Disabled key

i need to fix my laptop due to a bad hard drive. But in order to install a new OS I need the password. My disable key is 57890962

Please try:
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  • [Solved] Disabled key for LXDE

    Hi again,
    I'm unhappy that I have to claim for your help again but I'm encountering some trouble installing LXDE. The problem ist discribed precisely in the internet and there are workarounds given to get things straighten out but I think, there might be some drawbacks.
    One place the error is discribed is in the bugsection of this page. The bug is marked as closed over there giving the reason that it's fixed. Nevertheless I keep encountering that error. As an additional comment about closing "archlinux-keyring 20130525-2" is given. I checked that package. It is already installed on my machine.
    As aforementiones ther are some workarounds. One is given by flexiondotorg who suggest to just reenable the relevant key. That might work for sure but I guess there is a reason for the key being disabled. Maybe there are some pagages, maybe malicious ones, signed using that key without authorization. That it would be advisable not to reenable that key, wouldn't it?
    Now I'm left alone with two questions I'm not able to find a satisfying answer for myself. First of all I'm wondering, why the bug report is closed and marked as fixed, while I continue to get exactly the same error. Is it going to be fixed anyway or it's just me who doesn't see the point how it is fixed?
    The second arising question is whether there is a way to get the LXDE package anyway making sure that the package is not manipulated using a stolen key from Mr. Wallace.
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    Ok, i did my homework and got some enlightments. You can disable, revoke and delete a key and their components respectively. But each one of these mean a (slightly) different thing obviously.
    If you have to void a key, for whatever reason, you'll have to delete or rather revoke the key. However there are some advantages to revoking the key. I'm not going to carry that out in detail, but you can do some reading about that stuff in The GNU Privacy Handbook. By the way, the "redundant selfsigning" ist not a redundant selfsigning, but a rovoking of the uid. That's also explained in the Privacy Handbook.
    Disabling a key on the other hand is not described in the Privacy Handbook but there is a brief description in the GnuPG (2.0) manual stating that you can "Disable or enable an entire key. A disabled key can not normally be used for encryption." If i understand alright, that will be just a local setting. If you disable a key, won't be used for encryption on your machine, but it would not effect others. Disabling and enabling a key or a key component doesn't change anything with that key. A revoked key will stay revoked.
    Finally I'm not 100% sure, but I think re-enabling a key shouldn't affect any security concerns. Please correct me, if I'm misled. Or if you can confirm that for sure, you'll be very welcome to do that as well. Besides that I can't think about a reason why you disable a key. Maybe someone can also point me in a direction here.

  • How to reset?"Enter Administra​tor Password" on Compaq CQ62. System disabled key 75858185

    Hello everyone,
    I have a Compaq CQ62.
    When I've turned it on, it comes up with the bios screen message "Enter Administrator or Power on Password".
    I tried a few incorrect attempts and after the third attempt, a message "System disabled - Key 75858185" has appeared.
    Can anyone please help please?

    Hello everyone,
    I have a Compaq CQ62.
    When I turn it on, it comes up with the bios screen message "Enter Administrator or Power on Password".
    I tried a few incorrect attempts and after the third attempt, a message "System disabled - Key 75858185" has appeared.
    Can anyone help please?

  • I need to disable key events - J2ME

    Is there anyway, in J2ME, to disable key events while processing a current key? I want to avoid queing up of key events and then re-enable key events when I am done handling the current key.
    public void keyPressed(int keyCode) {
    switch (keyCode) {
    case -50:
    // I want to disable key events here
    // process this key
    // re-enable key events

    I had tried using a boolean to skip avoid the key as you suggested. That does not work. It seems as if the keys are only being processed in a serial manner. By that I mean the keyPressed method is not receiving the second and third keys while I am processing the first. So when I am done processing the first key I set isOkayToProcess=true and then the second key comes in.

  • Disable key event

    Is there a way to disable keys from being pressed?

    With current technology, you can't prevent the user from pressing keys, but you can ignore any key presses that they make. Here's a handler that will make your movie ignore everything except vowels:
    on startMovie()
      the keyDownScript = \
    "if "&QUOTE&"aeiou"&QUOTE&" contains the key then"&RETURN&\
    "    -- Let the key press be treated"&RETURN&\
    "  else"&RETURN&\
    "    stopEvent"&RETURN&\
    "  end if"
    If the #keydown event is stopped then no sprite or member will receive an indication that a character has been typed.
    You might like to look at the keydown event handler and build your own custom solution.

  • System Disable Key 59628700. Please Help Me

    I can't remember my password for the life of me. Please Help Me!
    System Disable Key 59628700
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    Big try.
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  • How do you disable key beeps?

    Is there a way to disable key beeps on a device (NGage) using J2ME? When a user hits the softkeys in my application the system still plays a beep sound, which I want to disable.
    Thanks in advance.

    Someone out there must know?

  • System disabled key 94993060

    how do i fix compaq 2000 presario CQ62 system disabled key 94993060
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    Try entering:    21691066
    From the different code in your second post (94993068 ) enter:     21691068
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  • System Disabled Key

    Hi, I have a System Disabled Key: 63301658
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    Try >> 72069298
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  • Disable key sounds

    Is there a way to disable key sounds when typing? There are many environments where this could be useful. I tried enabling the airplane mode, but that didn't help. Thanks.

    allamb wrote:
    Settings -> Sounds -> Keyboard Clicks
    Don't remember seeing this one earlier, must be new since 1.1.1.
    No that's been there since the first Firmware version as it was the first setting I modified when I activated the iPhone lol

  • Need Administartor Password for - System Disable Key: is 62187718

    Need Administartor Password for CQ62 215DX - System Disable Key: is 62187718

    Hi,            Use the below code to reset 73885338 Or generate one from the below link  http://bios-pw.org/ 1. Use the unlock code you generated to enter the BIOS
    2. Disable all passwords that are enabled in the BIOS's security menu.
    3. If asked for current password - type the unlock code
    4. For new password, just press ENTER key
    5. Repeat the same for verify password column.

  • [Solved] LXDE Install Fails Due To Disabled Key

    When I run:
    # pacman -S lxde
    I get this error:
    error: lxdm: key "Daniel Wallace <his email address>" is disabled
    Later I get this:
    error: failed to commit transaction (invalid or corrupted package)
    I'm assuming the second error is due to the first.
    I did some reading and the way I understand it is that I don't need to do anything for this specific key since all five of the master keys have signed it. Do I understand correctly?
    I've already done an update and I tried "pacman-key --refresh-keys" which did not help. Hopefully that wasn't a terrible idea. Also, I removed lxde from the cache and tried again with continued failure.
    *marked as solved and edited out an email address.
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    Can I somehow copy the key database from one Arch system to another?
    Ok, forget it.
    Finally the following command sequence worked but only after deleting/moving the directory /etc/pacman.d/gnupg as suggested by the wiki page of pacman-key:
    pacman-key --init
    pacman-key --populate
    pacman-key --refresh-keys
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  • Domain Name Change Disabling Keys

    I'm told that our domain name change from hhp.umd.edu to
    sph.umd.edu will disable the Contribute keys.
    Is that correct and if so, how do I get new keys that are
    usable with the new domain?
    thanks for your assistance.

    I have a related question. I have about 20 different
    connections that I have set up manually. Now that our domain login
    has changed the connections are no longer there. Where is that
    information stored. I'd like to recover it.

  • System disable key:69075973

    System disable message after entering invalid administrator password or power on password. Key: 69075973
    any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you
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    Enter:      76953375
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  • Remapping/disabling keys

    i am using windows 7. i want to remap my f1-f5 keys because they get in the way whenever i type something. i want to remap them or disable them. but i dont want it to be peremant. is there any programs i can use, or computer settings?

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    Hi All, Cane we display photo albums and vidoes in the EP 7.0 ehp1.If we can what will be the steps please help. Thanks in advance Basu

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    I use a <af:menuTree> component with 2 level nodes. How can I put only one expanded node each time (of first level). By other words, when I expand 1 node (first level) the others expanded nodes must not be expanded automatically ? Thanks, Sérgio Mora

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    After upgrading to OS 10.8, and to Xcode 4.4, when I try to compile a source code, the ./configure command in Terminal ends with: "no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH". I have to *assume* that Xcode includes C compilers, but I can't figure out wh

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