Draging Clips to Timeline

I just started working in Final Cut Pro, and I'm trying to drap clips that I have trimmed down into the timeline.  Unfortunately they do not stay in the timeline.  What am I doing wrong.

Thanks Tom,
I think I figured it out.

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  • IMovie '11 on 10.6.8 greys out contents of library, so I cannot drag and drop clips to timeline.

    This has happened on multiple occasions. I don't know why Apple can't figure out how to create a reliable program. I have been using iMovie for several months now, updated to '11 in April, on OSX 10.6.8, and usually it works fine, but occasionally, out of the blue, all of the clips in my library will be greyed out. I cannot edit them in timeline unless I go to each clip individually and open up the separate editing window, I cannot drag and drop the clips to timeline, I have to manually copy and paste, and I cannot see any of the clips unless I roll over them with my mouse. My free trial of Final Cut Pro just expired and I have a couple of videos that are almost finished and this is extremely frustrating. I have seen others with similar experiences and I'm wondering if there is anything at all I can do about it. Thank you.
    P.S. I did try restarting the program about 5 times and restarted my computer. Nothing gives.

    Of course, I might have found a fix right after posting this. In case someone else comes along with the same issue...
    I closed my MBP cover, and re-opened (this solved a menu bar issue I was also having). I re-opened iMovie, and deleted the project I had started that couldn't be continued. I started a new project, and things seemed to work just fine. So I'm not sure what it was that caused the problem, but so far it seems to be working now. Good luck!

  • Can't see clip preview in clip or timeline view

    This may be a simple problem, but I am brand new to this. I am making a movie out of photos, and the process seems simple. I drag a photo from my iphoto library (from the photos pane) into the clip view (or timeline). The image is imported and the movie looks correct when played, but in the clip (or timeline) view below all imported clips are just black. So I can't really easily edit the clips because I have no idea which one is which (besides looking at the filename!). The images I am importing are jpegs and like I said it has no problem playing the movie correctly I just see what I am working with in the clip view. Any suggestions?

    Welcome to the forum!
    The image is imported and the movie looks correct when played, but in the
    clip (or timeline) view below all imported clips are just black.
    Very strange.
    To make sure we understand what you see... The imported image plays okay on the timeline after it's imported, but its thumbnail in the timeline is black. Instead of the thumbnail showing the imported image, the thumbnail is black. Correct?
    Does the imported clip play black too?
    The only thing I can think of that makes a clip play black is when the Ken Burns Effect is set to pan above/below the image or left/right of the image. Then, instead of importing the image, Ken Burns imports the black border along one side of the image.
    To unset the pan so Ken Burns is centered over the image, do this:
    1. Click on any image in the iPhoto library.
    2. Turn ON the Ken Burns checkbox.
    3. Click in the "Start" half of the Start/End thingy.
    4. Drag the zoom slider (the slider with the small/large face profile) a bit to the right, then all the way to the left.
    5. Click on the "End" half of the thingy and repeat #4.
    Now the import is centered. If the pan was causing the problem, that should fix it.

  • Drag & drop audio clip from timeline to project window ?

    i no longer can drag a clip from timeline to the project window & then breakout the clip to mono by selecting clip - audio options- breakout to mono - now when i drop an audio clip from timeline into the project window it does not show up anywhere in the project window - did an update get rid of this function ? it was much better than having to go back to the unedited original source & start from scratch ...

    thanx for your time Jim - i understand that would be the preferred method but that was a quick fix until recently i have noticed that i can no longer do it by just grabbing the edited clip & drop it in project window so that i can modify just that portion of the original files properties - it still functions that way on a friends machine - was just kinda weird that i can't get it to work that way any more …

  • Background noise removal takes about 3 seconds into each clip in timeline to kick in, so each clip has noise in the first few seconds.  How do you get this to remove noise from the very start of the clip?

    Background noise removal takes about 3 seconds into each clip in timeline to kick in, so each clip has noise in the first few seconds.  How do you get this to remove noise from the very start of the clip?

    insert a 5 second gap in the beginning of the timeline.

  • Why can't i drag clips to timeline?

    I'm new.
    Why can't i drag clips to timeline? I set in and out points but clips will not drag.

    So it sounds like you're dragging from the source monitor and not from the project window. Either way, is it creating a new sequence for you when you drop it in over the blank timeline? If not what IS it doing? What version of pr are you using?

  • How to jump to next marker of selected clip in timeline?

    So, I finally figured out how to mark my clips in CS6, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to navigate between clip markers in the timeline.  There's an obscure reference in the help files but as far as I can tell it's talking about sequence markers, not clip markers?
    I have a clip selected, there's a marker in it, all I want to do is jump to it in the timeline.  How?         

    Clip marker timeline navigation has been removed.  Please file a feature request to restore all the clip marker functionality we had in every previous version of PP.

  • Unable to play preview clip on timeline Premiere Elements 10

    All of a sudden, I'm unable to preview clips, even in unfinished projects that used to work. I'm running Premiere Elements 10, Windows 8.1, Flash updated etc. These clips are activated, not rendered (red line above) but doesn't show. However, if I play the clip, I can hear the sound. Sometimes the program crashes, and I have to start all over again.
    Update: Now, when I click on the clip on the timeline, preview window shows one frame, while the marker continues to "play" the clip(without showing anything but the first frame as a still picture. When hitting pause again, preview window shows a still where the clip was stopped...This happens on some of the clips on the timeline. Some are just pure black
    Intel i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz 64 bit
    Pls help

    Yes, that could be it!
    I do have a NVIDA graphics card! And it's updated with the latest drivers...
    Now, I'll have to find out how to do a roll back...I'll read the thread you suggested and hope for the best!
    Thanks for the answer!
    Additional info:
    Some of the clips that wont play in the preview or full screen window, shows a still picture when setting thetimeline to it AND THE clicking on the preview window. A still shows up, but nothing happens when a hit play. Some of the clips are from my GoPro Hero3 Black, but they seem to pay fine as long as I havn't used zoom on them. On many GoPro clips I've used zoom to minimize the "fisheye" effect, and then it wont play.
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    Re: Unable to play preview clip on timeline Premiere Elements 10
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    Any chance you could be part of a growing crowd of Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA video card users who have run into the NVIDIA video card driver issue. For the now of this issue, the answer seems to be to roll back the driver version rather than assure that you have the latest version of it.
    Please check out the following thread here where I have sought to keep track of these happenings.
    Please let us know if any of that might apply to your situation.....what video card, what computer operating system?
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  • Can`t left click and drag clip into timeline..Need advice

    Can`t left click and drag clip into timeline, or drag clips around in timeline.
    Can insert into timeline from Source Window but can't drag from source window.
    Can cut and paste within timeline.
    Restarting cs5 doesn`t help, but restarting computer solves problem for a while.
    Tried many mouses, but that didn`t help.
    Have no idea how I got the name OLD PRO, must have been drinking champagne years ago, because I am a bumbler par excellence!
    Message was edited by: old pro

    Thank you so much for asking
    In the Project Panel a left click highlights the asset but ignores the drag.
    In the timeline, a left click highlights the panel and when I try to drag it gives a flicker but that's all.
    I can cut and paste in the timeline.
    A restart of CS5 has no effect. Restarting the computer solves the problem for a while.
    Four different mouses--same problem.

  • I can not drag clips into timeline with adobe premiere CC

    I can not drag clips into timeline with adobe premiere CC, I created a sequence and still does not work

    See if this works...  2nd post for picture of NEW ITEM process http://forums.adobe.com/message/3776153

  • Simple question - trim clip in timeline

    Hey guys,
    Newbie here... how do I trim a clip in timeline view?
    Here's what I mean. Take a look at the picture here:
    Basically, when I move that yellow box, it doesn't trim the whole clip. I actually don't even know what it's doing when I'm moving the yellow handles. How do I get it so that it does?
    Please excuse my noob-ness again...

    OK You are half way there. When you are highlighting with a yellow box and manipulating the handles, you are making a Selection.
    Now, there are three slightly different ways to accomplish the trim. There is also a more sophisticated way.
    1) right-click on your selection and select "Trim to Selection"
    2) control-click on your selection and select "trim to selection"
    3) From the menu, click EDIT/TRIM TO SELECTION
    4) For the more sophisticated way (which I rarely need) - you can click on the Inspector icon in the clip and select the Clip Trimmer. In the clip trimmer, drag the yellow handles until it is trimmed the way you want it. Then click DONE.

  • Beeping sound while playing clip on timeline

    I try to edit the newly captured clip on timeline, but the beep sound requires me to render the clip first. It has never happened before. Want to know how to solve the problem.
    Thanks in advance.

    Ying, please check your sequence settings and compare it to your previous settings that resulted in no render "beeping.".


    Using Jam pack 'Symphony" loops I have noticed that some of the loops are corrupt AFTER placing them into the timeline. When I preview the loop its fine until I drop it into the timeline then clipping and mumbled feedback distorts the loop slightly. Is there something that can be done to rid of this annoying problem? I record to an external hard drive so that I have enough memory. Will reloading GB '08 or the Symphoy jam pack help with correcting the playback distortion of the track? FYI Im not using any strange reverb effects for it to sound like this.

    Why can't he use caps? He can do anything he wants..
    Damian, Friend of Frank who asked for help. and thats all your *** had to say??? I've been using Macs since the DARK DAYS of Apple Inc. so give my friend a break.

  • Is there a way to open original clip from timeline

    I hope I can explain what I mean. WHen I control clip on a clip in my timeline it opens a window with a list of choices:
    Open "Bobby's House"
    Open in Editor
    Reveal in Finder
    When I use the first option, it opens the clip in my viewer, but it's the clip with the selected inpoints and outpoints that are in the timeline. I would like to open the original clip, without the inpoints and outpoints (because when I change inpoints and outpoints it changes the clip in the timeline as well, which is not what I want.) For example, I want to go back to get some more sound from "Bobby's House", but to do so I have to search through my thousands of clips in my Browser. I have my clips fairly well organized, but it would save me so much time if I didn't always have to go back to the browser.
    There is a non active choice in the window called "open copy in editor". Is this what I'm looking for, and if so, how do I activate it?

    With your playhead over the clip in the timeline and that V track's 'track selector' as the only one active...hit the 'f' key.
    This will load the original clip into the viewer at the matching point of the frame in the timeline.

  • Double click on Clip in Timeline

    If you double-click on a clip in a Timeline it will open in the Source Monitor.
    That feature is sometimes confusing, because if you do it by accident and think that you are viewing your source clip and set a new Mark In after the original Out point, the clip will disappear from the Timeline.
    Is there a good reason for that feature or is it a bug?
    Cheers Kim DT

    I see that here, too.  That is pretty weird.

Maybe you are looking for

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