leverage the same EBP to set up a SUS . SUS will be on a different client and we would like to use EBP-SUS for indirect procurement.
    Please advice.  will award points for sensible  answers

    in the case of classic scenario --> following restrictions apply
    1) since there is no local document created in SRM , it is not possible to send the purchase order  document from SRM to SUS
    2) document has to be send from R/3 , and it is possible there to order materials and not services....
    3) services is not supported from R/3 to SUS.
    hope this helps...

  • Problem in copying the territory id to the follow-up document

    I have sales order with all the partners determined with all the territories attached to them.
    Now I am trying to create a follow-up document from it. I am facing the following two issues:
    1. It is copying the partners to the follow-up document with different territory ID's
    2. For some partner functions, it is displaying the popup with all the territories. Eventhough this partner has one territory in preceding document.
    The bottom line of the requirement is: It should copy all the partners with the same territories as in preceding document.
    Could you please help me out, how can I solve this.

    Hi Sandeep,
    The problem could be due to the territory determination, may be the list of partner you have in your oppurtunity is determined to multiple territories, in that scenario the system will provide a option to select the territory which is more proper.
    So please check the territories that are assigned to the partner or else you need to do a customisation to make sure that the required territory is copied to the follow up document. You can try enhancing the CRM_COPY_BADI.
    Hope this helps you out!

  • Impact of activating IPC in classic scenario

    Hi All,
    We are in the process of implementing SAP SRM Bidding application and we are into SAP SRM 7.01 version with SP012.
    We are running in classic scenario.
    In case of bidding, in responsee comparison screen - the base price will be displayed along with freight price as net price. For eg base price is 100 and freight is 2% the net price would be 102 and the same is displayed in the std SAP SRM bid comparison screen. However when we implement the bidding engine to our client system, the bid comparison screen net price displays only the base price and freightht is not taken intoaccount. On analysis we found IPC is not activated and only Classic Light pricing is active. We believe this issue would resolve if we activate IPC.
    Can anyone please suggest what would be the impact if we activate the IPC for classic scenario?
    Your earlier response would behighly appreciated.

    Hi Sundar,
    Activating IPC is always suggested in SRM, simplified pricing(classic light) is actual the exception scenario as far as I know.
    You always have the option to change from simplified pricing to normal pricing using IPC. You can change from IPC pricing back to simplified pricing as well.

  • Auction from Bid Invitation

    Dear All,
    We are implementing SRM 5.0 and we have a requirement of creating Live Auction from a Bid Invitation. Can anybody help me as how to configure this?
    Currently, we can have Bid Invitation as follow on document to a Bid Invitation.This has to be changed to Auction as follow on document to bid invitation.  
    Thanks in advance.

    To be able to create a live auction from Bid invitation ,
    you should first have a LAC 2.0 installed on your server.
    Also, a RCF connection should be maintained between this component and EBP system with type HTTP Ext.

  • Follow on document details not updating in shopping cart

    Hi Experts,
    I created a shopping cart  and created PO as a follow on document  from sourcing cockpit after assigning vendor.
    but Shopping cart is not updating with follow on document (PO)details even after running BBP_GET_STATUS_2 report also.
    Is there any other settings required to do for updating shopping cart with follow on document details.

    Hi ,
    Please check the repots ( jobs )  CLEAN_REQREQ_UP And BBP_GET_STATUS _2 are running..
    Check in RZ20 is there any error message for the follow on document.

  • Disble the creation of follow up document

    Hi Experts,
    I have a requirements that would not allow user to create any follow up documents from the quote if the quote status is not approved. 
    I am looking for some ideas on how to accomplish this and would really appreciate any inputs.
    -- Jamie.

    Hi Kunal
    SAP Standard workflow should be able to handle this for you.

  • Influence PO document type in ECC from Sourcing Cockpit in Classic Scenario

    Hello experts: we are running SRM 7.0 with ECC 6 EhP 4 in a classic scenario.
    Our business requirements are: all SC item created with reference to a catalogue item must result in a PO not subject to release strategy in ECC6 MM. For this purpose, document type ZEC has been entered under parameter BSA in tcode PPOMA_BBP.
    Due to Sourcing customizing, some Shopping carts items without source of supply are sent to Sourcing Cockpit.
    In sourcing cockpit application, buyer completes the open items by including the vendor, price, etc and create draft POs that are finally converted into backend purchase orders in ECC6. These Purchase orders, created without reference to a catalogue item should be subject to release strategy and approved by the corresponding approval body in ECC6.
    Due to that, we must change the document type in backend and enter another one which is subject to release strategy. We tried it thru badi BBP_TARGET_OBJTYPE but we could not get it. we change BE_DOC_TYPE to NB when the catalog id is blank in the SC item and follow-doc is PO. However, system always creates PO with document type ZEC
    We would like to know how to influence the PO document type when we are trying to create POs from SOCO.
    Any clue about it?
    Many thanks in advance
    Best Regards


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