Creative cloud starts only with white background, so I can´t install anything. My system-Windows 8.1-

Since today my Creative Cloud starts only with white background and nothing else. I reinstalled it two times, but the Problem still excists.
Thx for help

Please try this--
1. Quit the CC Desktop application by clicking on the 'Tools' icon (top-right) and choosing quit from the drop-down.
2. Go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData*\Local\Adobe  and rename OOBE folder to OOBE.old.
Launch CC Desktop application again.
*AppData is a hidden folder.
Let me know the outcome.

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  • Creative Cloud shows only a white window!

    Hi there, Since a few days I have the problem that my Creative Cloud can start, but the window remained white (sign the charge the appear at startup short), new installation, or delete the cache in the Common Files (Win7 64-bit) unfortunately bring nothing ,

    BLANK Cloud Screen may help
    -and step by step
    A chat session where an agent may remotely look inside your computer may help
    Creative Cloud chat support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

  • Creative Cloud installer sticks with Lightroom 4.1 instead showing and installing 4.3

    What's wrong with the installer? (see topic)
    I had 4.1 installed as separate installation before I switched to the creative cloud.
    Apparently there is at least one installation bug: I removed Lightroom completely by using uninstall. Afterwards installed it via the creative cloud installer. Lightroom gets installed to C:\Programs Files\ where it was installed before, completely ignoring the Install path given in the creative cloud installer (which is C:\Adobe for me), which even makes the installer not activating the "Launch app" link, as the software is not installed where it expects it.
    So that's two things to fix: Lightroom 4.3 not available in creative cloud, install path gets ignored by Lightroom installation. :-(

    Thank you for the information about the custom installation path.  You should be able to install Lightroom 4.1 to the default location and then install Lightroom 4.3.  Lightroom 4.3 will then utilize the licensing information from Lightroom 4.1.
    We are looking at providing an updated version of Lightroom within the Adobe Application Manager in the future.

  • The Window of my Creativ Cloud Desktop App turnd black. So I can't see anything.

    Hey everybody,
    I have a problem with my Creativ Cloud Desktop App. When I start it first I see the loading icon for about one sek. but the the whole window turns black after that. I've tried to restart the PC or also only the App but that doesn't change anything. Also on Google I can't find an answer for this Bug.
    Maybe you can help me.
    Thanks, Marion
    Update: Maybe you need this info. I'm working on Win7 64Bit

    Hi Marion,
    You can follow the article: Black Screen at Sign-in | Creative Cloud Desktop app which will help you to get the Creative Cloud desktop app Black screen issue fixed.
    Let us know if you still face any issues with this.
    Ratandeep Arora

  • What are the steps to uninstall Creative Cloud on a Mac and create a brand new re-install

    I am having problems with my Mac OS system disk and have decided to re-format the disk and start again.
    However I have noted numerous members who have removed Creative Cloud products only to find when they wish to re-install being informed that the software is already on their disk.
    Therefore, what I need to know, is what exactly is the procedure that will allow me to erase my disk, re-build it and then download a new copy set of the Creative Cloud software?
    I don't want, when I have rebuilt the hard disk, to be faced with the statement that I already have Creative cloud on my disk ... when in fact I have erased it.
    Thank you.

    You want to do two things:
    Deactivate the installed programs via the Help menu.
    Uninstall the programs from the links provided in the folder Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers.

  • Creative Cloud will only launch in SafeBoot. Why?

    Creative Cloud crashes when I try to launch. The icon will flash once in the menu bar and then disappear. I'm running Mac OS X 10.10.3.
    I've tried everything I could find in the forums and elsewhere through google searches. The only way Creative Cloud will open is if I start my Mac in SafeBoot mode.
    SOME things I've tried (I've tried MUCH more than this list):
    try under a new admin
    look for the app in my user preferences "startup at login" screen (it's not there)
    uninstalled and reinstalled
    used Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool with fresh install
    I've had CC installed on this same machine before, but only today did I purchase a CC plan and this started happening. It worked fine before.

    I tried every solution I found online suggesting deletion of apps, fresh installs, deletion of folders, permission changes, etc. I finally had an hour long chat session with an Adobe tech who had me do much of the same thing again, only to have the issue remain.
    Here was the end solution which worked for me:
    1. Create a new Admin account
    2. Log out of your computer, and then back in under the new admin account
    3. use the Creative Cloud uninstaller app to uninstall CC desktop. (Doing this prompted an alert message telling me I couldn't do this because some CC apps required it. So, I deleted the 2 CC apps I had installed, Lightroom and Photoshop)
    4. After the uninstall completes, install a new copy of CC desktop. (Once I did this, it opened and ran correctly.)
    5. Log out and log back in under your usual account.
    6. If CC desktop doesn't start on its own, double click the application itself to start up.
    After completing step #6, CC desktop started up on its own. I re-downloaded Photoshop and Lightroom through CC and all is working normally so far.

  • The Apps Application of my of my Creative Cloud Desktop only shows "Download Error"

    The Apps Application of my of my Creative Cloud Desktop only shows "Download Error" and asks to either reload application (which does not work) or to contact customer support. As result I am unable to update any of my Apps even if I try and update through the website. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I am working on a Mac with OS X 10.9.3.

    Some 10.9.3 links
    -Mac 10.9.3 workaround
    -more Mac 10.9.3
    -Enable Mac Root User
    -more Root User
    -and more root user
    Link for Download & Install & Setup & Activation problems may help
    -Online Chat

  • PNGs showing up with white backgrounds

    This is very odd as this has never happened to any of my other files that use the same buttons. My pngs that are saved with transparent backgrounds are now showing up with white backgrounds. They also only show up with white backgrounds when you do one of the following:
    Press F8 to preview the file
    Publish the file
    Has anyone else ever had a similar experience and/or figured out a solution? I have searched the discussion board for similiar experiences...I found one... I'm going to play around with "interlace" in Photoshop so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I have also ensured my graphics are smaller than the background--one graphic is an 8kb file and the other is a 13kb file and my background is 112 kb.
    Any solutions and/or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

    hello nyartist, this has nothing to do with quirks mode - it's just the default way that standalone image files are displayed in firefox...

  • How to draw centre line with white background?

    I need to draw a centre line with white background on it. Now i'm doing it by pasting the main line in the background and giving it white so that it shows a white backgound. Is there a way to do just by drawing like normal lines. If we can, is it possible to control the white backgound only to show less than the original line in both ends. This is for illustrations i do for exploding views and i need to draw this line to show it as assembly drawing.

    1. Draw a white line segment of desired width (stroke weight) with round cap (Stroke panel) for the background line.
    2. Copy, Paste in Front
    3. Change to desired foreground color, butt cap, reduce stroke weight.
    4. Opt/Alt–drag foreground segment to overhang background segment by desired amount on both ends.
    5. Select both segments and drag to Brushes panel, choose Art Brush.
    6. In Art Brush Options choose Stretch Between Guides, drag guides somewhere to the inside of curve of round caps. (If in step 3 you chose black, set Colorization Method to Tints. Then you can select any color for the foreground segment by setting the stroke color.) Name the brush as you choose. Click OK.
    7. Draw any path and apply the brush.

  • Creative Cloud update fails with "the download appears to be corrupted" when tried through our company's firewall, but succeeds if the computer is taken outside the firewall

    Creative Cloud update fails with "the download appears to be corrupted" when tried through our company's firewall, but succeeds if the computer is taken outside the firewall. The IT guys have opened up the ports and URL's specified in the Adobe documentation.  I have also captured the network traffic of both the failed and successful downloads for IT to examine (using Little Snitch), however they can find nothing to account for the problem.  Adobe just seems to "give up and die" after about 2-3 minutes.  Why is this?  How can I or IT fix this?
    Can I send the above log files to someone familiar with these issues for examination?

    Hi Gveo,
    Please follow the article: Creative Cloud Help | About Creative Cloud Packager which will help you to get your issue fixed.
    Ratandeep Arora

  • Print 3D PDF document with white background

    Is it possible to print a view from 3D PDF document with white background?
    I could not find any possibilty to change the grey background color, neither in the standard preferences nor in the print options...
    Thanks for your help!
    Kind regards,

    As you experienced all DIALOG function modules will not work in Batch because the is no connection with a frontend (PC).
    You have to get your PDF on a server so you can process them in Batch.
    Maybe you can than use the FM: ALINK_DOCUMENTS_CREATE_FILE

  • I created a photo book in Photoshop elements 11 that contains png files with the invisible backgrounds.  When I export the book to a jpg or a pdf, the png files appear with white backgrounds.

    I created a photo book in Photoshop elements 11 that contains png files with the invisible backgrounds.  When I export the book to a jpg or a pdf, the png files appear with white backgrounds.  Any suggestions on how to fix this? 

    jpg and pdf formats don't support transparency. You need to use a format such as tif, png or psd that does.
    Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children
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  • Paid my subscription for Creative Cloud Student and when I sign in, I can only use the trial versions?

    Paid my subscription for Creative Cloud Student and when I sign in, I can only use the trial versions..
    What do I do?

    Sign in, activation, or connection errors | CS5.5 and later

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    Creative Cloud for Photography with Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5
    Friday, June 21, 2013 | 12:00 PM PT
    Presented by: Julieanne Kost
    Join Julieanne Kost, Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist, as she demonstrates new features in Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, as well as sharing and collaboration features of Adobe Creative Cloud. In this Ask A Pro session, you will:
    Learn how Creative Cloud brings additional capabilities to your workflow with Sync Settings, Sync Fonts, and sharing with Creative Cloud
    See new features in Photoshop CC to enable more advanced sharpening than ever before with all-new Smart Sharpen, intelligent upsampling, and Camera Shake Reduction.
    Learn how to perfect your images using the new Upright and Advanced Healing Brush in Adobe Camera Raw 8 and Lightroom 5
    See how to customize your photo books in the updated Book module in Lightroom 5
    Share your images with the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work using Share to Behance from within Photoshop CC d-lightroom-5.html

  • will not starts, only with MS explorer will not start, only with microsoft explorer on my laptop asus x 51 series

    Dear Smith_123:
    Thank you for your reply. However, Office had never been previously on the OS as it was never purchased.  I do have Office for Mac 2011 but that is 32 bit and is not on the VMWare / Windows side of the machine.  But even if I had, I would not know
    how to clean up the residual file or registry keys without assistance.
    After 1 hours and 20 min on the phone last evening and being handed from person to person through literally 9 different people, I finally reached someone that seemed knowledgeable in MS Support.  But all they would give me was a circular answer: 
    We can't help you because it is a Trial Version for which there is no support offered. When I explained I wanted to be sure Visio worked on my machine prior to spending between $300 and $600 on a copy, Support could only say that I would have to purchase it
    first before they would give me any help to see if it works. When I offered to purchase it right then since I had finally gotten to someone who appeared as though they could help, he told me that he was Support and not Sales so I would have to go elsewhere
    to purchase the product.  Very frustrating.

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