Fingerprint reader not listed in Biometric Devices

Hello. The HP Notebook I'm currently using with Windows 7 Ultimate is the Pavilion dv4-1225ee Entertainment PC (FZ248EA#ABV). It's got a built-in fingerprint reader (Validity Sensor's VFS201), which works only with DigitalPersona.
Now the problem I'm encountering is quite minor: If I go to Biometric Devices in Control Panel, I get the message "Windows did not find any biometric device on this computer. You might need to attach your device or install device drivers", even though the reader is listed under Biometric Devices in Device Manager ;
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Please try installing this:
I am an HP employee.
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  • Validity Sensor fingerprint reader is not listed in Biometric Devices

    I recieved an Elitebook 840 G1, tried to turn on the fingerprint reader, but it hasn't been recognized.
    At Control Panel/Biometric Devices there is no device, although in the Device Manager the "Validity Sensor" is listed, the driver looks up to date too. I've installed HP ProtectTools Security Manager, there I can find the option Fingerprints, but at the Windows logon there is still Username/Password the only option to log on to the system.
    Checked BIOS, Fingerprint logon is enabled. Tried to uninstall Validity Sensor and then reinstall it, didn't worked.OS: Win7(x64)    Thank you in advance! Cheers,Thomas 

    In the meantime I found the solution:
    I've upgraded the HP Client Security Manager (sp63509), opened the program, enroled my fingerprints, and checked "Windows Logon Security" at Home/Advanced Settings/ Security Features.
    It's finally working, I'm able to log on with my fingerprints.
    (Still, under Control Panel / Biometric Devices there are no items listed...)

  • Fingerprint Reader Not Detected

     1. Product Name and Number
        Compaq CQ45-207TU
     2. Operating System installed (if applicable) 
         Windows 7 64 bit
     3. Error message (if any) 
         FingerPrint Reader Not detected
     4. Any changes made to your system before the issue occurred
        Reinstalled OS and formatted HDD

    There you go, I am  facing the same problem, my finger print reader is not recognized, attached below is my screen shot of my device manager where i installed my drivers for this finger print reader.
    attached is the second image of the software used by finger print reader in my lap top, showing the error message. "Finger print reader is not recognized"
    My model number is: Hp pavilion DV 6907 TX
    The model was initially with the Operating system - Vista, my finger print reader all worked fine, then i later upgraded to windows 7, where i was successful in finding all drivers for my lap top. I was successful in finding the drivers for my finger print reader as well, and i installed it, that's the reason it shows in the device manager, but i don't know the reason why it is not getting detected.
    Is this something to do with the hardware failure to get detected by the drivers ? or an incorrect driver inside my laptop which is not gelling with the hardware ( the driver is not getting digitally signed). please help.

  • Ipad backup not listed in itunes device backups but is on drive

    I am trying to help a friend who upgraded their iPad mini to iOS7 but lost all the notes.
    They did a backup but it now not listed in itunes device backups but I fount the folder on the hard drive with 8 other listed backups.
    How do I add the original backup into itunes and restore from it?
    Thanks anyone.

    Hey Phantom42
    Move them into folders that is listed below and iTunes should recognize it. Look in the Back up your backup sections to see the location.
    iOS: Troubleshooting backup issues in iTunes
    -Norm G.

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    My ipod touch is not listed as a device when connected to my computer.  As suggested I attempted to download the latest of itunes.  I got an
    ox8007054f error code and the down load will not complete.  I have also tried to restore my computer to an earlier setting, but it will
    not accept the change.

    Have you looked at this completed previos discussion. It discusses 0x8007054F.
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    my apple tv is not listed on my devices anymore, how do I get it back?

    - Switch off on switch on the Apple tv
    - restart iTunes

  • Fingerprint reader not working and cant drag icons after windows 10 update

    fingerprint reader not working and cant drag icons after windows 10 update

    Hello , Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I read your post about the Windows 10 update, and wanted to assist you! To start, can you please provide me with the Product Number of your notebook?  Here is a link you can use that will help you find your Model and Product Number: How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? In the meantime, I recommend using the Go back to an earlier build option, in your System Settings:
    HP Notebook PCs - Upgrading to Windows 10
    Once you are back to your original Operating System, check to see if you are experiencing the same issue. If not, then you may consider holding off on the Windows 10 update for a few weeks, until drivers can be updated. Please let me know if this information was helpful by clicking the thumbs up below.
    Have a great day!

  • SimplePass and FingerPrint Reader not working - Win 7Pro 64Bit

    I have a Envy DV7-7212nr which has been running flawlessly with Windows 7Pro for the past two years.  Fingerprint reader and SimplePass has been working fine.  Last week I downloaded from the HP support site for this notebook the updated SimplePass.  After removing all passwords from the account, uninstalling the old software and driver and updating with the HP software,  it quit working to the point where I couldn't even log in to my computer.  I finally got in under administrator and had to manually remove and uninstall the SimplePass software and edit its entries out of the registry.
    I can now get back into my laptop fine (no password protection).  Following the advice of the HP Tech via chat session  I again ninstalled the driver listed under Biometrics and uninstalled the software and downloaded the SimplePass from the HP Support site with upgrades listed for this machine.  The Tech took over the machine and tried installing and re-installing and then finally said it was a hardware issue.  I don't believe it's a hardware issue in that at the Windows Login Screen, if I swipe my finger, it recognizes the swipe but then gives an error message that there is no fingerprints associated with the reader (or something like that). 
    If I back out and just login without the reader and launch SimplePass (Authentec Version 6.0 downloaded via HP Service Pak) - 2013-04-05 , Version6.0.100.272, 66.44M - SP61399, the splash screen opens and says DOWNLOADING DATABASE - and nothing else happens.  It then pops up an error box labeled IESiteLogin.exe with an EXCEPTION ERROR.
    White lite on reader never comes on.  Driver details says all is working fine.
    Repeated un-installs and re-installs have no effect.
    I no longer have the original SimplePass and Driver filed so I can't revert back.  Can someone please offer a solution or provide a URL that will allow me to download the original SimplePass and Validity drivers so I can get this working again?
    HP's download caused the problem - I would think they could fix it.
    Thanks in advance.

    I am sorry the Driver did not work.
    You might try the Hard Reset procedure below to clear the device cache and allow the driver a better chance to set into place.
    thx1326 wrote:
    Ok... so the validity driver did nothing.  Shows fine in device manager - but nothing.  If i install SimplePass, as soon as it finishes installing and everytime I try to run it... I get the pop up window above.
    Worst of all... don't you think it is deplorable that no one from HP has bothered to offer help?
    Their tech support is really almost non existant.  The tech support person that called me back today kept trying to say it was all my fault for downgrading to Windows 7 and that they don't support Windows 7 and it was my problem.  I finally had to politely ask him to shut up and listen and answer me if they don't support Windows 7, why do they offer driver and software updates for Windows 7 on the support page for this laptop... of course he had no answer for that.  Another 30 minutes wasted that I will never get back.
    Thanks again for any help.
    It is always unfortunate when a system does not respond to an Upgrade or Downgrade of the Operating System in the way one hopes.    
    There is no guarantee that there are Drivers for every model  and for every version of the Operating System that one wishes -- changing the Operating System from that of the originally installed version is the responsibility of the owner.  Demanding otherwise is futile.
    Driver Options - Windows 7 dv7-7200 series
    HP SimplePass Series 6 requries a Validity Driver minimum version:
    To try a different Driver:
    First >> Fully Remove any existing Driver
    Windows 8       Windows key + X > M (opens the Device Manager) >
    Windows 7       Control Panel > set icon view > Device Manager >
    Open category Biometric Devices >
    Right-Click on Validity Sensor Driver > Uninstall > in box > Click Delete
    Next >> Perform the Hard Reset
    Create a Restore Point:   Create a Restore Point – Win7 OR  Create a restore point Win8
    Close all your programs and shut down the computer
    Disconnect everything (little Unifier for the keyboard / external mouse can stay)
    Perform the Hard Reset for your notebook model
    Boot the computer and log in
    Reminder:  Hard Reset is just a device Reset.  The procedure does not wipe out your files nor does it destroy your Windows setup in any way.  This type of reset "clears the cobwebs". Depending on the root cause of the problem, this procedure can fix a variety of computer glitches.
    Next >> Install the replacement Driver
    Try one of the following drivers:
    Validity Sensor Driver sp53369 V4.3.205.0
    Validity Sensor sp54484 - V4.3.205.0
    Restart / Reboot the system
    Other Option
    I suggest you use System Restore to recover the Validity Sensor Driver you must have been using for the past two years running Windows 7 and HP SimplePass version
    Restoring Windows to a Previous Point (Windows 7)
    I fully support the good people at the HP Response Center.
    I respectfully withdraw at this time and wish you well.
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    I am pleased to provide assistance on behalf of HP. I do not work for HP. 
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  • Re: Fingerprint Reader Not Working On Windows 8.1 Pro Startup

    Model: ThinkPad Edge E420
    OS:       Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit
    Problem: Fingerprint reader suddenly stopped working (Image 1). One major change I think which might have lead to this - I had a recent update from Microsoft on 28/Aug/2014 (Image 2). I'm not sure though that this must be the cause of the problem.
    Troubleshooting tried: I tried first to repair through "programs and features" but did not work. Then I tried to uninstall and reinstall the FingerPrint reader software (Latest version available on Lenovo Website for my model). Still did not work. I'm pasting photographs of the error. I've tried to follow all the methods shown on various threads on this forum but nothing worked so far....Even the TouchChip (Fingerprint) patch driver for Windows 7 (64-bit)  which is compatible with Windows 8.1 doens't install. (image 3). Device manager shows error for Biometric devices. (image 4).
    Please help. 
    Image - 1

    For Windows 8.1 you should not be installing any fingerprint software.  You should uninstall ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software.  The driver you need (for TouchStrip Fingerprint Sensor) will come from Windows Update.  Then you can enroll fingerprints from the PC Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in Options screen.
    If there is a problem with the device in Device Manager, try removing it and check the option to delete the driver software.  Then reboot, run Windows Update, and a compatible version for your system should be installed.

  • Wndows did not detect any biometric devices on this computer..

    I have an HP ProBook 4540s running Windows 7 Professional w/IE11. I had to do a clean install of Windows 7 Pro and since then I cannot get my fingerprint reader to work at all. In my Control panel, under Biometric Devices, I recieve the message "Windows did not detect any biometrics devices on this computer". However, under Computer , Properties, Device Manager, Biometric Devices,  the is Validity Sensors (WBF) (PID=003d).
    I have tried to update, uninstall, re-install HP Simplepass, drivers, etc from the HP website, but nothing is working. Also I cannot find exactly what fingerpriint reader hardware is installed on the computer even though it is physically there as part of the original configuration.
    I appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue.

    Hello Mark531,
    Welcome at the HP forums, 
    Are you searching for the following driver?
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  • T61 with Windows 7: Fingerprint reader not working

    I downloaded and installed the fingerprint reader software for my T61 (7659-D22) with Windows 7. At the login screen I see the "Scan your finger" option, but none of my fingerprints is recognized, so I log on with my password.
    In Windows I get the Fingerprint popup inviting me to enroll fingerprints. Three are shown as enrolled already (carry over form WinXP, no doubt), all of which I had tried unsuccessfully at the login screen. I tried enrolling additional fingerprints, but the scans do not register at all.
    How do I solve this problem?
    Go to Solution.

    Hi Z300M,
    Are you using doman account? If you are then please go to
    Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Biometric Devices > Change biometric settings
    And tick "Allow users to log on to a domain using their fingerprints"
    T61 + X201i

  • Fingerprint Reader not working upon waking from sleep for windows login

    I have a brand new T540P with a Validity fingerprint reader. 
    Rougly 80% of the time, the Fingerprint reader is unresponsive at the windows login screen after waking the computer from sleep. It works 100% of the time when booting from an off position, however. Once logged in, it also works 100% of the time. The issue only arises when logging into windows.
    Things I have tried
    -uninstalling/installing device in device manager and finger print manager pro software
    -setting fingerprints through both fingerprint manager pro software (lenovo) OR through the built in windows fingerprint control panel options
    -disabling "allow windows to turn off this device to save power" in device manager.
    I should note as well that I have another T540P that I ordered as a replacement. Both models experience the same issue.
    Is this a platform wide issue affecting all T540P models? This is frusterating. 
    Go to Solution.

    Your report is the first we have ever heard of this issue on T/W.  It does not happen on my T/W systems here (with or without 30 Day Standby enabled).  The other reports I heard of this problem came from X240.
    I just want to confirm with you - the problem happens after coming out of Sleep (and not Hibernate), right?
    Can you tell me exactly what you are doing?  e.g.
    1.  Use the computer normally (is AC attached or not?)
    2.  Close the lid - the computer goes to sleep  (or do you go to sleep some other way?)
    3.  Open the lid 2 hours later (or how long)?
    4.  are you using a dock?
    The more info you can provide, the better.  Thanks for your help.
    Also please let me know what BIOS version you have.

  • Fingerprint Reader Not Working

    So I had Avast! on my computer. It was annoying and scanned every file for like 30 seconds with DeepScan. So I uninstalled it. When it uninstalled, it removed my fingerprint reader driver. My computer got really slow and a lot of my apps don't work. I wanna punch the Avast people. It is not a virus because I did not download anything after I uninstalled. I am not that dumb. I tried to reinstall according to people on the forum but it didn't work. Under device manager, I get:
    It says "unknown device."
    Then, when I go to Control Panel, I get this:
    On the login screen, it gives me the option for fingerprint read login, but the light on the fingerprint reader doesn't light up and it won't log in. I even did a system restore to before the uninstall and it still doesn't work. -_- Then, I did HP Recovery Manager and reinstall Validity Sensor and SimplePass. That didn't help either. When I tried to reinstall SimplePass I got an error message. I saved the log. Here is what the log said behalf of the error:
    Info 1721.There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action: InstallDrivers64.7454D9E3_16A7_4545_824B_A965BF57EA5E, location: C:\Windows\DPDrv\, command: C:\Windows\DPDrv\dpinst64.exe /SA /S
    CustomAction InstallDPPassFilter_x64.4D0EAAF1_2D33_4FFF_AA08_6F47502DAAA2 returned actual error code 5 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
    Error 1722.There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action InstallDPPassFilter_x64.4D0EAAF1_2D33_4FFF_AA08_6F47502DAAA2, location: C:\Windows\system32\, command: regsvr32 /i /s dppassfilter.dll
    MSI (s) (B8:94) [23:19:15:385]: Product: HP SimplePass Identity Protection -- Error 1722.There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action InstallDPPassFilter_x64.4D0EAAF1_2D33_4FFF_AA08_6F47502DAAA2, location: C:\Windows\system32\, command: regsvr32 /i /s dppassfilter.dll
    I have a Pavilion dv7 on Windows 7. It's 64-bit. Here is a screenshot of my system info:
    Please help me! My poor PC is screwed!!!

    Help us to help you by posting the following information.
    1.  The full Model No. and Product No. - see This HP web document if you don't how to locate the model number and\or product number.
    2.  The complete version and name of the operating system you are using ( ie Windows 7 64bit ).
    3.  Is your notebook still covered under warranty?  Check your warranty status Here.
    Check in the BIOS to see if the fingerprint sensor is enabled.
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  • Fingerprint Reader Not Detected during startup on Windows 7

    Dear Community Users/Tech Guru,
    I am hoping somebody could shed light into a weired issue I am facing with this *stupid* Microsoft OS. I purchased a T400 last year and brought a x64 bit Windows 7 three months ago and have it setup for clean installation. I followed the procedure published in lenovo.
    I had the security setup of my notebook to use pre-desktop authentication and single sign-on. I had everything setup and running.
    However, after a few weeks I began to noticed that upon power up and giving a fingerprint swipe on the bios authentication, it would halt on the windows startup page (where we would normally login). It turns out that the fingerprint device is not detected! Something is not workin properly during the startup of bill gates Microsoft Windows 7! I would try a reboot on the system and it will load properly afterwards.
    But I find it stupid that Windows doesn't detect my fingerprint device on startup! This happens when it's a cold boot using a battery (at least 70% of the time it turns out that way). I disabled  the single sign-on but retained the desktop authentication (means I have to swipe twice). But this f*ck OS is still not detecting it during cold start.
    Anyone... please advice?
    Go to Solution.

    I attempted to reset the policy settings of CSS but then the pop up screen just got stuck:
    - I did a reboot and reset the fingerprint data and password (after exporting the 
    - uninstalled the fingerprint reader and CSS
    - uninstalled the CSS. I had encountered some issues while uninstalling it
      Windows is reporting that the installation log file could not be found. I manually
      downloaded the driver from the site and used the installer to remove it from my PC
    - Reinstalled both CSS and Fingerprint driver
    - Import all my security settings (password and fingerprint)
    - Tested CSS and used fingerprint as default login method in battery mode
    - Enabled Single SignIn method in CSS and BIOS
    So far so good, the reinstallation fixed the issue. I did recall that there was a windows update before this mayhem on the fingerprint reader started.

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    Just bought a new PowerMac with a factory installed PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-112D. While running DVDSP 4.0.3, I only have hard drive listed under output devices. I'm guessing the burner is compatible since it shipped with the computer...any suggestions or any similar experiences? Thanks in advance.

    I am having the same issue, as are several other people (search the form for "burner" and you'll see several reports of this problem on the first page). My Mac Pro is two weeks old, and the burner does show up in the "more info" report - but not in DVD Studio Pro, even after rebooting.

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