Creating Apprisal Document with different templates

Hi Friends
I am trying to create appraisal documents for employees.  How can I manage this for 1000 employees and my LSMW is not considering the VA(Appraisal Template ID), so I need to create seperately.
Experts kindly suggest how do we normally create appraisal documents for a group of employees on a quarterly basis.
Please help

Hi Surya,
With the new appraisal system, you have transaction PHAP_PREPARE that allow you to create multiple appraisal documents at once.
You can create them using wizards to select the appraiser/tenmplate/appraisee, or using the organization unit.
Hope this help

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    The build booklet feature is for very basic booklets, not something like this.
    Sorry, but you’ll need to make everything full size and then do the cutting.

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    Hi Marc,
    You can use the DocStart and DocEnd commands along with the PicPrint command to spool multiple print commands to the same output PDF file using the direct printer approach.  This should enable you to programmatically specify the page size differently for each sheet that you add to the print job.
    ' Print PDF Page by Page.VBS
    Dim i, Path, OldPrintName
    Path = AutoActPath & "2D Stacked"
    Call DataDelAll
    Call DataFileLoad(Path & ".TDM")
    PDFFileName = Path & " Page by Page.pdf"
    IF FileExist(PDFFileName) THEN Call FileDelete(PDFFileName)
    OldPrintName = PrintName
    PrintName = "winspool,DIAdem PDF Export,LPT1:" ' Set to PDF printer
    PDFResolution = "72 DPI" ' "2400 DPI" , "default"
    PDFOptimization = TRUE
    PDFFontsEmbedded = FALSE
    PDFJPGCompressed = "high"
    PrintOrient = "landscape" ' orient paper
    Call PrintMaxScale("GRAPH") ' auto-max, see alternative margin setting variables below
    PrintLeftMarg = 0.181
    PrintTopMarg = 0.181
    PrintWidth = 10.67
    'PrintHeigth = 7 (read-only)
    Call WndShow("REPORT")
    Call DocStart ' Begin multi-page document/print job
    FOR i = 1 TO 4
    Call PicLoad(Path & ".TDR")
    Call GraphSheetNGet(1)
    Call GraphSheetRename(GraphSheetName, "Page " & i)
    Call PicUpdate
    Call PicPrint("WinPrint") ' Add a page to be printed
    NEXT ' i
    Call DocEnd ' End multi-page document/print job
    PrintName = OldPrintName
    Call ExtProgram(PDFFileName)
    Brad Turpin
    DIAdem Product Support Engineer
    National Instruments

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    Proof Colors doesn't change the file's color management, it just lets you see what the color values would look like if they are printed unchanged on different output devices. If you want to actually convert the color from one CMYK space to another, it's probably better to do that in Acrobat—Tools>Print Production>Convert Colors.
    There's very little difference between Fogra27 and Fogra39—Fogra27 allows more total ink 350 vs. 330.
    There's nothing you can do to improve the quality of low res images

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    That's because nobody has posted an answer. You can find the discussion at how do I save a document with different page orientations to one pdf? I think this is pretty much what happens on Mac, but you can combine the separate PDFs to one.

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    The last time I did this I put each glossary term on its own (much smaller) page, then created a link to return to previous view that covered the entire page so no matter where they clicked they would go back to where they came from. Or you could create a button that jumps to previous view. Of course this only works when each glossary term is linked just once. If the same term is used on different pages you link them all to the glossary but the link on the glossary page will only return to the first instance.

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    It's possible to use the Page Open actions to trigger a view mode change but it's messy - if the user tries to override them because they prefer to zoom in, etc. then they'll get very annoyed when things keep resetting.
    To create a Page Open action, open the thumbnails panel, right-click on a page, choose Page Properties, then the Actions tab. You can use the Execute a Menu Item tool to fire one of the view modes.

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    something they can edit (which will need more height).
    Thanks for any thoughts on a direction I should think about.
    By the way, I really like that AS 3.0 is much more consistent of a
    programming language than previous MX versions that I've used.
    We're doing a lot of AS/Flash/AIR work with it and it's turning
    into a wonderful environment...

    Any ideas about this??

  • How to create shipment document with out inbound delivery document

    Dear Friends
    How to create shipment document with out outbound/inbound delivery document.
    In my client scenario, there is no inbound delivery for normal purchases.
    Just there are raising the PO to vendor, then they are doing MIGO for goods receipt.
    Can we do shipment creation with reference to PO?
    If it is possible, how it will be?
    Please let it solve
    With regards

    Dear Sameer,
    Please go to transaction VT01N here you enter Transportation planning point and shipment type then press enter.
    Now system will take you to the shipment document creation screen here you click on Select deliveries or press F6 now system will take you to the select outbound deliveries screen in this screen you enter selection data then execute, now deliveries will get assigned to that shipment.
    After assigning the deliveries enter the remaining data then complete the shipment finally save the shipment document.
    For more information please go through this SAP help link
    Note:- Shipment process need to be carry out for the deliveries before PGI.
    I hope this will help you,

  • How can i share documents with different users on the same mac?

    How can i share documents with different users on the same mac?

    Shared how? The other users can read the documents or you all can read and write the documents?
    The first is easy just place the documents in /Users/Shared anyone can access the files there and the other users will be able to read them.
    The second is a bit trickier.

  • Intercompany stock transfer: IV billing documents creates FI document with

    Intercompany stock transfer: IV billing documents creates FI document with wrong vendor.
    How can I make sure that the correct vendor is posted in the selling company code?
    Best regards,

    Hi Jürgen,
    I also tried this option but then the following error appeared:
    "Message no. F5598: Posting keys for account determination for transaction BUV do not exist".
    Some point is forcing the PGI to ask for BUV operation (Tx. OBYA).
    Thank you for your contribution.

  • I would like to create a document with imbedded video, to email, and airdrop to an iPad mini. What program should I use?

    I would like to create a document with imbedded video, to email, and airdrop to an iPad mini. What program should I use?

    Thank you for using the Apple Support Communities
    I would suggest using Apple's Pages which allows support for imbedding videos from the device's camera roll. Pages also allows for sharing via email, Air Drop, and Messages.

  • Create custom document with wrong size

    I have a problem (on Sun Solaris 5.8) when I create custom document with more than 10MB size.
    I've created an agent which detects the events on a custom data type
    MYDOCUMENT (extension .mydoc).
    When I put a new document test1.mydoc (size of 10MB for example), my agent detects the new document, creates a copy, sets the class object to
    MYDOCUMENT , removes the original document and puts the copy into the same folder.
    But sometimes, the copy created has a wrong size (less then 10MB).
    How can I configure the nfs server to be sure that the agent waits for the complete size of the added document.
    I need HELP !!!!

    Hi Pavithra,
                    yeah you can create your custom table by entering fields in Standard.  for more details
    refer below screen shots

  • Need to create the document with originals and checkin that document

    HI Guys,
    My requirement is to write a method to  create the document with originals and checkin that document of DMS.
    Plz suggest the approach to get this requirement solved.

    Hi Bala,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Iam writing the code under method like below.
    ls_doc type bapi_doc_draw2.
      APPEND is_files TO it_files.
          documentdata               = ls_doc
         documenttype               = iv_doctype
         documentnumber             = iv_docnumber
         documentpart               = iv_docpart
         documentversion            = iv_docvers
         return                     = iv_return
        documentfiles              = it_files.
    Iam checking with document number , document type, document part, document version... it is throwing error message as
    error while checking in and storing: version number(25).
    Please advice whether it is correct approach?
    Edited by: shravan kumar ravula on Dec 22, 2011 11:24 AM
    Edited by: shravan kumar ravula on Dec 22, 2011 1:26 PM
    Edited by: shravan kumar ravula on Dec 22, 2011 1:26 PM

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