ERROR - Select a location to which a plant has been assigned

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  Select a location to which a plant has been assigned  (Item  BOLT&NUT 4.6 COMM HEX HEAD BLK 10X170MM ) 
this is the error message I get any idea how to fix it?

Hi. I presume the plants are linked correctly to the new company code in the backend, table T001K?
Also, check the entries in SRM in table BBP_LOCMAP.
Are the plants assigned to the right company codes in this table?
There is an issue if you replicate plants to SRM then change the company code assignment SRM does not get updated.
To correct BBP_LOCMAP you can use function BBP_CHANGE_ORGANIZATION.

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  • Select a location to which a plant has been assigned

    Hi all.
    We Work in SRM 5.0 Extended Scenario, ECC 6.0.
    When I try to make a PO from a SC system sends me the following error: Select a location to which a plant has been assigned.
    I made corrections in the organizational unit, assign default to the plant as buyers in extended attributes, but the problem persists.
    Any help will be good.

    Hi Raul,
    Check whether in the Extended Attributes of P.Org / P.Group where the user is assigned has Locations maintained or not.
    Also check for any check in the Deactivate check box.
    Check in BBP_LOCMAP table using SE16 txn. whether all the plants concerned were replicated from the correct logical system or not.
    Otherwise once again replicate the plants using BBP_LOCATIONS_GET_SELECTED report.
    Check for the consistency of Business partner using BBP_BP_OM_INTEGRATE txn by inputting the business partner number of plant.
    Please let us know after checking and modifying the above mentioned points for further help.
    Hope this will help you in resolving the issue.
    Award points for helpful answers.

  • Error: Select a location to which a plant is assigned

    We are getting the above error during SC creation. System errors out and no SC is created.
    The plant has been defined as default in the Locations tab of Ext Attributes in PPOMA_BBP.
    Using SRM 5.0 with ECS.
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    See this ->
    Plant and Location in SRM
    <b>Few SAP OSS Notes -></b>
    <u>Note 1019292 Errors while Creating the PO in Leasing scenario
    737005 Shopping cart: Company code/plant/storage location
    944592 No location when vendor has changed
    792530 Address of partner is physically deleted
    450558 Company code problems in 30A
    357681 Additional documentation Enterprise Buyer 2.0
    545365 EBP 3.+: Refresh of the attribute texts in BBP_ATTR_VALUE_T
    Note 420343 TIP: Backend price transfer in product conditions</u>
    - Atul

  • How do I display the playlist(s) to which my music has been assigned?

    I know that I have music in my library which is not in any of my playlists. The question is, "Which songs?" I suppose I could look in the playlist I think it should be in to see if it's there, but by number 500 or so my eyes get kind of tired; and what if I put it in the wrong playlist by accident; or what if I overlooked it? I suppose I could just start from scratch too, but I hope I don't have to do that. I think it would be a lot simpler if there were a way to display the playlist to which a piece of music is assigned in the music library window. That way I could see what playlist each piece was in as well as see if there are pieces that are not in any playlist. It would even be helpful if I could just click on an individual song to see what playlist, if any, I have it in. Is there a way to do either of these things? I hope so

    Using the Smart Playlist idea was a great help. It worked perfectly! Thank you very much for the suggestion. I really appreciate it. Now all of my music has been assigned to at least one Playlist. I always worry, though, that I may have accidentally dragged a song to the Playlist above or below it; or maybe I should have put it in different Playlist; or more than one Playlist. I guess I have a little OCD. Anyway, it would be nice just to be able to review all of the music information, including the playlists that are assigned, in the music list. It would be a lot easier with a lot less clicking. Thanks to your suggestion, though, I now know that all of the songs have been assigned to Playlists. Again, I appreciate your help. Thank you.

  • Whenever i try to sign in on itunes, it says an error, and to try later, which never works, has been recently updated...

    i try to sign in on itunes and it says error, try later, and that a secure network connection was refused. how can i be able to login??

    Hey Liam498,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    If you haven't been able to connect to the iTunes Store, follow this article.
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    Have a nice day,

  • How to determine which FileChooser ExtensionFilter has been selected

    I'm using a JavaFX fileChooser.showSaveDialog with two extension filters (*.csv and *.xml). How can I determine which filter was selected when the end-user clicks the save button?
    I am writing a program that allows the end-user to create an output file in CSV or XML format.
    If the end-user enters a file name with no extension, I need a way to determine if I should create a CSV or XML file. I would also like to add the proper extension to the file name if none is specified by the end-user. I want to do this based on which filter the end-user has selected. I wrote a Java program 5 years ago and I was able to do this with the following instruction:
    String extension = jFileChooser.getFileFilter().getDescription();
    I can't find a similar instruction for JavFX.
    My JavaFX Code:
    FileChooser fileChooser = new FileChooser();
    fileChooser.setInitialDirectory(new File(options.getOutputDirectory()));
    ExtensionFilter filter1 = new FileChooser.ExtensionFilter("Comma Delimited (*.csv)", "*.csv");
    ExtensionFilter filter2 = new FileChooser.ExtensionFilter("XML Document (*.xml)", "*.xml");
    File file = fileChooser.showSaveDialog(stage);
    String filename = file.getAbsolutePath();...How do I determine which extension filter has been selected?
    My Java Code:
    JFileChooser jFileChooser = new JFileChooser();
    jFileChooser.setCurrentDirectory(new File(outputDirectory));
    jFileChooser.setSelectedFile(new File(backupfile));
    FileFilter filter = new FileNameExtensionFilter("Comma Delimited (*.csv)", "csv");
    filter = new FileNameExtensionFilter("XML Document (*.xml)", "xml");
    jFileChooser.setDialogTitle("Export Alarms");
    int returnVal = jFileChooser.showDialog(jFrame, "Export");
    if (returnVal == JFileChooser.APPROVE_OPTION) {
        File file = jFileChooser.getSelectedFile();
        String filename = file.getAbsolutePath();
        String extension = jFileChooser.getFileFilter().getDescription();
        if (extension.equals("XML Document (*.xml)")) {
            if (!filename.endsWith(".xml") && !filename.endsWith(".XML")) {
                filename = filename + ".xml";
        else if (extension.equals("Comma Delimited (*.csv)")) {
            if (!filename.endsWith(".csv") && !filename.endsWith(".CSV")) {
                filename = filename + ".csv";
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  • An access from an unrecognized location has been detected to your account using your devices, due to which your account has been temporarily disabled so that activity verification can be done. Activity Information •IP :  •Location : Pa

    I have just received a second email this morning :
    An access from an unrecognized location has been detected to your account using your devices, due to which your account has been temporarily disabled so that activity verification can be done.
    Activity Information
    IP :
    Location : Paris, France.
    I googled this last night and was told to inform Apple so this is what I am doing............. Need I do more? Just ignore the previous emails?
    Thanks for your time.....

    It is a phishing attempt. Do not respond. Do not divulge any personal or financial information. You can use the address below to forward the suspect email message to Apple.
    [email protected]
    The link below has information to help identify fraudulent emails.

  • HT1338 What's going on with iCloud (MobileMe)?  I'm able to sign in here, but I can't access mail on my Macbook Pro, iPhone, or work computer.  I always get an authorization error (user-id or passwork wrong).  This has been going on for almost a week now.

    What's going on with iCloud (MobileMe)?  I'm able to sign in here, but I can't access mail on my Macbook Pro, iPhone, or work computer.  I always get an authorization error (user-id or passwork wrong).  This has been going on for almost a week now.

    The single download means that you won't be able to redownload it from the store without paying, either on a computer's iTunes or an iOS device - it doesn't stop you from copying the audiobook to your other computers or syncing it to your iOS devices, you just can't redownload it. (I believe that they are all supplied to Apple by, so I assume that it's them requiring the one-time download.)
    You can download audiobooks on your computer's iTunes and sync them to iOS devices, you do not have to buy them directly on the device (if you do then you can copy them back to your computer's iTunes library by connecting the device and using the File > Devices > Transfer Purchases menu option on your computer's iTunes).
    What you are doing to sync them should work i.e.
    - connecting the iPad to your Mac
    - selecting the iPad on your Mac's iTunes
    - selecting its Books tab and selecting the audiobooks that you want to sync to the iPad and syncing/applying that selection.
    You should then get an audiobooks option in the Music app on your iPad. If they aren't appearing there  then do they show in Settings > General > Usage > Music on the device - if you have audiobooks on the iPad then they should be listed there under an 'audiobooks' heading.
    By 'restart the iPad' do you mean a soft-reset : press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.
    You could also try closing its Music app via the iPad's taskbar : Force an app to close in iOS.
    And do a soft-reset and retry syncing.
    I assume that music and other items sync ok ?

  • STO. How to create the stock in transit if the plant has been block.

    Problem with STO. How to clear the stock in transit if the plant has been block.

    The command builder takes a Select SQL and automatically creates a Insert, Update, and Delete SQL commands.  The database could have Insert priviledge and not Updates and Delete priviledges. But I don't think this is causing the problem.  I suspect
    the Orcacle Client handled an exception that wasn't returned to you code and the client is in an invalid state.  You may need call a new constructor for the client.  I would check the Control Panel : Adminsitrative Tools : Event Viewer to see if
    there were any error messages created when you ran the application.

  • How to find out the PO line items for which no GRN has been done

    Dear Friends,
    I need a report which will show all the fully open PO items for which no GRN has been done.
    In ME2N when I give the selection parameter "open goods receipt" then it shows all the line items with partially & fully open. But my requirement is to get a report of only fully open items.
    Rutabhadra Panda

    Hi Friends,
    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    But this is a report which projects the expected GRNs & does not depend whether partial or full.
    Is there any other way out?
    Can  I download from the table directly.
    Rutabhadra Panda

  • Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features':EXCEPTION HAS BEEN THROWN BY THE TARGET OF AN INVOCATION?

    Hi All,
    While building event handler to call webservice facing "Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features':EXCEPTION HAS BEEN THROWN BY THE TARGET OF AN INVOCATION"; If comment webservice, then build successfully. How to fix this issue?
    Thanks in advance!

    if you call WCF service in feature event receiver you need to ensure that proxy is properly configured. In most cases proxy is configured via web.config file using <system.serviceModel> section, but if it is used in feature receiver it depends on how
    you activate the feature:
    1. if feature is added to onet.xml of custom web template which is used for creating site collection from Central Administration you will need to modify web.config file of CA
    2. similar to previous but instead of site collection you try to create sub site using custom web template: in this case you will need to modify web.config of your Sharepoint web application
    3. if you activate feature from timer job somehow, you will need to modify owstimer.exe.config
    4. if you activate feature form powershell, most probably you will need to modify or create powershell.exe.config, but I didn't try it
    The most simple way which will work in all cases is to configure WCF proxy programmatically. See the following forum thread for details:
    How can I set an HTTP Proxy (WebProxy) on a WCF client-side Service proxy.
    Blog -
    Dynamic CAML queries via C# -

  • Finding which menu item has been clicked

    Does oracle forms have anyway of knowing which menu item has been clicked.
    I have a security structure set up where menu items are made visible depending on their name, which in turn is based on the individual forms that a particular user can access.
    I would like to write a generic method for all menu items where it uses the name of the clicked menu item to perform a query, the result could be used to open a new form.
    So is there a build in or some 'secret source' which tells me the name or gives me the id of a clicked menu item?
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    Not entirely sure what you mean, are you sugesting i have a generic method with a switch statment and uses the input paramter to decide what to do?
    It's not really what i'm after, rather I already have the name of the menu item in the database, the same table also contains the module filename that clicking the button should go to.
    So the idea would be somthing like
    select module name into new form from secutity table where menu item = :system.current menu item;
    open_form(new form);
    :sysem.current menu item is the missing ingreadiant.
    My menu has many items in the hundreds i think so even the generic switch staement would be pretty tedious and i want changes in the database to be felt system wide as they are else where in my system.
    Thanks for you help and i hope this explains my question better.
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  • Auto TECO Orders for which finished date has been reached-Periodic Job

    My company want to TECO all the production order automatically for which finished date has been reached or (Finish date is before current date).
    On SDN, I have found that it can be carried our by scheduling the variant of PPIO_ENTRY or COHV. and it will be a periodic job.
    I want to know that for this which parameters I have to select and where / how I mention that order finish date has been reached. Since it will be a periodic job.
    Early response will be highly appreciated.
    With thanks,

    Dear DSC
    You can use tranaction code CO44, define a variant for periodic job.
    Important selection parameters :
    Status selection profile : define which kind of production orders you want to set TECO indicator, for example with status CNF or DLV.
    Basic finish date : define basic finish date, for example if you want to TECO the production orders whose basic finish date is less than or equal current date, when you create the variant, selection variable can be D ( D: Dynamic date calculation ), name of variable can be "current date"
    Actions : please select the indicator "complete Technically".
    You can have a try, please let me know the result.

  • How to display which folders a photo has been assigned to

    If you select a photo in an Event and want to know which folders you've previously added that photo to, can you tell? I've looked at the iPhoto shortcuts page and don't see anything there. In Address Book, if you want to know which Groups a contact has been assigned to, you highlight the Contact and press Command-Option. But that doesn't work in iPhoto.

    This sure would be a handy feature! iTunes has it so that you can easily tell which playlists a song is in. It would be convenient for iPhoto as well.

  • Listing 17.5  in 21 DAYS :Which WRITE Statement has been referred to?

    Q]     Please see this link
    & please see the example
    Effects of exit, check, and stop Within Events
    & in this  please see the line number 74& 75 it is marked there
    74 *   exit.                  "exits event and returns to write statement
    75 *   check 'X' = 'Y'.       "exits event and returns to write statement
    Which WRITE Statement has been referred to?

    TOP-OF-PAGE is the event which is triggered when the first WRITE statement is occured.
      WRITE: / 'Title'.
       exit.                  "exits event and returns to write statement
       check 'X' = 'Y'.       "exits event and returns to write statement
       stop.                  "goto end-of-selection - don't write after it
    inthe above code...
    If exit is uncommented-> at the first write statement in the start-of-selection, the cursor will come to the TOP-OF-PAGE and writes Title on the screen. after that it EXITS. the ULINE at the end of the code will not execute.
    if check 'X' = 'Y' and stop are uncommented-> at the first wirte statement in start-of-selection, the cursor will coem to TOP-OF-PAGE , writes Title and ckecks the condition 'X' = 'Y' which is false the cursor goes back to the write statement in the START-OF-SELECTION
    The first WRITE statement in the START-OF-SELECTION is
    WRITE: / 'Top of SOS'.
    This is the WRITE stmt which we are referring to.
    Reward points if helpful,

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