EPay 8.9 vs 9.0 Payroll for NA - PDFs for Payslips & W2s

We are on HCM 8.9 & want to implement the ePay but with the PDF files for payslips and W2s which is not included in ver 8.9 but is in 9.0. Is there a way to either just upgrade ePay to 9.0 without an entire HCM upgrade or a way to implement the PDFs for payslips included with Global Payroll but not with Payroll for NA. Additionally, we would like to have the W2s PDFs available to the employees. Any suggestions or guidance is most appreciated.

The steps in this Adobe TechNote may help:
Also, look over -
This page identifies Adobe Reader/Acrobat version interoperability.
Where the Version interoperability table shows "Allowed" a user is good-to-go.
Other combinations are problematic.
Specifically, your co-worker's install of Acrobat 8 / Adobe Reader 9 *will* result in one &/or the other not always exhibiting "design behavior".
If the individual needs Standard/Pro (Acrobat 8) then their box needs Adobe Reader 8, not 9.
jmo - but, if features of Acrobat 9 (Portfolios, etc) are used the user would benefit from a step up from Acrobat 8 to Acrobat 9.
Be well...

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  • Gif or tiff files recommended for a PDF for publication?

    I recently lost all the source files (InDesign of course) for a PDF that I created, but I still have the PDF itself. I bought some software (recosoft) that allows
    me to open the PDF in InDesign, but I am given the choice of opening the images in the PDF as either gif or tiff files. Since the PDF needs to be edited more and will eventually be sent out to for publication, can anyone tell me which would be better, to have the images converted into gif or tiff? There are hundreds of images and they are integral to the (black and white) book.
    Thanks in advance!

    Properly speaking, the question is underspecified.
    GIF is a file format that supports 8-bit color and no dpi specification, and is generally assumed to be 72dpi but the user can always indicate the image should be scaled appropriately, and supports limited transparency. It uses lossless compression, which means it is a very good file format indeed when compared to JPEG, if you are dealing with line art, text, or hard edges.
    TIFF is a container file format. It has hundreds of different options (which is to say, millions of combinations of options), can be compressed lossily or losslessly (but is usually lossless), and supports a wide array of bit depths and color spaces, as well as metainformation including the resolution/dpi. It's easy to produce TIFF files with options that are wrong for any particular purpose.
    Most of the time, if you are forced to choose between GIF and TIFF, you should choose TIFF. But if your images meet GIF's somewhat narrow constraints, you are probably better off choosing GIF. Certainly with GIF you know what you're getting. A lot depends on what the software is actually doing, which can be unknowable.
    (A more common and frequently confused dilemma is JPEG versus GIF, and many people mistakenly choose JPEG when the image is not suitable for JPEG compression, and this can be a horrible horrible mistake that continues to make me feel sick every time I see the results, which is all-too-frequently.)
    In this case, though, one has to wonder what the software developers were thinking. I'm not familiar with recosoft, but PDFs store images in only a small number of ways. They can be compressed lossily with JPEG compression, and they can be stored losslessly with a few other choices (the specifics of which don't matter too much because they are lossless!) like Flate (aka Zip), CCITT/Fax, LZW, and no compression at all.
    When you're extracting an image from a PDF, what should be important is that you don't transcode the image through a lossy compression step. That is, if it was saved in the PDF with JPEG compression, you want to extract it with JPEG compression. If it was saved in the PDF without JPEG compression, you want to extract it without JPEG compression. Any time you change lossy compresson formats, you introduce artifacts, which are usually undesirable. There's no way to tell from looking at the PDF what non-lossy format the image originally was (e.g. to distinguish a PNG from GIF), but JPEGs are clearly identifable.
    I usually use the free command-line tool pdfimages to extract images from PDFs, using the -j option to preserve JPEG compression where appropriate. pdfimages is part of xpdf. You can also do it with Acrobat Professional, though offhand I forget if it has a setting that is smart enough to extract JPEGs automatically where appropriate.

  • Pages: PDFs for professional printers

    I hope this may help Pages users who struggle with making PDFs for professional printshops.
    Pages provide several options to produce PDFs. However, not all are suitable for professional print shops. For instance, 'Export to PDF' option under File menu will give you PDFs that look okay on screen, but will not break into four colours (CMYK) needed for professional printing.
    One efficient way of preparing Pages files is by using the ColourSync utility.
    1. In your Pages document go File - Print. Print dialogue window opens.
    2. Click on the third pop-down menu bar. Go down to ColorSync.
    3. In ColorSync dialogue second pop-down menu bar is called 'Quartz Filter'. Click on it and go down to 'Add filters...' ColorSync launches and a Preview pdf of your document opens after a few seconds. In the top left corner of the Preview there is an icon with red, green and blue filters. Click on it.
    4. 'Filters' dialogue window opens. Click on the triangle next to the third option 'Create Generic PDFX-3 Document'. At the bottom of the window click on + to create a new filter which will be your configurations choice for producing PDFs for printers. 'Untitled' option appears at the bottom of the list.
    5. Double click on it to change the name of the option. Click on the little triangle to the right of the 'Untitled' and a choice of option opens. Go down to 'Add PDF retouch component' and when options open choose PDF/X-3.
    6. Click on the little triangle to the left of your 'Untitled' and you will see that a new 'Create PDF/X-3' submenu has been added.
    7. Click on the little triangle to the left and a choice of PDF settings appears. Now here, on the fourth line you have 'Destination Profile' drop-down menu. If you choose 'Generic CMYK' you can start producing PDFs already colour separated for professional printers. Next, go further down to 'Flatten Transparency'. By default it is checked and resolution is set at 72 dpi. That is good enough for the internet and for e-mailing pdfs. But for professional printing you need a much higher definition.
    8. Next step: click on your preview pdf, at the bottom left there is a choice of filters - a drop-down menu bar. Click on it and you will see your 'Untitled' at the bottom of the menu.
    9. Close Filters dialogue window, close preview, and go back to your Pages document. Click Print under File menu and in Print dialogue window go to ColorSync again. Click on the Quartz Filter menu bar and you will see that the 'Untitled' filter with your PDF settings sits there.
    10. Now, follow the Print - Save as PostScript - Create PDF route, but in a slightly modified way:
    - Open Print dialogue;
    - Choose ColorSync and set Quartz Filter to yours - e.g. 'Untitled'.
    - Under PDF menu choose 'Save as PostScript'
    - Launch Acrobat (or drag the PS file onto the Acrobat icon) and 'Create PDF from file' under Document menu or Open the PS file under File menu.
    Changing PDF settings allows you to prepare ready CMYK converted files for printers. It may look cumbersome, but, mind, you only have to adjust your PDF settings once to find what best suits you, and then it's just sliding down to ColorSync and clicking on your settings.
    FrankBe has described the use of ColoSync for preparing PDFs on this forum. I am adding here a recommendation to use the PostScript stage to convert Pages files to PDF. A fuller version of this method is on http://i-work-in-pages.blogspot.com.
    iMac, iBook   Mac OS X (10.4)  

    Thank you very much for this detailed tutorial, Sashura -- it is greatly appreciated!

  • HR Report for finding details for the new hires and leavers

    Dear All,
    I am very new to SAP HR ABAP.
    Need Help
    I have to create a report which fetches all the details <Details are mentioned below>
    for all the
    1)     New hires
    2)     Leavers
    in between a time range.
    <Details to be fetched :~ 
    Place of issue
    Issue date
    Valid till
    Date of Hire
    Action Reason
    Reporting to
    Date of exit interview
    Leave Date
    Leaving Reason
    Address Line2
    Postal Code
    Communication Number
    Personal ID
    Date Of Last Hire
    Payroll area
    Personnel Number
    Date of seniority
    Bank account no
    Bank account type
    Thanks a lot !!!
    Edited by: joydip majumder on Jul 11, 2008 10:46 AM

    Hi  joy ,
    you can create ur own z-report for this requirement  , for this u have to  read the  employee data with in the date rage for   infotype 0 (Action) for hiring and leaving dates. Other related infomation  u can fetch from the related infotypes tables like PA0001 etc using simple select queries.All required fields can be dispalyed in the  ALV output.
    Edited by: lakhan on Jul 11, 2008 2:35 PM

  • Pre-requisites for running report for P45 RPCP45GN

    We would like to know that are there pre-requisites steps that are now required to run RPCP45GN program and if so what are they?

    The following are Pre-requisites for RPCP45GN in new year legal changes:
    1> The starter report RPUEFO_STARTER should be run before running the    leaver report RPCP45GN.
    2> Last payroll should be run for that perner.
    3> The actions must performed e.g. leaver, payroll area changed, etc.
    4> Infotype 65 should be correct maintained.
    5> Address infotype 6 should be maintained for the perner.
    Hope this could solve your problem.

  • Set Password for a PDF created from SAP

    Somebody knows if it is possible to set a password for a pdf file created from a function module.
    We are using different functions to generate the pdf (i.e. CONVERT_OTF, CONVERT_OTF_AND_ARCHIVE).
    Are there some parameters to set this password, or also after archived it (with Archive Link)u2026
    Thanks a lot.

    I use Report Builder

  • Any hope for an update for Mac OS 10.6.5 compatibility - Resolved!

    Just received the Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 / Premiere Elements 9 bundle and found out the hard way that Premiere Elements 9 is not compatible with my iMac OS 10.6.5. I mistakenly thought that it was. Now what to do? I'm hoping that there is a fix on the near horizon....anyone know?

    Problem solved! Okay, I'm relieved but embarrassed...it was a user error. Premiere Elements 9 is compatible with Mac osx 10.6.5 and it was a big oversight on my part in the install process. There are 2 discs for Mac, 2 for Windows versions. The first one contains both PE9 and PEP9 programs, while the second disc contains extra content for Premiere. I had loaded the PE9 and then put the 2nd disc in, thinking I was installing PEP9 program. Because I hadn't finished installing from the first disc (it doesn't automatically take you back to the beginning to get the other program), the data needed for the 2nd disc was absent. So was my mind, apparently! I do think that if there were more detailed install instructions in the booklet, it would have been helpful. However, reading your responses spurred me to on to find the root of the issue...thanks for all your help. My little advice...try not to venture into unknown computer territory when overtired.

  • Installation for Creative cloud for Education, device based licenses procedure

    we have a challenge in installing the device based licenses at our Lab, in our console it shows like CCT and requesting for Email id , for lab their is no email id,
    please need help here.
    how to install , i have downloaded the media of 22gb , which took 3 working days for us.

    Hi dr swamy,
    Please refer to the help document below explaining the device licenses installation:
    Creative Cloud Help | Create packages with device licenses
    In case you face any difficulties, please contact the support:

  • Step By Step Example for Application Integrator for Yahoo or any kind of

    All EP Expert,
    I want to create yahoo or Gmail or any kind of url iView on which I can implement SSO for learning purpose on my Local laptop.
    I have installed EP SP9 on my laptop.
    I go through some blog and some discussion but I am not able to find below files mentioned in those blog.
    1. AppIntegrator.zip file to find two files
    2. com.sap.portal.howtos.webapp.par file
    3. HowToUseAppIntegrator_en.pdf file
    So I am not able to perform step by step instruction as mentioned in blogs.
    Can any one provide me any kind of documents for EP SP9 for Application Intigrator functionality basically I am interested to integrate JAva base application in my portal with SSO but if any one can provide for Yahoo or Gmail for EP SP9 it will be a great help.
    Thanks and waiting for some help on this form all EP experts.
    I will reward full points for right answer.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Mona,
    Thank you very much for your prompt reply.  I really appreciate if you can provide me exact location from where I can download "Application Integrator" zip file from which I can extract  "com.sap.portal.howtos.webapp.par" file as describe in example PDF file. I tried very hard to find on SDN and "help.sap.com"  but could not find it.
    If you have it with you then please send it to me on my email ID [email protected]
    Or please tell me exact location from where I can download it.
    I give 10 points for this help.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • I have an iMac running Yosemite 10.10.1 & Outlook 2011 for Mac.  For a while, sent emails went to a sent folder on the iMac so I have a collection of sent emails there.  How can I move them to a sent box on my server so I can see them on other devices?

    I have an iMac 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5 with 16 GB memory and 1.12 TB storage running Yosemite 10.10.1 & Outlook 2011 for Mac.  For a while, sent emails went to a sent folder on the iMac so I have a collection of sent emails there.  I have attempted to move those sent emails from the iMac to my email server (IMAP), but without success.  Is there a way to move them to a sent box on my server so I can see them on other devices?  Many thanks for any help you can provide.

    Go to: Apple > System Preferences > Universal Access and in the Seeing tab make sure that the Display Enhance contrast: is set to Normal.
    Alternatly, try holding the  ⌃⌥⌘ (control command alt) keys and then pressing the , (comma) key a few times.

  • Preview for Developers update for Windows Phone 8.1.1

    Start your phone updates
    Microsoft has just pushed out Windows Phone 8.1.1 for those participating in the Preview Developer Program.
    It's believed to fix the following issues:
    lingering issues with those not getting the Lumia Cyan firmware
    errors in installing
    and even a fix for HTC users
    Source: Microsoft rolling out Preview for Developers update for Windows Phone 8.1.1 | Windows Phone Central

    primortal wrote:
    This bit is interesting from the Windows Phone Blog in regards to this update.
    Remember, while we are releasing Lumia Cyan for a large number of phones, there still may be some of you that are not offered the Cyan update, yet. However, as explained in the blog, we’ll continue to add more Lumia devices every couple of days over the coming weeks until we bring everyone up to the latest.
    Source: New Update for Windows Phone Preview for Developers
    That Text is no where to be found in that blog post. Anywhere.

  • Contacts search for cisco Jabber for Windows & MAC

    Please assist on given below query !!
    System Deatails of CUCM & IM Presence Server
    1>  System version:
    2>  VMware Installation: 2 vCPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5650 @  2.67GHz, disk 1: 80Gbytes, 4096Mbytes RAM
    3> Physical Server UCS210 M2
    4>  Already Integrated with IM & Presence
    IM & Presence:
    1>  System version:
    2>  VMware Installation: 1 vCPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5650 @  2.67GHz, disk 1: 80Gbytes, 2048Mbytes RAM
    3> Physical Server UCS210 M2
    4>  Already Integrated with CUCM
    1>  User Search base for Cisco Jabber for Windows & MAC Client
    2>  Will we able to get contacts list(Jabber For windows & MAC) as like "Lotus Sametimes" for all users?
    Every reply would highly Appreciated!!

    Hi Karthik,
    Thanks for your reply!
    I have gone through the link but query is different actually, please assist on below query and provide any document links if possible.
    1>  The contacts does not appear when I perform a search
    2>  Do I required to integrate LDAP for same? If Yes Then Do I need to perform integration with CUCM Or IM & Presence? Or Only CUCM? Or only IM & Presence? (Please post a link to perform same)
    3>  Please also provide If any specific system requirement for LDAP server.
    4>  Is it possible without LDAP integration?
    It is really urgent and every post would highly appreciate..........

  • I have GarageBand for iPad 2 and noticed that there are far fewer loops for iPad than for apple laptops. Is there a library available of apple loops? I haven't been able to find any if there are. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have GarageBand for iPad 2 and noticed that there are far fewer loops for iPad than for apple laptops. Is there a library available of apple loops? I haven't been able to find any if there are. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Update: An Apple rep called me today to update the status of my return. I was told that the replacements for the BLACK iPad 2's was still another 3 weeks out (at least) so they offered me a brand new WHITE 16GB iPad 2. I could have that or continue waiting. I opted to go ahead and accept the offer of a new white one. Worst case scenario if I don't like the white one I have buddy that just bought a 16GB black one that he would be willing to swap it.

  • I changed my apple id, but the cloud is not recognizing the new id. It keeps asking for the password for my old apple id, but when I enter it, it tells me it's incorrect.

    I wanted to use a different e-mail account for my apple id. I had no trouble changing it, but now when I try to use apps on my phone, they don't work (and they don't sync with the corresponding apps on my other apple devices). It keeps asking me for the password for my old ID. I have tried entering both (old and new, IDs and passwords) to no avail. I went to the store where I bought the phone (ATT) and they tell me that this is a common problem. Can I fix this myself or do I have to go to a store, which is a hassle?

    Did you change the name of the AppleID like described here?
    Change your Apple ID 
    Then check this list of things to do, before you start using it:
    Apple ID: What to do after you change your Apple ID

  • When I try to purchase an app using my iphone it asks me for a password for the wrong email address. How do I reset my iphone to show the correct email address/apple ID

    when I try to purchase an app using my iphone it asks me for a password for the wrong email address. How do I reset my iphone to show the correct email address/apple ID

    Thanks for your reply. Having read through relevant topics it suggests that if I sync my iphone with the correct account on my pc it should use that one thereafter. i will try both.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Different totals based on dates (month vs date range)

    I know I've seen this before, but I can't find the thread. I have a column in a fact table for price. When I add price and the month (eg April 2012) from the time dimension, it totals one number, but when I remove the month, and add a date range (4/1

  • Small error in pl/sql...

    Hi, I am trying to delete a row dynamically with the following code. Can anybody tell me what is the wrong?. serial_no field is varchar2(50) in table. do I need to add any ' to a ?? Thanks, Devender declare      a varchar2(50):=''; begin      a:= 546

  • I keep finding pages that I've visited but haven't bookmarked listed in my bookmarks

    When I open the bookmarks menu, towards the very end of the list I find several pages which I've visited but haven't bookmarked, and often several duplicates of actual bookmarks I visit frequently. Most are at the very end, or at least towards the en

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