Command link / button action is not taking place if i use it in iterator.

I am new to ADF, i am facing 1 issue while implementing ADF mobile browser application.
Issue: command link / button action is not taking place if i use it in iterator. its just refreshing the page it self and displaying as no records.
Scenario is i am populating the search results in results page from search page using iterator, i want to get the complete details in different page (results page -> details page) .
I have tried in different
<tr:panelGroupLayout id="pgl2" layout="vertical" styleClass="af_m_panelBase">
<tr:panelHeader text="#{classviewBundle.SEARCH_RESULTS}" id="ph1"/>
<tr:iterator id="i1" value="#{bindings.SubjectVO1.collectionModel}" var="subject"
varStatus="subIndx" rows="100">
<tr:panelBox text="#{subject.Subject} #{subject.CatalogNbr} - #{subject.CourseTitleLong}"
styleClass="af_m_listingPrimaryDetails" id="pb1">
<f:facet name="toolbar"/>
<tr:table var="ssrClass" rowBandingInterval="1" id="t1" value="#{subject.children}"
varStatus="clsIndx" rowSelection="none"
binding="#{SessionBean.subjectTable}" verticalGridVisible="true"
emptyText="No Records" width="100%">
<tr:column id="c9" sortable="false" styleClass="width:100%">
<*tr:commandLink text="Section: #{ssrClass.ClassSection}-#{ssrClass.SsrComponentLovDescr} (#{ssrClass.ClassNbr})"*
id="commandLink2" styleClass="af_m_listingLink"
//remaining code
in this case commandlink action is not able to invoke serachaction() method
case 2:
<tr:commandLink text="Section: #{ssrClass.ClassSection}-#{ssrClass.SsrComponentLovDescr} (#{ssrClass.ClassNbr})"
id="commandLink2" styleClass="af_m_listingLink"
in this case its not able to navigate to classdetails page.
I gave correct navigation cases and rules in taskflow,but its working fine when the command link is out of iterator only.
i tried with actionlistener too.. but no use.. please help me out of this problem .
*Update to issue:*
The actual issue is when i use command link/button in an table/iterator whose parent tag is another iterator then the action is not taking place.
the structer of my code is
< iterator1>
#command link action1
< iterator2>
#command link action2
</ iterator2>
< /iterator1>
#command link action1 is working but "#command link action2" is not...
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To solve my problem I used a af:foreach instead.
<af:forEach items="#{viewScope.DataBySubjectServiceBean.toArray}" var="text">
<af:commandLink text="#{text.IndTextEn}" action="indicator-selected" id="cl1">
<af:setActionListener from="#{text.IndCode}" to="#{pageFlowScope.IndicatorCodeParam}" />
By the way you need to convert the iterator to an Array using a ManagedBean.
public Object[] toArray() {
CollectionModel cm = (CollectionModel) getEL("#{bindings.TView1.collectionModel}");
indicators = new Object[cm.getRowCount()];
for(int i=0;i<cm.getRowCount();i++){
indicators[i] = cm.getRowData(i);
return indicators;
public static Object getEL(String expr) {
FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
return fc.getApplication().evaluateExpressionGet(fc,expr,Object.class);
Hope that helps-
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Add getEL Method

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    Hi Rakesh,
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    if u r using Control key PP01 - Routing/Ref. op. set - internal proc., then after Production Order confirmation u have to do MB31- Goods Receipt for Order, with movement type 101.
    If u r using PP03 Routing - in-house prod. auto. goods rct, then it accepts only single operation in a Routing (or) if u r having say more than one operations in a routing, then u have to give PP03 control key for the last operation.
    I think u got it...
    revert back if u have doubts.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Goods release is not taking place

    Dear Friends,
    i am getting error while releasing goods from plan order to production order.
    my case is as follows
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    you can only carryout the requested function if this is allowed according to the status of object.
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    Hi Krish,
    There is a problem with the tasklist type usage used in work center.
    Check in Basic data of the work center "usage". You can see the defination of that in customizing transaction "OP45". In your case the tasklist type is set for "Until release" (check box), this means that this work centre will give error if used in order at the time of "Releasing" the order.
    Use a proper task list usage in the work center or change the existing one by removing the check box activation for "Until release".
    Award your points if this was helpful...

  • Invoking a command link's action from a javascript, on pressing enter key

    i have the foll java script function. on pressing enter within an input field i want a certain commandlink's action to be automatically performed:
    function checkKeycode() {
              var keycode;
              if (window.event) keycode = window.event.keyCode;
              //else if (e) keycode = e.which;
                   alert("keycode: " + keycode);           
                   var x=document.getElementById("form10:link1");
                   alert("about to click");
                        //alert("about to submit page");
         }This fn is being called from the input text as follows:
    <h:inputText styleClass="inputText" id="text1" size="32" onkeypress="checkKeycode();"></h:inputText>And the code containing the command link who's action i want to be called is:
    <h:commandLink styleClass="commandLink" id="link1"
                             <hx:graphicImageEx border="0" styleClass="graphicImageEx"
                                  id="imageEx1" url="../../images/search.gif"></hx:graphicImageEx>
    The javascript is being entered as i get an alert saying that enter key was pressed. However it is not performing the action requried, saying that "null is null or not an object"
    could sumone please help????

    From your javascript , it is known that this is only work in IE,
    And indeed it works fine, mybe there is another button which the default in your jsp
    Change your code like this:
    onkeypress="return checkKeycode();"
    and at end of your javascript return false when you call
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  • Command links in h:datatable not working

    I have some command links in h:datatable which are not working. When I click the command link all I get is a referesh page(same page is displayed with datatable values as null). But when I put command link outside h:datatable, the navigation takes place properly. Any idea what could be worng

    You can try using t:dataTable from tomahawk.jar, instead of the h:dataTable. Make the following changes in your code.
    1. Add the taglib uri in your JSP as,
    <%@ taglib uri = "" prefix="t" %>
    2. Add the tomahawk-1.1.3.jar to your WEB-INF/lib folder.
    3. Instead of using h:dataTable, use t:dataTable.
    4. After the form save your bean's state as,
    <t:saveState id="viewForm" value="#{stateBean}"/>
    Here, id can be any name and the value should be the name of your bean, how u have used in your JSP.
    I hope this will help you.

  • Button action event not call in dataprovider

    i have JSF table and it's bound to Mysql database table. when i bound the table and run it's working properly but it's button action event is not call action. when i use static jsf table then it's table action event work properly.
    my jsp code is
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                                style="height: 70px; left: 240px; top: 240px; position: absolute; width: 600px" title="Search Text :" visible="true" width="600">
                                <ui:tableRowGroup binding="#{search.tableRowGroup1}" id="tableRowGroup1" rows="5" sourceData="#{search.srch_tablevalDataProvider1}" sourceVar="currentRow">
                                    <!--    <ui:tableColumn headerText="Script" id="tableColumn2" width="700">
                                        <ui:staticText id="staticText4" text="#{currentRow.value['search_script']}"/>
                                    <ui:tableColumn binding="#{search.tableColumn13}" headerText="Search Word" id="tableColumn13" style="#{search.columnStyle}">
                                        <ui:staticText binding="#{search.search_word1}" id="search_word1" text="#{search.search_word1}"/>
                                    <ui:tableColumn binding="#{search.tableColumn4}" headerText="#{search_lang['search.contentName']}" height="39" id="tableColumn4"
                                        style="#{search.columnStyle}" width="100">
                                        <ui:staticText id="staticText1" onMouseOver="play_video(this);" text="#{currentRow.value['name']}"/>
                                    <ui:tableColumn binding="#{search.tableColumn6}" headerText="#{search_lang['search.srchTag']}" id="tableColumn6"
                                        sort="search_tags" style="#{search.columnStyle}">
                                        <ui:staticText id="staticText3" text="#{currentRow.value['search_tags']}"/>
                                    <ui:tableColumn binding="#{search.tableColumn5}" headerText="#{search_lang['search.tpDetail']}" id="tableColumn5" style="#{search.columnStyle}">
                                        <ui:imageHyperlink action="#{search.action}" id="imageHyperlink1" text="#{currentRow.value['details']}"/>
                                        <ui:button action="#{search.button2_action}" id="button2" text="Button"/>
                             </ui:table>and back bean code is
    public String button2_action() {
            // TODO: Process the button click action. Return value is a navigation
            // case name where null will return to the same page.
            return null;
        }i don't know what is problem there if found any solution, help me.

    You need to make sure that the getter of the datatable value returns exactly the same list in the apply request values phase of the form submit as it did during the render response phase of the initial display. Only this way JSF can find out which action which row was been invoked. Alternatively you can also place the data bean in session scope (which may have more impact), or use for example Tomahawk's t:dataTable with preserveDataModel attribute set to "true".

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    Hey Gurus,
    In the MIC i have maintained the target value as 8. Now i have created an inspection plan and assigned this MIC to it. The inspection lot is getting generated at the time of GR, I am going to QA32 and recording the result for the lot generated. But when i am giving a value of 6 for that particular MIC, it is accepting it and no rejection is taking place. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and is there any config missing?

    For the Rejection/Acceptance system will check the Specifications limits of the MIC not the target value. So maintain the Lower and Upper Specs for the MIC in QS23 and Chk in QA32. The values out of the Lower or Upper Specs will be the Rejections.

  • Delta upload not taking place properly

    Hello Everyone,
    I am trying to load data from R/3 to BW.
    My data target is ODS.
    For the first infopkg i m doing "initialize delta update".
    Now i am making changes in particular field in R/3-say i am changing the name of the proj from ABC TO XYZ.
    Now I m scheduling delta infopkg.But its not displaying the change. i hv even added new record in R/3 side and then tried wid delta infopkg but its still not taking the update.
    I have defined Generic delta for my specific field is "PROJID" and under settings i have checked "New status for changed records".
    plz help.

    The SAP help on this DS recommends these steps
    When you extract the documents for the first time, select the complete posting period.
    SAP recommend that you carry out initialization and full upload in a number of steps in order to create smaller packages. To improve the performance, select an update via the PSA. The data is extracted in accordance with the selection criteria. In this case, the posting date of the documents is used as the selection criteria.
    Initialize all future posting dates, even if the enhanced selection area does not yet contain any documents. The new documents are automatically entered by delta processing.
    Carry out delta processing at regular intervals. We recommend that large utility companies carry out delta processing on a daily basis. Only documents with closed reconciliation keys can be processed.
    Hope this helps.

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    Assigned F key to play an action does not work to play the action on an image. When the F key is selected it seams to control computer attributes rather than the play action assigned in photoshop. Why? Using cs6  iMac and wireless key board.
    Is this a possible preference setting in mac or is it a setting in cs6 photoshop ? Help and knowledge will be appreciated.

    *** Moderator Action ***
    This networking question has been moved from the Solaris 10 discussion space,
    to the Solaris Networking discussion space, for closer topic alignment.
    Whereas there may be IPV6 nuances specific to your Solaris 10 environment and to the hardware, this appears to be a discussion that may be more global in effect.

  • Assignment to feature TRVFD did not take place errro when using PR05 TCD

    whilst trying to create travel expense PR05 TCD,system throws "Assignment to feature TRVFD did not take place
    Assignment to feature TRVFD did not take place error message
    when using TCD PR05--travel expense manager
    to give  a primer ,V_T706Z i have miantained as 99-V_T706Z-TRIPF and my trip provision variant is 66 .Im quite not sure what is the screen ,field name default value that need to be maintained.
    t706z1(single field control for dialog) is dependent on the one we maintaain in the previous table,isnt it ?kndly crct me if my understanding is wrong.
    Intially i was not able to find the trip schema -FITVFELD TCD and then as suggested by our mates in one of the threads went to PRCO TCD and copied 99 and assigned it to the trip provision variant i had maintaained.
    In TRVCD irrespective of what i maintain in return value it shows the same error .I tried UGR as 99,i tried giving trip variant and tried return as 99 (one maintained in t506z) still shows the same message.It looks like im missing something.
    Kindly share your valuable inputs to fix this .
    No Worries
    Edited by: SAPenjoy:) on Apr 27, 2011 9:00 AM

    Hi Sally
    Thanks for elucidating that for me.I was thinking the other way around i suppose:).
    Well,TRVFD has lets say Molga -99,trvug -99->return value as USERGROUP_01
    I suppose USERGROUP_01 need to be entered in the trip schema isnt it ?
    as suggested when FITVFELD is executed i choose the trip provision variant and expand the tree with schemas
    Trip schema:01 bussiness trip
    trip schema :99 travel calendar
    trip schema :pl travel planning
    trip schema :sp weekly report
    trip schema :vs trip advances
    trip schema:xx KT trip
    could you kindly let me know in which schema the value need to be entered .plz correct me if my understanding is wrong.In the meanwhile i will also try to explore ,appreciate your help.
    No Worries

  • Disposition action not taking place

    In URM, I have a trigger based on a Termination date field (custom meta data field) and when the document is being checked in and I am viewing the Life cycle; the correct disposition actions are being reflected in the details but when going to the records, approvals, pending disposition, the document is not coming.
    I looked at the meta data field in the information fields and it is existing ; I looked at the advanced search design in the field info and the field exists and is tied to the correct caption.
    The only thing I notice that in the life cycle, the computed date does not seem to have any value. Is it possible that the termination date is not able to get any value in the form (front end user interface).
    How can I troubleshoot it further i.e where can I see that the value of termination date is actually being captured?
    Could someone please give me some pointers - it would be much appreciated.
    Thank you so much.

    I'm sorry, but I'm not even sure what your latest response meant.  So let me go about this in the way this should work.
    You should have a trigger defined that uses the field "Termination Date" as the activation field.  Let's call this trigger "Termination".
    You should have a retention category whose disposition instruction set includes an action that says "After Termination, do something".  Let's call this category HR, with a category id of "HR-100".
    On the content item in question, there should be a category ID value of "HR-100", and a value in the field "Termination Date".  Once the item is checked in, or an item is updated, clicking the "Lifecycle Preview" button should show a computed date.  (You cannot fill out a new checkin form, and simply preview the lifecycle without actually submitting the form.  In earlier versions you could.)
    If you do not see a computed date after this, then you've got something in one of the three previous bullets wrong.

  • Button action is not calling

    I am new to JSF.
    Here is my problem.
    I have a select one menu and command button on a page
    When ever the page loads for the first time the select one menu is loaded with the data and the button should be disabled.
    When an item is selected from the menu the button should be enabled.
    Upto this part I finished.
    Now the problem is with button.When I click the button the corresponding action method is not calling.
    If the button is enabled during page load then the action method is calling when ever I click the button.
    But I need to make the button disabled until I select an item from the
    select one menu.In this case the action method is not calling when I click the button.
    Please help me.
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for fast response.
    Here is my jsp code:
         function enableLoad(){
         document.getElementById("form1:loadTable").value = 'true';
         document.getElementById("form1:loadTable").value = 'false';
              <h:form styleClass="form" id="form1">
              <TABLE class="tableBorder" cellspacing="10" cellpadding="10">
              <TD width="230" align="right">
              <SPAN class="outputtext">Select The Table To Manage:</SPAN>
              <h:selectOneMenu styleClass="selectOneMenu" id="menu1" value="#{manageReferenceTablesMB.tableValue}"
                                  <f:selectItems value="#{manageReferenceTablesMB.tableNames}" />
              <h:inputHidden id="loadTable" value="#{manageReferenceTablesMB.loadTable}"/>
              <TD colspan="2" align="right">
              <hx:commandExButton type="submit" value="Load Table"
                                  styleClass="commandExButton" id="button1" disabled="#{manageReferenceTablesMB.loadTable}"
    This is the backing bean code:
    public class ManageReferenceTablesMB extends BaseMB{
         public SelectItem[] tableNames;
         public String tableValue = "-1";
    public boolean loadTable ;
         public ManageReferenceTablesMB(){
              if (this.getFromPageDataBuffer(SessionConstants.MANAGE_REFERENCE_TABLES) == null){
              System.out.println("in constructor");
              Hashtable results = new Hashtable();
              SwqmisFrontController controller = this.getFrontController();
              results = controller.getRefTableNames();
              tableNames = buildMenu((Vector) results.get("REF_TABLE_NAMES"));
              System.out.println("added data");
                   this.tableNames = ((ManageReferenceTablesMB)this.getFromPageDataBuffer(SessionConstants.MANAGE_REFERENCE_TABLES)).tableNames;
                   this.tableValue = ((ManageReferenceTablesMB)this.getFromPageDataBuffer(SessionConstants.MANAGE_REFERENCE_TABLES)).tableValue;
                   this.loadTable = ((ManageReferenceTablesMB)this.getFromPageDataBuffer(SessionConstants.MANAGE_REFERENCE_TABLES)).loadTable;
         public String refTable(){
              System.out.println("IN REF TABLE");
              Hashtable results = new Hashtable();
              SwqmisFrontController controller = this.getFrontController();
              results = controller.getRefTable(getDisplayText(tableNames,tableValue));
              if(results!=null && results.size()>1)
              return "success";
         * @return Returns the tableNames.
         public SelectItem[] getTableNames() {
              return tableNames;
         * @param tableNames The tableNames to set.
         public void setTableNames(SelectItem[] tableNames) {
              this.tableNames = tableNames;
         * @return Returns the tableValue.
         public String getTableValue() {
              return tableValue;
         * @param tableValue The tableValue to set.
         public void setTableValue(String tableValue) {
              this.tableValue = tableValue;
         * @return Returns the loadTable.
         public boolean isLoadTable() {
              return loadTable;
         * @param loadTable The loadTable to set.
         public void setLoadTable(boolean loadTable) {
              this.loadTable = loadTable;
    In the above backing bean code the loadTable value is false.
    So under this condition the action method is calling.B'cause the button is in enable state even there is no section in the menu.
    If I make loadTable=true then the action button is in disabled state until the menu item is selected. But the action method is not executing in this case.

Maybe you are looking for