Filtering of messages in Topic

i have a requirement like i would be having multiple messages in a TOPIC which are of store messages(store 1-10).how can i filter or pick only those messages which are of store 1 or 2 etc and my remaining messages shouldn't be lost.

Hi Ravi,
I don't know if you still are looking for an answer, but anyway heres one way to do it:
You can use the message selector in your .wsdl file to choose which messages to retrieve from the topic.
You write that you don't want to lose messages from the other stores. Remember that if nobody is subscribing to a given message on a topic there is no reason for the message to be on that topic and it will be - as you put it - lost.
Kind regards

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  • Filtering proxy messages in XI

    Hello ,
    I have a proxy outbound scenario which is triggering data from ECC which is converted to flat file in XI.
    The number of messages triggered in a single run of this interface is around 3000. And many times I am required to find message in XI with particular business content.
    I dont know if there is any way of filtering proxy messages in XI as per content in payload.
    Is there anyway of doing this?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    you can filter this  in Proxy logic it self or you can filter this in PI Mapping.
    i suggest you to do in Proxy program.

  • JMS Adapter is not picking messages from Topic ( AIA Error Notification)

    Hi All,
    One of my service is not picking messages from topic. This service was working in one environment but not working in this environment.
    I am using AIA 2.5 and using AIAErrorNotification.
    Service AIAAsyncErrorHandlingBPELProcess is enquing the message but consumer service AIAReadJMSNotificationProcess is not being invoked automatically.
    Whenever we are manually invoking this service, then this service is dequing messages from topic.
    Is any have any clue for this?
    Thanks in Advance.
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    Increase Log level for cube.activation to debug and check the logs by stopping & starting the activation agent(I mean Retire and activate the process) .. It should give a clue on what's happening..

  • When i restart the weblogic server 9.2,all messages in Topic get cleared

              When i restart the weblogic server 9.2,all messages in Topic get cleared for inactive dudrable subscribers.
              Please advise what the issue here.

    Hi Tom, Thanks you so much for spending your time on this issue.
              A)I didn't specify any persistent i believe default mode is "Persistent"
              B) when i click on durable subscribers link on the corrersponding Topic it is showing 2 users.
              actually these durable subscribers are created by executing below code after look up the Topic.
              TopicSubscriber tsub = ts.createDurableSubscriber(topic,"mysub");
              C) Delivery Mode Override is set to "No-Delivery".
              but Time-to-Live Override is set to 21600000 .
              i assume Time-to-Live is causing problem.
              Please advise.
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  • WebLogic 9.2MP2.Messages Pending topic count JMS display negative value

    on admin console. Services -> Messaging -> JMS Modules in JMS System Modules -> JMS queue name -> Monitoring role tab .
    I use WebLogic 9.2MP2 version . I found that JMS destination summaize page, Messages Pending topic count display negative value.
    What is mean negative value ? or that bug of WebLogic9.2 MP2.
    Thank you.

    A negative value indicates a bug -- quite likely in internal statistics gathering code itself. I don't know if the problem has been addressed in later MPs or later versions.

  • Filtering JMS Message to invoke Multiple MDB's

    Can I accomplish a job using JMS and MDB where. I want to use a single queue to send/receive 3 different messages and based on the mesage received need to call appropriate MDB out of 3 MDB's
    How can i filter the message to invoke corresponding MDB.
    My present design am using a JMS sender object to send message and a JMS receiever class to receieve it and then call appropriate MDB.
    I am looking for an option to directly invoke MDB after filtering the message . I m using weblogic JMS for this .
    Is there is a better way doing so?

    Set some message header on the message then use a selector on each MDB to filter the messages so that the right MDB gets the right message. Or use a different queue for each MDB
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  • Filters putting messages in wrong folder

    I've created a large number of filters for email based on from address, where each rule puts messages from a list of addresses into a specific folder, one folder per rule. for some reason, a few email addresses are always put in the wrong folder. I've verified that that address is not in the rule for that folder, and that the address is in the rule for the desired folder.

    If you want filter logs, you need to set that up after setting up the filter. Select the name of the filter, click the Filter Log button, then check the "Enable the Filter Log" box.

  • Messages from topic to multiple consumers are not ordered the same way

    We have a distributed topic. The message producer is a multi-threaded/connection producer (OSB in our case).
    On the other side of the DT there are single connection consumers.
    Our problem is that the consumers sometimes recieve the messages in different order:
    Consumer A recieves message N and then N+1 (correct behaviour).
    Consumer B recieves message N+1 and then N (correct behaviour).
    This does not happen all the time. Most of the time the order is correct (99.9..%).
    We also noticed that the message timestamp for message N and N+1 is the same.
    This creates a problem for our system since both consumers must get the messages in the same order.
    We cannot use UOO.
    Any idea if this is a correct behavior for DT?
    Any idea how to make the messages get to all consumers in the same order without using UOO?

    Hmm. You may have run into some new Bug given since "message timestamp for message N and N+1 is the same". First, let's dot our I's and cross our Ts to make sure that the system is setup in a way that will give you good ordering in the first place:
    - Always use the same producer instance for each sequential send, and ensure that the producer's connection factory has "load balance" set to false. Note that OSB may be using a pool of producers implicitly for your sending app underneath-the-covers, which could lead to out-of-order, as different producers can load balance to different servers in your cluster. (I'm not sure how to check for this - if you provide a code snippet, I may be able to tell if this is happening.)
    - Ensure that you only ever have a single thread processing the subscription - if you're using MDBs to receive from the subscription, then you need to ensure the MDB is setup to only startup a single thread (use a thread pool of size and/or set max-beans-in-free-pool to one)
    - To account for out-of-order after app message processing failures (redelivery) with async consumers or MDBs, you need to (A) never configure redelivery delays, and (B) ensure the connection factory Maximum Messages setting is tuned down to 1 (it's default is 10).
    I don't know how to do the above with OSB, which tends to layer it's own configuration on top of WL JMS configuration.
    Assuming that you've assured all of the above, then you may have run into some sort of bug and I recommend filing a request with Oracle Support. In the mean-time, you might want to explore alternatives:
    - Are you certain that you can't use UOO? It would be interesting to know why. This is a widely used feature (even by OSB itself), and it may be that you can enable it without any code change, plus, even if a code change is required, such changes tend to be isolated and small. In your use case, it looks like you may be able to configure a default UOO on the distributed topic itself ( - no code change needed - so that every destination member of your distributed destination will simply ensure that each new message is given the same UOO (a UOO that's particular to that member). OSB may provide some equivalent knob. Alternatively, you can code up your app so that each of your producers sets a useful UOO on each message.
    - I assume you're using a replicated distributed topic (RDT). If there actually is a bug, then it would likely have something to do with the RDT's internal forwarders. If your consumers are MDBs or the SOA RA Adapter, then a simple alternative may be to use a Partitioned Distributed Topic (PDT) instead -- PDTs have no forwarders, and the MDB and the SOA RA Adapter can work with them transparently. If your consumers are neither of these, then working with a PDT will likely require that you use extensions (an advanced path that you may not want to take the time to follow).

  • Server side rule filtering and message colorization

    I've been using server side rule filtering (Sieve) to handle all my mail filtering, mainly because I don't have a .Mac account and I have multiple machines that I access my mail from. This setup works really well except I have not been able to figure out how to color a message.
    I've searched and read through emails, but I haven't seen anything else about this problem. I even found a message that had been colorized by Mail's Junk filter, and found that Mail adds an additional mime part onto the message which is a property list that specifies the color of the message.
    What I really want is some way that I can set a header on my message, which Mail will see and apply that color to the message when it caches it on my Mac. A lot of my messages get moved to specific folders, but I still want to colorize them, and as far as I've seen, Mail's rules only work on messages that end up in the INBOX.
    Although I fear that its not possibly, I figured I'd ask for help if anyone has encountered similar problem and solved it.

    The IMAP-protocol (I suppose that's the one you use, otherwise server side mail filtering won't be visible in does not have any mechanism to transmit colorization information to the client. You have to set up these manually on each client.

  • Unable to Update Filters Error Message

    Has anyone else had difficulty editing or deleting their Email Filters? 
    I set up about 15 filters several years ago before Verizon changed the email format and have been unable to do anything with these filters for a couple of years now. 
    Below is the error message I receive everytime I attempt to delete or edit one of these filters:
    Tech Support on the other side of the world was unable to resolve this in October 2012 and I just continue to put up with and delete the error messages in my inbox that appear because some of the filters are trying to forward the email to my previous cell phone text message address.
    I don't use Outlook - I only access my email through and my iPhone, but the issue with editing the filters existed before I got my iPhone.
    Does anyone have any inside tracks to someone at Verizon that could access my email account from the server side and REMOVE ALL FILTERS in my account?  I would prefer to have them all removed instead of putting up with I continue to put up with.
    Verizon keeps pushing me to go to FIOS, but I won't even consider it if they can't even fix this relatively simple issue!

    Tech Support needs to open a ticket to the OSC to have them removed. Make sure they document in the ticket that you want ALL of the filters deleted, and you are aware that they will not be able to recover them. Should take less than 24 hours.
    Good luck!
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    "All knowledge is worth having."

  • Publishing message to Topic from a standalone application.

    I have a standalone Java program which will publish a message to the TOPIC. I have found the code to publish to the topic. Please anyone of you can tell me, if I can do it from the standalone application and if yes then how, please provide a code example if possible. We need to specify JNDI's, so tell me where we configure these JNDIs and how would my standalone program would connect to it.

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  • JMS message to Topic from C++

    How i can i message to a JMS Topic in an application server from C/C++ , is it possible ?,
    what sort of effort needed to implement this ....
    I would like to know about the 3rd party products which can do this ,
    looking forward for positive reply

    Some of the JMS providers offer C/C++ clients. You might also check into

  • Can message filters cause messages with blank subject and 1969 dates

    I have done many things to try to trace why I get messages with blank subjects and 1969 dates.
    downloaded TB
    created all new folders
    moved only persdict and msfFilterRules to the new profile.
    At this try
    set the option NOT to download messages on startup
    went off line and compacted all folders.
    emptied the inbox and all subfolders.
    Exited TB.
    deleted all files under except msgFilters rules.
    Deleted all msf files for local folders in my profile.
    opened TB.
    a few times
    --With Firefox went to verizon webmail and moved a few messages to the Verizon inbox.
    --moved to TB window
    -- Clicked <get messages>
    -- still received blank messages with 1969 dates
    -- deleted those messages
    -- emptied trash
    went to the filter rules and unclicked all filters that send files to local folders
    left 2 rules in place
    (1) if a sender was in my address list send the message to inbox folder called "Known sender"
    (2) if the subject was NOT a weird string like "&*%[email protected]!+=?><" send the message to inbox folder called "Suspicious" This filter is because there is not an ELSE function in TB it is extremely unlikely that a message would have such a subject.
    [These two filters should move all messages except junk to the two folders.]
    I then tried the above procedure of going to Verizon, moving messages to Verizon Inbox, etc. a few times.
    I did NOT get the messages with blank subject and 1969 date!!
    (1) Is this just a fluke?
    (2) From understanding the internals of TB is it reasonable that some now-unchecked message filter(s) had caused there to be the oddball messages?
    (3) if It is a filter rule, how can I find out which one it is?

    I looked though all the condition specification options I do not see how using header info in a condition specification would '''change '''the header info.
    I looked at the possible actions on filters.
    I only see "tag" and "Star" as ones that might change header info.
    However, I found out that when I unchecked the first 17 of 19 filters and just had the two I explained above I would sometimes get a message with the 1969 date.
    Since then I deleted those two rules and made new versions and moved them to the bottom where the earlier versions had been. I have not had the 1969 messages since!!
    I have put a new filter at the top of the list that checks whether the date is before 1/1/971. If teh date is before 1/1/1971 the filter tags the message as important and moves it into the inbox folder named "Suspicious".
    I have not seen any 1969 messages since then.
    Since the problem was intermittent and because I was not able to create conditions whereby The 1969 dates would or would not occur, the problem may not be 'fixed'. I'll watch it for a while
    Meanwhile, I'll continue to manually go though the webmail on Verizon and as a test only download mail that I do not want to save for the long term. Messages I want to keep I'll move messages I want to keep for the long term into foldrs on Verizon. '''If '''after a while, I do not get any more of the 1969 messages, I'll move messages I want to keep into the Verizon inbox and download them into TB

  • Reading old message from Topic or queue

    How i can read old message from jms topic or queue?

    It depends on what you mean by "old" and what your JMS implementation is. Old as in expired or as in previously delivered?
    Sending expired or previously delivered messages with DropboxMQ is as simple as moving the message files around using a shell or file explorer.

  • MDB is not fired when message in Topic

              remote Weblogic
              I have a MDB that is listening to a remote topic.
              The deployment is ok, and when I monitor the MDB in the weblogic console
              the connection Alive is true, so is connecting and listening to the
              remote Topic.
              The problem I am having is that when the remote Topic receives a message
              the MDB's onMessage method is not called.
              I would appreciate any help on this.

    It is pretty likely there is some basic misconfiguration. As I wrote
              earlier, if there are no problems in the log file, please post
              your config.xml and MDB descriptor xml files and I (or someone)
              will take a look.
              Ruowei Wu wrote:
              > The log file is fine until the message is published, which means the onMessage()
              > in MDB doesn't receive anything, but publish doesn't have any exception.
              > Tom Barnes <[email protected]> wrote:
              >>The same advice applies. The first place to look is in your log files.
              >>Ruowei Wu wrote:
              >>>we have exactly same problem, message post is fine, but MDB doesn't
              >>receive anything,
              >>>looks like mdb container doesn't deliver.
              >>>Tom Barnes <[email protected]> wrote:
              >>>>Check for warnings and error messages in your log, as an MDB can
              >>>>still deploy successfully even if it fails to create its JMS connection.
              >>>>The MDB container will just keep retrying to connect.
              >>>>If this doesn't help, please post your MDB descriptor files and
              >>>>I'll take a look.
              >>>>Tom, BEA
              >>>>Publius Ismanescu wrote:
              >>>>>remote Weblogic
              >>>>>I have a MDB that is listening to a remote topic.
              >>>>>The deployment is ok, and when I monitor the MDB in the weblogic console
              >>>>>the connection Alive is true, so is connecting and listening to the
              >>>>>remote Topic.
              >>>>>The problem I am having is that when the remote Topic receives a message
              >>>>>the MDB's onMessage method is not called.
              >>>>>I would appreciate any help on this.

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