Document types adn numbers

Hi gurus,
My question is simple, i am maintaing the number range for a document type (XXX) in which i maintain or store  all documents related to that document type and linked to the object links and saved.
why i need to create number range for a document type (XXX). here i uploaded related documents to the particular document type. there is no need for creation of new document type.
kindly help out

Thanks for the reply, so i can store the docs for central region separately, south region separately, east, west, north as well.
Like as,
  1. Now i can maintain separate doc type 10001 for central region (choosing classification) with 300020 customer (object link) and save the doc type.
  2. 10002 for west region (choosing classification) with 500021 customer (object link) and save the doc type.
  3. 10002 for east region (choosing classification) with 400032 customer(object link) and save the doc type.
If i can do like this,
Then My question is if the central region has 10 customers, i upload all 10 customer docs in single doc type  10001 by using object
link customers ( filling up all the 10 customer numbers in the object link) and save the doc type.
Now,when i search for particular customer docs, then the system shows the document type were i stored all docs for all cusotmers

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  • Duplicate BP Reference Numbers for same document type -need check on orders

    Version: (2007A)
    Description of requirements:
    The user is allowed to create two sales orders for the same customer that have exactly the same BP Reference. When the user invoices one of them and then tries to invoice another, they are  warned that there is already a document of the same type with this reference number. The problem is, they ship the goods out physically before they actually create the invoice document, so that by the time they are entering the invoice in the system, the goods have already been shipped twice, when they should only have been shipped once, If they were warned when they were adding or updating the order, then this could be prevented from happening. Same thing for vendors. Our customers would like to have the check for duplicate BP references on the purchase order as well as on the AP Invoices.
    Business needs: Our Clientsu2019 customers are receiving duplicate shipments and this has a negative impact on their business relationship as it creates costly extra work and inconvenience for all.
    Examples: Would like the same check that is currently on AR and AP Invoices for the same BP reference number existing already on the same document type implemented on the sales order and purchase order. When the user is adding an invoice for a BP and there is already an invoice for the BP with the same BP reference number, the user is warned and asked if they want to continue.
    Current Workaround: None. As our customers often physically ship the goods before creating an invoice from the order, there are duplicate shipments and this is most inconvenient and costly to our customers as well as their customers.
    Proposed solution: see above. This is a high priority item for our customers.
    Sally Weinrauch,
    Senior Support Analyst
    Coastal Range Systems Inc.
    Recipients of: SAP's Partner of the Year 2007 & 2005,
    North America's Top Ten 2008, 2007 & 2006.
    200 - 6400 Roberts Street, Burnaby, BC, V5G 4C9

    Use SP_TransactionNotification to block sales order & purchase order from adding having duplicate bp reference number.
    SAP Note 1258097 - Can the Suppliers Reference number be
    made unique? activated approval procedure also for ar invoice.
    It may solve problem.

  • Document Type showing as Bill of Entry instead of Invoice in report

    Dear Gurus,
    in J2i9 report for Proforma register under rule 9 (5) of cenvat credit rules , 2004 ,
    we are generating a report using "inputs" as an option for Print Annexure for Material type ,
    in which for a domestic supplier , we are getting several document numbers for
    part II serial numbers , one entry is showing the type of document as "Bill of Entry" ,
    where it should have come as "invoice" , all other entries for the same supplier are showing
    correctly as "invoice". This has caused the finance dept to block payment to the supplier .
    this entry belongs to previous posting year. still remains unresolved. Please guide.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Dear Gurus ,
    Excise duty is not getting captured in this invoice due to document type wrongly coming as "Bill of Entry "
    which is for imports ( cenvate credit availed = 0). Please give direction as to why the wrong document type is getting selected
    only for a particular entry of a domestic supplier , and how to correct this entry. thanks in advance.

  • How do I convert an excel (2008) document to Numbers?  When I drag the Excel document onto the Numbers icon I get, "Import error.  The file format is invalid"

    How can I convert an Excel (2008) document to Numbers.  When I drag the Excel document onto the Numbers icon I get, "Import error.  The file format is invalid.

    That extension identifies the most current Excel file format, a format that can be opened by Numbers '09 (and by Numbers '08).
    A check with Numbers '09 shows it capable of opening .xlsx files when right-clicked (and Numbers chose as the application to open, when double-clicked (if Numbers has been set as the default application to open this type of file, or when dragged to the Numbers icon in the dock.
    I see two possibilities for Numbers inability to open it and the message you receive:
    1. The file is not actually an Excel file, and the sender has added the .xlsx extension to the filename manually.
    2. The file is an Excel file, but has somehow been corrupted.
    Have you tried opening the file with a different application? The open source Office suites,, LibreOffice and NeoOffice can also open .xlsx files. If they're unable to open this one, that would point toward the file itself being faulty. You can download these applications from their rspective websites, linked in the names above. All request a donation to support future development, but only Neo requires one to have been made recently, and that only for the current release (which won't be necessary to open .xlsx files).

  • How to change number range for document type ?

    Dear All
    How to change the number range for document types for entry view? I am trying to change the number range for all document type as per defined ranges in FBN1, but at the time of saving document type and number range the system is throwing error message as 
    Doc. type C1: Number range 07 is used for ledger L6 with doc. type AE
    Message no. FAGL_LEDGER_CUST093
    I have defined a leading ledger in system too with these settings
    1)     Define ledger for accounting.
    2)     Defining currencies for it.
    3)     Defining ledger group for the same.
    4)     Defining accounting principles
    5)     Assignment of principles to leading ledger.  
    Are there any extra settings required for leading ledger settings?
    I have some doubts those are :-
    How document types defined at ledger level?
    How to define them at leading ledger level?  (Like my case)
    Focus on this will be appreciable.
    Sharvari Joshi.

    hi ,
    The document numbers in the leading ledger and the non leading ledgers should be in sync, they should not have any differences, so incase you are trying to change the number range for C1, the  number range 07 is already been assigned to doc type AE. i guess you have cant use 07 for C1. may be you can try out with an other number range. check this and let me know if you are able to do this.
    coming to
    1.How document types defined at ledger level?
    2.How to define them at leading ledger level? (Like my case)
    Ans 1. please try defining document types for entry view in a ledger.
    path : SPRO- financial accounting new -financial accounting global settings new - document -document types -define document types for entry view in ledger.
    upon prompt enter the ledger and go ahead creating the number ranges for the document types.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to define certain document type (BKPF-BLART) for certain movement (101)

    Sometimes ( I think it is becuase of the tcode)  certain purchase 101 movements create a WA type FI document and some other times purchase 101 movements create WE type FI documents. I have seen a table ( accessing from omba transaction) in which for diffenent tcode´s we have either WE or WA. If we always use migo transaction why sometimes in bkpf we have migo_tr, migo_gi, ....;....
    How should I do in order to create always WE FI documents for purchase 101 movements?
    Thanks in advance.

    Check the settings in SPRO-MM-Inventory Management-Number assignemnt-Define number ranges for accounting documents.
    Here you assign accounting document type to tcodes.
    Normally , WA is used in receipts for MB1C/MIGO_GI tcode - for e.g for 561 mvmt type.
    SAP recomends keeping this setting as it is.
    SAP help text copied here for reference:
    Define Number Assignment for Accounting Documents
    In this step, you set the number ranges for the accounting documents which are created when goods movements or inventory differences are posted.
    Accounting documents in inventory management
    For accounting-relevant goods movements, the system creates two different documents:
    material document
    accounting document
    Both the material documents and the accounting documents have their own document numbers. When inventory differences are posted, the system also creates an accounting document for the physical inventory document.
    In this step, you only maintain the number assignment for accounting documents.
    Document types
    Accounting documents are split into document types to allow differentiated document number assignment, which is the basis for distinguishing between the various accounting operations. A number range is assigned to each document type. In a company code, you have to define number intervals for each number range and fiscal year.
    In inventory management, the transaction determines which document type is used.
    Example: Goods receipt for purchase order
    You have already defined the company code.
    Default Settings
    In the standard SAP System, the following document types are predefined for inventory management:
    WA  for goods issues, transfer postings, other goods receipts
    WE  for goods receipts with reference to purchase orders
    WF  for goods receipts with reference to production orders
    WI  for inventory differences
    WL  for goods issues with reference to deliveries (SD)
    WN  for net posting of goods receipts
    PR  for revaluation documents
    Each document type is already assigned a number range. In company code 0001, number intervals are defined for each number range both for the current and the previous fiscal year.
    Number range 49 with the year-related interval 4900000000 to 4999999999 is assigned to the document types for all goods movements, except goods movements with reference to purchase/production orders.
    Document type WE is used for goods receipts with reference to purchase orders and production orders. This document type is assigned number range 50 with the year-related interval 5000000000 to 5099999999.
    Please note that net postings of goods receipts (document type WN) are not active in the standard SAP System. If you want to post goods receipts net, you have to assign document type WN (instead of WE) to the transaction MB01.
    Document type WI is used for posting inventory differences. This document type is assigned the number range 01 with the year-related interval 0100000000 to 019999999999.
    SAP Recommendation
    1. Check whether you can use the standard settings.
    2. If not, you have to add new document types to satisfy your requirements:
    a) Define a new document type under Financial accounting document
    b) types.
    c) Assign a number range to the document type.
    d) Under Financial accounting number ranges, define the year-related number intervals for the given number range in your company code. If you do not want to use the year-related number assignment method, enter 9999 in the Year field.
    e) Under Allocate document type to transaction, assign the relevant document type to the transaction codes of inventory management.
    Document type PR (revaluation documents) is already assigned.
    Notes on transport
    You transport number range objects as follows:
    Choose Interval -> Transport in the accounting document Number Range screen.
    All intervals for the selected number range object are deleted in the target system first. After the import, only the intervals you export are present. The number statuses are imported with their values at the time of export.
    Dependent tables are not transported or converted.
    All other activities are linked to the automatic transport.
    Edited by: Saurav on Jan 24, 2011 6:03 PM

  • New Document Type Creation

    1)can we create new document type?
             for ex:   for goods receipt PO i want to create seperate document types like a)goods receipt PO- Stores b) goods receipt PO-Raw materials.
    2)if i create UDF's in marketing documnet-rows they are displaying in all marketing documents.can we set like, for example the UDF's created for purchase orders to be displayed only for purchase orders.

    You can define different numbering series for the Documents. Administration --> System Initialization --> Document Numbering. In this you can view Document names. For these documents you can define and maintain different numbering series. Double click the button left to Document names. New window opens. In that window you may view "Primary" as Name of Numbering Series. You can rename that name and if you want to add another name then Right click the mouse on #, Menu opens with dew options. In that Menu, select "Add Rows" to add new numbering series in this screen.
    You cannot define same number to the different numbering series. ie., If you Raw materials - Starts from 1, then your Stores should not start with 1. If you assign then Document Number Overlapping error may occur. Define different numbering series. Lets assume GRPO- Stores Starts with 1 and its Last number is 100000. then your GRPO-RM starts with 100001 and ends with xxxx.
    Like this you can define the series.
    If you want both the numbering series should start from 1. Then you should go for Administration --> Setup --> Financials --> Sequence. In this sequence setup also you can view few Document names. For these documents you can assign Numbering series. Right click the button left to the Document name. It opens new window. In that window, enter the name of the Document numbering series and it's first number and last number, if required you can define Prefix or Suffix to the series. In this you can assign starting number as 1 for both the numbering series. Let's assume, GRPO - Stores starts with 1 and last number xxxxx, GRPO-RM starts with 1 and last number yyyyy.
    It works as an sub-numbering series concept. Your original numbering series will be different from sequence numbers in the document.
    You can use any one of the method to solve your problem.

  • Document Types for PR created in R/3

    WE are implementing SRM classic scenario and in version 4.0.
    WE are creating the Purchase requisition in R/3 systems.
    Now in R/3 we have 2 document types PR01 for Materials and PR02  for services.
    There is a badi BBP_SC_TRansfer_BE with method Group_RQ which can be used to
    segregate the document types PR01 for material and PR02 for services.
    However how do I maintaion the number ranges as in SRM we have only one field where we can maintain the number ranges in cutomising for
    Define Number Ranges per Backend System for Follow-on Documents Here it allows only one Attribute for Purchase Requistion.
    How do I maintain the number ranges in R/3 as external number ranges for the 2  document types PR01  and Pr02.
    Currently I have maintained RQ for Pr01 as external no ranges in R/3.
    Is it that I have to maintain RQ for PR02 also or if separate number range than how do I assgin in SRM.
    Can any one thorw light on this.
    Nimish Sheth

    Dear Vadim
    In Srm we have faclity of maintaining one no range only
    In R/3 I have 2 no ranges for Document type PR01(Materials) and PR02(Services) 
    Is it that I have to keep a common number range with 2  document type in R/3.
    IN SRM                         IN R/3
    No range                       NO range
    RQ - Internl Numbers PR01      RQ - External (PR01)   
                                   AB - External for PR02 
    Now how do I map AB in SRM .
    or Keep RQ for PR01 and PR02  in R/3
    Can you pls throw light on this.
    Nimish Sheth

  • Document type created not getting saved

    Hi all,
    In DC10 I created document type and saved but its not getting saved?
    I gave document type as CD and description as COREL DRAW and tried to save it, but its not getting saved and asking to fill the required fields so I filled
    Version no. Inc as   1
    class Type  as      017
    and class  as     cl0001
    and in Field selection:
    Class data as display
    document status as *Display and then tried to save but the save option is in hide mode.
    what is a characteristic and why do we require and how to give the naming convention or numbering to it?
    Because I cant see the previously created chars?
    Please answer

    Thanks Aby for answering
    how to name the class and class type ?
    I can see the class types but not class, is it a number or any other name ?
    How to create character and what is the naming convention?
    if I created a class and class type and character for a document type in DC10 then will they be shown in display screen CV03N?

  • Document type UDO ignoring Period field

    Hi all:
    I have a document type UDO that includes the automatically created "Period" field which links to financial periods (OFPR). However, apparently I cannot modify it in my form, as no matter what I write into the field the database always ends up with the current period number, instead of the one corresponding to the date I have in my form.
    The field is correctly databound as it shows the saved values correctly.
    The field is also set correctly by the add-on through code in OnBeforeFormDataAdd before being saved into the database (depending on date selected in a specific field).
    The problem is, that even though I am not depending on that field, if the current period is locked, my add-on cannot be used to enter data for another (previous or future) period, because B1 automatically rejects the document when saving ("Period is locked").
    Any ideas on this?

    I don't have a problem using that field. The problem is that it does not accept what I set it to. It's always saved with the current period number, not the one I tell it to use (the one corresponding to the date used in my UDO document).
    As for document type UDO, yes, the add-on is already installed at several clients, I can't just go ahead and change the UDO type. Plus I am using some of the features that come with that type of object (document numbering being one).
    As for unlocking the finance period, I haven't tried it but I guess that wold only work if the user has permission to do so, and I couldn't count on that...

  • Document number disrepencies for the same Document Type

    Dear All,
    I found an issue with Document number range with document type SA wherein last month document posted starts with 1431..... and in current month document posted starts with 1400..... how can this be possible?  NOTE: The same document number range is attached to another document type as well.

    Refer SAP Notes
    1828201 - Missing document numbers for accounting documents
    175047 - Causes for FI document number gaps (RF_BELEG)
    1522367 - Document number gap reason and analysing method

  • Payment block only document type UE

    My client requirement is to block payment only for UE type. How to achieve this? can anyone suggest me on this.

    Hi Govindraj,
    For blocking the payments for UE document types write a validation for any newly created documents.
    For the already posted documents try to create a test case using the transaction SCAT and record for FB09.
    where give the company code and fiscal year and select the account type lets suppose 'K' and click on document list and give the document type UE and execute and try to change the payment block as Bloack for payment i..,e "A" and save.
    If you already have the document numbers then try to record in that fashion and save.
    Then download the variant accordingly and execute.

  • Document type: Z5

    We have  AR interface program which takes different documents information from a flat file and posts in SAP through FB01 Using BDC sessions. We recently added new document type Z5. We have been using the docuemnt types Z1,Z2,Z3 and Z4. We can post Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4 with duplicate reference document number but not with Z5. Any idea what could be the reason Z5 is not allowing duplicate reference document numbers. The AR interface program does not do any validations and it just passes the information to SAP  for each document.
    Thanks for the help,

    Hi Sobhan
    Does it allows to post the document for doc type 'Z5' manually, with out using the interface program

  • PO seriel number as per plant wise & Document type wise

    Purchase order seriel numbers should be based on plant wise & Document type wise
    Plant    Document Type              Seriel number
    1000       NB                                4500000000 -  4599999999
    1000       UB                                4600000000 -  4699999999
    1000      ZSUB                             4700000000 -  4799999999
    1100       NB                                4800000000 -  4899999999
    1100       UB                                4900000000 -  4999999999
    1100      ZSUB                             4400000000 -  4499999999

    U can customize the document type and select the no range depending on the requirements.
    U can even select an internal or a external no range depending on the requirements.
    Suitable no range can be adopted for the document type so that the sequence shall be followed.
    Hope this helps.
    Pls award if helpful.

  • I want to post service tax gl (liability) in KZ document type

    Dear all,
    I want to post service tax gl (liability) in KZ document type .in my customization document aplitting is has not allow to post liability gl against bank.I want to post entry
                                Vendor dr
                                 bank charges dr
                                 service tax    dr
                                         to bank
    and amount should adjust aginst bill also .at that time exchange diff should hit
    please tell me the solution

    If the form is going to be used on an iPad, Numbers is the only game in town.
    Numbers is available for Macs only (and iOS devices). Excel is available for PCs and Macs. If you are in a mixed environment of Windows PCs and Macs and you are using this document as an electronic form, Excel is probably the better choice. Otherwise you will need to export to Excel for the PC users then import from Excel to retrieve their data. The import/export process is not perfect. A file that has been exported then reimported will not be the same as the original file. I would assume social services agencies are almost entirely PC-based. 
    If the form is to be printed or turned into a PDF for distribution and use by the social services agencies, either Excel or Numbers would do the job but right now Excel might be the better choice. I would have recommended Numbers '09 but I cannot recommend Numbers 3 for anything thsat requires printing until they give us the layout and printing functionality we used to have (editing in Print View, ability to set margins, etc).
    If everything else in your department/operation/agency is Windows PC and Microsoft Office based, you would be better off sticking with the standard.
    I hope that helps.

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