Fix not working to disable http trace in iPlanet 6.0 SP5

I'm running iPlanet web server 6.0 SP5 on Solaris 8. A recent security compliance scan disclosed a number of vulnerabilities, among them the fact that I have HTTP TRACE enabled. I applied the fix to obj.conf described at
stopped and restarted the server, but the TRACE did not disable. The way I test this is
telnet server-name http-portnum
Rather than generating an error (501?) as it should it comes back with
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Netscape-Enterprise/6.0
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 20:31:44 GMT
Content-length: 36
Content-type: message/http
In addition if , instead of TRACE / HTTP/1.1 I use the command
I get
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Netscape-Enterprise/6.0
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 20:32:03 GMT
Content-length: 0
So clearly it's not disabled.
Here is a snippet of the obj.conf file showing the inserted "fix" :
# Sun Netscape Alliance - obj.conf
# You can edit this file, but comments and formatting changes
# might be lost when the admin server makes changes.
<Object name="default">
<Client method="TRACE">
AuthTrans fn="set-variable" remove-headers="transfer-encoding" set-headers="cont
ent-length: -1" error="501"
NameTrans fn="NSServletNameTrans" name="servlet"
NameTrans fn="document-root" root="$docroot"
PathCheck fn="unix-uri-clean"
PathCheck fn="check-acl" acl="default"
PathCheck fn="find-pathinfo"
PathCheck fn="find-index" index-names="index.html,home.html"
ObjectType fn="type-by-extension"
ObjectType fn="force-type" type="text/plain"
Service type="magnus-internal/jsp" fn="NSServletService"
Service method="(GET|HEAD)" type="magnus-internal/imagemap" fn="imagemap"
Service method="(GET|HEAD)" type="magnus-internal/directory" fn="index-common"
Service fn="shtml_send" type="magnus-internal/parsed-html" method="(GET|HEAD)"
Service method="(GET|HEAD|POST)" type="*~magnus-internal/*" fn="send-file"
AddLog fn="flex-log" name="access"
Can anyone suggest why this isn't working? I've beaten this one to death. Thanks. Peter.

1) Why would TRACE and OPTION request specifying HTTP 1.0 vs. 1.1 yield such different results?
Web Server 6.0 only implements the TRACE and OPTIONS methods for HTTP/1.1, not HTTP/1.0. This is reasonable as TRACE and OPTIONS are part of the HTTP/1.1 protocol and not the HTTP/1.0 protocol.
In other words, TRACE is always disabled for HTTP/1.0 requests, even if you don't use the set-variable work around.
2) Is the OPTIONS command a legitimate test of whether this fix works? If it is, has anyone managed to have the command return an "Allow:" line MINUS the TRACE?
Nope, not in Web Server 6.0. OPTIONS will always list TRACE. (Note that in Web Server 6.1, TRACE is not as tightly integrated into the server core. As a result, OPTIONS will conditionally list TRACE in 6.1.)
3) Has anyone managed to generate a 501 error message after specifying TRACE / HTTP/1.1 instead of 1.0?
Nope, not in Web Server 6.0.
4) Does this fix really work?
I wouldn't call it a fix; it's a work around. However, it does effectively disable TRACE. The work around is a bit of a kludge, resulting in the odd 413 status code.
The real "fix" appears in Web Server 6.1 where you can disable TRACE simply by commenting out the Service method="TRACE" fn="service-trace" line in obj.conf.

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    Had to re-enable it .... what can i do to make it work with TLS 1.2 ??

    Disabling TLS 1.0 will break RDP under default settings.  Did the security scan say specifically to disable TLS 1.0?  Normally you should be able to disable use of certain ciphers or prioritize ciphers.  You may want to try IISCrypto, on
    it you click the PCI button, then Apply button, then restart your server.
    Additionally there are still a substantial number of web browsers in use that do not support TLS 1.1/1.2.
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    Quoted from this thread answered
    by TP, for more information you can go through that thread. 
    Hope it helps!
    Dharmesh Solanki
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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    Waiting for Tidbits and Elector to grace my post with there constant negativity and start a war of words as usual... since they love stirring the pot and angering the Windows Phone Community every time they reply to posts.  I just can't believe they spend that much time here on the forums replying if they are not a paid Verizon employee or a paid basher from a competing platform.
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    And again your post was great.
    Good Luck

  • JSPs and Servlets do not work on Apache HTTP- Procesor Intel P4

    Computer description: Intel Pentium 4 processor with 20GB HD
    drive, 1GB RAM, Windows 2000Pro, Service pack II
    Before installation:
    We created a temporary directory on our Intel Pentium. 4
    processor server (e.g. \TEMP).
    Copied the contents of the Oracle* Server CD to the temporary
    Renamed each copy of the SYMCJIT.DLL to SYMCJIT.OLD.
    Set the java_compiler=none environment variable.
    We run the SETUP.EXE from the \TEMP\install\win32 directory and
    install Oracle 8.1.7 EE Rel 3 Typical
    Configuration tool Net8 Configuration Assistant succeeded
    Configuration tool Oracle Database Configuration Assistant
    Configuration tool Starting Oracle HTTP service: 7 times error
    message (java.exe has generated errors and will be closed by
    Windows, You will need to restart the
    program, An error log is being created)
    HTTP server responses.
    All Java programs do not respond (e.g. IsItWorking does not work)
    After installation:
    Open the jserv.conf file chack that ApJServManual is set to Off.
    set ApJServLogLevel debug (will give more informative errors for
    set ApJServDefaultHost (to your machine name
    with the
    domain name or IP address)
    set ApjServDefaultPort 80000
    Open the files and make the following changes: (Same name as ApJServDefaultHost
    in jserv.conf)
    port=80000 (same port as in the jserv.conf)
    Enable all log options in
    log.dateFormat=[yyyyMMdd HHmmss:SSS]
    Java servlets and JSP still do not redspond.
    If we try to start HTTP server from Windows service, we always
    get message: unable to locate dll: The dynamic link
    library Perl.dll could not be found in the secified path (our
    path: C:\oracle\ora81\bin;C:\oracle\ora81\Apache\Perl\5.00503
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    connection can not be established. But jsp demo still do not?
    THX in advance

    I'm still having problems with Portal config (as part of 9iAS) on
    a P4 but i have cleared the hurdle of the HTTP listener (i
    I downloaded and installed the JRE that is P4 compatible from (it puts it under c:\program files)
    then overwrote all the files in the jre directories in the cd
    staging area with the files from Sun (i.e. all symcjit.dll
    locations). I also had to put a file "javai.dll" in the same
    directory as the file "java.exe". This got the install all
    The service will fail first time because the install creates
    another set of incompatible jre files. You must again search for
    symcjit and repeat the above procedure.
    You must also overwrite the files in the c:\program
    files\oracle\inventory\jre directories (sorry cant remember exact
    Hope this helps.
    Mark Gornicki
    PS if anyone knows why Portal config hangs at 67%
    (before/during/after processing "bulkload.jar" section) please
    let me know :-)

  • Disable HTTP TRACE causes error 413 instead of 501

    I�ve tried to disable the HTTP TRACE Method for a Webserver 6.0 SP5 Instance as described in the according SUN Solve document:
    <Object name="default">
    <Client method="TRACE">
    AuthTrans fn="set-variable" remove-headers="transfer-encoding"
    set-headers="content-length: -1" error="501"
    (authtrans method in one line..)
    After a Restart I got the following result:
    telnet muwebt1sn1 80
    Trying <IP-Adress>...
    Connected to muwebt1sn1.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    TRACE http://muwebt1sn1/ HTTP/1.1
    HTTP/1.1 413 Request Entity Too Large
    Server: Netscape-Enterprise/6.0
    Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 06:51:00 GMT
    Content-length: 168
    Content-type: text/html
    Connection: close
    <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Request Entity Too Large</TITLE></HEAD>
    <BODY><H1>Request Entity Too Large</H1>
    A request entity is longer than the server can handle.
    </BODY></HTML>Connection closed by foreign host.
    I would have expected an error code 501 / Method not supported. Does anybody know what went wrong ?

    Nothing went wrong. That's the expected behaviour on 6.0 SP5.

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    Addendum-All raw do not work ok.Some will not let me edit major fixes such as cropping and go out of focus when edit is selected and remain there until double click them out of edit.

  • Unable to Validate Muse Subscription - fixes not working

    I have the same problem that others have had with the error message "Unable to validate your Adobe Muse subscription.  We haven't been able to validate your Adobe Muse subscription  for some time. If you don't connect to the internet in the next few days, Adobe Muse will no longer be able to launch."
    I subscribed to Muse in Dec. 2012 & have been billed monthly successfully for the last couple months, however I recently changed the card number to be charged - could that be the issue?
    I am not signed up for Creative Cloud, which one of the discussion solutions seemed to mention, so might that be part of the problem?  But if so, why now after a couple months with no issues?
    Where the error message mentions connecting to the internet, I'm not sure what that means or how to do that - does that have something to do with Cloud?
    I'm building a new site & we're not yet ready to publish, so we aren't ready for hosting, but I'm hoping that is not part of the issue?
    I've tried some of the solutions posted in discussions (e.g., deleting certain folders & files), but before I uninstall/reinstall Muse, I'm hoping someone can help.  I'm down to 1 day on the clock, so I'm hoping not to be shut out of Muse.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I had the same problem this week. Amy via @AdobeMuse on Twitter sent me this solution:
    In following the steps provided in this URL, I discovered that somehow the Firewall in Norton Security Suite had been set to block Muse, although all the other Adobe CC products were set to "Allow" in the Norton firewall.
    By changing "Block" to "Allow," Muse now opens fine, but fair warning: I lost all the Muse sites I had been working on by following the other steps in this URL.
    I suggest that the first step in the instructions in this URL should be changed to: check your firewall first to see if Muse has been blocked. If I had done that first, it appears that I would not have lost 10 months of work.

  • Blue screen on start up, even in safe mode, common fixes not working

    I did quite a bit of searching for the problem I'm having, and it seems some of the symptoms are common, but none of the various fixes I've come across have worked. Any help pointing to other things to try would be appreciated, as it is getting harder to search for things without finding repeats of what I've already tried. Also, I was going to post this on the OSX 10.4 board, but changes in symptoms (mentioned at the end of this post) are starting to make me think this could be a hardware issue.
    The main problem is that my computer boots normally until the blue screen just before the login window should appear, then hangs.
    My system: iBook G4, 800 MHz, running 10.4.11, has an extra GB of RAM installed (for a total of 1.1 GB), new hard drive that is less than a year old.
    Things I've tried:
    Booting in safe mode: No change, still hangs at blue screen.
    Removing airport card, and extra ram has no effect.
    I've done a PRAM reset
    I've done a PSU reset
    Checked for file system and permissions errors with Disk Utility on OS CD
    Booting into single user mode works fine, where I tried:
    fsck -fy, no errors reported
    running /etc/rc worked fine for a while
    No unexpected errors or problems seen in /Library/Logs/Console/501/console.log, or in /var/log/system.log
    I've temporarily moved /Library/Preferences, /Library/Caches, and /System/Library/Caches, /User/Library/Caches, /User/Library/Preferences, /System/Extensions.kextcache and /var/db/netinfo/local.nidb to make sure none of those were corrupted (plus checked preferences with plutil), nothing fixed.
    I've double checked the permissions of the root directory.
    This problem did not follow an update or installation of any kind. The computer just completely locked up in the middle of using Safari (and just typing in an edit box, nothing with much of a workload) and the blue screen hang happened upon rebooting after shutting down by holding down the power button.
    Single user mode appeared to work fine, although I did get single user mode to hang when trying to back up a few GB of files onto a thumbdrive after copying about 90% of the files. And then a new problem came up where afterward, now the blue screen pops up and hangs about 30 seconds after running /etc/rc returns to the prompt (and about 20 seconds after last of it finishes outputting). I've tried clearing caches again but /etc/rc still causes this.
    I was going to try to run AppleJack (recommended for checking permissions and clearing caches) after copying the files to the thumbdrive, but of course didn't think to install that until after I had a problem. And now that /etc/rc causes a problem, I don't know how to attach the AppleJack .dmg file other than hdiutil, which needs the /etc/rc to have been run, and also can't remount the thumbdrive to copy any more files over.
    After this recent problem, I noticed that now booting from the OS CD goes to the blue screen too and no further. Has anyone else seen such a problem? I've heard of some issues with loose GPUs in the iBook G4, but they seem to mention scrambled or no/black video (video looks fine in single user mode and in open firmware, and up to the blue screen which is clear and bright). So now I don't seem to have an option to try an Archive & Install of the OS (which I was hoping to avoid, due to effort needed to reinstall other software).

    Thank you, I had forgotten about target mode. I was able to back up all of my files. I also copied some additional 50 GB of files of the disk as a stress test and the hard drive worked fine and quick (and because it was quicker than retrieving the same files from a network drive to my desktop).
    I was hoping to also unpack the Applejack files on my desktop and put them back so I could run them in single user mode without running /etc/rc. However I haven't been able to get my Linux desktop to mount the iBook in Read-Write instead of Read-Only yet (I don't have access to another Mac at the moment).

  • Lost photos updating to 4, iphone explorer fix not working.

    History of my update.
    First attempt.
    Using my offices PC, I plugged my 3G in and it proceeded to start backing up. It proceeds very slowly, and stops before it completes backup.
    I figure in order to speed up the backup, I will delete all my free apps on my phone manually. I don't have many apps, I left the one app that actually cost me something.
    I plug it in to my wifes macbook, the backup completes a lot quicker. I unplug the phone just to let it do it one more time. We then download the OS 4 update.
    I plug the phone back in to update my phone to the new OS. It starts doing a backup which appears to go EXTREMELY slow. It's late so I went to bed, wake up the next morning with OS 4 running but all 1800 of my pictures are gone except the first 30 or so I took when I got the phone, and my guitar tuner app that I left on the phone is also gone.
    We checked the mobile backups and there are no backup files on my wifes mac.
    I read about the iphone explorer fix. we download it, and there aren't any files in the media folder to show.
    I have most of my important pictures on facebook, but it would be nice to get them all back.
    I'm not very technical, obviously, any help would be appreciated.

    Sorry. Forgot the URL. Here it is:

  • My HP Envy Touchsmart 15 jo52nr mousepad does not work or disabled

    My HP Envy Touchsmart 15 jo52nr Notebook PC mouse is disabled I have to use my touchscreen im actually typing from my Envy Touchsmart Plz Help

    Hi @Sajid_Ali ,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I would like to take a moment and thank you for using the forum, it is a great place to find answers. For you to have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.
    Thank you for your query.
    I grasp that after an Windows 8.1 update that you lost the sound on your headphones.   There has been a recent Windows update that has been causing some audio issues.
    No Sound from Speakers (Windows 8)
    If this has not resolved your issue I would do a recovery back to factory and then retry the update.
    Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 8)
    During the recovery process you will have an opportunity to backup your personal files to prevent data loss. If you have not already done one, I suggest you do one now.
    Restoring Files that were Backed Up Using HP Recovery Manager (Windows 8)
    Here is a link to Updating Windows 8 to 8.1 to assist with updating it again.
    You can also contact HP support for assistance. They can remotely log onto your system to help locate and resolve issues.
    Please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region Technical Support Sitemap .
    I hope this is helpful!
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom right to say “Thanks” for helping!

  • Stubborn Darwin/BSD boot, usual fixes not working

    I installed 10.3.2 to a Powerbook G3 Pismo. While downloading the 10.3.9 update, it froze hard at 73% done, could not access Finder nor force-quit, and when i restarted (via keyboard restart command), it booted in to Darwin/BSD. I've tried the fixes in this topic;#1047613
    but even with a Safe Boot it goes to Darwin, and it returned to Darwin after a install-disk startup/run of Disk Utility showed HD to be ok.
    It dismayed me to see the hard drive described as "10.3.9" in the Install disk's Start Up Disk window... the update hadn't finished downloading. Could this be the problem? Am i stuck with erasing and reinstalling the disk? That'll mean reinstalling 9.2 first, too, since i want a bootable copy of it on the drive... arg

    Hi LisaJoy,
    Welcome to Apple Discussions
    This has happened to me before, my brother wanted to use my computer so he restarted it. Anyways, you will need to do a clean install because you have part of both systems. Just for clarification, you were installing the system update. Downloading is putting it on your computer, installing is incorporating it. This causes a conflict with the startup. I suggest backing up you hard drive using your install disc (Disk Utility) and then doing a clean install. I would also recommend bring it to your local Apple Store. This happened to my iBook G3 and I brought it there because I didn't have a external drive big enough. They can also install the system software again.
    I hope that helps,
    PS You can also do an Archive and Install, but I am not completely positive.

  • IOS 5 fix not working battery Life not any better about 80% loss in 8 hours with no use

    I updated my iPad with the 5.0.1 update, to fix my battery issues. This hasn't fixed anything, what to do. 80% battery life loss in 8 hours with nothing being used?

    Have you checked all your settings to see if anything is running in the background e.g. location services, frequent email fetching, notifications etc - there are some tips on this page which might help, including doing a charge cycle (charging to 100%, running it down so that it powers off, and then charging back to 100%) :
    Also are then any apps on the taskbar that might still be active ? To close apps completely : from the home screen (i.e. not with any app 'open' on-screen) double-click the home button to bring up the taskbar, then press and hold any of the apps on the taskbar for a couple of seconds or so until they start shaking, then press the '-' in the top left of an app to close it, and touch any part of the screen above the taskbar so as to stop the shaking and close the taskbar.
    You could also try a reset and see if that makes any difference : press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Error while deleting the Master data

    Hi Friends, i am getting the below error while deleting the data from a master data:- The system is unable to delete all of the specified master data,because some of it is still in use. (See log:Object RSDMD, sub-object MD_DEL ) Do you want to delete

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  • Is this a s:List bug?

    Flash Builder 4 If you have a <s:List layout as TileLayout, with a itemRenderer. click on a button it filters the AC. adds scroll bar because there are more objects then displayable. click on button it filters the AC. removes scroll bar because there

  • Query Read returns # values

    Experts , Please advise on below issue ... Comparing two systems (Dev and Quality) In execution for below read method (for BPC infocube) same parameters are passed (lt_range & ct_data_income), but in dev system <Lt_read_out> gets junk values (As ####

  • Signing restricted for PDF

    Hi. I recently received a PDF form for work in an email and I am required to sign it using my digital certificates, but when i click on the signature field it does absolutly nothing except for a quick flicker. I've tried using the same version of rea