Contol of avi files frame by frame using Labview

I want to view an avi file frame by frame in Labview Is it possible or is there another tool which supports such an operation.
Thanks in adavnce

I've created the example of how to do it with media player ActiveX control. You just need to know the FPS of your movie to run it.
BUT it works not with all AVI files. I tested it with MPEG4 files and for some of them everything was OK, but for files created with DivX Codec this VI doesn't work. I think this is because of some compression methods included in different codecs.
Guud luck.
Oleg Chutko.
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  • No longer audio on .avi files when attempting to use Elements 9

    I have compiled 20 years of videos from family videos and converted them to .avi files.  I now want to edit these files into other smaller videos to give to my children.  I have Premiere Elements 9.  When I get one of these files using PE9 there is no longer audio on them. 
    There is audio if I play them on Windows Media Player but no audio on Quicktime Player. 
    I can edit in Windows Movie Maker but not in PE9.
    The Quicktime Player states the following:
    Format: Motion JPEG Open DML, 640 x 480, millions
    Movie FPS 29.97
    Playing FPS 29.97
    Data Size 1.94 gb
    Data Rate 8.67 mbits/sec
    Normal Size 640 x 480 pixels
    Current Size 640 x 480 pixels
    I have a Dell Inspiron 530, 4.0 gb RAM, 32- Bit Windows Vista system.  Plenty of Hard Drive availability.
    I purchased PE9 because I thought it would be superior to Windows Movie Maker.  Very frustrated.

    Hi Bill,
    The .avi file is a compilation of videos from multiple cameras from over the years.  There is no 1 camera.  That is why I am confused here.
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    Subject: No longer audio on .avi files when attempting to use Elements 9
        Re: No longer audio on .avi files when attempting to use Elements 9
        created by Bill Hunt in Premiere Elements - View the full discussion
    What camera produced the MJPEG files, wrapped in the AVI container? The reason that I ask this, is because camera mfgrs. love to tweak CODEC's, and some take that tweaking to an extreme. If you have the utility disc, that came with the camera, it is probably best to install their particular version of the MJPEG CODEC. The Morgan, or the MainConcept might work OK, but having the exact version, from the camera mfgr. will get you as close, as is possible, and will save having to buy an MJPEG CODEC, that might not be perfect. Now, on that utility disc, one might have one of three possible choices: The MJPEG CODEC might be a separate installationThe MJPEG CODEC might install along with the camera's driverThe MJPEG CODEC might install with an included editing/cataloguing program (most common nowadays), and even if you do not use that utility, having the proper version of the MJPEG CODEC installed on the system, will get you as close, as is possible Good luck, and let us know if you have the utility disc for that camera. Hunt
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  • How do I turn off background ni file activity when not using Labview? files such as nimxs.exe, nipalsm.exe, nipalsm.exe, nisvcloc.exe, nicitdl5.exe

    How do I turn off background ni file activity when not using Labview? I use labview rarely, and I also use my computer for demanding multimedia applications, including multitrack digital audio recording. I need to reduce as much background activity as possible, and taking a look with task manager I see files such as nimxs.exe, nipalsm.exe, nipalsm.exe, nisvcloc.exe, and nicitdl5.exe running even when I haven't used Labview (8 I believe). These files run even after I right click the NI icon on the lower right and turn off the application. I would like the computer to boot up without these files, and for the necessary files to be activated only when I start the program.
    Can this be done or do I have to remove labview from the system to improve performance?

    Hello, those processes are part of running NI services that start when Windows boots.  These processes serve varied purposes and stopping them can have undefined and unknown consiquences for your NI products.  These products run at "normal" priority meaning that they should be preempted by any process running at a higher priority which I would expect your other application to be doing given their time sensitivity.  That being said, in Windows XP (I can't speak for other OSes), you can lower their priorities even greater through task manager (right click the process»set priority) to further remove them from contention for resources.  If you want to prevent them from running you can set the service startup type to "manual" in Control Panel»Administrative Tools»Services.  Right click the process go to Properties and Under the General tab choose Startup Type»Manual.  This will start up the processes only when something directly starts it up.  LabVIEW will start these processes up as it attempts to use them.  When you shut down LabVIEW you will need to manually shut down these processes through task manager.  Again, doing this can cause problems with your NI products on your system and it is not advised.
    Travis M
    LabVIEW R&D
    National Instruments

  • Why won't iDVD burn my .avi files... it used to?

    i have files ending in .avi that i want to burn to a DVD, in order to watch them on television.
    i throw them into the iDVD and the preview shows nothing but a blank screen.
    iDVD used to burn my .avi files.
    i have converted them to .mp4 / .mpg / .mov... but nothing seems to work.
    sometimes, throwing a .mp4 file into iDVD nothing happens at all, or it will say unsupported / unrecognized file.
    the only time it did work was when i used a program to convert a file to .mp4, but now it has a huge watermark across the picture.
    why all of a sudden does it not work?

    If QuickTime-player opens Your .avi files then start Inspector (cmd+I) and read
    Video Format/Codec: nnnnnnnnnnn
    What does it read ?
    What did an old .avi file that worked - read ?
    Yours Bengt W

  • Have a .mp4 video and would like to use it to burn to a disc and be able to be played on a dvd player, should i use idvd or what? also have a .avi file what should i use? thanks please help

    Have a .mp4 video and would like to use it to burn to a disc and be able to be played on a DVD player and a .AVI file what program should I use idvd?

    iDVD may or may not work with them – depending what kind of MP4 and AVI each is.
    Drag them into iDVD and preview them to check compatibility.
    If there are issues, use MPEG Streamclip and re-wrap them as QuickTime.

  • Problem converting avi files to an ipod using quicktime

    when u load the video then say xport and it converts to a mp4 file but when i ;lay both the mp4 file and the avi file on quicktime there is no audio.

    Try searching the iPod Discussions pages for more answers.
    u dnt giv us enuf info.

  • Change avi file to mov. for use with nuvj video mixer

    I have avi. files on my hard drive c that come up on quicktime. I choose "file", export to quicktime, Ichoose options and choose jpeg which is the recomendation of nuvj (they require mov.jpeg files to play music videos). But when I try to play them they only run for 2 seconds with only the player showing. I am new at this any help will be greatly appreciated!!

    This may assist:

  • Problem in USBCAN 8473 Multiple Frame Reading by using LabVIEW Frame API

    I have a problem in reading the multiple frame data from my device.
    I'm using the sample code "transmit receive same"
    I can only receive the first frame of the data.
    Is this due to the configuration issue or anything that I miss out?
    Thank everyone for help!

    Did you get a solution to the problem you were having? We have a similar problem.

  • How to call tdms file in DIAdem programatically using LabVIEW

    Hi all,
               I'm working on a project which has to acquire and stamp data in every 5 ms and store the data from the test cycle start up to almost a months' time. We have decided to store the data in the TDMS file format. We are going to use DIAdem for report generation. I'm new to NI diadem. So I need to know whether it is possible to acquire at the rate of 50Ks/s of around 15 channels and store data to the TDMS file and how we can call a TDMS file into DIAdem and generate reports in the HTML format.

    Hi Jothiraja,
    Yes, I think this is an excellent choice.  In DIAdem you can just drag and drop the TDMS file from the NAVIGATOR tree view on the left into the Data Portal on the right in order to load the TDMS file.  The REPORT panel in DIAdem has a "File >> HTML Export..." menu you can use to export your configured report in HTML format.  Both the data loading and the HTML export can also be run programmatically in DIAdem, if you need to automate the reporting process.
    On the LabVIEW side, how large is your acquisition buffer going to be?  1000 values on each of the 15 channels?  5000 values on each of the channels?  If your acquisition buffers are going to be smallish, then you may want to consider creating a "NI_MinimumBufferSize" property on each of the 15 channels, assigning a value to this property that is the number of channel values you want to flush to disk at a time.  The question here is how much of the resulting TDMS file will be stored data vs. binary buffer header information.  If your resulting TDMS_Index file is tiny compared with its TDMS file, then you can ignore this tip.  Alternatively, you could run the "TDMS" at the end of the data acquisition, or equivalently load the acquired TDMS file into DIAdem and then re-save it over the original.  In both of these cases you will get just one binary buffer at the top of the TDMS file, and all the rest of it will be stored data.  Again, you can compare the size of the TDMS file with its TDMS_Index file to show you what the effect is.
    TDMS is plenty fast enough to stream the 15 channels at 50kS/s that you propose, and I believe you will be very happy with the choice of TDMS as your file format and DIAdem as your reporting engine.  I'll also be happy to help you through whatever obstacles you may run into along the way.
    Brad Turpin
    DIAdem Product Support Engineer
    National Instruments

  • Classification and counting of traffic vehicles in avi file

    we are working on a project classification of vehicles and find out count in a avi file 30 sec duration using labview
    the algorithm we try is back ground subtraction to dectect vehicle, count vehicles, find areas and classify
    can we get a vi

    This could be done using Vision Builder for Automated Inspection. If you are interested in it I would suggest looking at the product page found here. You can use this software to implement the algorithm you described in your post.
    Cameron T
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • In authorware .avi files are jumping (when paused) to one frame ahead on mouseover.

    Dear All,
    I had prepared the CBT in a Authorware application (version 7.02) and published it.
    The .avi files are playing well in my system (OS=Win XP) and same CBT file in some of the Win XP systems it is not playing well.
    i,e. when the movie is playing and I click on the pause button the movie.avi is paused, but the real problem is persisting when I bring my cursor on the different navigation buttons (mouseover) then the movie is jumping to one (1) frame, and if I scroll the text samething is happening the movie is heading forward one frame ahead. But when I click on Play button the movie is playing from the place where it has been paused.
    I tried to check in the Virtual Machine and the CBT is working fine, whereas in the upgraded WinXP systems the CBT is giving the problems.
    I tried to resolve the problem along with System Administrator (they were saying that the Authorware Software need to give some patch files.)
    Please HELP me out with the patch files I need to upload along with the CBT system.
    As I tried to copy all the xtra's into the XTRA folder but still the problem persists.
    Please let me know what to do.
    Thanks and Regards
    Ravi Rao G.

    There are no patches for Authorware that will change the way video plays. As far as I know there are no patches for Authorware beyond 7.0.2. You have the most current version. You could try renaming the file to .wmv which will change the extension that would be used from a7vfw32.xmo to a7wmp32.xmo. The a7vfw32 is used for avi files but a7wmp32.xmo uses the Windows Media Player in the background to run the file. If this doesn't work are you able to try different movie formats?

  • How to increase the speed of video (avi file) using labview

    How to increase the speed of video (.avi file) using labview? I have  tried this by skiping alternate frames. also I have used  minimum time delay.Is there  any other option for which i can go?
    please suggest me........... 

    Are you using NI Vision IMAQ AVI Read Frame or anther method to read the AVI file?
    Matthew Fitzsimons
    Certified LabVIEW Architect
    LabVIEW 6.1 ... 2013, LVOOP, GOOP, TestStand, DAQ, and Vison

  • I am having a terrible time trying to convert my Quick Time file to an AVI file to use in a powerpoint presentation.  Any suggestions?  I am getting Error .43 file not found?

    I am having a terrible time trying to convert my QT file to an AVI file so I can use in PowerPoint.  I am getting Error 43 File not Found, any suggestions?

    Hi Jenna,
    The error your getting suggests a file path problem.
    How are you embedding the movie in PP and where is the movie file located relative to the PP file? Are you getting this error within PP when the slide containing the embedded video is displayed?
    If you embed a movie and then move it or change its name then PP will generate this error.

  • Using .AVI files in FCP

    Hi (this is my first posting),
    I have hard drives (XP) full of AVI files that I must use in FCP. When I import them Final Cut says that these files "are not optimized for FCP" and should be recaptured or to use Media Manager to copy.
    I'm new to FCP so when I copied in Media Manager - I don't know what happened. I was assuming I'd get a .MOV somewhere?
    Do I need to get the original tape and re-capture on my Mac? The video doesn't look degraded and I produced a video ignoring this message with no problems. Now we're going to move to HD.
    Is there a way to recapture an AVI from a hard drive, do I need to? What am I doing wrong (besides capturing to .AVI on XP system). Help .....
    Dual G5   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   Final Cut Studio

    I'm having the same problem, with hours and hours of AVI files that I want to sort through and can't recapture. I am trying to use Media Manager -- I choose recompress, and pick my destination, but it only creates more AVI files, not MOV files, and I can't figure out why?
    When I try to import these new AVI files into my project, I get the same optimization warning... what am I doing wrong? (using FCP 5.1.4)

  • How can I edit .avi files in FCPX?

    What's the best way to convert .avi files so they can be edited in FCPX and then "shared" with iPad and Apple TV2? Definition of best meaning least amount of time and effort without noticeable degradation of quality. I'm an advanced amateur photographer with increasing interest in video but limited knowledge of the technical aspects.
    Now shooting HD with a DSLR camera but have over 100 hours of home/family video taken with Canon GL1 (mini-DV tape) then captured using Sony Vegas Pro. Captured files are .avi, NTSC, 29.97, 720x480, interlaced, 15 minutes or less duration.
    Re-capturing original DV tapes to FCPX would be very time consuming. Don't know why but Vegas Pro 8 running on my older PC (Windows XP) refuses to render out to any of the QuickTime presets including uncompressed. Have Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, FCPX and Compressor running on new iMac.
    My "trial and error" approach isn't working. Main problem seems to be with de-interlacing. Have converted .avi files to ProRes 422 using both Adobe Media Encoder and Apple Compressor. Interlacing "jaggies" are apparent with both when edited in FCPX. Jaggies can be eliminated using combinations of "progressive" field order and "blend frame" output option but this results in artifacts and/or noticeably soft image. Best results so far are by converting .avi to ProRes 422 using Adobe preset (lower field first) then using Apple Compressor's "Apple Device: SD for iPad …" output preset to convert the ProRes 422 to .m2v. Still seems a little fuzzy on iPad but maybe my eyes are just wearing out from all the hours I've spent on this problem.
    Thanks in advance for your time and any help you can pass along. The more I work with FCPX, the better I llike it.

    MPEG-4 isn't nearly enough information. There are many other factors that determine whether it will work in FCP. Many MPEG-4 files can be imported and optimized directly into the application.

Maybe you are looking for