Contribute Creates a Draft instead of Replacing Document

This email came from a client who's purchased two Contribute
site licenses, and is having the following problem:
"Every time I go to update our rate sheet on the website from
my computer, Contribute creates a draft instead of replacing the
existing document that's already posted. I try to save it as
"document.pdf" but it converts it to draft and renames it something
like "document_001.pdf."
Could there be some sort of "lockout" generated from the
other user's computer?
I'd like to help this client answer this question, as it's
inconvenient for him to work from his colleague's computer, and
since they paid for the software, they should be able to use it,
right? ;-)

Hello Dave,
The document was splitting because of Incoterms.
Thanks for your help.

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  • Creating new record instead of update existing one in Bank application

    HI Mate
    Here is my issue and I want from ur help
    Bank information iview---when i am doing "EDIT" option in that it will edit the bank details,But when i check the records in SAP HR is creating extra record instead of replace that record with payroll date.
    Could anyone please help me to fine the solution it is very import for me

    Note 965324
    Check your time contraints
    As per the timeconstraint validation if you edit the record it is
    changing this validity for the future and the gap is included. That is
    the system standard behavior as per the configuration. To achieve the
    desired behavior you need to create a new record or change
    timeconstraint to 1 (but in this case only one record may exist at a
    given period).
    I kindly ask you to refer to note 818957 which explains the Use Cases x
    Timeconstraint configuration.
    to achieve the functionality you have to create new future record.
    Reason is you are using TC:3, in which gaps are allowed, but you dont
    want gap in between.
    When an employee wanted to change his/her bank details
    via portal effective future date, system is
    giving error as "Change in the payroll past not possible".  This error
    appears for the scenario as mention below :
    1.  Payroll is processed and Exited for the period 16th Dec 2010 to
    31st Dec 2010   on  28th Dec 2010  (3 days in advance).
    2.  Employee wanted to change bank details on 29th Dec 2010 effective
    1st Jan 2011 via ESS portal.
    3.  An error Change in the payroll past not possible" is shown while
    saving the data.
    In your case either you have to use TC:1, since you don't want gap in
    between, or you have use new button to create future record.

  • Price during creating of Draft/Purchase Order fails in SP01 PL04

    we try to port an add-on of us to B1 2005 SP01 PL04. The Add-On create a Draft/Purchase Order by DI Api. Doing so works fine in 2005A SP00 PL08 and PL11.
    Now we try to run it at SP01 and we got wrong prices in the DB.
    Here some sample code in C#:
    SAPbobsCOM.Documents document;
    if(createAsDraftDocument == true)
      document = (SAPbobsCOM.Documents)MainClass.Company.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oDrafts));
      document = (SAPbobsCOM.Documents)(MainClass.Company.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oPurchaseOrders));
    document.DocObjectCode = SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oPurchaseOrders;
    filling the documents head data
    // adding a document line
    // filling line
    document.Lines.ItemCode = 1;
    document.Lines.SupplierCatNum = otherValue;
    document.Lines.Quantity = 1;
    document.Lines.Price = 1;
    // adding the document
    if(document.Add() != 0)
      throw(new DocumentCreationException(MainClass.Company.GetLastErrorDescription());
      // everything OK now
      // fetch last docentry as docentry and save as xml
      SAPbobsCOM.Documents d = (SAPbobsCOM.Documents)(MainClass.Company.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oDrafts));
      string fn = @"E:\draft.xml";
      d.SaveXML(ref fn);
    In the XML I found:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
    which isn't as we expected and as it worked on PL00.
    This is the same the draft-form of the last draft we created shows:
    Price is 5 instead of the expected price of 1 we assigned through the DI-Api.
    Note: The Article-price in the item master data is set to 5.00.
    Is anyone out there who could help us as our add-on didn#t work any more on the new SP.

    Hi all,
    we found the problem our self. It seems that the handling of 'Price' and 'UnitPrice' differs a little bit between SP00 and SP01.
    Setting the 'UnitPrice' in the document lines instead of of the 'Price' solves the problem.
    A little bit ugly that the functionallity changes and there is no documentation found.

  • Create a Checkbox in a Word Document (OLE2)

    Hi @all,
    I want to create a WORD Document with ABAP. I created an OLE2 Object and now I want to generate a Checkbox in the WORD Document. My Syntax is the following:
    DATA: o_word TYPE ole2_object.
      CREATE OBJECT o_word 'Word.Basic'.
      CALL METHOD OF o_word 'FileNew'
        #1 = ''.
      CALL METHOD OF o_word 'AppShow'.
    Now my Problem is, that the CheckBox doesn't appear and I really don't have any information about what Parameters the Method 'CHECKBOX' (Word.Basic) needs.
    Can anyone help me to create a CheckBox in a WORD Document and further where I can get some information about what Parameters the Word.Basic Methods need.
    Thanks a lot...
    Message was edited by: Christian Kremer

    @ Rich:
    The Macro code to generate a CheckBox manually is:
        Selection.InlineShapes.AddOLEControl ClassType:="Forms.CheckBox.1"
    Can I also use Word.Application Objects instead of Word.Basic?
    Because the code I have posted here seems to be the syntax I must use with Word.Application
    Message was edited by: Christian Kremer
    Message was edited by: Christian Kremer

  • How to create a draft to a stocktransfer

    i want to creat a draf to a stock transfer.
    I know how to create do a sales/purchase document. But i can i do it to a stock trasnfer.
    Thanks in advance

    Below is a sample showing how to create a draft stock transfer using the DI.  (You can create this and other types of drafts using the SDK V2004).
    Private Sub CreateDraftTransfer()
        On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
        Dim sboTransfer     As SAPbobsCOM.Documents
        Dim lngRetVal       As Long
        Dim lngErrCode      As Long
        Dim strErrmsg       As String
        Dim strTransfer     As String
        Set sboTransfer = sboCompany.GetBusinessObject(oDrafts)
        sboTransfer.DocObjectCodeEx = "67"
        sboTransfer.DocDate = Date
        sboTransfer.DocDueDate = Date
        sboTransfer.Lines.SetCurrentLine 0
        sboTransfer.Lines.ItemCode = "BEETLE S"
        sboTransfer.Lines.Quantity = 2
        sboTransfer.Lines.Price = 10
        sboTransfer.Lines.WarehouseCode = "OT"
        lngRetVal = sboTransfer.Add
        If lngRetVal <> 0 Then
            sboCompany.GetLastError lngErrCode, strErrmsg
            MsgBox "Error: " & strErrmsg
            Call sboCompany.GetNewObjectCode(strTransfer)
            MsgBox "Draft Transfer Created"
        End If
        Exit Sub
        MsgBox "Error has occured. " & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description
    End Sub

  • Create navigation iviews to show differents documents from the same  folder

    Does any body knows how can i create navigations iviews that show differents documents from the same folder? This is my situation i have a folder that include documents for diferents countries, i want create a navigation iview that show only the documents for Canada from this folder.

    The only other option is to give user access using taxonomy. But it seems like a lot of extra work to keep documents in the same directory. anyway, here is the overview of steps:
    1. create index (SA > System Configuration > Knowledge Mgmnt > Index Administration)
    2. create categories within the taxonomy.
    3. define Query on each category. (Content Management > Classification > Taxonomy Query Builder)
    4. create property: property namespace, property group. (SA > System Configuration > Knowledge Mgmnt > Content Mgmnt > Global Services > Property Metadata)
    5. <b>assign props to the docs.</b>
    6. Schedule the crawler to create classification index.
    7. classify docs so that docs actually go recide in the categories
    <b>8. Create role, page and KM Navigation iViews for end user to browse the taxonomy instead of going directly to the repository.</b>
    9. restrict permissions on the taxonomy for different user groups.

  • Error while creating a Characteristic Variable with Replacement Path

    Hi all,
        I am trying to create the Characteristic Variable ZVLOWDT (Low Date') with Replacement Path on characteristic ZSTARTDT (Start Date) and it gives the error 'Source to replace 'Low Date' is not defined.
       I have created a User Entry Variable VAR_DATE (Start Date) with interval like '01/01/2009 - 01/15/2009'  and  Customer Exit variable ZVCPDAY (does some calculation based on the input of VAR_DATE) on the same ZSTARTDT characteristic. I want to get the 01/01/2009 (lower range date of the selection) into this Characteristic Variable ZVLOWDT. We are in BI 7.0 and the following are it's properties:
    General Tab:
    Description: Low Date
    Technical Name: ZVLOWDT
    Type of Variable: Characteristic Value
    Processing by: Replacement Path
    Reference Characteristic: ZSTARTDT Start Date
    Details Tab:
    Variable Represents : Single value
    Variable is: Mandatory
    Variable is Ready for Input : unchecked
    Replacement Path Tab: Replacement Rule
    Replace Variable with : Variable
    Variable : VAR_DATE
    Replace with : KEY
    Why I am getting this error, PLEASE ?

    Hi Khaja,
       We could derive a Variable value from another Variable with out Customer Exit. There is a white paper.
    First have the User Entry Variable (ZV_X) and it accepts the date range like '01/01/2009 - 01/31/2009'. Next create the Characteristic variable (ZV_Y) of Replacement Path for which source variable will be ZV_X and we could get the 'FROM Date' (01/01/2009) from the selection (ZV_X) into it (ZV_Y).
    While creating the Characteristic variable (ZV_Y) of Replacement Path, I didn't find my newly created ZV_X variable in the list of available variables under 'Variable' header in 'Replacement Path' tab and it is causing the error  'Source to replace variable ZV_Y is not defined'. How could I create the Characteristic variable of Replacement Path, PLEASE ?

  • Creating a Folder Within Form or Document Library & Display the name not in the name column.

    I have created a form library that will used to create folders within that. The folder creation is done using an InfoPath Form that has been uploaded to the Form Library. When the new folder was created the name will be displayed at the Name column within
    the Form Library. I want to change that to another column like documents or suchlike.
    Can it be done using InfoPath 2010 VSTA C# or not? If their are other options available please could you try to inform me!
    Thank You,

    If you want to show the name of folder in another column, a workaround is that you can create an extra column, then create a SharePoint Designer workflow to set the value of
    this column with the name of folder.
    Here is a link about Create Workflow using SharePoint Designer and set field value for your reference:
    I have seen a similar post from you in the link below:
    It's recommended that you post a single question in a single thread which will make it easier to be discussed by others.
    Best regards
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • How can I create a Commercial Invoice or similar document in SAP ByD?

    How can I create a Commercial Invoice or similar document in SAP ByD?
    Our company has recently implemented ByD, but we can't figure out how to create a commercial invoice for shipping/customs purposes. I know that the German version of ByD allows for "Export Declarations" which is pretty much the same as a commercial invoice, but the U.S. version doesn't have this document/function.
    Any suggestions? I would appreciate any help.
    By the way, a commercial invoice contains:
    1. The shipperu2019s complete information: Contact name, company name, complete address and tax identification number.
       2. The recipientu2019s complete information: Contact name, company name, complete address and phone number.
       3. The buyeru2019s information (the person to whom the goods are sold by the seller) if different from the recipient: Contact name, company name, complete address and phone number.
       4. The shipment tracking number, air waybill number or bar-code label number.
       5. An accurate description of the contents in your shipment that includes the following details:
    What the product is
    What material the product is made of
    What the productu2019s Schedule B or HTS code is
    What the productu2019s intended use is
    What the productu2019s country of manufacture is
    What the productu2019s parts or serial numbers are (if applicable)
    What the productu2019s quantity and unit of measure are
    What the productu2019s value is, per unit and in total

    May I suggest that you ask this question in the customer forums in the Business Center at [|]
    Best regards, Christian

  • How can I create a sub-folder within my "Documents" folder?

    How can I create a sub-folder within my "Documents" folder? I have many similar documents that I want to group together. This will also un-clutter my Documents folder.

    Also, you can add a New Folder button to the Finder's toolbar by opening Finder, going to the View menu in the menubar, selecting Customize Toolbar..., and dragging the New Folder icon to the toolbar in the Finder window. Then it's just one-click for new folders wherever you want them.

  • While creating the UDF in the Marketing Document  ERRor

    Dear to ALL
    Please give me some solution to the my problem
    My problem is
    While i am creating the UDF in the marketing document I am getting the error message 131-183 could not able to create the data base.
    Any one can help me out releated to this problem
    Please  .....................................................
    With regards to all ........................
    Gopi J N
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Hi JN,
    There is no limit in number of UDF but in record length. This a SQL        
    Server 2000 limitation which establish 8060 bytes as maximum for a         
    record. This limitation does not exist in MSSQL 2005.                                                                               
    Therefore, in order to be able to add more UDFs you should reduce the      
    size of the existing UDFs or upgrade the system to MSSQL 2005.                                                                               
    Please refer to the SAP note 816387                                                                               
    The solution to this problem is to decrease the size of the                
    User Defined Fields. Either by decreasing the length or changing           
    the definition of "Alpahnumeric" fields to Text, or the last resort        
    is to remove the fields.                                                                               
    All these actions have to be done via the SAP Business One application.    
    The change of field type alphanumeric to Text might influence the          

  • PPS Error in "IBIMonitoringAuthoring " You do not have permissions to create a data source in this document library.

    I am trying to use "IBIMonitoringAuthoring" in my local web site.
    But i am getting error like "Server was unable to process request. ---> You do not have permissions to create a data source in this document library.  Additional details have been logged for your administrator."
    My code is below,
     string url = ServerName + webServiceUrl;
            IBIMonitoringAuthoring biService = BIMonitoringAuthoringServiceProxy.CreateInstance(url);
            //Create data source object
            DataSource dataCube = new DataSource("AW_Data_Cube");
            dataCube.Name.Text = "AW_Data_Cube";
            dataCube.ServerName = "SQL2008dev";
            dataCube.DatabaseName = "Analysis Services Project1";
            dataCube.CubeName = "TestCube";
            dataCube.ConnectionContext = ConnectionContext.ConnectAsSharedUser;
            dataCube.FormattingDimensionName = "Measures";
            dataCube.MinutesToCache = 10;
            dataCube.CustomTimeIntelligenceSettings = "";
            biService.CreateDataSource(connectionListUrl, dataCube);
    How could i authenticate the Service. Is there any way to pass credentials for this method?
    Thanks & Regards
    Poomani Sankaran

    I suffered similar issue in Infopath, and i finally solved the issue by changing the data connection URL, it should the same as the Infopath publish location.
    for example: SP server iP have two name, hostname is mySP, alternate assces mapping name is companySP, and you can access the websit by both
    http://mySP and
    hope it can help someone..

  • Issue in creating a add link to a document content type on a doc lib name with , / special characters

    i am having a  requirement to create/use "add link to a document" content type for a item in the document library.
    so i got  the code from below site :
    my issue is, if teh document  library names are single words - like MOM, model, procedures etc this  functionality is working fine and i am able to view the link to a document as an item. 
    but when the doc lib name contains special characters like , or  /  , this link to a  document  content type functionality is NOT working.
    can anyone pls point me whether this is the  actual  issue ? ie, if  the doc lib name contains special chars  like , or /  my
    add link to a document wont work? is there any restrictions/limitations for doc lib names in SharePoint ?
    for eg: my doc lib names are :
    1) Report and analysis, Data
    2) form / template
    3) map/ plot
    help is highly appreciated!

     its talking abt the subsite names and  folders and NOT the document librraies.
     is there any link which gives the naming convention / restricted names for  document libs or  splists , from msdn / blogs.technet.

  • How to create a button in a interactive document and use the button to launch and external "exe." file.

    I created an interactive document and will export as a swf.  I would like to create a button in the interactive document to launch and external "exe." file. Is this possible.

    You will need to create custom web part editor. Look at the following example. It also have added button and its events. I am sure you can use this sample as base and code your logic.

  • In Adobe X Pro, how do I create a digital signature in my document so that my receiver is able to sign it electronically.

    In Adobe X Pro, how do I create a digital signature in my document so that my receiver is able to sign it electronically.

    If the other person will be using Reader, you should first add a digital signature field and then Reader enable the form. In Acrobat 10 you'd select: Tools > Forms > Edit
    to get into form editing mode. You'd then select the signature field tool to add a signature field.
    Once you have the document finalized, Reader-enable the document by selecting: File > Save As > Reader-Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features
    being sure to save to a new file so you don't overwrite the original. If you don't Reader-enable, Reader users won't be able to digitally sign.

Maybe you are looking for

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