Final Cut Pro X cannot be exported

Hi all
I am using final cut pro 10.1.1 with OSX 10.9.2
Just tried to export a video however it shows an error ""Video rendering error: -50""
I have been turned off the background render and deleted both project and events render files
so... how can I fix the problem?
Macbook Pro with Retina display 2013
2.4 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB memory

Do you have App Nap turned off for FCP?

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  • Final Cut Pro X Image Sequence Export missing frames per second option?

    I am using the trial version of Final Cut Pro X.  I can export an image sequence but it will only allow me to do so at 30 frames per second -every single frame! 
    So a 10 min movie takes half an hour to export 20,000+ frames that no one on earth has time to look thru.
    In my old Final Cut Express I was able to choose 1 or 2 frames per second, which was just right.
    What am I missing?
    Do I need to buy Quicktime Pro or Compressor to allow me to export image sequences without exporting every frame?
    Why would Apple even have an image sequence export if it only allows you to export every frame, or it that only in the trial version?
    Thank you

    I found a free option for you, if you don't already have Compressor 4.
    In FCPX create your movie. Then SHARE as a Master File.
    Get MPEG Streamclip, which is a free app available here.
    Drag your Master File into MPEG Streamclip.
    In MPEG Streamclip, select FILE/EXPORT TO OTHER FORMATS.
    In OPTIONS, choose your frame rate.

  • Final Cut Pro x how to export OMF?

    Final Cut Pro x how to export OMF?

    As far as I understand, FCPX doesn't support OMF exports, unless something has changed recently. There are some workarounds that you can do, see this post. It looks a little cumbersome though. Hope that helps you further.

  • Final Cut Pro X not completing export to blue ray

    Running Final Cut Pro 10.1.2, OS 10.9.4, Macbook pro I7 2.3 ghz, 16gig ram...  I can export a short sequence to blue ray from Final Cut Pro X and it works.  I have a 41 minute video that when I "share" to Blue Ray it will burn about 6-7 minutes of the 41 minutes without any errors.  It completes as if it worked but when you look at the video it is only 6-7 minutes.   A few portions of it are also pixilated, that's not the case when I'm viewing it. 
    Any ideas on the blue ray.  I have an external Pioneer Blue Ray burner which as I said works fine on short videos in Final Cut Pro X.  

    Hello Gary,
    Check out this thread for ideas.
    More than a few users have struck issues since 10.1.2:
                     Blu-Ray burning error after Final Cut Pro 10.1.2 update.            

  • Final Cut Pro 10.1.3 Exporting Problem

    Hi I'm a YouTube, a Youtuber that LOOOVES to edit.
    I've had Final Cut Pro for a while now and everything has worked fine. I've been working on a project recently and completed it but when I go to export it and click an option nothing works.
    I need help. I've tried reinstalling and shortcuts

    WHat version of FCPX ? Only FCPX 10.1.3 will run with Yosemite.

  • Final Cut Pro Problem playing and exporting

    I am having problem playing and exporting in final cut pro. I made an animation in maya and used batch render to render a folder of images then imported the folder to final cut pro but it doesn’t play properly in the video window or even when I exported to quicktime. Do u know why?
    Please give me your response asap.
    Thank you very much!

    As the link that Russ posted describes, use quicktime player to open the image sequence and then do a save.  Bringing in an image sequence directly into fcp will cause extreme performance problems in my experience. 
    Describe the setting (pixel dimensions, color space, etc) of the original files.  One important question is whether there is an alpha channel associated with the files.  You may want to change the codec when you do the save in quicktime player to something more fcp friendly like one of the flavors of prores.

  • Final Cut Pro Quitting Unexpectedly When Exporting Video

    Currently running Final Cut Pro version 6.0.6. Never really had a problem with anything. I am trying to export a video I edited of a show which is around 2hr. 30mins. In the past, I've exported this type of file and never had any problems, just took a little bit of time. Currently trying to export at the size of 1280x720 and when I do, Final Cut begins to export, gives me an estimated time, gets to about 9% and then quits. No reason why? I have never had this before on any of my machines. I currently have about 50GB of hardrive space free, so I am really not sure why. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

    and you can export sections til you find the problem clip.
    You might also try creating a new sequence with the same settings, and copy everything from the problem sequence. This will sometimes resolve this kind of issue.
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  • Help! Final Cut Pro unexpectedly quits during export.

    This couldn't have happened at a worse time. I'm desperate to make a deadline and every time I try export using final cut pro OR compressor the program will unexpectedly quit in the middle of it. It usually happens within 10 minutes of a 40 minute export. I'm just doing a standard quicktime export of an 80 minute long movie. It was working fine only a few days ago. Anyone have any ideas what this might be? We've tried all the normal things, restarting, using final cut rescue, etc.
    Not sure what else to say. We are in a huge time crunch and we can't even get it off of the computer and on to another one.
    If you need any more info please ask.

    Hey thanks for your help! Yes I have tried exporting a self contained movie but everytime it just quits on me. I've tried about 15 times so far. if it is a corrupt render file is there something I can do about that? Ive been trying to render it to the full render in final cut as well before an export but after about 5 minutes final cut quits. So now it quits when I render AND when I export. So ive been going through and rendering 3 minutes at a time, maybe that will help. I dunno.
    thank you again,

  • Final Cut Pro X is neither exporting nor rendering!

    I finished working a project (film trailer), which is having a duration of 03 minutes.
    I already exported the project and uploaded it in the websites.
    But now again after a while when I tried to export the same project, its not getting exported.
    Final Cut Pro gets Quit always.
    I duplicated the project, deleted all the render files and did it again. But the same result.
    My other projects are getting exported and no big issues with rendering.
    The aspect ratio of the project I'm working is 2048*872 @ 24fps.
    Shot on red, converted it using RED Cine X Pro to Apple Pro res 4444.
    Is there any way to solve this issue?

    When I had a renderproblem, not exactly as yours, I turned off the background render. Then I marked first clip on timeline and used  Modify/Render Selection or the short key   ctrl-R. If that worked I rendered next clip until .in my case, I found a clip that caused the trouble. Perhaps you should test that. Then I replaced the clip fresh and all worked fine.

  • Final Cut Pro 7 to X Export Problem

    I'm using the Final Cut Pro 7 to X app to try and get XML files from 7 to X. However I keep getting this error message.
    >final cut pro 7 to x error this item is not on an edit frame boundary<
    I did some research on this but there doesn't seem to be much information on this topic.
    Is anybody familiar witht this problem?

    I've had experience wiith using 7toX and never had that message. Have you tried contacting the developer? My guess is they would be responsive.

  • Final Cut Pro X crashes on export

    I chose to ignore the overwhelming negative discussion that has surrounded FCP X and decided to purchase and learn the program early.
    I went in with eyes wide open hoping I could learn quickly and start turning out video's as good or better than we're producing in Final Cut Express which is the video editing program used by the company that I work for....
    Long story short.... I had an assignment which included video.... I turned out a project in FC Express which was acceptable to me but I wanted to do it again in FCP X for the experience. I started from scratch, imported the files, created a new project etc etc etc. I finished the project ... the total video was only 1 minute 30 seconds I then tried to export it. The program crashed and I lost the project but not the imported files. I did it all again with the same results.
    I'm using a new imac 2.8 Ghz Intel Core 7,  8gb ram , 2TB Hd...  so I should have plenty to work with.
    Anybody have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong or is the nature of the beast?
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    1st, be sure your media is not on your system drive.
    2nd, run Disk Utility to "repair" all drives connected to your system.
    3rd, try Preferene Manager, free from Digital Rebellion, to safely and properly trash FCP X preferences.
    Finally, there's Disk Warrior that will repair the directories on all of your dirves.
    But, FCP X is very buggy, there's a lot that needs fixing.  I'd trash prefs, and run Disk Utility, and if that doesn't work, file with Apple (FCP X menu, feedback option).

  • Final Cut Pro X will not export my project - error 1

    Hello everyone,
    So Final Cut is giving me a hard time. I have a project about 15mins long that I would like to export as a master file and it just doesn't want to work. When I first finished and tried to export, I was using verison 10.0.8. I would select master file for the export and it would just sit there, stuck on 0%. I then realized that I needed to update. I updated to 10.0.9 and tried to do the same thing again - no luck. Next, I closed final cut and trashed preferences. I then opened up and tried exporting again, same thing happened, stuck on 0%. Then I closed again and trashed preferences again. I opened final cut, turned off background rendering, and trashed project render files and event render files (as was suggested in another discussion for export problems). After doing that, I again tried to export - still nothing. At this point of course, I had trashed the render files, so I figured I should just let the project render again. I turned background rendering back on and opened my project - now it would not render! It was stuck on 0%! Okay so I closed and reopened again. I first tried to copy my whole project into a new project and try letting it render that way - nope, didn't work. So I closed and opened again. I turned off background rendering and started a new project. I pasted just a section of my video into the new project and manually rendered that section, which worked. So I pasted the rest of the video (in chunks) into the new project, manually rendering chunk by chunk. Finally I had my whole project again, and the whole thing was rendered. I tried exporting again and got the error 1 message, "The operation could not be completed because an error occurred when creating frame 373 (error -1).". This is my current state of affairs, and its driving me crazy. I just want to export my project!
    Please help....Thanks

    Thank you. I found it now. This is a location where I did not expect this. I tried to do this using the GUI elements controlling how clips are displayed in the time line. I also was looking for a context menu item on the clip. I did not expect it in the preferences.

  • Final cut pro x cannot produce titles. What is the problem?

    What can I do to solve this problem.
    I just bought a macbook pro retina with mountain lion.
    I cannot produce titles anymore. Double clicking in title does not work. Not even with Inspector open.
    Does anybody have a suggestion?
    Thank you all!

    Trash your preferences.

  • Final Cut Pro X will not export Audio

    Everything looks / works fine on the timeline. However, when exporting there is no audio. When trying to export audio only, I receive Quicktime Error 0. This just started happening in the last couple days. I've had it since it came out and haven't changed anything in the settings, etc. I'm clueless. I have a project that took me a couple days to put together. I've had to capture the audio using iShowU and then sync it up in Premier Pro - not a good workflow at all. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Well - I was slightly wrong. I was zooming in on the timeline to do some screen captures and there actually was a cross disolve I couldn't see when zoomed out to the full timeline. So, I'd heard people having issues where dissolves are so I removed it. Sure enough everything plays (and exports) fine. However, I go to re-add the disolve and the sound again shuts off right at that point on export. Any solutions to that problem?

  • Final Cut Pro X sharing and exporting issues?

    Okay so I made a Wedding video for my cousins wedding a couple of days ago. I want to share it to Facebook. I do everything correctly then it says " Preparing media for share.... " and it's loading. Then it just stops doing that and goes back to normal like I never shared it to Facebook. I checked my facebook and nothing was there. It's a 12 minute long video, so then I try YouTube. Same thing. The password and emails went through for both of them, and I also tried the lowest quality. Still the same thing! So now i'm looking for the export to just save it as a quicktime movie. I can't find it! I watched tutorials but it says I have to export from the share button above. It's not there, it's only there under file and only has the options for facebook, vimeo, youtube, apple devices etc etc.
    Can someone please help me? Thank you

    Watch Macbreak Studio Episode 194 and or Episode 203 where they show how to setup sharing presets.

Maybe you are looking for

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