Design Window is not displaying the correct view

For some reason the Design View on my CS3 is not displaying
the correct view.
It used to show how the web page would look but it is simply
showing up the wording and pictures surrounded by dotted black
I am using a template as a bases for all the pages and all
the pages are showing like this.
My other sites are showing up OK though.
When I Preview in Browser, it all shows up OK.
Can anyone help?

VIEW | Style Rendering > Display Styles
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"Bezz333" <[email protected]> wrote in
news:fttdsr$394$[email protected]..
> Hi
> For some reason the Design View on my CS3 is not
displaying the correct
> view.
> It used to show how the web page would look but it is
simply showing up
> the
> wording and pictures surrounded by dotted black lines.
> I am using a template as a bases for all the pages and
all the pages are
> showing like this.
> My other sites are showing up OK though.
> When I Preview in Browser, it all shows up OK.
> Can anyone help?
> Bezz

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    I have a web designer issue. Firefox is not displaying the correct font color on the header in my blog. Explorer, Chrome, and Safari have no problems. The page is in css but this particular section has html code o designate color. The code is as follows:
    <font face="helvetica" color="FF9966" size="1">blog</font>
    Though all other browsers display the light orange color designated, Firefox displays white. Strangely, if if retype the code by spelling out a color, Firefox displays it correctly. i.e.
    <font face="helvetica" color="black" size="1">blog</font>
    ... will give me black. You can see the effect by viewing the link below and looking at the word "blog" in the header, which should be light orange but is not in Firefox.

    Actually it also seems to work in the current Firefox 4 beta as it is.
    The code is not right though - the correct syntax for the color attribute with hex values is with a # at the start, so:
    It might work in Firefox 3.x if you change that.

  • Windows could not display the images available for installation

    I am trying to perform unattended installation of windows which I created with Windows AIK. When I add answer file on USB's with windows installation root I get "windows could not display..." message. Problem is there even when there are just a
    few simple lines (oobe, microsoft international core-WinPe).
    I replaced install.wim file of standard windows installation iso with customized install.wim and then created catalog file with windows system image manager.
    Kind people of world, please help!

    Hi bugili,
    Could you help us post the complete error information, it will more helpful when we locate the issue. I am not quite understand “add answer file on USB's with windows
    installation root”, do you mean the answer file and install file on the external device? Please try to confirm this image has the same Security permission with
     others image in WDS image share folder,  the WDS default image location is like
    If it not work please post the WDS error log,
    How to enable logging in Windows Deployment Services (WDS) in Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, and in Windows Server 2012
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  • I have just updated to ISO 8 and my app icons are not displaying the correct icon but just a generic icon. Anyone had a similar problem?

    I have just updated to ISO 8 and my app icons are not displaying the correct icon but just a generic icon. Anyone had a similar problem?

    That happened to me for a short period of time after I updated. It didn't do it with all apps, but it did it with a few here and there. Try a few basic standard troubleshooting steps. Close all apps and reset the iPad.
    In order to close apps, you have to drag the app up from the multitasking display. Double tap the home button and you will see apps lined up going left to right across the screen. Swipe to get to the app that you want to close and then swipe "up" on the app preview thumbnail to close it.
    Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen - let go of the buttons. Let the iPad start up.
    You can also try resetting all settings. You will not lose any data, but most of the device settings will have to be entered in the settings app again. Settings>General>Reset>Reset all Settings.
    Hopefully it will be something simple, but don't rule out restoring the iOS software, if nothing else works, but start with this easy stuff first.

  • Keyboard not displaying the correct characters on Windows 8.1

    Hi All, I have two HP keyboards model 5188-6077 and on Windows 8.1 the upper case 2 which should be the @ key is keying the " symbol and vice versa the " key is giving the @ symbol. I have never used these keyboards on Win 8 before, and they are both doing the same thing so I'm guessing that it is a driver issue. They both type correctly on Windows 7.
    I have tried, but can't find the correct driver for 8.1. Has anyone got a solution? Thanks, Jim
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    It sound like the wrong input region for the keyboard - if the @ is above the 2 it should be set to US ( the " above the 2 is UK ).  See the guide below.
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  • ITunes will not display the correct name of my iPod

    Whenever I connect my iPod to iTunes, iTunes displays the name of the iPod as HP_Pavillion, which is not the correct name for my iPod, and if I open it, no songs or videos are displayed but iTunes says that 15.13 gb are used (also incorrect).
    If I eject the iPod, all of my songs are there and the correct name is displayed under settings.
    What do I do????

    okay, with that set of symptoms we had better check on this possibility:
    Windows confuses iPod with network drive and may keep iPod from mounting or songs may seem to disappear

  • IxDimGet("per", "name") is not displaying the correct period

    In XLReporter we have a YTD report were per = value selected at time of generating the report. The column is set as YTD(@per) and is retreiving the YTD data upto the correct period. However the column heading ixDimGet("per", "name") is displaying the 1st period of the YTD not the last period as selected in the parameters.
    eg. report is run to Oct 2007
          data is total to Oct 2007
          reporting heading displays Jul 2007
    Any suggestions?

    Hi Jenny,
    This can be a problem described in note number:876526.
    XLR uses the year number and period sub code of a financial period to generate its code. If certain period is created as a single period, while the rest months are created as a whole period with sub-periods, the sub code of the single periods are both 1, and the rest months start from 1 and end with 10. This is why the period codes in XLR is abnormal.
    Itu2019s a currently defined as a bug and a fix is in the process. Please try to use other data to filter the report result.
    Jacqueline Jiang
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • BUG in IMS 5.2 P 1 on Windows 2000 : not using the correct DNS servers

    Hi everyone,
    I encountered a queer bug in Ims 5.2 on Windows 2000.
    Let me explain it to all of you to avoid spending time and money debugging this problem.
    The problem may occur on Windows 2000 Server if the server used was formerly configured to obtain its IP address from a DHCP server (before using it for mail purposes).
    Windows 2000 doesn't delete its DHCP client configuration even if the machine is re-configured with a static IP.
    It stores the information in an interface registry key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces
    If you install IMS52 after this, the server will use the DNS servers configured in the DHCP configuration rather than the ones specified in the static IP config to lookup the MXs.
    So if the nameservers configured in the DHCP config are not reachable, the smtp server will systematically fail sending outbond mails.
    To avoid this, locate the DHCP interface key in the Registry and remove it.
    Remarks :
    I know that this situation is not common but it may occur in certain occasions for people like me who are making demonstrations on clients sites.
    I'm not sure it is specifically related to DHCP rather than static config. I would say that IMS uses the first interface found in the registry (in alphabetical order) even if this interface is not active...
    A good idea is to remove completely from the registry all the interfaces keys not currently used by the system.
    Hope this will help some of you.
    Best regards,
    Vincent MAZARD

    Interesting. Thank you for the observation. Not something I have seen, either.

  • Why is BBP_WF_LIST not displaying the correct PO worklist?????????????

    Hi SRM Gurus,
    My requirement is to display only those Purchase Orders to the user that he has created once user clicks on Purchasing Tab->Ordered or Refresh Button .
    In order to achieve this requirement, I implemented the method 'BBP_WF_LIST' of BADI 'BBP_WF_LIST' for filter type = 'BUS2201'and inserted the following code:-
        li_list1[] = e_pdlist[].
      Looping at PO List
        LOOP AT li_list1 INTO lx_pdlist.
        Getting the PO details through function module
              i_guid   = lx_pdlist-guid
              e_header = lx_header
              e_item   = li_item.
          IF NOT li_item IS INITIAL.
            SORT li_item BY number_int.
          Read first line item
            READ TABLE li_item INTO lx_po_item
                               WITH KEY number_int = c_num
                               BINARY SEARCH.
            IF sy-subrc = 0.
            Call FM to get details for shopping cart item
                  i_guid = lx_po_item-src_guid
                  e_item = lx_sc_item.
               IF NOT lx_sc_item IS INITIAL.
                  IF lx_sc_item-created_by = sy-uname.
                    APPEND lx_pdlist TO li_list.
      refresh e_pdlist.
      e_pdlist[] = li_list[].
      SORT e_pdlist BY object_id.
    Now when I debugged this BADI , the logic is working fine and finally E_PDLIST[] holds only the list of Purchase Orders that meet our requirement but thw worklist that is finally displayed shows all the POs that exist in the system.
    Kindly provide me the solution for the same at the earliest.Have to deliver the object by tommorrow.
    Thanks in Advance,

    <u>Which SRM version are you using ?</u>
    <u><b>Please see the below mentioned SAP OSS Notes, which will help -></b></u>
    <u>Note 1113156 Post processing of BAdI BBP_WF_LIST not correct</u>
    Note 1018095 BBP_WF_LIST: Only documents for employees from one team
    <u>Note 557295 Changes in the interface of BBP_WF_LIST</u>
    Note 386468 Backend POs not taken into account in BADI BBP_WF_LIST
    <u>Note 549846 FAQ: Goods receipt confirmation</u>
    <u>Other related SAP OSS Notes -></u>
    Note 691300 Transfer of BE_ITEM_SRV to BADI BBP_WF_LIST
    Note 972773 No R/3 purchasing org or purchasing group in BBP_WF_LIST
    Note 549383 BBP_WF_LIST: Only documents for employees from one team
    Note 438793 Transfer of BE_ITEM_SRV to BADI BBP_WF_LIST
    Note 508386 Sorting the list during searching
    Note 457357 Worklist: Confirmation and invoice for desktop user
    Note 423518 Number of the purchase orders in list
    Do let me know.
    - Atul

  • In Mac OS X Mail some emails are not displaying the correct font size.

    I have set my Mail to display email messages (Inbox) to Courier 13 point (easy to read) and most messages are displayed that way, however I often get emails that are displayed in unreadably small and often colored type. I don't understand why this is ... could someone explain how to fix this? Thanx.

    The email was probably sent from Outlook as RTF or HTML. You can tell Mail to display those as plain text as well by opening Terminal and typing this command (quit Mail first):
    defaults write PreferPlainText -bool TRUE
    See for more information.

  • My iPhone is not displaying the correct photo when I receive multiple emails with photos.  What's going on?

    For example, if I receive an email with "photo 1" attached and then a different email with "photo 2" attached, both emails will display whichever photo I view first.  If I reboot and view the other photo, then I can see it properly, but both emails will then show that photo.  This is happening on my iPhone and iPad 2.  I've talked to one other person who has a similar issue on their iPad 2.  Any idea what is happening and how I can fix this?  Thank you.

    Odd.  Have you tried a battery pull yet?
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  • Why does my iphone 4s not display the correct battery percentage? it can get really annoying if it turns off unexpectedly and after that another problem occurs with the phone turning off and on repeadtly

    My iphone 4s recently started shutting off and on unexpectedly when updating a whole load of snapchat story's on my feed. However i also have a problem with the battery percentage, i've tried everything with it experimenting all most everything. i even changed my battery twice and i still don't know what to do
    someone please help me

    Hi 3Kadzo,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    I understand you are having some concerns about the battery usage and percentage displayed on your iPhone 4s. I would suggest the troubleshooting steps in the following article to help isolate and resolve these issues.
    iPhone and iPod touch: Charging the battery
    I hope this helps,   

  • Why is my Hard drive info not displaying the correct availability

    I can open "About This MAC" and click on more info it lets me check my hard disk usage under storage. It shows I have 81 GB available of 499.76. However it shows 98 GB of Backups, what could that be?
    Now when I actually right click on Macintosh HD it says I have 437.22 GB available of 499.25 GB. I just don't understand, and I don't believe either is right. If I right click my user file in MAcintosh HD it says I have 165 GB on disc. What gives?

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    That's normal. OS X Lion and Mountain Lion, when you have turned on Time Machine, create "local snapshots" on the hard drive of portable Macs. See >
    One of the "features" of local snapshots is that Disk Utility detects them as used space and Finder detects them as free space. That's the reason why you are seeing different free spaces depending on the application you use. There's nothing wrong in making local snapshots

  • The world clock on my IPOD touch is not telling the correct time

    My IPOD touch world clock is not displaying the correct time and the edit feature is not working to change the time

    iOS: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings grayed out or dim
    If not successful, an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store is usually in order.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

  • Main Viewer Window does not display correctly

    Ever since I upgraded to Aperture 3.3 through 3.4.1, the main viewer window does not display correctly.  Everything is justified to the right of the screen.  When viewing images, the are not in teh center, they are over to the right.  I can't even see the import controls when trying to import... actually I can't even press the import button or add metada.  I am really in a bad position here.  Need help with this... anyone out there have a solution please?  my clients are waiting for their photos.  Yikes!
    Right justified?
    No Import Controls?
    Faces -  Everything displayed in a single row, runs off the end of the right side of the screen

    Have a read through this page and follow the directions to delete your application preferences,
    Let us know how you go.
    Message was edited by: Tony Gay

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