Datapacket 1 is missing

Dear all,
I am doing a full load which extracts data from R/3. In details tab I see datapacket 1 is missing, but the load is successfull fetched 2 Million records.  I doubt whether there could be any dataloss.
I tried to repeat the load again  but no use..i still face the same problem.
Please let me know why datapacket 1 is missing ? Also anyway to validate data between R/3 & BW.
I tried to extract in RSA3 but I could not view all records at one stre
Can anyone share if u have experienced same problem.

Hi Bala,
It could be that data is stuck between R/3 and BW.
Here is how to check this: Logon to R/3 and execute transaction SM58 "Transactional RFC"
Fill out the selection screen and make sure you enter * for user.
if there are any lines that show "Transaction recorded" for your BW user (ALEREMOTE or whatever you have defined) then position your cursor on that line and press F6 "Execute LUW".
This will attempt to send the datapackage again. Such things can happen for example if there was a network problem between R/3 and BW.

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    Did you try checking the partner application entries on the SSO-login server page?
    please login as orcladmin or some other user with membership in, i beleive, iasadmins group. verify that for this partner application, what you see here corresponds to the application URL. it looks like your login page call may have issues. so check for login url too.
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    I have a laptop that has (or had) pretty much all of my music, both burned from CDs and downloaded from iTunes. My 17 year old son on occasion syncs his iPhone and iPad with this laptop. As of the last sync (as best I can determine), many songs that I purchased in the past few years are now missing, in that they have an exclamation point to the left of the song title, and when I try to play the song, I get an error message that says "The song could not be used because the original file could not be found" or something to that effect. As it turns out, the file seems to be erased. This has happened multiple times, and I could be wrong, but I believe that there are some songs that had the exclmation point last time he synced that now don't, and vice-versa. There is not an obvious correlation or grouping as to why these songs are missing (e.g,. they were not all purchased on the same date, not all songs from one artist are missing, etc.).
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    and perhaps as important (more of a long-term question):
    2. Why does this happen and how can I prevent this from happening again (since it has happened multiple times)?

    1. iTunes won't offer cloud downloads for songs that it "thinks" are in your library, even if it "knows" the files are missing. If you've exhaustively searched for the missing files and there is no prospect of repair by restoring to them to their original locations, or connecting to new ones, then delete that tracks that display both the missing exclamation mark and are of media kind Purchased/Protected AAC audio file. Don't hide from iTunes in the cloud when asked, close iTunes, then reopen. You can download from the cloud links or iTunes Store > Quicklinks > Purchased > Music > Not on this computer > All songs > Download all.
    2. Why? Not sure, perhaps 3rd party tools or accidental key presses combined with previously hidden warning messages when trying to organize the library. There is a hint that using the feature to downsample media as it is synced to a device may also be involved, though I've not replicated it. Whatever the reason a backup would protect your media.

  • Regarding Field Missing in Dso Transformation

    I am facing the issue like
    In Datasouce to DSO transformation i can see the 55 objects in DSO table, and in DSO to Cube Transformation i can see 54 fields in DSO table, one field is missing , the object  0TXTSH(short discription) is mapped to field 0TXZ01in DS to DSO transformation.
    so How can i get the field in DSO to Cube transformation.??
    any settings have to be change???
    waiting for yours Valuable answers

    Please identify the object and check it whether it is an attribute or a characteristic, if it is attribute only disable that option then check it.

  • Options - Text Editor - C/C++ missing intellisense entry. Intellisense not working

    Options -> Text Editor -> C/C++ missing intellisense entry.  Intellisense not working.    Solutions to turn options for the editor off and on are not working.  The intellisense entry is present for other languages,
    such as C#, but not C/C++.
    By not working, I mean the intellisense right click menu items are grayed out, and intellisense files are not produced.

    Hi JerroldBrody,
    Thank you for posting in MSDN forum.
    >>I mean the intellisense right click menu items are grayed out, and intellisense files are not produced.
    Based on your issue, could you please share me a screen shot about the intellisense right click menu items are grayed out?
    Generally, I know that it is default that we can enable the intellisense for C/C++ by going to the TOOLS->Options -> Text Editor -> C/C++ ->Advanced-> IntelliSense like the following screen shot.
    So please try to check if you set Disable Intellisense property as False in the VS IDE.
    Best Regards,
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    Have tried several attempts to re-index loops to no avail.
    For instance, "Live Edgy Drums 07" remains, but "Live Edgy Drums 29.2" does not and has no sound.
    in sound effects, "Airplane Takeoff" is in the loop library and is functioning, but "is not found" in my composition.

    how do i get them back into my playlist?
    On the left side ofTunes, drag from Library -> Music to the playlist you want it in.
    why does it keep doing this?
    Are you deleting the playlists the song(s) are in?

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    Maybe it's just me but here is a list of things which are currently missing or wrong with the new BT Vision box (black edition with new interface and OS). Thought it might be useful to keep a list of these going which people can add to.
    would also appreciate it if anyone can help with any of these issues in case i've missed something
    Red button doesn't work - believe this is  'coming soon'. you can still access the channels by going to 301 or 302
    Teletext doesn't work - the button pops up a message saying it's not available, coming soon?
    There is no way to set recordings to over run? - this used to be very handy on old box, particularly with live shows. is this being brought back?
    No signal strength tester - you used to be able to check digital signal reception strength and quality from the settings menu, not any more
    Pressing 'play' when viewing a recording doesn't flash up the progress bar - any other good way to do this, used to be handy. Fix: pressing "select" does the trick
    no HD Freeview - the box isn't capable, wondering whether they might upgrade us to YouView later on for this?
    No options to set resolution - used to be able to define 720p or 1080i for instance, not any more
    Sky Sports small white box - a small logo in the bottom right area, not sure what this is or why it's now there?
    Subtitles on iPlayer missing
    Some reported picture quality issues - both on SCART and HDMI
    On the plus side:
    Bigger capacity on the hard disc
    Faster inteface and movement between sections
    Nice new design and sharp interface resolution
    Channel logos / graphics now in the information bar menu
    When in the TV Guide there's still a small box showing you what you are watching on the current channel
    Music playlist
    Reinstatement of the 30s jump and better fast-forward / rewind (30s jump doesn't work on Sky Sports)
    Ability to jump to specific point in recordings (you need to start it first, then stop and go back into it to have option)
    Ability to reenter a recording at a time offset
    Icon to show which recordings have been watched
    HD iPlayer
    Recently viewed in iPlayer
    Ability to resume a programme on iPlayer
    Ability to resume on demand
    Disk usage on Recordings page
    Auto switching format for HDMI and SCARTOne-press toggling of Subtitles and Audio
    Previous channel facility
    'Play all' feature for On Demand series
    anything else people want to add?

    Subtitles on iPlayer
    Life | 1967 Plus Radio | 1000 Classical Hits | Kafka's World
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    I'm a PC user with an itunes account for several years. I updated my itunes and now it wont open and shows me 'missing file MSVCR80.dll,and error 7(Window error 126)' keep coming up even after re-installing itunes . What should i do?

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  • REJECT_CODE Vendor information and/or Operating Unit information is missing

    i am using Oracle Applications :
    i am trying to load suppliers and suppliers data into oracle AP.
    i tried doing this with some sample data.
    i executed the following code below :
    values (*10006*,'XXX Financials2','199999','NEW');
    i then ran the following process:
    Supplier Open Interface Import
    the supplier was added without errors
    i then inserted a record into the
    vendor_interface_id =*10006*,
    LAST_UPDATED_BY          ='123',
    VENDOR_SITE_CODE = 'true test' ,
    CREATED_BY     ='123' ,
    PAY_SITE_FLAG     = 'Y' ,
    ATTENTION_AR_FLAG     = 'N' ,
    ADDRESS_LINE1     ='gmmm df' ,
    ADDRESS_LINE2     ='gmmm dfdv' ,
    ADDRESS_LINE3     ='gmmm dfvdd' ,
    ADDRESS_LINE4     ='gmmm dfvdd' ,
    TERMS_DATE_BASIS     ='Current' ,
    PAYMENT_PRIORITY     = '99' ,
    TERMS_ID= '10001' ,
    INVOICE_AMOUNT_LIMIT =20,          
    ORG_ID= '142' ,
    i then ran the following process:
    Supplier Sites Open Interface Import
    the process completes with a status of 'Normal'.
    below is an extract of the output :
    Supplier Sites Open Interface Import Execution Repor Page: 1
    Import Options: All
    Batch Size: 1000
    Print Exceptions Only: No
    Sites Open Interface Audit Report
    Org Id Supplier Number Supplier Name Site Name
    Total Sites Imported: 0
    *** No Data Exists for this Report ***
    Sites Open Interface Rejections Report
    Org Id Supplier Number Supplier Name Site Name Reason
    Total Sites Rejected: 0
    when i checked the AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_INT table ,
    the REJECT_CODE field has the value *'Vendor information and/or Operating Unit information is missing.'*
    why am i recieving this error ? is this caused by a bug? is there a required field that i didn't populated ?
    please help me to solve this ....
    thanks much!!

    Could you please check : Doc ID: 316368.1 of Metalink...
    The Supplier Site Contacts Open Interface Import program is not importing certain contact
    The Supplier Site Contacts Open Interface Import Execution Report shows the following Rejection
    Vendor information and/or Operating Unit information is missing
    The Last_name field is a required field.
    As per the Oracle Payables User's Guide.
    Appendix G-111
    AP_SUP_SITE_CONTACT_INT chart shows the LAST_NAME is a Required field
    As per the Oracle Payables User's Guide.
    Appendix G-111
    AP_SUP_SITE_CONTACT_INT chart shows the LAST_NAME is a Required field
    If you test this out directly in the Suppliers window in Oracle Payables:
    Navigation: Suppliers-Entry
    Queried up a Supplier, then clicked into the Site field under the Contact tab.
    Entered the contact information and omitted the Last Name, when trying to save the record,
    the system gives the following message:
    *'FRM-40202: Field must be entered' and the cursor is on the Last Name field. This is a required*
    field and is the intended functionality.
    Hope this will help
    S.P DASH

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    how to Create a Missing Quantity list that gives the difference between sent and received quantities during Stock transfer. and send me tables involved in that, primary keys also

    suppose, if we transfer goods from plant to plant or St loc to st loc with in one plant, if some goods missed due to some problems, i need that info.
    diff beteen sending stock of plant 1 and receiving stock in plant2
    Where can i gte all this fields

  • Help needed with missing data problem in CRVS2010

    We recently upgraded the reporting engine in our product to use Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 (previously engine was CR9). Our quote report, which has numerous subreports and lots of conditional formatting, started losing data when a quote took more than a single page to be printed. We knew the SQL results included the data, but the report was not printing those lines at all or sometimes printing a partial line. In addition, the running total on the report would exclude the lines that were being missed on the next page. In one example submitted by a customer, 3 lines were skipped between pages.
    I think I have identified two potential issues that document the possibility of data not being included in the report.
    The first potential issue is an issue with the "suppress blank section" option being checked. This issue is supposedly fixed with ADAPT01483793, being released someday with service pack 2 for CRVS2010.
    The second potential issue is using shared variables. This issue is supposedly fixed with ADAPT01484308, also targeted for SP2.
    Our quote report does not explicitly use shared variables with any of the subreports, but it does have several subreports, each in its own section that has the "supress blank section" option checked. We have other reports that use this feature, as well, and they are not exhibiting the problem.
    One different thing about the quote report is that it has a section with multiple suppression options selected. The section has a conditional suppression formula, which controls whether the section is included at all within the report. The section also has the suppress blank section option selected. There are multiple fields within the report that are each conditionally suppressed. In theory, the section's suppress formula could evaluate to true, yet all of the fields within the section are suppressed (due to null values), and then the "suppress blank section" option would kick in.
    The missing data only seems to happen when the section is not being suppressed, and at least one of the fields is being included in the report. If I clear the "suppress blank section" check box, and change the section formula to also include the rules applied to the fields in the section, the missing data problem seems to be resolved.
    Is this related to ADAPT01483793? Will it be fixed in service pack 2?
    If more details are needed, I would be happy to provide a sample report with stored data.

    Hi Don,
    Have a look at the Record Selection formula in CR Designer ( stand alone ) and when exported to RPT format opening that report in the Designer also. 
    There's been a few issues with => logic in the record selection formula. It could be you are running into this problem. Look for NOT inserted into your selection formula.
    Oh and SP2 is coming out shortly so it may resolve the issue. But if you want you could purchase a support, or if you have a support contract then create a case in SMP and get a rep to work with you to debug the issue.
    If you have not try the Trial Version of CR 2011, put it on a VM-ware image or Test PC so you don't corrupt anything for production and have a look at and test it in that designer also. If you purchase a case and it is a bug then you'll get a credit back for the case.
    Edited by: Don Williams on Oct 26, 2011 7:40 AM

  • Report Generation Toolkit missing VI

    LabVIEW version 8.6.1
    Report Generation Toolkit 1.13
    I have just started work on an ongoing project that others have been contributing to for some time.  (Hence the project being in older versions of LabVIEW) 
    On my PC, I am apparently missing the VI "Word Get ActiveX" 
    I do have the version 1.13 of the toolkit installed, just as every other machine that runs this code does.  But my word.llb does not contain that VI
    I have tried simply copying that VI into the .llb   The VI is then found by the application.  But is not executable due to this error:  This VI is connected with a library that does not include the VI. The VI might have been deleted from the library. Add the VI to the library again or select File»Disconnect from Library.
    I have also tried replacing my entire  C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\vi.lib\addons\_office\  directory with files from a PC that was working.  Again, I get the same error as above. 
    I did attempt to do a repair on my installation of the toolkit.  But as far as I can tell, this didn't do anything.
    I also tried simply reinstalling the toolkit.  But since it was already installed, it did nothing.  I am hesitant to uninstall and reinstall the toolkit for fear of breaking all of my 8.6 projects, as well as possibly my 2009 projects.  I wouldn't think it mess with my 2009 installation.  But I do know that the order in which things are installed can be critical in system with multiple versions.  I'm not sure if this applies to toolkits or not. 
    This PC also has an installation of LV 2009 SP1, and that version also has the Report Generation Toolkit installed. (although it is a different revision of the toolkit than 1.13) 
    I know that in the past, multiple versions of this toolkit were not compatible, meaning only one installed version of LabVIEW could have a working Report Generation Toolkit installed.  But I was of the understanding that this was no longer a problem.  Although it may not be a coincidence that neither of the other development boxes running this code do not have LV 2009 installed.  
    Has anyone else ever run into a similar problem and found a solution? 
    Patrick Allen
    Go to Solution.

    Darren wrote:
    Back before we unified the LabVIEW and toolkit version numbers (in 2009), there were cases where we didn't change the version number in the registry for one reason or another on a minor upgrade.
    Ah.  This makes sense then.  
    I just reinstalled said toolkit from said SSP DVD and although it did tell me that I was about to install 1.1.4, MAX still thinks it's 1.1.3
    ...except that now I do have the missing VI.  This is a good thingTM
    I still wonder how it ended up missing, because I'm really sure this is where I installed the toolkit from in the first place.   I'll probably never know for sure.  But that's a lot easier to take when the code is working.  
    Message Edited by pallen on 04-15-2010 04:52 PM
    Patrick Allen

  • Help! When I select "Phone" it tries to open and gives me a white screen and closes. I cannot view my missed calls or voicemails.

    If anyone knows anything about this...
    When I select "Phone" on my home screen the iPhone attempts to open it, brings up a white screen and then will shut back down. I have 8 missed calls or voicemails yesterday and I couldn't check any of them. Does this happen to anyone else?
    Also, when I receive a call and I answer it does not give me the ability to end call or any of my options (sources, keypad,etc.) during the call.
    Basically, I can't do anything with my contacts, favorites, missed calls or voicemails.
    Can someone please help?

    I have tried that multiple times. I have also made sure that I have the latest updates. Would haveing 27,000+ contacts have anything to do with it?
    Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't

  • Double-click/Drag-&-drop Photoshop files opens application but not file or I get a message saying that some files in Application Support are missing and I have to reinstall. (Photoshop CS/CS2/CS3)

    This is most commonly due to installing Photoshop CS/CS2 <i>before</i> doing an archive and install of Mac OS10.3 or OS10.4.<br /><br />One solution is to reinstall Photoshop 7/CS/CS3 after you have installed Mac OS10.3 or OS 10.4.<br /><br />If you have Photoshop 7 and 8(CS), the easiest way to reinstall Photoshop (without disturbing the original installation) is to install to your desktop. After the install is done just trash the Photoshop folder on the desktop.<br />Note: This will only work with Photoshop 7 and 8(CS) but not with 9 (CS2).<br /><br />Photoshop CS2 you must delete the Photoshop CS2 folder. If you have any 3rd party Plugins or presets remove them from the folder before deleting. Just placing the folder in the trash will not work it must be deleted. After reinstalling CS2 you can now put all 3rd party Plugins and presets back in the new folder.<br /><br />---------------------------<br />Another solution courtesy Anne Shelbourne<br /><br />Open your Previous System folder. <br />Find "Adobe Unit Types". <br />Copy it into: <Your current system Hard Drive>/Library/ScriptingAdditions/<br />Then reboot your Mac.<br /><br />---------------------------<br />However, if you happen to be running a non-English version, like Photoshop CS CE or Photoshop CS ME, it appears the missing file does not get installed. You would need to install and delete the international English version first.

    The problem you got into is a known problem after updating to Tiger. It is a small 4K file that gets trashed with the update. It is called the Adobe Unit Types. Both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements need this file to function.
    One way to get it back is to reinstall Photoshop, the other is to add this file again.
    You can get the file from here
    It is only 3,7 KB big.
    You put the file you download here:
    [hard disk] /Library/ScriptingAdditions. If you don't have a Scripting Additions folder, you create it.
    As you trashed Photoshop, you need to completely deinstall it to be able to reinstall it.

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