Create login page using jsp, servlet  & Oracle

i need the sample application for creating login page using jsp, servlet & Oracle,can you please post one sample application.


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  • Creating Tab pages using JSP

    Can anyone help me in creating Tab Pages using JSP ?

    in JDeveloper 3.1 or greater version
    you have JSP Element wizard
    on riht click on mouse you choise JSP Element wizard
    end JSTabContainer
    or you write folowing code(example):
    <jsp:useBean class="oracle.jdeveloper.jsp.wb.JSTabContainer" id="tbc" scope="request" >
    tbc.addTab("Tab1", "[email protected]", "DrzaviView displayed using the Row Viewer", "", "DrzaviView_RowViewer.jsp", true, true, false, null);
    tbc.addTab("Tab2", "[email protected]", "DrzaviView displayed using the Rowset Browser", "", "DrzaviView_Browse.jsp", true, true, false, null);

  • How to create login page using OAF

    I am using Jdeveloper
    Plese give me Sample Code creating the log in page .

    here i am using the webcenter application using the adf faces need secured login page using the OAM.

  • How do i Create charts using JSP/Servlet & Database

    I have to create charts which shows the graph of stock exchange.
    i have a database that keeps the data for creating charts.
    But i did not know how to create charts using jsp-servlet.
    Any Example might help me to go forward.
    Any help will be really appreciated.
    Please Advice me.

    JFreeChart - You can generate the charts then convert them to image formats (PNG and JPEG) all using the JFreeChart API

  • How can I create a Login-page with jsp???

    I have to create a page with JSP code on the Netweaver Developer Studio.
    But I do not know how I do it.
    Can anyone tell me what to write in the portalapp.xml?
    An example would be very helpful.
    Thank you

    As you can see in the example:
    The portalapp.xml file (deployment descriptor) provides configuration information for your application, and defines the components and services in your application. For each component and service, you specify the implementing Java class and configuration information.
    For more information on the format of the portalapp.xml, see Deployment Descriptor (portalapp.xml).
            <property name="SharingReference" value=",,"/>
            <property name="Vendor" value="MY_COMPANY"/>
            <property name="SecurityArea" value="PERMISSION"/>
            <component name="SimpleNavigationExample">
                    <property name="ClassName" value="MY_CLASS"/>
                    <property name="SecurityZone" value="no_safety"/>
    You can only update in this example, your class name and other details:
    <property name="Vendor" value=""/>
    <property name="SecurityArea" value="MyCompany"/>
    <property name="ClassName" value="LOGINCLASS"/>
    <property name="SecurityZone" value="no_safety"/>
    Modify this portalapp.xml file as follows:
           1.      NAVIGATION SERVICE, so you must add references to the following portal applications that define these services:
           2.      In the <application-config> section, create the following properties that help to define the security zone for all components and services in this application:
    ○     Vendor: String identifying the company or organization that provided the application, for example,
    ○     SecurityArea: String identifying the security area for the application, for example, NetWeaver.portal.
           3.      In the <component-config> section for the mySiteMap component, create the property SecurityZone to define the specific security zone for the component.
    For Permission, check this document:

  • To create login form using swing with sqlserver as backend

    can anybody send me code to create login form using swings .
    thnaks in advance..

    You do realise that you can't create Swing on a JSP page?
    You have to use HTML.
    If you want to use Swing, the java must be running at the client end, which means you need an Applet, and a completely different forum.

  • Unable to create login page

    i m trying to create login page for oracle adf (HTML) but while compile the application i am getting below error message
    [01:58:01 PM] ERROR: Unable to create user "oracleadf". Reason: MBean invoke failed: [Security:090282]password cannot be null
    i m using below reference
    please help me out.

    Hi arun,
    yes i provided but i found one strange this,
    when i entered my password in password then in the confirm password field.
    then confirm password field get frezzed then i click on save button after that both the password field get null automatically.

  • Upload video by using jsp/servlet

    I'm using jsp/servlet to upload video file but I have a problem.
    This error occurs for preparing SQL statement when I cast OraclePreparedStatement.
    It is " Error : weblogic.jdbc.rmi.SerialPreparedStatement
    at jsp_servlet._upload._jspService(
    at weblogic.servlet.jsp.JspBase.service(
    at weblogic.servlet.internal.ServletStubImpl.invokeServlet(ServletStubIm
    at weblogic.servlet.internal.ServletStubImpl.invokeServlet(ServletStubIm
    at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext.invokeServlet(WebAppSe
    at weblogic.servlet.internal.ServletRequestImpl.execute(ServletRequestIm
    at weblogic.kernel.ExecuteThread.execute(
    Please help me asap.

    You need to use the Oracle jdbc driver. Apparently, the Weblogic JDBC driver is being selected:
    The Oracle JDBC classes can be found in <ORACLE_HOME>/jdbc/lib/See <ORACLE_HOME>/jdbc/readme.txt for how to specify the correct class path in the application.
    I would have thought that the oracle JDBC driver would have been selected (if in the classpath) or an exception would be raised if the Oracle JDBC driver was not found.... because the code should include:
    DriverManager.registerDriver(new oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver());
    This should load the Oracle jdbc driver and classes, not the weblogic ones. IF the Oracle JDBC drivers are not found, an exception should be raised...

  • How to create Login page in Jdev11.1.1.4

    Hi All,
    can anyone please share how to create Login Page in Jdev11.1.1.4
    Edited by: Bob on Feb 18, 2011 12:40 AM

    [url]The documentation tells you how.

  • File upload and download using jsp/servlets

    How to upload any file to the server using jsp/servlets. . Help me out

    You can also try the Jenkov HTTP Multipart File Upload. It's a servlet filter that is easy to add to your web-project. After adding it, you can access both request parameters and the uploaded files easily. It's more transparent than Apache Commons File Upload. There is sufficient documentation to get you started, and there is a forum if you have any questions.
    Jenkov HTTP Multipart File Upload is available under the Apache license, meaning its free to use.

  • I am trying to create mobile pages using the steps file new new document page from sample mobile starters jquery mobile (cdn).  When "page from sample" is selected, the subsequent options are not available.  This seems like a silly question, but how do I

    I am trying to create mobile pages using the steps file>new>new document>page from sample>mobile starters>jquery mobile (cdn).  When "page from sample" is selected, the subsequent options are not available.  This seems like a silly question, but how do I acquire these options?

    You can get the latest jQuery Mobile Themes directly from jQuery Mobile's web site.
    Or roll your own with ThemeRoller
    Nancy O.

  • Trying to assemble a HTML page using 3 servlets.

    I am trying to assemble a HTML page using 3 servlets.
    1 servlet for generating a standard header for the page, 1 for generating a standard footer for the page and 1 for generating the content for the page.
    I know how to generate a page with only one servlet, but how do you do it with 3 servlets, with each generating part of the page.

    Use the include method of the RequestDispatcher to include the output of the header and footer servlets.

  • Examination system using JSP/SErvlet and MySQL

    I am new to JSP /servlet.
    I am designing online examination system using JSP/Servlet and MySQL ,where multiple choice questions would be selected randomly from the database. After completion of the examination user gets the results ,also the results would be stored in the database for the future reference.
    Can anyone guide me for this? If possible give me the code for similar type of application.

    Sounds like you want someone else to do your homework for you, did you not read this:
    "This forum works so much better when you try to program the code yourself, then let us know where it doesn't work. Otherwise you learn very little, and we work a whole lot."
    and this
    "If you want free code, have you tried searching Google for it? You may want to consider looking for survey software. It will give you the question/answer capabilities then all you have to do is find a way to grade the survey (if you will)...
    If you are using Tomcat as your server, which you probably are, there is a jdbc tutorial included in the documentation, that is the fastest way to set up your database.
    As for your random selection, have a look at Math.random(), this is one way to generate random numbers, you will need an algorithm to convert this value (between 0.0 and 1.0) into a form that can be used to select information from your database.

  • Any good books on web application using JSP/servlet?

    Does anyone know good books on how-to build enterprise web application using JSP/servlet? Aside from the book "Head First JSP/Servlet". Development using Netbeans is more preferrable.

    801264 wrote:
    What about the free web server? JBoss or Glassfish or something else? I prefer web/application server that is fully compatible with JEE6 (unlike Tomcat that can't handle EJB). thanksI'm a JBoss user myself, so naturally I would advise that to you if I were ignorant. I'm not however, so in stead I'll tell you to investigate yourself and see which one you prefer. Nobody is going to tell you which one to use as there is no such thing as a 'better' or 'best' server. Just different servers each with different issues.
    And the community edition of JBoss has had many issues in the past (because Red Hat of course wants to advise you to go to the enterprise platform which ain't cheap), but JBoss 5.1 was a rock solid piece of software that I have had zero problems with (after reading the odd forum or two). JBoss 6 builds on top of JBoss 5.1 and provides the full JEE6 web profile; this means it does NOT provide a certified 'full' JEE6 stack yet. This means nothing however as all the services you may need in an enterprise application are already there.
    BTW: for simple servlet programming, don't neglect Apache Tomcat. Its a lightweight server that just works.

  • Problem with displaying BLOB images on JSP page using a servlet

    hi. I have a big problem with displaying BLOB images using JSP. I have a servlet that connects to the oracle database, gets a BLOB image , reads it, and then displays it using a BinaryStream. The problem is , this works only when i directly call that servlet, that is http://localhost:8080/ImageServlet. It doesn't work when i try to use that servlet to display my image on my JSP page (my JSP page displays only a broken-image icon ) I tried several coding approaches with my servlet (used both Blob and BLOB objects), and they work just fine as long as i display images explicitly using only the servlet.
    Here's what i use : ORACLE 10g XE , Eclipse 3.1.2, Tomcat 5.5.16 , JDK 1.5
    here is one of my image servlet's working versions (the essential part of it) :
                   BLOB blob=null;
              rset=st.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM IMAGES WHERE ID=1");
              while (
                    ServletOutputStream ostr=response.getOutputStream();
                   InputStream istr=blob.getBinaryStream(1L);
                    int size=blob.getBufferSize();
              int len=-1;
                    byte[] buff = new byte[size];
                         while (( buff ))!=-1 ) {
             ostr.close(); and my JSP page code :
    <img src="/ImageServlet" border="0"  > If you could just tell me what i'm doing wrong here , or if you could show me your own solutions to that problem , i would be very greatful ,cos i'm realy stuck here , and i'm rather pressed for time too. Hope someone can help.

    I turns out that it wasn't that big of a problem after all. All i had to do was to take the above code and place it into another JSP page instead of into a servlet like i did before. Then i just used that page as a source for my IMG tag in my first JSP. It works perfectly well. Why this doesn't work for servlets i still don't know, but it's not a problem form me anymore . Ofcourse if someone knows the answer , go ahead and write. I would still appriceatte it.
    here's the magic tag : <img src="ImageJSP.jsp" border="0"  > enjoy : )

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