Found my lost iphone

I lost my iphone 5s installed with iOS7 and immediately turned on lost mode and erased it using icloud. But a week later i found it, now there is a message displayed whenever I turned on the phone that was suposed to warn the thief. Is there any way to remove it ?

Use recovery mode, as described here, to restore the phone:

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  • Hello, i found my lost iPhone and after a while it got automatically erased from find my iPhone. How can i use it again?

    Hello, i found my lost iPhone and after a while it got automatically erased from find my iPhone. How can i use it again?

    Retore the device from your iCloud or iTunes backup.
    iOS: How to back up and restore your content - Support - Apple -

  • I have found a lost iPhone 4--how do I get it back to the owner?

    Hello Folks,
    I've found a lost iPhone 4, along with a charger and some other personal effects (none of which are identifying, unfortunately).
    Unfortunately, the phone ("Alyssa's Phone) was locked.  No problem, call up the service provider (Telus) with the SIM card number.  Unactivated and thus unregistered SIM card.
    Okay, let's use the IMEI or serial number off the back of the SIM tray--not registered with Telus, either.
    Okay, let's phone up Apple technical support: serial number no longer eligible for support!
    Clearly, Apple has had some dealing with the phone--can they get in touch with the owner and let them know where they can pick up the phone?

    Try to connect the MBP to your computer with Firewire-Target Disk Mode
    follow instructions here:
    and try to find out the owners identity.
    it won't work if "open firmware password" is enabled on the MBP.
    Or if everything is FileVault encrypted.
    It's possible it won't work without a power brick for the MBP, perhaps you can borrow one ?
    You could also take out the Harddisk, and pop it in an external enclosure, but that's more effort.

  • HT201472 found a lost iPhone that is locked with a passcode

    Found a lost iPhone that is locked with a passcode, how do I find the owner?

    You probably will not be able to find the owner. Turn it into the police.

  • How to undo the search actions since i found my lost iphone

    want to undo the search action of blocking and erasing since i found my lost iphone
    is this posible?

    No, once activate, there's no turning back.
    You can restore from backup with the computer iTunes you usually sync.

  • Found a lost iphone 4s

    Ok Apple so I found a lost iphone 4s at wallmart so 2 weeks earlier I decided to take it to my local police station!!! And gave it to the Police so the police contacted the owner and the owner did not want the phone back ha lol how strange! So the police told me I could have it back But I have a big problem here tho...the iphone is locked threw the icloud activation threw the owners gmail... so I called the police station and asked i if i could have the owners contact the police did not insist.they said No! Apple if I take the iphone to my local apple store can they unlock the iphone 4s activate it or flash it etc.
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    The phone appears to have had more than one 'owner' and the police do not seem inclined to pursue the matter.  I believe only Apple security can formally unlock the phone and under these circumstances I doubt they would.  There could be all sorts of private detail within.

  • Found a lost iphone.

    My dad had found a lost locked iPhone 4s. in order to retrieve it to its rightful owners he took it to a phone shop so they will unlock it. They ended up deleting the entire phone and sim card memory. The guy in the shop threw away the sim.
    I really feel bad for having this phone and really want it to go back to its rightful owners.
    In order to turn on the phone and look for evidence of who's the phone is i have logged into my apple id, and the phone is now under it. I have found nothing.
    The only solution i can think of is for Apple to help me find that person using the phone's serial number.
    Do you think they'll help me or are they legally forbidden from giving me any info?
    Thank you very much.
    Or Neumann.

    They won't be able to to tell you anything at Apple, all they can do is tell you that it' registered to someone else, but legally can't tell you who that is or give out any info.
    There really isn't much you can do in this, except turn it into the police. Maybe the original owner reported it lost/stolen.

  • Has anyone found their lost Iphone with Icloud succefully?

    I recently had my Iphone stolen and my Icloud picked it up for a breif moment in front of someones house. I am from Illinois and it was stolen in Wisc. I had a friend go the house but it was a little old lady. Im pretty sure she did not live alone but my friend did felt a little uncomfortable even going to the door for me. When I continue to go on to Icloud it says my phone is offline but as of today I have been able to call it and it rings until my voicemail picks up. Before it would go to voicemail. Am I correct that there is a chance the sim card is still intact? I did put a lock on the phone so they are not able to access the phone except if they call the number provided by the "This phone is Lost" app I was able to us from Icloud. I am just looking for a little bit of hope that the phone could still be retrieved or brought online somehow before I completely give up home and have it erased. Any success stories or advice anyone has. I did call the police and have yet to get intouch with an officer to file a report but did get feed back that they could not go to the house without a warrent.

    What To Do If Your iDevice Is Lost Or Stolen
    If you activated Find My Phone before it was lost or stolen, you can track it only if Wi-Fi is enabled on the device. What you cannot do is track your device using a serial number or other identifying number. You cannot expect Apple or anyone else to find your device for you. You cannot recover your loss unless you insure your device for such loss. It is not covered by your warranty.
    If your iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, or iPad is lost or stolen what do you do? There are things you should have done in advance - before you lost it or it was stolen - and some things to do after the fact. Here are some suggestions:
    This link, Re: Help! I misplaced / lost my iPhone 5 today morning in delta Chelsea hotel downtown an I am not able to track it. Please help!, has some good advice regarding your options when your iDevice is lost or stolen.
      1. Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product
      2. Find my lost iPod Touch
      3. AT&T. Sprint, and Verizon can block stolen phones/tablets
      4. What-To-Do-When-Iphone-Is-Stolen
      5. What to do if your iOS device is lost or stolen
      6. 6 Ways to Track and Recover Your Lost/Stolen iPhone
      7. Find My iPhone
      8. Report Stolen iPad | Stolen Lost Found Online
    It pays to be proactive by following the advice on using Find My Phone before you lose your device:
      1. Find My iPhone
      2. Setup your iDevice on iCloud
      3. OS X Lion/Mountain Lion- About Find My Mac
      4. How To Set Up Free Find Your iPhone (Even on Unsupported Devices)

  • Found a lost iPhone 4/4s

    I Found a IPhone 4/4s few month ago.. I was thinking to use it since the owner didn't come back.. When I open it.. Have to use the owner Apple ID to open it.. Is there any way to help me? If there's no way to open it I will take it back to Apple Store..

    Sorry, no one here can help you, nor can/will Apple. Turn it into the police or your local Apple store, as you'll never be able to use this phone for anything other than as a paperweight.

  • I found my lost iPhone, can I use it as a iPod?

    I lost my iPhone 5  on a business trip, when I retuned to that location 4 weeks later the HR rep told me that there was a phone that had been turned in but due to holidays and vacations they forgot to notify me. I know its my iPhone because my pass code worked once I charged the phone a bit.
    I have had my replacement from Verizon since this occurred but I want to be able to use this one as an iPod for my kids, can I?


  • I found a lost iPhone that needs restoring. What should I do?

    When I turned it on, it said I needed to connect to iTunes. Will I need to restore it?

    You should turn it in to the police. Failing to do so makes you guilty of receiving stolen property and/or something called theft by finding or larceny by finding in most jurisdictions.

  • Found a lost iPhone without a sim

    How would I go about finding the original owner? It's password protected too and I tried a few common combinations with no avail.

    Is there no way to find out their details with the serial and stuff? Would prefere doing that as I'd have to pay for a train journey, if not I'll have to do that I guess!

  • Lost iPhone 4 found

    I found a lost iPhone 4 and it was lock by owner, how can I contact the owner?

    Hi there Jason Quek,
    If you found a lost device, then you should follow this simple instruction from the following article:
    Report a lost or stolen Apple product
    If you have lost or found an Apple product, please contact your local law enforcement agency to report it.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Take care,

  • Will apple ship a lost iPhone to the owner?

    I found a lost iphone a whole ago. Before the battery could die-the new iphones now use a different style of charger, which I don't have- I contacted the owner. I told her where and when we could meet so I could return the iphone. But she said she was visit the area where she lost the iphone and doesn't know when she'll return. If I go to an apple store, will they ship the phone to the owner, even if they live in another state?

    You can ask but I don't believe they will.

  • My iphone is broken,and i came to store to change a new one today. When I come home, I found I lost my backup and may be mistake is made during before backup.The information in my previous iphone is really important for me? how can I get the backup back?

    my iphone is broken,and i came to store to change a new one today. When I come home, I found I lost my backup and may be mistake is made during before backup.The information in my previous iphone is really important for me? how can I get the backup back?

    If you don't have a backup then the only possible solution is to go back to the store and see if they can get your old phone and create a backup of that. I know very often that Apple employees will wipe the returned iPhones clean before shipping them back to wherever they ship them.
    When you say your old phone was "broken" does this mean it is dead and won't turn on?
    Do you have a Time Machine backup of your computer, or a clone that might have this info on it?
    Other than that I hate to say you may be out of luck. Time Machine and/or a cloning program performed regularily will inevitably save your a** in situations like this.
    Good luck

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