Empty File has to write after Message Processing in File Adapter..!!

File to File Scenario.
Once the file is processed and placed in the receiver folder, I need to generate one empty file with the original file name but with different extension (DON). This is used to indicate that the full file is written in the folder.
Original file has to write like "Output_Final.CSV"
Empty file has to be placed like "Output_Final.DON"
Is there any way I can achieve this requirement.?

I have no clue of removing the same using Graphical mapping ..
I hope you have set the option of Write Empty File if not try this and still doesnot work
then need to look for java or ABAP mapping
chekc the below thread may help
Re: How to create empty Payload

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  • Create .txt empty file After Message Processing Command Line Linux command

    Hi All,
    An empty .txt file has to be created in FTP location(FTP loc c:\xyz\Customer20082910.txt) only after the .dat file has been created(FTP loc c:\xyz\Customer20082910.dat)
    Note:.dat has the actual data and .txt is an empty file and is created only after .dat is created
    I know that .txt empty file can be created using the After Message Processing Command Line...
    But confused which command to be given such that it will be created in the FTP location(c:\xyz\Customer20082910.txt)
    Can any one please give the Linux command for it...

    Hi Aamir,
    Thanks for the suggestion, I will ask my client to create a shell script at FTP server...
    And one more question,
    This is reverse side , now the .dat file is to be picked only if .txt exists at the FTP server (scenario File > XI>SAP) (earlier was SAP>XI>File)..
    So please can you suggest for this also...
    How can i check for the .txt and pick corresponding .dat file...
    i had posted question long back
    Need to pick .TXT file only if .CTL file is available

  • How to Run Operating System Command Before/After Message Processing SAP PI

    We are trying to execute multiple commands via "Operating System Command Before/After Message Processing".
    When we use single command say for example cp or mv (copy or move) the commands get executed fine.
    eg: cp %F /var/opt/data/outbound/Test/Dummy.txt 
    /this works fine/
    when we club commands together or try to redirect the outputs of commands, none of the commands get executed.
    cp %F /var/opt/data/outbound/Test/Dummy.txt ; rm %F
    wc -l %F > /var/opt/data/outbound/Test/Dummy.txt
    Is it possible to execute multiple commands or redirect the output  of commands without using a shell script? The PI server we are working on iis hosted on UNIX environment.

    Hi Harleen,
    try like this
    cp %F /var/opt/data/outbound/Test/Dummy.txt ; rm %F
    instead of semicolon try this
    (1) &
    command1 & command2
    Execute Command1 and then execute Command2
    (2) &&
    command1 && command2
    Runs the command2 only when command1 doesn't Complete successfully
    (3) ||
    command1 || command2
    Runs the second command if the first command had an error
    (4) ()
    (command1 || command2) || (command3 & command4)
    Defines the order in which commands are to be executed

  • Excel cannot open the file beacuse the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file [help]

    I have a excel file that I have been using since beginning of year.
    Yesterday, I tried to open it but a message comes out "
    Excel cannot open the file beacuse the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file"
    After I click yes, the page is blank. The file is about 400kb in size.
    I have try open and repair and third party repair program and not working also.
    I would appreciate a lot if you can help me.
    Thank you very much.

    Per your post, this problem might be caused by malware on the affected machine.
    In order to clean your machine, run Microsoft Safety Scanner (http://www.microsoft.com/security/scanner/en-us/default.aspx) to kill the malware, and then repair Excel file itself.
    If this is not the case, feel free to post back and let me know. Thanks.
    Tony Chen
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  • DB2, Log File has reached its saturation point" DIA8309C Log file was full,

    Hello Experts,
    I have successfully installed a ECC 6.0 System-ABAP + JAVA (DB2 v9.5 windows server 2008-x64 bit).
    Kernel: 700 , Patch: 185 ; SP level : rel 700 , level 17.
    However now i suddenly cannot connect to database and SAP is down.
    C:\Users\dsqadm.DUCATI>r3trans -d
    This is r3trans version 6.14 (release 700 - 16.10.08 - 16:26:00).
    unicode enabled version
    2EETW169 no connect possible: "DBMS = DB6                              --- DB2DB
    DFT = 'DSQ'"
    r3trans finished (0012).
    ADM1823E  The active log is full and is held by application handle "51886".  Terminate this application by COMMIT, ROLLBACK or FORCE APPLICATION.
    "Log File has reached its saturation point" DIA8309C Log file was full.
    "Backup pending.  Database has been made recoverable.  Backup now required."  DIA8168C Backup pending for database .
    Also, regarding DB2 licensing,i have a query:
    db2licm -l gives the following:
    C:\Users\db2dsq.DUCATI>db2licm -l
    Product name:                     "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition"
    License type:                     "CPU Option"
    Expiry date:                      "Permanent"
    Product identifier:               "db2ese"
    Version information:              "9.5"
    Enforcement policy:               "Soft Stop"
    DB2 Database Partitioning:        "Licensed"
    DB2 Performance Optimization ESE: "Licensed"
    DB2 Storage Optimization:         "Licensed"
    DB2 Advanced Access Control:      "Not licensed"
    DB2 Geodetic Data Management:     "Not licensed"
    IBM Homogeneous Replication ESE:  "Not licensed"
    Product name:                     "DB2 Connect Server"
    License type:                     "Trial"
    Expiry date:                      "10/19/2009"
    Product identifier:               "db2consv"
    Version information:              "9.5"
    I have applied both sap and DB2 license. Is everything ok regarding licensing of DB v9.5 for using with SAP?
    I am new to DB2 database and looking for expert guidance regarding the above mentioned issues.

    C:\Users\db2dsq.DUCATI>db2 get dbm cfg
              Database Manager Configuration
         Node type = Enterprise Server Edition with local and remote clients
    Database manager configuration release level            = 0x0c00
    Maximum total of files open               (MAXTOTFILOP) = 16000
    CPU speed (millisec/instruction)             (CPUSPEED) = 4,723442e-007
    Communications bandwidth (MB/sec)      (COMM_BANDWIDTH) = 1,000000e+002
    Max number of concurrently active databases     (NUMDB) = 8
    Federated Database System Support           (FEDERATED) = NO
    Transaction processor monitor name        (TP_MON_NAME) =
    Default charge-back account           (DFT_ACCOUNT_STR) =
    Default database monitor switches
       Buffer pool                         (DFT_MON_BUFPOOL) = ON
       Lock                                   (DFT_MON_LOCK) = ON
       Sort                                   (DFT_MON_SORT) = ON
       Statement                              (DFT_MON_STMT) = ON
       Table                                 (DFT_MON_TABLE) = ON
       Timestamp                         (DFT_MON_TIMESTAMP) = ON
       Unit of work                            (DFT_MON_UOW) = ON
    Monitor health of instance and databases   (HEALTH_MON) = OFF

  • Size of XI messages processing image files

    I hav a scenario in which XI is picking up images form a database and is sending them to another database.
    The JDBC sender adapter in use has a query like select image, file name, file size from table where file name starts with 'a', thus at times the adapter ends up picking multiple images in one go.
    When we check the size of the a single XI message payload carrying images as a result of the above adapter, it has been observed to be of double the size of the image being carried. For instance, if the image picked is of size 1MB the size of the XI message payload is shown as 2MB; in the <SAPMessageSizePayload> tag when the message is opened in SXI_MONITOR.
    I want to know the reason behind the XI message payload size being double that of the size of the image it carries.
    Edited by: diptee s on Dec 18, 2010 11:10 AM
    Edited by: diptee s on Dec 18, 2010 11:11 AM

    Hi Diptee,
    No, as far as I know. Since your scneario is DB1--> PI --> DB2, there is no need to covert the hexadecimal string to binary as it will be taken care by the receiver JDBC adapter while posting to DB2.
    The JDBC adapter is designed to have the following XML structure as response. Assume that Col1 or Col2 is BLOB and then if JDBC adapter accomodates the binary stream, XML becomes invalid/incomplete.
    <column-name1>column-value</ column-name1>
    Praveen Gujjeti
    Edited by: Praveen Gujjeti on Dec 20, 2010 10:39 AM

  • MSBUILD - Using MSBUILD I would like to add files into the solution AFTER BUILD process.

    Hi,I have the requirement to add files into the project after project has been build. I wish to add some javascript and css files into the project at the PRE BUILD or POST BUILD time.  I specified <Content Include="path\filename"/> in
    the AFTERBUILD Target element. But it seems not including the files.

    Hello Senthil Kumar T D,
    In msbuild files are include/exclude  in ItemGroup like the following MSDN article mentioned:
    How to: Select the Files to Build
    How to: Exclude Files from the Build
    So here you need to consider put them in the ItemGroup and use your files in your target.
    And if you want to MSBuild and including extra files from multiple builds - See more at:
    This can be used for multiple builds.  Anyway, please follow the first two sample I mentioned to reset your project file.
    Best Regards,
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  • XI file sender: filename validation to stop processing a file twice

    Hello folks,
    I have a file sender adapter for a text file with name convention that includes a date - e.g. orders_YYYYMMDD.txt. We have a business requirement to ensure that we don't post the same file more than once. The file can be huge, so it's not really an option to pick up the file contents in one message.
    Options I have tried:
    - I do not know of a setting in the file adapter to achieve this.
    - write a perl script to read the filename and translate [hex-encode] this into a Message GUID, then post the file via HTTP adapter
      - - if the file name is not too long (guid is 32 hex chars) this method works well for small files that are in XML format.
      - - Text files need too much perl coding to translate to XML. Large files that need to be split will fail on the 2nd chunk.
    Options I don't want to use:
    - Use BPM to call an RFC/Proxy that validates the filename - this will cause me to read the whole file, or I have to implement a 'pipe' in BPM to ensure EOIO processing. (We have this elsewhere, but it's not good for performance)
    - Actually, I don't want to manage this in ABAP/Ztables at all if possible.
    I am about to start work on a Module Processor to mangle the GIUD in the file adapter, similar to the HTTP method above (don't have any idea of whether this will be possible yet)...
    Can anyone recommend another method to achieve this?

    Hi Derek,
    Intially when the file is picked then archive it to another directory.
    with this the same file will not be processed twice.

  • Message Processing through Advanced Adapter Engine

    Hi All
    I am trying to design a high volume asynchronous interface through AAE .  The scenario is File to ABAP server proxy .
    I have few questions about AAE processing with Sender File and Receiver Soap adapter.
    1) Suppose if I have 50,000 transaction records in one file Will all go to one queue for processing or many queue processing for processing . if it is  many, is it configurable?
    2) Should the single file having 50,000 transaction be split to many messages  and processed in parallel .
    I am trying to find out how AAE helps to achieve performance .
    Thanks in Advance.

    >>>1) Suppose if I have 50,000 transaction records in one file Will all go to one queue for processing or many queue processing for processing . if it is many, is it configurable?
    if you're pushing via AAE (ICO object) only then you can have 50k messages in one file easily
    (shound't be more then a few minutes to process in PI) if they are the standard size
    Michal Krawczyk

  • My FP-2000 creates a file but cannot write any more in this file. Which can be the cause for it?

    I create files on my FP-2000 to save data .
    This application functioned very well before ; but now without apparent reason, the file is created without error but the writing is impossible. The cluster of error at the exit of VI "Write File" indicates code 6: "Warning 6 occurred at an unidentified location. Possible reasons: LabVIEW: Generic file I/O error."
    Which could be the reason for it?
    Could my FP-2000 be damaged (flash memory)?

    I have almost the same problem. I'am logging data with my cFP 2020. Writing to the flash of 2020 or to the external compact flash port.
    For some reason the cFP returns a Generic file I/O error after quite a while. And it's not that I'm running out of free space.
    Anyone got some ideas?

  • Use of OS command after message processing in sender MS Access

    Hi experts,
    My scenario is as follows :
    how can i trigger a macro in ms access?...do we have OS commands ?
    as XI will be 64 bit compliant , and the MS access will be 32 bit complaint...will the OS command work in the sender channel?..
    The other option i thought abt was...
    to send the data to a table xyz, then pass an OS command to trigger the macro using OS command after processing?..
    is this a feasible solution?...kindly suggest
    sender is ABAP proxy which triggers a macro in MS access..has ne one worked on it?...have nt seen too much info on sdn
    Edited by: Ravindra Teja on Jul 9, 2009 6:54 AM

    carme alentorn wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Please, check user and execution permision for shell script.
    > Check with -->  sh /usr/sap/tmp//FTP_test.sh
    > Regards,
    > Carme.l
    Check Permission for script!

  • Write error messages in log file.

    I want to use a log file to store messages instead of server log. Can anybody give me idea.

    Hi, could DBA check MS SQL Server connection logs???
    May be server has some limits (for example sessions, memory and e.t.c.)

  • Files fail to reach IS after being processed by File adapter

    Till a few minutes back, our XI server was working fine. But all of a sudden the messages could not be sent to IS for processing. I found the following message in RWB--> Message monitoring.
    8000 is the ABAP port that we have mentioned in SMICM.
    <b>Transmitting the message to endpoint http://intersrv:8000/sap/xi/engine?type=entry using connection AFW failed, due to: com.sap.aii.af.ra.ms.api.RecoverableException: java.net.ProtocolException: Server redirected too many times (20).</b>
    In adapter monitor i found that the message has been successfully been picked up(processed).
    Also 1 strange thing that i observed is, when i tried posting  the same payload using HTTP adapter(i mean the sample HTML page used to post HTTP requests to IS) is failing. I could not see any messages in sxmb_moni when i tried in an EO or EOIO processing mode.
    Kindly help me on this.
    Siva Maranani

    can you check the url in SLD for the related business system. It should be 8000 also and not 50000(i had a similar error and it was resolved by changing the URL in SLD.
    is your DB up?

  • File--to--File should get acknowledment after successful processing

    Here my scenario is File-to-File scenario.
    1)Once files get successfully transfered to the receiver system i shud get successful message,
    2) if not i have to get an Error message .
    Can anyone help me in this

    Hi keerthi,
    you should go for BPM in this case.
    File adapter can only work with the transport acknowledgments
    transport acknowledgments - they tell us that the message was transferred from the XI adapter
    (successfully or with errors)
    - application acknowledgments - they tell us that the message was processed by the receiver application
    (again either successfully or with errors)
    refer to note: 821267
    The specified item was not found.
    Reward points if it is helpful
    Edited by: Madhu on Jul 14, 2008 1:17 PM

  • How to Write Soap Message to Log File

    Hello users,
    Is there a config setting that causes soap messages to be written to the server log. I'm using JBoss/Turnkey. I found a reference in the JBoss documentation (Ch 5 J2EE Web Services) that offers this guidance:
    (5.4. Monitoring webservices requests)
    When processing web services requests, it is often useful to be able to observe the actual messages being passed between the client and the server. JBoss logs this information in the org.jboss.axis.transport.http.AxisServlet category.
    To enable web services logging, add the following debug category to the log4j.xml file:
    <category name="org.jboss.axis.transport.http.AxisServlet">
    <priority value="DEBUG"/>
    When enabled, all SOAP requests and responses will be logged to the server.log file.
    Tried it but not working yet. Thanks for any help.


Maybe you are looking for

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  • Transmission Medium 5 with one time customer..

    Hi there, I have sent email from a smartform using a Z print program where I do all the coding to make the email go out. I really want to know how to use transmission medium 5 to do the same without making a Z print program and coding it all. SAP sta

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    Is ther a built-in zip utility in Panther 10.3.9....or a free utility available for Panther? I need to Zip a few audio files for email. I have the free stuffit expander but the free version only expands and does not Zip.

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