Dell U2412M as an external display for my MacBook Pro mid 2008, the clarity of fonts are absolutely unimpressive.  The settings do not detect the Dell U2412M (which is grayed out), are there any drivers that need to be installed ?

Dell U2412M as an external display for my MacBook Pro mid 2008, the clarity of fonts are absolutely unimpressive.  The settings do not detect the Dell U2412M (which is grayed out), are there any drivers that need to be installed ?

I have posted this annoying Robles to Hope I can get locution (although Apple normally will not respond):
On a software name Appfresh, it alerted me to update my MBPr 15 inches running latest OSX 10.8.2, with Chinese Word List Update 1.2. When I clicked on Software Pdate, app Store return No update available.
My system have Chinese Word List Update 1.0 installed, and on October 5, 2012, Chinese Word List Update 1.1 was released by Apple, as alerted through AppFresh. However, this update never get updated on m system. I have to manually download chinesewordlistupdate.pkg from and install it manually. By doing so, I have Chinese Word List Update 1.1 on my system.
The same problem occurred again today on November 5, 2012, where Chinese Word List Update is released by Apple. again, it fail to update from Software Update menu.
Can you please:
1. Explain why this problem occurred. This is so annoying.
2. Advise me how can I get this Chinese Word List Date to update to version 1.2. Can you please send me the chinesewordlistupdate.pkg for version 1,2 so that I can manually install it on my system?
3. How can I prevent similar problem with he subsequent version?
Why Apple don't make this update standard as other update?
Support please. Thank for response in advance

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  • 27" iMac (refurb, June 2011) not working as an external display for my MacBook Pro.

    I just got a 27" iMac (refurb, June 2011) and it's not working as an external display for my MacBook Pro (not Thunderbolt).  Any idea why?  Command+F2 does nothing.  I am connecting via Belkin Minidisplay Port-to-Minidisplay Port adapter.
    Any help is appreciated...thanks!

    Currently the ThunderBolt iMacs can only be used as an external display by other ThunderBolt Macs.
    Apple is very clear about that.
    2009 and 2010 27" iMac with a Mini DisplayPort can be used by other Macs with a MDP-to-MDP cable.

  • Internal HD upgrade or external HD for my Macbook Pro (Late 2008)

    I am finding the 250gb internal hard drive not enough and want to upgrade to a 500gb/1tb hard drive for my macbook pro (late 2008 edition).
    What I am wondering is whether to change the internal hard drive OR buy the fastest possible external hard drive for my mac which I believe is one that works with firewire 800 as my late 2008 macbook pro does not come with USB 3.0.
    The external hard drive I have found is £110 and my macbook would be using the Firewire 800 connection:
    LaCie Rugged Triple 301984 1TB USB 3.0 and Firewire 800 5400 rpm Portable Hard Disk Drive
    I dont necessarily need the portability of a external hard drive. I work with large files (photoshop, illustrator files mainly) and would would be concerned that I would not be able to work directly on the hard drive for this type of work so an internal hard drive may be better/
    Can anyone suggest a good, fast, cheap, popular internal hard drive compatible with my computer and whether you would suggest changing the internal HD or buying an external.
    I am running Mavericks and the only other change I have made is by upgrading my RAM from 4gb to 8gb. Thanks so much for your help
    Hardware Overview:
      Model Name: MacBook Pro
      Model Identifier: MacBookPro5,1
      Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
      Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
      Number of Processors: 1
      Total Number of Cores: 2
      L2 Cache: 3 MB
      Memory: 8 GB
      Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz
      Boot ROM Version: MBP51.007E.B06
      SMC Version (system): 1.33f8
      Serial Number (system): W8******1G0
      Hardware UUID: *****
      Sudden Motion Sensor:
      State: Enabled
    <Edited By Host>

    For both convenience and speed, I'd recommend replacing the internal hard drive.  Your MacBook Pro can handle nearly any internal SATA 2.5" HD on the market, including 7200rpm models. For what it's worth, I'd recommend a Western Digital Black WD7500BPKX or similar or Hitachi HGST 7K1000 although in my experience Hitachi drives run hot and that's the reason I don't use them as internal drives.
    FW800 is fine, but then you have an external hard drive to lug around plus the connection is considerably slower than the internal SATA connection used by the internal hard drive.
    Note that you will have to either 1) clone your existing drive to the new drive or 2) completely reinstall OSX and all your apps from scratch to the new drive when you replace the internal drive.   If it were me, I'd take the opportunity to reinstall everything from scratch.
    btw, I have done this myself on a number of 2008/2009 MacBook Pros and it's not hard at all.  iFixit has tutorials on how to do this.  (Here is a link to the one that I believe is your model.

  • External display blinking on Macbook Pro Late 2008.

    Firstly, computer specs:
    Macbook Pro, 15-inch, Late 2008
    GPU: GeForce 9400M / 9600M GT
    8 GB RAM
    320 GB Hard Drive
    On Mavericks v10.9.3
    I want to connect my computer to my TV via a mini displayport to HDMI adapter, for gaming purposes. As such, I want to use the 9600M GT as my GPU. However, when I am in High Performance mode (which uses that GPU), the TV screen blinks on and off every couple of seconds. I have tried resetting my PRAM, which failed. I know it is not the adapter, because it functions when used on another laptop. I know it isn't my port because it works when in Battery Saving (using 9400M GPU). Can anyone help?
    In short:
    Late 2008 15-inch Macbook Pro, GeForce 9400M / 9600M GT
    Mini displayport to HDMI functions when on Battery Saving (GPU = GeForce 9400M)
    However, external display blinks on and off when on High Performance (GPU = GeForce 9600M GT)

    Hi mjbecker2,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!
    The article linked below has some tips that  may help you resolve the flickering issue that you are seeing on your TV.
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays
    No video or no signal, image distortion, "snow," or flickering
    Check connections
    When using an external display be sure to check the following:
    If you're using an Apple notebook, confirm the AC power cable or adapter is securely connected to the computer and the cable providing power to the display is also secure. It is always good to have your notebook connected to AC power when an external display is in use.
    Confirm display adapters are fully seated in their respective connections and that they are supported models and for the computer and display. Refer to these articles to assist you with adapter compatibility and further configuration information:
    Monitor and Display Adapter Table
    About Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters
    Apple Mini DisplayPort adapters: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    Thunderbolt ports and displays: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    Remove all display cable extenders, KVM switches, or other like devices and retest to determine if the issue is resolved.
    Try unplugging the video adapter or cable and then plug it back in.
    If more than one video adapter is in use (or "daisy-chained"), troubleshoot by using only one adapter.
    Example: A mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter connected to a DVI to HDMI adapter is an unsupported configuration because there is a series of adapters in use.
    If available, try using a different display and or adapter (or use a different connector by using DVI instead of VGA, for instance).

  • How to lower the brightness of my iMac, when used as external display for my MacBook Pro?

    The keyboard brightness controlls of the iMac do not work. The keyboard brightness controlls of the MacBook only controll the MacBook. Same goes for the display set up of the MacBook, I can change the MacBooks brightness there but not the one of the secondary screen.
    I am working in a pretty dark room and that iMac 27 is at full bightness. Gives me a headache. Please help.

    Right, it shoulld work if Mid 2011 & up, might it be a bad TB cable?
    Here's how it's supposed to work...
    The mid 2011s & up need Thunderbolt...

  • Can I use a 2009 iMac as external display for 2007 macbook pro with DVI port only

    I have a late 2009 imac with minidisplay port and  a 2007 macbook pro with DVI port. I connected a mini diaplay port to DVI cable but all I get on the imac is a blank screen when I press F2. Can I use the imac this way?

    I'm not sure if it works with DVI but your late 2009 must be a 27". Try Command-F2 or Copmmand-Fn-F2

  • Can i use a thunderbolt display for my macbook pro and hp laptop with windows 7 and what adapters will i need

    Can i use a thunderbolt display for my macbook pro and hp laptop with windows 7 and what adapters will i need

    Hi jayhrab,
    Currently, the system requirements listed for an Apple Thunderbolt Display are:
    Thunderbolt-enabled Mac computer, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac
    OS X v10.6.8 or later
    Apple - Thunderbolt Display - Read the tech specs.
    - Brenden

  • Is there a display for my MacBook Pro retina that isn't made by apple and doesn't cost the world?

    Please tell if there is a display for my MacBook Pro retina that I don't have to pay tons for and will connect to my laptop!

    I just plugged my 13" MBPr in to a cheap 24" 1080p BenQ using a Display port to DVI adapter and it works fine, crisp enough for my eyes and for around £115 a bargain.
    edit: Picked it up from Amazon on a free next day delivery with Prime.

  • TS1367 Is there are a way to use my imac as a display for my macbook pro? I have a thunderbolt cable but it doesnt seem to do anything

    Is there are a way to use my imac as a display for my macbook pro? I have a thunderbolt cable but it doesnt seem to do anything

    Hello eassic,
    Thanks for the question, and welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    It sounds like Target Display Mode may be what you are looking for:
    Target Display Mode lets you use a Mac as the external display for another “primary” Mac. In some cases, you can also play the sound from your primary Mac on the speakers of the external Mac. For example, a MacBook Pro could use a 27-inch iMac as the display and play its audio on the iMac as well.
    OS X Mountain Lion: Use another Mac as a display
    Use an iMac with Thunderbolt as a display
    If you have an iMac with Thunderbolt, any other Mac with Thunderbolt can use it as a display. The iMac will play both the video and audio from the other Mac.
    1. Connect the Thunderbolt cable to the Thunderbolt ports on each computer.
    2. Make sure both Mac computers are turned on and awake.
    3. Press Command (⌘)-F2 on the keyboard of the external display Mac.
    4. If you want the external display Mac to play audio as well as video from the primary Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Sound, and then click Output. Select the external display Mac from the list of devices.
    Matt M.

  • Using imac as external display for my MacBook

    Can I use the new iMac as an external display for my MacBook?

    Here's the >New iMac Spec's and there is only Mini-DVI output port and "NO" input port.

  • HT3131 I purchased a sony 3d monitor and I am using it for my external display with my macbook pro.  We have followed the instructions but no display!!??  What do I do

    I purchased a sony 3d monitor and I am using it for my external display with my macbook pro.  We have followed the instructions but no display!!??  What do I do now

    We need more information if members of the forum are going to assist you.
    What instructions did you follow?
    How are you connecting your MBP to the Sony TV?
    Which model MBP do you have?

  • How do I view an external display with my macbook pro closed?

    How do I view an external display with my macbook pro closed?  I am using  a wireless keyboard and trackpad, and I would like to use a larger (Dell) monitor with my Macbook Pro closed.

    Here are the rules for Clamshell mode:

  • Can I use my iMac as a 'display' for my MacBook Pro?

    Hi all, I am really hoping someone can help me here.
    I am wondering if I can use my 24" iMac as a display for my MacBook Pro (both running Snow Leopard).
    It's my father's 80th birthday party in about 24 hours time. I am doing up the music and slideshow (thanks Apple - so easy!).
    My plan was to simply take my iMac and use it. However, I managed to drop the wireless keyboard (darn those dogs) and now my keyboard won't work. I have no backup keyboards here (gave the wired one to Dad to use with his Mac mini). I live in a country area with no access to a Mac store and it will take more than 24 hours to get a new one. Went to my local 'other computer' general store last night: I really don't want to buy an ugly black keyboard..... I have just had a great idea:
    Can I network my MacBook Pro and use it as the source for the slide show and simply use the iMac as a display? I have plenty of DVI adaptors but am just not sure how I would go about the software side of things? Or should I simply buy an ugly PC keyboard (and if I do, will the WIndows button work as an Apple button???)
    Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

    The imac 24 can't be used as a monitor over a DVI connection or the like, Suzanne, but you may be able to achieve what you want to using "Screen Sharing" by networking the two computers. This lets your MBP effectively control what is running on the iMac.
    See HERE for the basic setup. For information about how to access the "shareable" screen from the MBP see HERE.
    One possible problem may be actually getting this set-up on the iMac if it is not already enabled, however, unless you can borrow a keyboard from someone (your password may have to be entered to enable it). You may be able to get around this, if necessary, using the "keyboard viewer" (which you can place in the menubar using System preferences > Keyboard, if you don't already have it there).

  • How do i use an external display with my macbook pro?

    How do I use an external display with a macbook pro?

    Just buy the proper adapter cord, such as MiniDisplay port to HDMI for example.  Plug it in and it will be automatically recognized.  Use System Preferences > Displays to set options.
    The display can Mirror your primary desktop or Extend the Desktop.

  • Can I hook use an  older iMac as an display for my Macbook Pro?

    Can I use an older iMac as an display for my Macbook Pro?  The Macbook Pro has the Mini display port and the iMac has the older (larger) display port.  I am trying to have a document open on the iMac while writing a paper on the Macbook Pro.
    Thank you for your time.

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    You can use the Mid 2011 iMac as a display for your 2011 MacBook Pro. Both have Thunderbolt, so you won't have any problem >
    Buy a Thunderbolt cable and press Command and F2 keys on the iMac to enable Target Display

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