Default Display Profiles missing

Reloaded OSX which solved some issues. Now the default display profiles are missing. The only ones listed are Adobe RGB 1998, sRGB Profile and Generic RGB. When I try to calibrate any of the three there message says The Factory Profile for the display could not be found.
How can I get these back ?
Please daughters screen is very blue !!

See this post and the final post for a solution.
2x2.5G5   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

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  • Change default display profile (colors are horrible)

    Hi there,
    A few weeks ago I baught a 15" Macbook Pro, but then I noticed the colors were horrible. Way too much brown/gray. I'm not exaggerating. Compared to my normal monitor it look's awfull, and compared to other Macbooks too!
    So I tried to make my own color profile, and it looks better. Still not as perfect as it should be... Maybe go back to the store?
    Anyways, I want to override the default color profile with my profile, so the Login screen and other accounts have more realistisc colors. Couldn't find any simple way to do that.
    Could anybody help me? I'm new to OSX.

    Seb99 wrote:
    compared to other Macbooks too!
    Back to the store.

  • Display profiles missing

    All of my display profiles are gone...any idea how I can get these back?
    15" MacBook Pro 1.83 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    See this post and the final post for a solution.
    2x2.5G5   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

  • Missing Display Profile

    I got this iBook in early September. It's been great except for one thing--the default display profile, Color LCD, goes missing and it reverts to Generic RGB profile in the display preferences. This causes the display to look faded with a bluish tint. The computer has 2 accounts--an admin and a standard account. When I log in under the admin account the display is ok and properly set to Color LCD in the display preferences. The problem seems to occur when I log in under the standard account. It will revert to Generic RGB and the Color LCD profile is not available in the display preferences. I switch back to the admin account and the same setting is in the display preferences--set to Generic RGB and Color LCD is not to be found. Restarting temporarily resolves the problem. I have repaired permissions, but this did not fix it.

    You might have to just reinstall the system.
    Otherwise I guess try the Calibrate?
    GOD Bless and Good luck.

  • MacBook Black Display Color Profile missing

    Hi there everyone!
    I have a little problem here. Can't calibrate my color on my Macbook Black.
    I attach some screens so u can check out the problem.
    The colors of my computer, suddenly, switched to some weird ones. I didn't update, just plugged a secondary screen..
    This is my screen color window:
    This is when I click calibrate:
    TRANSLATION: "Cannot calibrate the Screen - Original screen profile missing"
    What can be done?
    Thanks guys and great job!!!

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Pictures would help. A good way to do this is to post them to a free photo sharing site like Flickr and then post a link.
    Also, you are in the original MBP section, and I think you need to post your question in the newer MBP section:
    Good luck!

  • Missing PowerBook LCD Display Profile

    My screen looks odd today, so I checked the display profile in System Preferences. All that is available is Adobe RGB, Generic RGB, and sRGB. Isn't there supposed to be a LCD profile? I checked the Colosync folders in System, Library, etc, not there. Anyone know where can I get a copy?

    Never mind...ran batch tasks with MainMenu, ran repair with Disk Utility, and restarted, and there it is: Color LCD.

  • Missing PB17 LCD Display Profile

    My screen looks odd today, so I checked the display profile in System Preferences. All that is available is Adobe RGB, Generic RGB, and sRGB. Isn't there supposed to be a LCD profile? I checked the Colosync folders in System, Library, etc, not there. Anyone know where can I get a copy?
    PB G4 17 1.33 Mac OS X (10.4.5)

    Never mind...ran batch tasks with MainMenu, ran repair with Disk Utility, and restarted, and there it is: Color LCD.

  • When I try to open Firefox I keep getting a message in a box entitled Profile Missing. Can someone help?

    I recently upgraded my hard drive from the original 80gb to a MomentusXT 500gb Hardrive. I reloaded Snow Leopard, and transferred everything back onto my MacBook Pro with an Iomega external hardrive I use for back up. Everything else is working including Safari. But when I downloaded Firefox, it loads, and when clicking on the Firefox icon I get the message "Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible." Can anyone help me with this issue?

    Check that you still have the default profile as listed in the file profiles.ini as Default=1.
    If profiles.ini is present, but the profile that is marked in profiles.ini as Default=1 is missing then delete profiles.ini to make Firefox create a new default profile.

  • Display Profile No Longer recognized in Final Cut Pro After Mavericks Upgrade

    I have a 27" 3.4 GHz I7 imac. and an Apple 30" Cinema Display  After the Mavericks upgrade my viewer window suddenly has completely crushed blacks and is extremely dark.  Projects previously exported out look perfect in both Quicktime and Preview. I can export a project and it looks fine, just terrible in FCP.  It seems that it is related to my calibrated display profiles.  FCP will not recognize them now under Mavericks and worked fine with Lion.  Switching to the generic imac or cinema display profile will hold after the change and make the viewer look normal.  I downloaded FCP 10.1 didn't fix it.  Any ideas why this is happening now?

    After researching this quite a bit and seeing this Very very dark video in FCP X viewer. I was able to fix the problem by building a matrix based profile. This problem dated back to the first FCP release for some, but I never experienced it until updating to Mavericks.  It seems that Mavericks is the problem, since nothing changed with FCP. I read somewhere else that another color calibration software tool was having an issue that Maverick's broke LUT (Look Up Table's}  I'm surprised that I am not seeing more photographer's/videographers with this issue. It may just be that those that are using calibration don't have softaware that builds LUT profiles by default.

  • OS X SERVER "Profile Missing Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible."

    We have an OS X 10.6.8 SL server managing our iMacs. Since the update of the workstations to at least 10.6.8 and Firefox 34.0.5, we get the error: [Profile Missing Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible.] upon launch of Firefox. It appears to be an issue that the profile is stored on the server rather than on the local hard drive. There is no way whatsoever to access, configure, start, or any other way manage Firefox at this point. Need a solution to this problem as we have hundreds of users that are unable to use Firefox now.

    This is usually caused by a problem with the profiles.ini file and the profile marked as Default=1 in this file is no longer present on the hard drive.
    *Windows: %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\<br>C:\Users\&lt;user&gt;\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\&lt;profile&gt;\
    *Linux: ~/.mozilla/firefox/
    *Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/
    In Mac OS X v10.7 and later, the ~/Library folder is a hidden folder.
    You can use one of these to make Firefox create/use a new default profile:
    *Delete the profiles.ini file to force Firefox to create a new default profile
    *Use the Profile Manager to create a new profile
    *Use "Choose Folder" when you create a new profile to select the location of a lost profile and recover this profile

  • Display profiles and soft proofing Windows RGB / Monitor RGB

    This might have asked before, but I did not find any definite answer for this. Sorry this gets a bit long.
    Short question:
    What's the difference between softproofing with Windows RGB and Monitor RGB targets? I see differences in my image between these targets.
    Long question(s):
    Here's some reasoning.. let me know when I go wrong.
    I have hardware calibrated my display Spyder 3 elite to sRGB standard. I have understood that the generated display profile contains a LUT table that affects gamma values for each RGB component, so that affects both gamma and color temperature. That table is loaded into video card when Windows starts. In addition to the LUT table, the display profile contains what? Probably information on what color space the display has been calibrated to. Does that matches directly with the LUT table information, but may deviate from sRGB in the case my monitor cannot reproduce sRGB 100%?
    Now if I have image that that is in sRGB, but the embedded sRGB profile has been stripped away, should any non color management aware image viewer show the colors properly, if it is assumed that 1) my monitor can handle full sRGB space and 2) my monitor was succesfully calibrated to sRGB and the LUT table has been loaded into video card?
    Or does it still require a color management aware program to show the image, which implies that the LUT table information alone is not enough and the display profile contains some extra information that is needed to show the image correctly? I would think this is true, as I needed to turn on color management in Canon Zoom Browser to see images in it the same way as in Photoshop.
    Now to the original question, what's the difference in Photoshop when soft proofing with Windows RGB and Monitor RGB targets
    I read from that
    Photoshop can effectively "SoftProof" our web browser color:
    Photoshop: View> Proof SetUp> Windows RGB
    Photoshop's Soft Proof screen preview here simulates how unmanaged applications, web browsers, will display the file on 2.2 gamma monitors, based on the sRGB profile. If the file is based on sRGB and our monitor gamma is 2.2 and D/65 6500 degrees Kelvin, we should see very little shift here, which is the goal.
    Photoshop: View> Proof SetUp> Monitor RGB
    THIS IS WHERE the color-brightness-saturation problem will repeat consistantly.
    Soft Proofing Monitor RGB here strips-ignores the embedded ICC profile and Assigns-Assumes-Applies the Monitor profile or color space.
    The color and density changes seen here show the difference between the monitor profile and the source profile sRGB.
    I'm not sure how to read that. Assume here that my monitor has been calibrated to sRGB and the PS working space sRGB. Do in both cases photoshop strip away color profile from the image at first? What happens after that? Does in Windows RGB case Photoshop pass the color values as they are to display? What does it do in "Monitor RGB" case then? Does it assign my monitor profile to the image? If it does, does there also happen conversion from one color space to another? In either one conversion there must happen as the soft proofing results are different. Does either one cause "double profiling" to the image as the monitor is already calibrated?

    Windows defaults to sRGB if you don't calibrate your monitor so untagged sRGB files should display (more or less) correctly in applications that don't know about color management on systems with uncalibrated monitors.
    When proofing against Windows RGB you're proofing against sRGB, it will show you how applications that don't know about color management on an uncalibrated monitor will show the image. This is what you proof against if you want to see how the image will display in web browsers.
    When you proof against Monitor RGB, Photoshop will assign your monitor's icc profile to the image which tends to be utterly useless most of the time.

  • New mac user needs help with default display

    hi, i am a new mac user and i accidentally changed the default display. I want to change it back to the default display but it doesnt seem like any of the options in "system preferences" - "display" change it back to the default out of the box display. please point me in the right direction. thank you!

    im talking about the screen resolution. I went under "system preferences" then clicked on "display" and somehow the mouse clicked on another resolution which stretched everything out. so I went threw all of the difference resolutions and nothing seems to be like the default one. am i missing something? thanks

  • Display Profile location in 10.8

    I've created a new display profile under the Color tab in Display options.  If I highlight the new display profile name, it tells me the location is ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles.  However, I'm not seeing it in there.  Am I missing something here? Is the file hidden?  I'd like to find that icc file and copy it to a few other machines of the same make/model.

    Open Finder, in the menu bar click on Go, hold down the Option Key [alt] the Library folder will appear

  • Color display profile

    I have noticed that the colors on my Air and IMac differ substanitally.
    My Air (and my wife's Macbook Pro) have a default color profile called "Color LCD"
    My Imac's profile is called "IMac"
    The colors running Color LCD are more red.  This is especially noticeable on the Air.  If I change the profile to sRGB on the Air then the colors more approximate the IMac colors but not exactly.
    My question is whether or not the default settings in different Apple monitors should yield such different results.  I use Aperture on my Imac to edit colors on phots and videos.  I have nowe chenged my Air to sRGB and the colors are closer although the whites on the Air now have a blusih tint.  If I share my photos around to others, will the reddishness that is a problem on my Air also be on most other standard display profile settings?

    For me and my 17" iMac "Adobe RGB (1998)" from the preinstalled profiles has the richest color. Here is a great link to help you calibrate and set new profiles:
    17" iMac Intel Core Duo 1.5GB Ram   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   Maxtor 300GB FireWire Creative Inspire 2.1 2G Nano

  • Default display option in MB51

    Hi Folks,
    Can anyone help me in setting up a user specific default DISPLAY OPTION in transaction MB51.
    Expecting an early reply.
    T H A N K S,

    below link might help you
    what is your requirement.
    is this what you want when a user executes MB51 then the options should be default one if so
    enter tcode MB51
    go to system-user profile-set data and execute.
    when ever you execute MB51 all the time the same data will be there.
    is this your requirement if not getback......
    if it helps and solves your problem reward points and close the thread

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