Difference Between Inventory Audit Report & Inventory Positing List Report

Dear all,
Please tell me the difference  between these twoInventory Audit Report & Inventory Positing List Report, Because I find difference , when observe Closing and Opening Stock Quantity on 1.4.10 audit report showing 610 units but on 1.4.10 posting list showing 973 units of opening stock
Why so happen ? can anybody explain............
Thank you

Please read below.....
Inventory Audit:
This report provides an audit trail for the posted inventory transactions in the chart of accounts.
You use this report to make comparisons between the accounting view (inventory balance accounts)
and the logistics view (inventory value displayed by the audit report). The report explains the value changes in inventory accounts.
Inventory Posting List:
The inventory posting list provides an overview of all postings in the system, based on various selection criteria and sort options. You can generate a report for specified warehouses based on one of the following selection criteria:
Business partner
Other: Enables you to specify a selection criterion such as warehouse or sales employee.
Inventory Transfer:
You use this function to transfer inventory from one warehouse to another. An inventory transfer can also be carried out as a consignment for a customer. The items are then stored in the customeru2019s warehouse and are sold from here.
You cannot change the table after it has been added. If you display an existing inventory transfer later on, none of the fields in the table are active.
You can, therefore, only correct an inventory transfer table that has not been entered correctly by entering a compensatory goods movement later.
For more detail please refer help file in SAP.....

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    can any body tell me the difference between inventory management and warehouse management i need atleast five differences

    Processes in the area of Inventory Management address the recording and tracking of materials on a quantity and value basis. This includes planning, entry, and documentation of stock movements such as goods receipts, goods issues, physical stock transfers, and transfer postings as well as the performance of physical inventory (stocktaking).
    Warehouse Management Processes cover warehouse-internal movements and storage of materials.
    SAP Warehouse Management allows you to manage your material flow, using advanced putaway and picking strategies. In the standard system, these strategies for putaway include random putaway (next empty bin), bulk storage, fixed bin, or addition to stock. The picking strategies include standard strategies first-in first-out (FIFO), last-in first-out (LIFO), picking by shelf life expiration date (SLED), or partial quantities first. For customer-specific strategies, solutions can be self-defined in user exits.
    While Inventory Management manages the stocks by quantity and value, the Warehouse Management component reflects the special structure of a warehouse, and monitors the allocation of the storage bins and any transfer transactions in the warehouse.
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  • What is the difference between these two reports MC.1 and MB5L

    what is the difference between these two reports MC.1 and MB5L?
    what is the Purpose of each report?
    Material ledger is activated for this plant, we found some amount difference between these two reports, my client accounting department used to compare these two reports while year end/month end closing

    MC.1 will give you the report for plant analysis as per plant .
    MB5L report will give you list of stock value as per G/L account wise.

  • Difference between MMBE & MBBS report for sales order stock E

    What is the difference between MMBE & MBBE report bcoz we are getting difference in sales order stock in both reports.
    Thanks in advance.
    Basavraj Patil

    MBBS will give the STOCK OVERVIEW  for specific sales order and specific Project
    MMBE will give the stock at PLANT, STORAGE LOCATION, & At Special stock indicator level.
    The sales order stocks will be same at both, You have to count the stock of sales order at all the Plants and Storage location level inorder to get the same stock of MBBS at the sales order level
    Hope it is clear,

  • Difference between Drill down Report and Interactive Report

    What is the difference between Drill down Report and Interactive Report?

        Drill down report and Interactive report seems to be acts as same. But there is a minor difference between those two.
    Drill Down Report  - When you  click on a particular field in a report it drills down to the next report, it won't trigger another screen.
    Interactive Report -  When you click on a particular field in a report it will trigger another report based on the field clicked. It opens another session internally in the same screen.

  • Difference between Hyperion Financial Reporting version 7.0 and 9.3.1 ?

    Hi All,
    Can you please difine Difference between Hyperion Financial Reporting version 7.0 and 9.3.1 ?

    I migrated from 7.5 to 9.3.1 a couple years back so hopefully this is somewhat helpful.
    From a developer perspective, the report designer itself looks about the same. The most annoying changes for me were that they started migrating functionality AWAY from the client program and to the web. For instance, managing security is a pain as it is done through Workspace and it is a bit clunkly. I also ran into some issues where my old report's security information is not visible in Workspace. It is still 'working', but when you view report properties, it shows nothing for who has assigned security. Also, things like deleting/moving reports and creating folders are done through workspace and not the client program. "Copying" can be done through the client program by using "Save As" functionality.
    There is a migration tool to move your old stuff to 9.3.1. It seemed to work OK; however, the User Interface was a bit screwy. For instance, it said I was 138% complete when it finished. It copied more reports than it showed as existing.... :)
    On the back end, things changed quite a bit. In the older Financial Reports, the report objects existing in a single database table and if you wanted to, you could extract everything from that table. In 9.3.1, part of the information is in Workspace database (i.e. Report names/ID's, security access, hierarchy) and the actual report file itself is stored in a psedo-filesystem under the RM webapp. The names are not user friendly at all and you'll need to XREF from the database to make sense of it. When you finally find the actual report "file", they are compressed/encrypted.
    From an end user perspective, things pretty much work the same way as always.

  • Difference between a Detail Report and a Register

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    Very basic question.
    What's the difference between a detail report, a summary report and a register report?

    Please refer to the reports documentation as it should answer your question.
    Oracle Reports Documentation

  • Difference between r/3 report and bw report

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    plz send me any document if u have

    These two reporting seem to function similarly with slice and dice.
    A) The major benefits of reporting with BW over R/3 are in terms of performance and analysis.
    1. Performance -- Heavy reporting along with regular OLTP transactions can produce a lot of load both on the R/3 and the database (cpu, memory, disks, etc). Just take a look at the load put on your system during a month end, quarter end, or year-end -- now imagine that occurring even more frequently.
    2. Data analysis -- BW uses a Data Warehouse and OLAP concepts for storing and analyzing data, where R/3 was designed for transaction processing. With a lot of work you can get the same analysis out of R/3 but most likely would be easier from a BW.

  • Difference between Inventory cube 0IC_C03 and 0CP_IC_C1

    Hi Gurus
    I'd like to ask what's the difference between this 2 cubes in inventory? 0IC_C03 and 0CP_IC_C1 ? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
    - Kit

    Well I am not an expert on Inventory but this is what I know:
    0IC_C03 - LO Cockpit cube - Standard Inventory qty and values. This can be used for all purpose on a generic basis. This is not customized for any specific Industry sector. A standard ECC can use this as well as Retail can use this.
    0CP_IC_C1 - This is also an Inventory cube containing value and quantities but this is more specifically designed for CP industry sector (Consumer Products). Here the BW transaction keys are different meaning that events/movement types specific to CP industry transactions will generate these transaction keys which gets updated to BW.
    Also the cube 0CP_IC_C1 KPIs are average figures on the stock quantities and values (Exception Aggregation: Average Over Calendar Days). Whereas in 0IC_C03 the KPIs (NCKFs) are based on last value (Exception Aggregation: Last for Calendar Days)
    Therfore if you are not aiming at Consumer Products Industry specific implementation, I would recommend 0IC_C03 cube.

  • Difference between Types of reports

    HI GURUS.,
                   In SAP we have differenr reports ,can u please say the difference between standard analasys,flexible reports,early warning reports
    Thanks in advance
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    Standard analyse
    You can analyse various customer related information in this
    Flexible reporting
    Assume you want to analyse sales flow of the customer in all the years and compare it with the current year. Some complex scenario...
    Early warning report
    Assume that you want a report which indicates the list of customer whose sales transactions has been reduced by 10% in the current year compared to the last year
    This kind of reports gives you early indication of possible future trends which could be traced to a reason and possible action could be followed up on the customers
    N Ganesh

  • Difference between refresh of Report in Active Viewer and Active Studio BAM

    We use the Oracle SOA Suite with BAM (on Linux)
    I have 2 questions:
    1. We have made a report with several items and in Active Studio --> Select Report --> Edit mode --> I see the correct values for my report. When I open my report in Active Viewer I see data from yesterday. The report is not being refreshed. How can I change this, what is causing this difference between Active Viewer and Active Studio in Edit mode??
    2. One of my items in my report always gives the message: opening (only in Active Viewer, in Active Studio/edit mode I can see the correct data).

    Is your popup blocker turned off? I can only imaging that the popup blocker may be keeping the Live Data window from appearing and updating the dashboard. Active Studio doesn't do a Live update, but an update on report load.

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    On the pic you can see the difference between the free space reported by my iPod (403 MB) and iTunes (0.29Gb)

    I took the pic when I finished syncing, so that shouldn't be an issue, no matter how many times I sync, free space is never equal (iPod always reports more space).
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    There is a similar question to yours that you can find here:
    jimmypham, "Position Content vs. Flow Subforms w/XML" #1, 25 Feb 2005 12:22 pm

  • Difference between deploying oracle report in RDF format and REP format

    Hi All,
    Good Day!!!
    We are frequently encountering report failures in our production environment with the error message "REP-1247: There exist uncompiled program unit(s)"
    But the report executes successfully in the next try and the issue is intermittant. In production the reports are deployed in RDF format.
    So in our test environment we tried of deploying the reports in REP foramat and we cant find any errors.
    Is there Difference in deploying oracle report in RDF format and REP format?
    Is there any diffence in execution?
    Your inputs will be much appreciated!!!
    Thanks in Advance,

    REP is to RDF what FMX is to FMB, MMX is to MMB, etc.
    Only difference here is that if you deploy RDF, not REP, then the RDF is compiled at runtime by Reports Engine and then executed. In other words, if REP is deployed then it is straightway execute.
    That should explain all your observations.
    PS: Please post Oracle Report queries on {forum:id=84} forum.
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  • What is the difference between inventory lots and job lots?

    In inventory --> lots -->
    i see inventory lots and job lots.
    Job lot : means what lot we generate in WIP is queried from this screen.
    Inventory lot : ????? - i dont know.

    It gives you a means of tracking your inventory by lots. So all your transaction will have an additional step to include the lot number.

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