Desperate for easy way to roll back 5.1 firmware to a previous version?

The company I work for uses a proprietary iPod Touch app for data management. I have a 3rd gen iPod Touch that I updated to firmware 5.1. I don't think many people in the company keep up with firmware updates like I do. However that may now be to their advantage because we had an app software update about the time the firmware update happened and my app no longer works like it should - I am one of very few employees, nation wide, that has this problem. I think it has to do with an incompatability of the app software and the 5.1 firmware.  I really need to be able to use the app to it's fullest capacity. Its  been weeks and the company hasn't fixed the problem so I'm seeking  answers of my own.
Is there a simple way to roll back the firmwareto 5.0 or before the cloud software came out (I don't know what version that would be)??? or is it permanent?
I use a Microsoft based notebook for my iPod/iTunes managment so answers gear to a Mac won't necessarily make sense to me.
Thank you!!

"apple" doesnt support downgrade of any software..but there are other ways to do it..u know wat i mean rite

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    I agree. How can I roll back to the previous OS? Developers, please post a procedure for reverting.

  • Best way to roll back to 5.01?

    Since updating to 5.02, PPCS5 on W7 throws up errors when capturing from a Canon XM2.  Had no problems with 5.01.  And, don't have a problem using PE8 - in fact I have to use PE8 to capture because PPCS5 refuses to play ball.
    So, what's the simplest way to roll back a version?  Bearing in mind I have the Master Collection installed.

    Yeah, going back to 5.01 is probably not the right way to go.  I agree that finding the problem is probably the right way to go about this.
    Try the standard stuff:
    trash prefs,
    upgrade graphics driver
    clean media cache
    If that doesn't work, here's what I would do.
    I would launch the uninstaller for Master Collection and then I would uninstall/reinstall JUST Premiere Pro.  Once you do that, then run the updater to get Premiere Pro back to 5.02 and see how things go.  Failing that, then I would contact tech support and this forum for additional suggestions.
    Hope this helps,

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    I believe that there was a jar file in the ColdFusion\lib\updates folder, which I deleted when I installed the APSB12-06 update.  I cannot entirely recall, but I think it was a jar file ending in -00004.jar, as is the format for the updates, indicating which series of updates you have installed on your computer (at least that's what I take from it...).  Can you advise what I should I do if there was a jar file in there previously?  In hindsight, I probably should have backed this file up as well...
    Thank you for your help!

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    Exactly the same problem with me.
    Some other threads advice to remove fonts, clean the caches, remove add ins but nothing works consistenty, for some it looks like it works, for me it failed.
    What I did not try yet, was to move the Render files out of the malicious library to trash.

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    In the latest two updates you can only go back one page at a time, previous versions allowed you to jump back several pages by choosing from the twistie - any suggestions?

    The arrow to open the tab history of the Back and Forward buttons has been removed in Firefox 4 and later.
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  • Is there way to roll back to a previous version of Muse CC?

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    Two business cases were opened last week based on chats and one adobe connect session with agents regarding the publishing problem (which presents as a server error during image upload):  0185081557 and 0185082238. (0185081557 is still open pending Adobe response but 0185082238 was withdrawn by Adobe this morning, with a statment that I had not responded as required, which is incorrect because this case left off with my sending the Muse file for analysis with Engineers last week and being told that it would be 24-48 hours before I received a response & 48 business hours would be today. I had also placed a followup update confirming that  I cannot even re-publish the version of the site that is currently posted.
    Please help! I really need a workaround!

    Thank you - I have received that email and am working to implement the changes now and I will send results asap.
    It is probably worth noting that files with shorter names also came up as errors and all the files with shutterstock names all previously published to the site. Also, I did try clicking resume, and the errors just kept occuring.
    Sent from my iPad

  • Is there any possible way to roll back version 5 of Firefox? cause v6 kinda slows my system, and sometimes ends up freezing.

    Don't ask anymore questions about my add-ons, or whatever stuffs. I just want to know how can I roll back to the older version, PEROD.

    Unfortunately your suggestions didn't help me, although I really do appreciate your efforts. Finally I found a solution myself, thanks to the internet: it appears to be a problem, caused by Adobe's Flash Player The solution is described in this video, including the corresponding links to download a new flash player. It works fine for me: I installed it last saturday and not any strange behaviour so far: my G5 PowerPC quad with OSX 10.5.8 yet can view all kinds of videos and websites 'like in the earlier days' and so far no annoying pop ups ;-)

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    I got a 2nd hand iPhone and put same name on it as my old one so it sync'd to the new one;  I want to get an earlier back-up version of my iTunes because I mistakenly put my old phone's name on the new one.  Now all of my contacts and everything else is gone any ideas on how to roll-back?    

    Everything worked fine before the update and nothing on the car has changed. I unpaired and repaired and now I get the message on my car that says "Feature not supported on the current phone" The reason I chose this vehicle and phone were because I really needed that feature due to being a real estate broker on the road all the time. I didn't ask for the update and I want it back to the old OS. I'm also having issues now with battery life, WiFi, and bluetooth. This is totally unacceptable and if I have to change phones I will definitely be changing carriers on all 3 lines I have. Please advise.

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    I don't care if it's risky or complicated. I want to roll back to 6.94.

    if you want to fool around with your device you void warrant and nokia wont touch it should you have issues further down the road you could take it to a nokia care centre and get it reflashed and ask them to install the last version rather than the new one but its always adviseable to have the latest frimware installed for better performance so its up to you from here what to do next
    If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be nice thanks.
    Now using the Lumia 1520

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    I have the IdeaPad K1 and I guess I got an early version that had stock Honeycomb.  Netflix was not preinstalled but I was able to download it from the Lenovo appstore no problem.
    Well this morning Lenovo pushes an update to my tablet and now my stock Honeycomb has some horrible overlay.  The Standard Honeycomb icons for back, home and recent apps have been replaced with ugly white icons and I have a stupid chat bubble icon in the bottom center that opens a favorite apps wheel.  Not only is this wheel unessecary, the chat bubble icon doesn't even make any sense and is ugly and obtrusive.
    I don't want any of this crap.  I want my old tablet back.  I want stock Honecomb back.  I'm assuming they flashed the bios with this update because performing a factory restore just takes me back to this new operating system.
    Is there anyway to roll back to the system before this horrible update?  I want the tablet I bought not this junk.

    I wish I could revert back as well, the theme is an eyesore. I rarely use my k1 for that reason. I still keep it hoping that the next update will fix it. 
    I will probably sell it if they don't update soon, its a shame, its a well built device, that lenovo had to go and ruin

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    All pages are very slow to load. Ebay is among the worst. The scolling is choppy at best, and all check boxes and expandable fields just show up blank. Desperately need to roll back the upgrade.

    I'm having a similar problem. Something I've noticed is that the page doesn't seem to advance to whatever I've clicked on without me moving the cursor. I have no idea why that would make a difference.

  • TV out problem, rolling back to earlier firmwares

    I went and bought a component video cable from Apple, so I could improve my video output to TV (I've got a composite video cable, as well)
    Well, get back from the Apple store, hook up my cable to test it and -- nothing plays back, absolutely nothing. Went back to my old composite video cable, same thing! No output to my TV set.
    Now, 6-months ago I was on the road and getting awesome playback from the Touch. The only thing that's changed is installation of the latest firmware.
    Also have a couple of questions/ideas I could use some help with.
    - might a complete restore, reset fix the TV out with the 2.1 firmware? If so, can anyone guide me on how to do so?
    - if the firmware is the problem, does anyone know how I can roll back to 1.4.4 or whatever the older drivers were that actually worked regarding TV out? How does one even go about finding and installing the older drivers?
    Any help appreciated because as it stands now, both my AV cables charge the Touch but when I play a video, it's as if there's no cables attached -- video only plays back on the screen (which is a drag cause I've spent $100 on these two cables).

    @ Deerduke,
    We would like to know what are those buttons that you find missing in CC.
    As for the updated manual, please refer below links for the list of new features added to DW 13

Maybe you are looking for