Data movement of Chart of Account from one instance to other

We are doing data movement of Chart of account tables(FND_FLEX tables) from one instance(oracle 10.7)to another instance(Oracle 11.0.3).
Some of the columns of flex value tables are obsoleted in Oracle 11.0.3. like description in fnd_flex_values is obsoleted and description is used from fnd_flex_values_tl.
My question is, Is it necessary to do the data movement of fnd_flex_values_tl table to get the description or just the data movement for fnd_flex_values table will serve the purpose.
Thanks in advance.

When upgrading you need to populate both the fnd_flex_values and the fnd_flex_value_tl table. Please note applications will not function properly when you dont populate this table.
I am not sure how you are populating this table, if using the oracle upgrade process then Oracle takes care of this else please ensure that you populate all the _tl tables

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    You can create one dblink in dev db to Production db with the user/schema the live table belongs. Then you can accesss the live table in dev db.
    Run in Dev db
    create database link "live_db.WORLD"
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    drop database link live_db; does the work
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    I'm afraid you can't do this. You can't delete an iCloud account, and even if you delete an alias you still can't move it to another account or turn into an ID.

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    Before you change the country, note the following:
    - you must use any remaining store credit on your account
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    - If you have an iTunes Match subscription, you can't change countries until the subscription has expired.
    - If you have purchased a Season Pass, you cannot change the country associated with your account until that season is done airing and the last episode of the season has been added to the iTunes Store.
    Taking the above into consideration, here's how to change your country:
    1. Open iTunes and click Sign In.
    2. Enter your iTunes Store account name and password, then click Account Info.
    3. On the Apple Account Information page, click Change Country or Region.
    4. Enter the updated information and save your changes.

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    Dose any one know how to move BCS data from one box to other box ?
    Thanks & Regards,

    1) The best is to do the test. In my case, my customer was just doing this transfer (in full) to perform tests on the BEX reportings. Actually, they never raised any issue regarding document number when they did additional postings in test system... I would also say that during the transfer, the number counter in Qual gets not synchronized with the one in Prod. So, I think the system will just take the next number available in Qual. Should not be an issue.
    2)  As explained in answer 1), in my case, the purpose was not to perform data migration from one system to the other one. Thus, my customer never performed a subsequent consolidation in the target system. But, basically, the transfer copies all data : posting levels 00 to 30, for all periods you have selected + Additional financial data and sequence of activities. Thus, for me, everyhting is available in the target system, including COI documents. In other words, the "picture" regarding the data should be exactly the same between both system. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the customizing : it must be the same in Qual and Prod (example : date of acquisition and divestiture, structure of the group, etc...).
    Another very important thing, is that your export data source must not be enriched due to the BCS Delta load scenario. If it is the case, the system will write the consolidation logic (i-e the consolidation group + reporting mode) when transferring the data from the source Real Time Infocube to the Target Real time infocube, which will lead to inconsistent data in the target system.

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    The system generates the following error while trying to save document :
    Account determination for entry BAS1 BSX 9000 ___ C100 not possible
    The system did not find an account for this transaction. This means that the account determination for key BAS1 BSX 9000 ___ C100 is not maintained in MM Customizing (Valuation). The key is made up of:
    Chart of account
    Transaction key (= Posting transaction)
    Valuation grouping code
    Account grouping code
    Valuation class
    System Response
    The system cannot update a G/L account for this transaction. You cannot post the transaction.
    Can you please tell me where the necessary setting should be made.

    Please check the confirguration in OBYC for this combination and assign GL account for this combination of Valuation class, Valuation area.
    Lakshmanan Krishnan

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