Composite form and business rules

I have combined two planning forms into a composite form.
The two planning forms have business rules associated with them with the action to execute upon save.
I don't see it clearly in the documentation but I am assuming when the users use the composite upon save the composite will execute the rules associated with the planning forms? Or do I have to establish the business rules on the composite?

I'm running I have a composite form made up of two forms, one of which has a rule associated with the save. When I save the composite form, it runs the rule associated with the "sub" form. (There are no rules associated with the composite form itself.)
It looks like you should be able to do this either way - associate the rule with the composite or with the sub form. I've got them associated with the "sub" forms, just in case someone accidentally runs the sub-form instead of the composite.
- Jake
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  • Composite Forms and Business Rules

    Working with I have a composite form with 4 tabs - 3 input tabs and 1 review tab. Each of the 3 input tabs have the same business rule attached to them and are set to Run on Save. Within the composite form I have selected the business rules from the 3 input tabs.
    Problem is, when a user enters data into one of the tabs and then clicks Save, the business rule runs twice.
    Any ideas what would cause this? 

    Hi Anthony - thanks for your response.
    In regards to the 3 input forms, the Page/POV sections were slightly different.  For example, Input 1 had No_Category and No_Brand in the POV and Channels in the rows, Input 2 had No_Channel and No_Brand in the POV and No_Categories in the rows and Input 3 had No_Channel and No_Category in the POV and Brands in the rows.
    I have since modified the forms so all 3 Input forms have the same members in the POV (these are No_ICP and No_Function) and also have the same members in the Page (Local_Input and SC_No_Scenario).  As part of the change I also have Channels, Categories and Brands in the rows of all 3 Input forms (although each Input form has different members from the Channel, Category or Brand dimensions)
    Anyway, even after making these changes, the business rule runs multiple times.  (I did notice that when I Save data in the Category form the rule runs once.  When I run Save data in the Brand form the rule runs twice and when I Save data in Channel form the rule runs 3 times.)
    Very strange - and very frustrating.  (Rule takes 34 seconds to run, which is almost too long.  Multiply that by 2 or 3 times and it's much too long of a wait.)

  • Search for member name in WebForms and Business Rules -

    Client has a hierarchy with two parents (Owned and Managed) within a dimension. The 'Managed' parent is no longer valid. Thus they want to eliminate it and move it's children under the 'Owned' member. However there could be ramifications in Business Rules and/or WebForms. Is there a way to search all Business Rules and WebForms for 'Managed' to see which Business Rules and/or WebForms would be affected?
    Or is best way to extract all the WebForms and Business Rules to xml files via LCM and then write custom script to search the files? Not sure if this functionality is already there or not.
    They are on

    I don't think "Show Usage" picks up Business Rules that are in the Calculation Manger.
    Also check the Member Formulas - easiest to do in the EAS (view the Outline, and the member formulas are displayed. Otherwise, in Planning, you would need to go into each member individually, and that would take forever). And if you're using Partitions or MRAs, you should check them, too.
    I'm assuming you're doing all of this in a copy of the application, and not on a "live" app, right? So you can make the change and then validate the Business Rules and Outline, and the error messages will tell you where "Managed" was being used.
    -Matt Varner

  • Currency Converion and Business Rule questions

    Hi all,
    I am new to BPC and would appreciate if you can help me answer few of my questions. I was going through how to documents on currency conversion and Business Rules.
    1. The Flow in Currency Conversion and Business Rules different?
    2. Can Currency conversion be done without defining the Currency Rules?
    3. In Business Rules Detail there is a cloumn for Sign. How should one determine what sign should go for a given account?

    It seems like you are using Company as your Entity type dimension.
    Try to change your code to look like this
         CATEGORY = %CATEGORY_SET%     
         TID_RA = %TIME_SET%

  • Business Logic and Business Rules

    I have a very basic question. If we develop a new screen on top of ECC using Webdynpro ABAP to replace a ECC default screen, say for an example, ME51n screen for purchase requisition to be replaced by a custom screen developed in ABAP Webdynpro, then how do we incorporate the inbuild business logic and the business rules of me51n in to this new screen developed in ABAP Webdynpro? In short, how do we incorporate business logic and rules in to ABAP Webdynpro application?
    do we have to code all the logic from scratch or we can use existing logic? If we can, how.
    Thank you for your help.

    Duplicate thread
    Business Logic and Business Rules
    could you please close it.
    sarbjeet singh

  • When a sequence is created in planning and business rules added to it, can

    When a sequence is created in planning and business rules added to it, can be seen in planning and on task lists. However when further rules added, the sequence disappears from planning and from task list and can no longer be seen

    The security on each business rule will affect whether the sequence is visible - the underlying rules determine whether you see the sequence. If just one is not right the sequence will not be visible. Check the security - or add the rules to a project and assign project level security...
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  • Don't want to assign Admin role to form with business rule

    I have a business rule assigned to a form in EPMA mode. Currently, I have to assign Admin role to the users in order for them to see the name of rule display on the left side of the panel when the form is opened. How can I have the name of rule display for users without having to assign them as Admin role in EPMA mode?
    FYI .. This same form with attached rule was displaying just fine for these users as I assigned them as regular user (not admin role) under a specific user group folder for Classic mode. These users can change data, click save button, and then the rule would run on save.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    John .. Thank you so much for your previous reply.
    Here is additional information. I hope it provides a clearer understanding on this issue.
    1) To answer your question - Yes, I used Calc Manager to create the business rule named xyz.
    2) The Shared Services version that I used to provision a test user is
    3) Here are the steps that I did for testing:
    step a) in Shared Services - I created a test user named: cashtest (Native status)
    step b) in Shared Services - I provisioned user "cashtest" with the following roles for these categories
    Business Rules -> Server 123 -> Interactive User
    Essbase: Server abc:1 -> Server Access
    Foundation -> Shared Services -> Calculation Manager Administrator -> Planning Calculation Manager Administrator
    Planning -> Forecast -> Administrator
    As you can see under the Planning category for application "Forecast", I had to provision for user "cashtest" as "Administrator" in order
    for user "cashtest" to see the business rule named "xyz" displayed on the left panel when a form was opened.
    Prior to this "administrator" provisioning, I tried to provision the roles of "interactive user or Planner" to user "cashtest" but the business
    rule would not display on the left panel when a form was opened.
    I wonder if this is a software bug.
    Thank so much again for your guidance.
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  • Need Information on Sourcing cockpit and Business rule framework

    Hi Experts,
    I am having 2 general qustions :
    1. ) What is sourcing Cokpit and what are the things that we can done from sourcing cockpit.Please explain in detail.
    example  : what i knw abt sourcing is...... It means from where we are going to source our material means vendor.
    My idea is to know everything abt sourcing cockpit.
    2. ) In SRM 7.0 what is the Busniess rule framework concept and if i need to configure a BRF approval process with respect to Shopping cart and a Purchase order in Extended classic scenario then how do i need to move ahead.

    Q no 1:
    Sourcing Cockpit is an area from where you can source the requirements..There are two ways  by which sourcing can be done.
    1. The Purchase requisiton created from ECC 6.0 can be pushed to SRM for Sourcing . Either direct material with Part no or
    Service requirement without part number
    2. The shopping cart created in SRM can be converted to sourcing.
    once the requirments are flown from ECC 6.0 and  SRM . in the SRM server in sourcing node--click Carry our sourcing.
    you can get all the requirements.
    From this  you can convert  it to Purchase order,contract,Auction. Bid invitation.
    Q. no 2 :Business Rule Framework.(BRF)
    This is related to Workflow .From SRM 7.0 this workflow is called Process controlled workflow. Only by simple rules the
    Workflow for  Approval process for P.O ,Contract,Bid invitation can be done.
    If you are SAP ABAP person they you can confugure this .Normally  ABAP person will do this.. Please go to S ID and get the
    details there for Business rule framework
    Just check in this forum in Search you can get more details and notes
    go to and enter business rule framework you get more material
    check this link [original link is broken]
    G.Ganesh Kumar

  • Unable to create Human Task and Business Rule in JDeveloper

    I am unable to create Human Task or business rule in my JDev... am getting below error in Feedback tab.
    Previously reported error [NoSuchMethodError in o.mds.internal.dt.config.NamespaceConfigBuilder:397]
    And Below is the message log trace.
    Oct 15, 2012 12:58:51 PM handleEvent
    WARNING: Failed to validate the xml content. SchemaLocation: schemaLocation value = '' must have even number of URI's. Location: unavailable.
    Oct 15, 2012 12:58:51 PM handleEvent
    WARNING: Failed to validate the xml content. cvc-complex-type.2.4.b: The content of element 'propertySets' is not complete. One of '{"":propertySet}' is expected. Location: unavailable.
    Oct 15, 2012 12:58:51 PM oracle.jps.common
    WARNING: Failed to validate the xml content. cvc-complex-type.2.4.b: The content of element 'propertySets' is not complete. One of '{"":propertySet}' is expected. Location: line 3 column 19.
    Any idea/suggestions would be greatly helpful.

    Its due to JDeveloper installation or cache issue...
    I uninstalled completely and installed again. I am able to create Human Task now. Maybe it helps someone.

  • Calc script, Business rule and business rule macro

    Hi John,
    Can we use calc script , BR sequence and a BR macro against different databases at a single go.
    In one calc script or BR sequence or BR macro itself can i calculate 2 databases

    If possible could you not start every post with my name, there are lots of others helping on this forum and they provide excellent answers
    Calc Scripts run against one database.
    Sequences can contain multiple business rules, in the launch variables you can set the database to run against for each rule (outside of the planning application though)
    Macros are called from a business rule and are run against the database the calling rule is being run against.

  • Integration with muse created forms and business catalyst mailing lists

    I have just spent a long time on a chat session with support after spending most of a day trying to sort out how to have the people who fill in our contact us page to be automatically added to a mailing list to keep in contact with them, but it seems there isnt a strong link with muse to do this easily.
    When you create a form in muse, it has an option to send the completed forms to a selected email adress. It would be great if you there was also an option to add that contact to a selected mailing list group already created in Business Catalys
    I would have also like the full integration of form central to be inside muse with all its functions. So I could create gift voucher orders forms  and receive payments by paypal or other options.
    It has been a frustrating day trying to figure it out as the forums didnt seem to help with the info i needed.
    It seems to use Business Catalyst webforms requires html coding knowledge which I dont have. you can created a basic form in there easily, but if you want to make it two collumns wide or other changes, it is very difficult to use with coding
    A decent wysiwig editor in Business Catalyst would be great
    thanks for listening.
    Overall I think Muse is excellent so I am surprised, this part of the software doesnt work as I expected.

    This was the full video I did
    Integrate Leadpages with Adobe Business Catalyst on Vimeo
    Pretty sure it works
    Here's the code I used so you can compare and contrast
    <form name="catemaillistform52797" onsubmit="return checkWholeForm52797(this)" method="post" action="">
        <div class="form">
          <div class="item">
            <label for="CLFullName">Full Name</label>
            <input class="cat_textbox_small" type="text" name="FullName" id="CLFullName" maxlength="255" />
          <div class="item">
            <label for="CLEmailAddress">Email Address</label>
            <input class="cat_textbox_small" type="text" name="EmailAddress" id="CLEmailAddress" maxlength="255" />
          <div class="item">
            <input class="cat_button" type="submit" value="Subscribe" id="catlistbutton" />
        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
          function checkWholeForm52797(theForm){
            var why = "";
            if (theForm.EmailAddress) why += checkEmail(theForm.EmailAddress.value);
            if (why != ""){
              return false;
            return false;

  • Create form and set rules

    I want to create for example Request
    Shipping form.
    i was create a form and publish to a SharePoint library.i was set the  Repeating Section
    for choice commodityand its price.
    users can select any number commodity. but i have two request:
    1- the user do not have ability to select
    same commodity within a
    dayaccording to picture.
    2- when select some commodity, in Final Price control we have a total price.

    Hi Yuzarsiv, to check for duplicate entries, you should use an event receiver (first link below). To total the prices, see the second link. The third link is for additional reference.
    cameron rautmann

  • Using variables in Calc scripts and Business Rules

    I am sure there have been previous discussions about this, but can somebody let me know the benefits of using variables in Calc scripts and BRs?

    I have never used calc variables and after reading a study guide, which talked about them, I couldn't really understand the benefits.^^^I use variables all the time to make abstract difficult formulas. Below is an example.
    /*     Declare variables     */
    VAR varSalaryCosts ;
    VAR varProdOHLabXXXX ;
    VAR varXXXX ;
    A whole bunch of code here along with very limited FIX statement and then...
    "Salaried Labor"
         varSalaryCosts = "Salary Costs"->"No Department"->"No Category"->"Salaried" -
                             "Wage Bonus"->"No Department"->"No Category"->"Salaried" -
                             "YYYY Retention Bonus 40%"->"No Department"->"No Category"->"Salaried" -
                             "YYYY 60% Ret Bonus Accrual"->"No Department"->"No Category"->"Salaried" ;
         varProdOHLabXXXX = "Number of Employees"->"ZZZZDepartments"->"Codes"->"Salaried" +
                             "Number of Employees"->"Blah Departments"->"Codes"->"Salaried" +
                             "Number of Employees"->"Humph Departments"->"Codes"->"Salaried" +
                             "Number of Employees"->"TTTT"->"Codes"->"Salaried" ;
         "Salaried Labor" = varSalaryCosts * ("Number of Employees"->"Salaried" / varProdOHLabXXXX) ;
    )The last formula is how the formula was described to me by the business owner. I find it to be much easier to read than something like:
    "Salaried Labor" = ("Salary Costs"->"No Department"->"No Category"->"Salaried" -
                             "Wage Bonus"->"No Department"->"No Category"->"Salaried" -
                             "YYYY Retention Bonus 40%"->"No Department"->"No Category"->"Salaried" -
                             "YYYY 60% Ret Bonus Accrual"->"No Department"->"No Category"->"Salaried") *
                             ("Number of Employees"->"Salaried" /
                             ("Number of Employees"->"ZZZZDepartments"->"Codes"->"Salaried" +           
                             "Number of Employees"->"Blah Departments"->"Codes"->"Salaried" +
                             "Number of Employees"->"Humph Departments"->"Codes"->"Salaried" +     
                             "Number of Employees"->"TTTT"->"Codes"->"Salaried")) ;I have used ARRAY in a really-cool-but-alas-not-invented-by-me calc script to do currency conversion in Planning better than Planning does currency conversion. (How's that for a run-on sentence?) It is one of the six blog posts I am working on and I will finish it soon, I hope. I am sort of in thrash mode right now. It does have its uses and I'll try to remember to update this thread when I'm done.
    Cameron Lackpour

  • Rate application and business rule Currency Converison

    Hi experts,
    Could anyone help me about the following confusion? thanks.
    Typically if talking about  currency translation, we have to find a way to find out source currency, target currency and rate to calculate.
    According to BPC logic(If i was right)
    1) source currency is determined from property of dimension Entity.
    2) Rate type is decided by Account dimension .
    My questions are:
    1) where could I define the target currency I convert to ? I have to point out when running DM package? I read from document - we can specify G or R type currency in currency dimension, does that mean the conversion will run on each of them in default way?
    2) what will happen if currency defined in Entity dimension's property is NOT identical with currency of transaction data stored in Legal  Application?
    Our task is to convert data stored in Legal App, isn't it?
    3) If you check Rate application, there is only one field to input currency. Why not two currencies are ready to input? Field currency A and currency B, then rate of conversion?
    Your help is much appropriated.

    When the data is loaded in transaction currency ,  then make sure you dont run Currency Translation program for that data region . If currency translation ran for that data region , program offsets all amounts that are loaded in transaction currency . Check 4 th page of this very good  [blog|]  on Currency Translation by Richard Jabbour.
    The standard behavior of currency conversion expects LC to be entered. If one does nothing
    but installs the program call in FXTRANS and Default logic, an entry in NON LC currency
    members will result in an immediate offsetting negative amount negating the entry.
    Hope this helps.

  • Business Rule Attached to Composite web form not running

    I created a composite webform and attached a business rule.Rule is supposed to run on save.But its failing to do so.Version is also tried attaching BR to the individual webforms along with the composite webform.Still not working.
    Please give your valuable advice on this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Did you select Run "Rules from Form XX" in composite Form Business Rule section and select Run on save option ? Can you please provide screenshot of your BR section in Composite form and simple form ??

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have a button on my view called BTN_CHECK. The button has associated the action "CHECK". At this moment i need to trigger the same action of the button (and reuse the code) from wddomodifyview method. I have find how to make it in SDN but i haven't