File adapter - archiving files after successful processing & errors

Hi All
In sender file adapter, I understand that we can archive files after processing them.
After successful processing, we can archive the file, and if there are any errors, we can archive the file in a different folder (all files resulting in errors during processing are archived in a seperate folder).
Now, see this scenario.
My file is successfully picked up, processed and posted to receiving sap system thru proxy.
But, if there is any application specific error (ex: duplicate id), because of which this data cannot be processed in the receiving system, how can i move the file which is archived in successful messages folder to the folder where we archive error messages?
Is it possible?
This is required because, when there are these kind of errors with incorrect data, we want the corresponding file to be archived in the folder where erred files are archived.
Please let me know how we can achieve this.
Many Thanks

in file sender CC, thr is option to archive and error file store also..
1)under processing mode - archive.. give the path thr..
2) To archive source files where a permanent error occurred during processing, select Archive Faulty Source Files

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  • File--to--File should get acknowledment after successful processing

    Here my scenario is File-to-File scenario.
    1)Once files get successfully transfered to the receiver system i shud get successful message,
    2) if not i have to get an Error message .
    Can anyone help me in this

    Hi keerthi,
    you should go for BPM in this case.
    File adapter can only work with the transport acknowledgments
    transport acknowledgments - they tell us that the message was transferred from the XI adapter
    (successfully or with errors)
    - application acknowledgments - they tell us that the message was processed by the receiver application
    (again either successfully or with errors)
    refer to note: 821267
    The specified item was not found.
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  • File Adapter Archive File Name Pattern

    Hi All,
    Thanks in advance for your answers.
    Here is my question.
    I have BPEL process that reads a file, process it and archives it.
    The process is working fine, but the archived file has timestamp attached to the file extension. since my file already has timestamp in its name, is there any way that we can configure file adapter not to add that timestamp to archived file?.

    The timestamp added to the archive filename is the time that the file was processed by bpel. i think this is good information that you can keep just in case you need to resubmit the same file for processing later. or if the file is actually processed in a different date than than on your filename's. just a thought.

  • File Adapter - Archived file name issue

    Hello all.
    I am using an 11g composite application to read from the file system and move/archive the files to a "Backup" subdirectory. Everything works well, but the archived file name has the original filename plus an extra long guid. E.g.
    Does anyone know how I can control the archiving feature of the file read adapter? I would love for it to just move the file to the Backup folder and keep the original filename.
    I look forward to a response.
    Thank you.
    Nick G.

    Thank you Sahil. I will look into it and test. I will post my results.
    Nick G.

  • Unable to clone File Adapter receiver channel for parallel processing

    Hi Experts,
    I am using variable substitution for File - RFC - File with out BPM scenario(using request response, oneway bean).
    While i placed the file in the sender FTP folder, the file didnt get picked up, but in communication channel monitoring, i am getting error ' Unable to clone File Adapter receiver channel for parallel processing'.
    Can anybody provide me suggestions to solve this error.
    Note : without variable substitution , the interface is working good.
    Is it due to, i am trying the source structure field in response file adapter?

    In your CC, do you use some additional paramaters ?
    like these one of point 47/48 of [Oss note 821267 - FAQ: XI 3.0 / PI 7.0/ PI 7.1 File Adapter|]
    Maybe there is conflict with a parallel connexion and the bean used to do asynch-synch bridge...

  • Error in Receiver File adapter using File content Conversion

    I am getting the following error in the receiver file adapter.
    Conversion initialization failed: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception: Error(s) in XML conversion parameters found: Parameter 'statement.fieldFixedLengths' or 'statement.fieldSeparator' is missing
    I am using the below parameters for FCC:
    Recordset Structure - statement
    statement.endSeparator - 'nl'
    statement.fieldSeparator - '0X09'
    statement.fieldNames -xblnr,wrbtr,newbs,kostl,newko,prctr,xref1,rke_wwfud,rke_wwst3,blart,bukrs,bldate,budat,gjahr,monat,ctype,waers,bktxt,posnr,wbs_element,mwxkz,businessplace,businessplace,c_waers,c_wrbtr,g_ctype,g_waers,g_wrbtr,h_ctype,h_waers,h_wrbtr,trade_id,lob,sgtxt,zuonr,reason_rev,ldgrp,tcode,lifnr
    ignoreRecordsetName - true
    Please let me know where i am going wrong.

    Hi Aparna,
    I feel the problem in your content conversion parameters is with
    statement.fieldNames and ignoreRecordsetName
    When you are confirguring receiver file adapter for file content conversion the above one is not required. Please refer below link for details on configuring content conversion in file adapter
    Hope this helps !!

  • File Adapter Archiving Issue

    THe file adapter archives the file, it doesn't save the entire contents of the file in the archive folder, but saves the first recordset (row) only in XML format. Did any body face similar issue, and what's the resolution to archive the contents of the file, the way it was sent.

    Hi Anil,
    Refer Archiving concepts in below links.
    Warm Regards,
    DNK Siddhardha.

  • Sender File Adapter with file conversion

    Hi guys,
    I’m using a Sender File adapter with file conversion. The message to be processed has a structure with fixed lengths and in your content are some values that needs to be ignored.
    An example:
    value1  <b>value2</b>  value3…
    I want to ignore <b>value 2</b> but I can’t find a parameter for that! Do I need to define dummy fields on my data type and ignore those fields during mapping? Or there is a specific parameter for that?
    Thanks in advance,

    there always is another way:)
    you can import the whole line to one field
    and cut it inside the adapter module
    (then you can define start and stop of the substring that you need to use)
    but of course it's not standard even though it's quite easy to achieve in java
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions"><b>XI / PI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</b></a>

  • File Adapter or File  Transport which one will give more performance

    Hi all,
    File Adapter or File Transport which one will give more performance ? in OSB?
    Which one to select any one did performance analysis?

    Why don't you just go read some benchmarks?

  • File adapter archive on error?

    I have a flat file scenario: flat -> XI -> flat.
    I have configured the sender channel for archiving messages after processing and it work fine.
    But what i want to do is :
    if the message is processed succesfully i want to archive the send file in the directory "c:/sucess" and if the message is processed on error (for example due to a mapping error) i want to archive the send file in the directory "c:/error". For the moment i don't see if it's possible, all the file successfull and on error are archived in the same directory.... Is it possible to use 2 directories for archiving ? One for success, second for error ?
    Thanks in advance.

    for Archive mode, please check these things in Sender Communication Channel :
    1.  Processing Mode is Archive
    2.  Archive Directory path is correct.
    3.  In Advance Tab : Set Adapter-Sepcific Message Attribute is Checked.
          Filename, direcotry, filetype are also Checked.
    You have one option on Processing Tab : Archive Faulty Source File, Please use the same.

  • File Adapter - Archive Source Files with Errors.

    Hi All,
    Could you kindly give the steps as to how to configure sender File Adapter to archive source file which result in error ?.

    Hi Kushi,
    To configure Sender File Adapter what you can do is:
    1. Create one Communication and select the adapter as File.
    2. Select the radio button Sender.
    3. Enter the source directory e.g. /temp
    4.Enter File name e.g. xi_test.xml
    5. Under Processing parameters Chose the processing mode as "Archive" from
    drop down box.
    6. Enter the path where you wnant to archive your file.
    7. Do not forget to enter the poll intervells. e.g. 60 & Quailty of service "Exactly Once".
    8. Enter file type "Binary" if your source file is XML.
    9. Check if Adapter status as "Active".
    Note: Archiving the file is regardless of erorr in file.
    It will archive all the source file.
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  • Create a trigger file after successfully processing of a regular file?

    I have 10 differet proxy-tofile scenario interfaces going to one target system (10 different transcational data sets). For each interafce after creating the file (fixed file name file1.txt), PI has to create/append a file called "trigger file" which has different structure with fine name, file creation date/time etc. and kind of file (all or delta) which comes from proxy.
    So if file1.txt (all) has created, after that PI has to create "trigger file" with:
    file1.txt 20110106 all
    So if file2.txt (changes), another interface with different transaction, is created, we need to append "trigger file" with:
    file1.txt 20110106 all
    file2.txt 20110106 delta
    Can I do this scenario without BPM, in Integrated Configiration, we are in PI 7.1 EHP1.
    [email protected]!n

    Hi All,
    Let me try to put the question differently for the same scenario. I have completed dev with two message mappings, two operation mappings (one for regular file and one for tigger file). In ID, I am using the Integrated Configuration (with multiple receivers; here I created 2 communication components, one for regular file, another one for trigger file). This scenario works fine, creates regular file and trigger file. Only thing is it creates trigger file even regular file fails, we dont want to create a trigger file when the regular file creation fails..... since we have lof of scenario like this, we want to use integrated configuration only......I have tried to use one operation mapping (with multiple message mappings with in it), but looks like Integrated Configuration doesn't support this.
    So if I have one operation mapping with 2 message mappings in it, does operation mapping fail when one of the message mapping fails? At the end all we wanted to do create a file when ever the regular creats successfully. Pleae help me with the design. Let me know if you need more info.
    Thank You,
    [email protected]!n

  • File adapter: Additional files option and Archive option

    Hi all!
    I configure file adapter to take file with two additional files. Additional files is optional. Also I configure to processing mode to archive.
    So when I put all three files in folder everything works fine - all files are archived.
    Problems begins when I put not all additional files for example:
    1) when I put one main file and the <b>FIRST</b> additional file, files are archived, in communication channel monitoring i see error in message java.lang.NullPointerException, but message with payload transfers to IE successful.
    2) when I put one main file and the <b>SECOND</b> additional file, the main file archived, the SECOND  file <b>NOT</b> archived and stayed in source directory. In CC monitoring I see error message java.lang.NullPointerException, but message with payload transfers to IE successful.
    Please provide me with some solution, because I need to archive all files.

    in file sender CC, thr is option to archive and error file store also..
    1)under processing mode - archive.. give the path thr..
    2) To archive source files where a permanent error occurred during processing, select Archive Faulty Source Files

  • File Adapter archiving mode....

    Putting message into send queue failed, due to: Message ID a7cbcf00-4e00-11db-bd7f-0018717400ed(OUTBOUND) already exists in database: ORA-00001: unique constraint (SAPSR3DB.SYS_C00135467) violated.
    2006-09-27 17:17:47 Error Returning to application. Exception: Message ID a7cbcf00-4e00-11db-bd7f-0018717400ed(OUTBOUND) already exists in database: ORA-00001: unique constraint (SAPSR3DB.SYS_C00135467) violated
    2006-09-27 17:17:47 Error Attempt to archive file "D:\SSNEDI\test\in\queue\20060926070906359.txt" after processing failed. Retry
    source directory : D:\SSNEDI\test\in\queue
    target directory : D:\SSNEDI\test\in\queue\FB
    But, source directory not deleted 20060926070906359.txt.
    Target directory exist file too.
    what's the matter?

    Hi Kim,
    If it is in test mode,the file wont get deleted in your source direcory.  So the adpater will keep polling the file and the server will be flooded with messages.  If it is in the delete mode file will be deleted,archive mode it will be moved in to the archived directory but in the test mode file will not be deleted from your source directory and will be polled continously by the adapter.
    Also go thro' this link:-
    Re: Archiving ftp files
    Hope this provides a solution.

  • Reg:File adapter archive Directory

    Dear team,
    Our requirement is to read a csv file from a directory and archive the file in archive folder specified in the file adapter.
    If any exception is caught,then we need to read the archieve file from archive directory rename the archive file with source file name and place it in source directory.
    On the receive activity we are able to get the source file name and source file directory.
    <receive name="Receive1" createInstance="yes"
    variable="Receive1_Read_InputVariable" partnerLink="fileRead"
    portType="ns1:Read_ptt" operation="Read">
    <bpelx:property name="jca.file.FileName" variable="srcFileName"/>
    <bpelx:property name="jca.file.Directory" variable="srcDrFolder"/>
    How to get the archive file name and archive file directory from the receive activity so that we can store in local variables.
    Pls do help.

    Another way you can accomplish your scenario. Instead of deleting or archiving in beginning just move the file from inbound to archive location after business flow completion.
    In case of error, the file will remain at original position as moving operation is at the end.
    First read the file using read operation, then at the end create a file adapter with sync read operation. Change the entries in .jca generated with below sample.
    Sample jca file.
    <endpoint-interaction portType="SynchRead_ptt" operation="SynchRead">
    <interaction-spec className="oracle.tip.adapter.file.outbound.FileIoInteractionSpec">
    <!-- Below properties are dummy except Type , it will be changed in runtime -->
    <property name="SourcePhysicalDirectory"
    <property name="SourceFileName" value="abc.txt"/>
    <property name="TargetPhysicalDirectory"
    <property name="TargetFileName" value="abc.txt"/>
    <property name="Type" value="MOVE"/>
    Then,in you bpel flow at the invoke for sync read add these two properties.
    <bpelx:inputProperty name="jca.file.SourceFileName"
    <bpelx:inputProperty name="jca.file.TargetFileName"
    <bpelx:inputProperty name="jca.file.SourceDirectory"
    <bpelx:inputProperty name="jca.file.TargetDirectory"
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