Error restoring thunderbolt ssd from time capsule

I have a thunderbold sad that is bootable.  This drive is backed up to my time capsule.  I boot off the sad holding down the command-r keys.  I select the time capsule restore option.  I select a valid backup and restore to the ssd. Before I can get to 8% restored the restore hangs ant the time remaining starts increasing then errors out with unable to write files.  From everything I have read this should not be a problem.  Many others have done the same.  The ssd is my work drive and time capsule is my backup.  Can anybody help?

Same problem here, but I am restoring 211.73 GB. It has been going for about 36 hours and claims that it has 52 hours to go. Egad.
I've got the computer connected to the TC via ethernet and the restore is going into a USB 2.0-connected external drive, so the bottleneck should not be in the capacity of those connections. Nothing very CPU intensive is happening on the machine.
Is there some faster way to do this? I'd happily plug a USB drive right into the TC and copy the data off that way – is there some way to do that?

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    Hello there, AngryMario.
    The following Knowledge Base article offers up how to restore mailboxes and content using Time Machine:
    Mail (Mountain Lion): Restore mailboxes and their content
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

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    ow do I restore my MacBook Pro from time capsule machine as hard drive was crashing and replaced with new hard drive.

    OS X Yosemite: Recover your entire system
    To follow the instructions, you'll need to start up either from Internet Recovery or from your installation disc, depending on the model.

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    Here's a screenshot of what Larry is describing:

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    This question is more about the time capsule in general as opposed to a specific time machine issue.
    I'm using my time capsule as an external hard drive that I can access wirelessly and I have accidentally deleted a folder. It didn't go into the trash can on the computer I used to delete the file from my TC, it just disappeared. I have data recovery software (Data Rescue III) but it is unable to locate the TC since it is not a plugged in device. I've tried connecting my computer to the TC via wireless, ethernet, and usb but Data Rescue still won't detect the TC.
    How can I get the files back? Is there a way to restore files deleted from the TC when it's being used as a hard drive (not as a time machine for backups)?
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    There is only one USB port on the back of the Time Capsule, and AFAICT from reading Apple's documentation, the only uses for that port are to connect an external hard drive or printer. You could try connecting that port to your Mac directly via USB cable, but nothing I can find indicates it would work, and you would be solely responsible if it somehow damaged either device (which may or may not even be a possible side effect).
    Unfortunately, if connecting the Mac to the Time Capsule via USB does not work, you're probably out of luck. Unless you are willing to crack open the Time Capsule, remove the hard drive and put it in an external enclosure so you can access it with Data Rescue, your data will remain lost. Note for the future that you absolutely *should not ever* keep original, un-backed-up data on a backup drive. It's poor organization and dangerous to boot.

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    I've archived my Time Capsule to an external drive. Is it possible to restore an entire disk from the archive? On a more general note, just what good is the archive if one can't use Time Machine with the external archive disk mounted on a Mac?

    jjgriffin2 wrote:
    I've archived my Time Capsule to an external drive. Is it possible to restore an entire disk from the archive?
    It should be. Connect it directly to your Mac, and see #14 in the Frequently Asked Questions *User Tip,* also at the top of the +Time Machine+ forum.
    On a more general note, just what good is the archive
    If your TC is too small to back up your Mac, you can use the "archive" function to move the backups to a larger drive, then back up to it through the Time Capsule, instead of to the TC's internal HD.
    Or, if you're using the internal HD for other data, it's a good way to back it up, since Time Machine can't.

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    My hard drive just crashed last Sunday. The mac store replaced it right away and I was able to restore most of my data from my time capsule. What I'm still having difficulty with is restoring all of my e-mail messages. It shows all my personal folders, but they are empty. I also have like 3,000 e-mails in my inbox, but those didn't come over either. I went back to the time machine and found them, I clicked on restore, whenever I go back to the time machine it shows the 3,000 messages as well as the messages in the folders, but on my actual machine itself they are still not showing up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Since you know where the old emails are, in Mail go to File>Import Mailboxes. From here you can select either from Mail Account or Mboxes, it just depends on what you want to restore. The differences - if you choose Mail Account, point it to the base account folder (the one with all the mbox files in it) and you will import all the mailboxes (I believe you have an option to select all or individual mailboxes). If you choose to do just mbox files only, you bring in one mailbox at a time. Either will work. Once they are brought into Mail, a new sidebar choice On My Mac will appear with what you imported underneath in folders. To put them back, just click on the folder, hold 'command' then press 'A', that should highlight all the messages, click and drag them to the folder you want to put them all in (Inbox, Sent, etc).

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    For reasons that I won't bore you with, I needed to perform a complete restore of of my MacBook Pro. My Time Capsule has been backing up the 'Pro's HD and a single external HD. Folowwing the instructions (boot from Snow Leopard install disk, run updates and select migrate from Time Machine, everything worked out perfectly, plus I have a clean system. However, the external drive was not restored. It's where my music and photos are stored (although I do have off DVD back-ups as a fall back plan). I cannot enter Time Machine. I get the message that "Your Time Machine backup disk can't be found. I can see it in the finder sidebar Shared>"name" Time Machine>Frank MacBook Pro 00264....sparsebundle.
    Is there a method to get my Time Machine Back ups back. I'm guessing the problem is related to the newly installed OS. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Start with a "full reset" of Time Machine, per #A4 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting.
    If that doesn't work, try the +*Browse ...+* option, per #E2 there.
    The full system restore, starting with your Install disc, only restores volumes with OSX mounted.
    To restore a data-only volume, use the normal "Star Wars" display. See #15 in Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions, especially the notes below the second screen sample.
    If the original drive is no longer connected, you'll need the procedure in #E3 of Troubleshooting to locate the backups, and restore to an alternate location (the replacement drive -- even if it has the same name as the original, OSX knows it's a different one).

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    I am trying to import 1 picture from my time capsule backup. It only allows me to do 1.

    The process is a bit different if you are rerring to an image in iPhoto.
    If that is is the case, make sure Time Machine is closed.
    From the dock, open iPhoto as you normally would
    From the iPhoto File menu at the upper left hand corner of the screen. select Browse Backups
    Using the scale at the right of the Time Machine window, go back to a date when you know that you had the impage on your computer
    Navigate using Events or Photos to locate your image
    Click Restore at the bottom of the Time Machine window to restore your image
    Close Time Machine

  • HT4413 Trying to restore my iMac from Time Capsule after reinstalling the OS X

    Had to reinstall the OS after replacing the power supply and finding the OS corrupted. Originally the iMac came with 10.4.7 which we upgraded to 10.6.8. Now trying to restore the data from my time capsule using  migration assistant  only to get the message that the backups were done with a newer version of OS X. I checked the version installed and it's up to date.
    How can I get the data and how is it possible that the version is newer given that the same disks were used??

    See Pondini's TM FAQs, for starters.

  • How do I restore a backup from Time Capsule on Windows Vista?

    I have had to restore My Windows Vista PC to original and need to also restore by backup that was made to time Capsule.  I can see the daily backups when browsing through the TC via Windows Backup/Restore, but it tells me there are no valid backup files.  Any Ideas?

    That is purely a windows issue.. the TC is a storage device.. nothing more.. if you can see the files, then the problem is windows cannot find the main or initial backup. Check with Microsoft.. or windows forums.

  • Restore deleted files from time capsule. how???

    Hi all,
    by mistake I deleted some important files in Time Capsule. Does it exist the way how to restore it?

    You cannot restore files without direct access to the disk and a disk restore utility. That means opening the TC.. removing the hard disk and connecting it directly to a computer.

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    I think my computer has crashed so I need to know if or how to restore it from my tome capsule?

    Read Q14-18 from Pondini.

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