Export to PDF and Excel. Image

Hi gurus!
How do you do!, well, I have a question and issue... the user wants to export the report to PDF, for this, I have created a WAD report with Broadcasting command for export to PDF, all works fine, however the company logo is not added to PDF document or Excel document... it´s not correct, although I dont know if the standard function can add logo when we use export function...
One thing, in WAD report, we can see the image, logo company...
Somebody can help me, is it possible to add image when we use export? or SAP does not permit it.

1.Open the template "0ANALYSIS_PATTERN" and insert an Image from MIME Repository(bwmimerep:///sap/bw/mime/Customer/Images/...)
2.Insert a Button item and assign the COmmand Export to PDF
3.Save the template,Execute
4.You will able to see the image in the report.Click the button to Export to PDF
Now the image will be seen in the exported PDF file

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    When trying to export the data in to excel and PDF only the table content is getting exported but not the title of the report . How can I even export  the title of the report ?

    Hi Patrick,
    I have 2 more issues could pls help me out
    I have the varible entry in my web template where in the user enter the starting year and ending year .The heading of the Variable entry screen is defaulty Variable entry I wanto change the heading from Variable entry to Years
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  • Export to PDF and Excel Issue

    Hi All,
    The large number of our queries run below 30s. But when i try to use "Export to Excel" or "Print PDF", it takes 2-3 mins to download.
    Is there any setting on the basis side to improve the download speed?

    Make sure you server is sized correctly, you can look at note 927530 for this.
    Also in SP 11 patch 1 and higher there are lots of improvements on the performance of BI JAVA,  try getting the latest SP fo BI JAVA ,

  • Could 'export button' show only pdf, and excel only?

    I am using report viewer, it has export button in that header.
    Could 'export button' show only pdf, and excel only?
    So the report just only export pdf only or excel only.
    Asp.net Vs2010
    Windows 7

    I found the solution:
    This is the additional code, to hide all type of export.
                DisableUnwantedExportFormat((ReportViewer)sender, "XML");
                DisableUnwantedExportFormat((ReportViewer)sender, "CSV");
                DisableUnwantedExportFormat((ReportViewer)sender, "IMAGE");
                DisableUnwantedExportFormat((ReportViewer)sender, "PDF");
                DisableUnwantedExportFormat((ReportViewer)sender, "MHTML");
                DisableUnwantedExportFormat((ReportViewer)sender, "EXCELOPENXML");
                DisableUnwantedExportFormat((ReportViewer)sender, "WORDOPENXML");

  • I am trying to export a PDF to Excel but it just says loading and doesnt go any further?

    When I try to export a PDF to Excel it just saying "loading" it will not go past that am I doing something wrong?

    Hi kymperez2010,
    I'm sure you're doing nothing wrong. Please try the following:
    Clear the browser cache, and log back in to https://cloud.acrobat.com/exportpdf
    Make sure that you're using a supported web browser (see System Requirements | Adobe Acrobat Pro and Online Services).
    Make sure that the file you're trying to convert is 100 MB or smaller (even if you are working with a smaller file, if the PDF has a large number of pages, it may be too complex for the ExportPDF service to convert before timing out.
    Try a different PDF to check whether you're able to convert any PDFs in general.
    Let's start there. Please let us know how it goes.

  • Save as pdf and excel file

    Hi All,
    Can anyone tell me how to save data available in a node(model or value) as pdf and excel files?
    Thanks in advance.....
    Bhushan Reddy.

    check these links for saving as excel
    Excel Export - Funky Column Headers
    Exporting table data to MS-Excel Sheet(enhanced Web Dynpro Binary Cache)
    Handling FileUpload and FileDownload in NetWeaver Developer Studio(NWDS) 2004S
    New Web Dynpro Java Tutorials - Uploading and Downloading Files in SAP NetWeaver 7.0
    Bala Duvvuri

  • Export for PDF and items disapear from the page...

    Hello Big Masters,
    please give me a solution to the fact that:
    I lose some items (a text box and a graphic) at the export from Indesign to PDF.
    -The file is 6 pages long. Simple. Some text and small pictures.
    -The missing items are close to the right bottom of the page. It is allways on the same page. In my case on the last page.
    -The missing item is exactly the same like some others. (it is like an object I could put on master page, but I wanted only to COPY/ PASTE IN PLACE)
    -I tried countless solutions, but no one passed successfully. I tried to ungroup/regroup (it is an object made of letters and outlined letters), I tried to outline all of the object, I tried recopy the object, I tried to put the page in a different order (thinking that the bug always came on the last page), I closed down indesign, I tried different PDF quality options, I tried renaming and overwriting, I checked all the layers (they are all printable). NOTHING worked.
    I start worring about the quality of Indesign, that I thought being the perfect software for multipage layouts, but I experienced this bug that wasted me 2 hours. In the researches for solutions I also found out that more problems are ahead in big ePubs or when you bring old big files, with Masterpages, it seems that is a real mess what comes out.
    Do you experience these troubles with Bermuda-effect in Indesign (dissapearing items surprisingly unexpected...)???

    The answer for you is YES.
    But Still didn't get the bug solved.
    The first pic as you see, is from ID before I export to PDF
    and the last image is the crazy pdf file, I am getting.
    If the adobe guys need my file for investigation, I can send it to them somehow.
    But then again, I got a compromise solution by putting the "missing" object on a separate masterpage.

  • PDF and Excel output cell spacing issues

    Hi all..
    I have a report and template whose output should be both in PDF and Excel.
    Lets say I have two tables in out put one below other. (Table1 and table 2 below it..)
    Table 1 has 5 columns and table 2 has 30 columns.
    In PDF since it is difficult and ugly to show 30 columns, I made font as 6( very small font)
    PDF output looks fine. But, when I open the reort in excel..its all messed up and ugly.
    Table 1 column widths are very much uneven. lI noticed that table1, table 2 coulmns width are same...
    For my Requirement, they must have seperate widths.. Also..when I open the report in Excel, I still get in font size 6 which is ugly
    I want table1 column width and table 2 column width in Excel as seperate..
    How do I achieve this.

    Vetsrini wrote:
    you can do that too..
    two set of tables, one for each output. and use the Microsoft word font properties.
    add something like this
    <fo:block font-size="14pt" font-family="verdana" color="red">
    Your test or your field
    </fo:block>Srini, this worked!
    My font differences in Pdf and Excel has been eliminated now.
    But however I have one more problem as I stated in my first post.
    When I exported into Excel, My column width of first table is dependant on the other making my report look uneven.
    I am providing the screen shots.
    Look how Rate column of first table is very huge as it took the colmun width of table2 (Decription column)
    I need something like this: http://i.imgur.com/nklEN.jpg
    Is this achievable?

  • Export to pdf and xls issue

    Hello All,
    I have a button group to export to pdf and to Excel in a web template.
    It worked fine the first time and on a second run it stopped working. Since then, I've tried everything (recreate the buttons, reboot..) and it just does not work.
    Export to pdf gives me the parameters screen. I get a screen flash when I click OK and... nothing.
    Export to Excel does not react at all. I also tried to export to Excel directly from the Analysis (built-in on right click) and it does not work.
    Anyone has an idea?

    Make sure you server is sized correctly, you can look at note 927530 for this.
    Also in SP 11 patch 1 and higher there are lots of improvements on the performance of BI JAVA,  try getting the latest SP fo BI JAVA ,

  • I already paid, but when I export a PDF to Excel I'm asked to pay again.

    I already paid the application but when I intend to export a PDF to Excel is always to request payment. How do I solve this problem? Thank you.

    Thank you for your response.
    I've discovered that the problem was related to using a different email address!
    Good job.
    Paulo Pereira
    Send by GSM communication
    No dia 20/08/2014, às 14:27, "Sara.Forsberg" <[email protected]> escreveu:
    I already paid the application but when I intend to export a PDF to Excel is always to request payment. How do I solve this problem? Thank you.
    created by Sara.Forsberg in Adobe ExportPDF - View the full discussion
    Hi PPereira,
    It can take a while for a subscription order to process fully. But once it does, you'll just need to sign in to use your subscription. You'll find the Sign In look in the upper-right corner of the ExportPDF window.
    Please let us know how it goes.
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  • I am trying to export a pdf and convert to word and it is not allowing me to sign in

    I am trying to export a pdf and convert to word and it is not allowing me to sign in

    See this picture. I am trying to Sign in in the upper right hand corner and
    it just blinks it does not open up the sing in
    From: Sara.Forsberg
    Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 11:35 AM
    To: Jennifer Casali
    Subject:  I am trying to export a pdf and
    convert to word and it is not allowing me to sign in
    I am trying to export a pdf and convert to word and it is not allowing me
    to sign in
    created by Sara.Forsberg
    <https://forums.adobe.com/people/Sara.Forsberg> in *Adobe
    Acrobat.com Services* - View the full discussion

  • Data missing in scheduled report via email as pdf and excel

    I scheduled a webi report to email as pdf and excel, I am getting the mail but on pdf and excel only I can see the report header, values are missing

    how come?
    do you have any parameters in this report?
    can you tell exactly the steps u r following doing

  • Where does workspace store the pdf and excel file ?

    I'm working on a Web Analysis project and I have created a dynamic web menu based on the workspace repository to improve the poor capacities of WA in terms of menu. I use the javascript API to control the WA applet from the menu.
    Now my problem is that my customer created a folder in workspace (which is translated into a sub menu of my dynamic menu), and that folder contains pdf and excel files. The function openFile which I use to open report in the applet doesn't work on pdf and excel files. So I've been looking for the files on the server, to know where they are stored, so that I could just modify the java class that generates the menu.
    I couldn't find those files on the server. Where are they ? Are they stored in the database as an xml string like the report s ? If yes then I might have a problem.
    Has anyone already done this ?
    Thanks for your help.

    Tomcat stores it in the work dir under $TOMCAT_HOME.
    There'll be directories like localhost%2f<urcontext>..
    As for as JSP changes being recognized, try refreshing ur browser....

  • Taking zip, pdf and excel file Offline

    Hi All,
    The App has fixed number of zip, pdf and excels (10, 15, 5) files which periodically gets updated, using the updated feature the app updates all the files currently.
    Is there a way where the App can replace all the updated files offline from the server "offline synnchronization" .

    Yes, but it's very complicated and requires a set of custom-made scripts.
    The easiest way of doing it is by converting the Excel file to a plain-text
    file (like a CSV file) and then attach that file to the PDF and use it as
    the data source for the script that populates the fields.
    On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 4:46 PM, amcwilliamslge <[email protected]>

  • Export to PDF and Spot Color Reg Marks

    This sounds like a simple problem but I have not been able to find a way to do this.  When I create a document in ID with 2 spot colors and then export to a pdf and add registration marks (or crop marks) at this stage, the reg marks are created as the spot colors in the document AND Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black.  I am outputting to a RIP to generate printing plates.  This is a problem because I will get six plates (four with only reg marks) rather than just the two I need.  Is there a way to add the reg marks in the export stage so that they are created as only the colors that are present in the document?

    Add a slug around your document (File>Document Setup>Show Options)
    If your bleed is 3 mm and you want to add 5 mm crop marks, set the slug to be 8 mm all around
    On the master page make a line at .25 pt and place this outside the bleed area and touching the slug line
    Do this for all master pages.
    Set the stroke colour to registration.
    Export to PDF and choose to include bleed and slug.
    Don't turn on crop marks.

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