Fuzzy/blurry text in Pages documents (tables)

I was wondering if any of you guys have experienced this problem:
I upgraded to Pages 13 a while ago. Whenever I print text that is in a table, the letters are slightly fuzzy/blurry. Text outside a table is crisp and appears normal.
Any idea what may be causing this?

My thought was that, in the interest of finding a solution, posting my findings in Numbers could be helpful. After all, Numbers and Pages have a lot of similarities. In fact the way the tables work (where this problem lies) seems to be nearly identical. That post in another forum would certainly not benefit BuzzerRover in any way, but in here it might.
In response to PeterBreis0807, yes, I have tried both changing the CMYK when selecting the cell itself, and also when selecting the text inside the cell. In both cases, upon reselecting the cell and attempting to change the color (making sure the color change button is blue), the CMYK cells had reverted to other values. Gray Scale changes did seem to stick, but did not rectify the printing issue. In the interest of adhering to forum rules, this was tested on tables in both Numbers and Pages.
In addition, this printing issue does not seem to affect inserted images, which print beautifully, or even text outside of tables, as BuzzerRover mentioned. Also, it only seems to happen when printing to my HP LaserJet 400 color, but not when I print to my Canon copier.
I hope this helps shed some light on this in some way.

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    Many times I have opened a Pages Word Proessing document that serves as a brochure.  Today I went in to edit some of the text and I can't get a cursor to drop anywhere in the text.  All the text boxes can't be edited.
    What may have happened? I am using Pages '09
    Mary Lou

    Here's the explanation.  When I transferred the document to Pages, I did a copy and paste of the text boxes and graphics.  What I didn't understand was that, after they were in Pages, they would no longer need to be edited.
    I have been printing the brochure from the Pages document for months.  It wasn't until now that I needed to edit it.  It came as a surprise to discover that in copying and pasting text boxes between these two applications, I lost the ability to edit them.
    I have now selected the text from the original document and created a new text box in Pages and pasted the text into it.  It can now be edited further if necessary.
    Thanks for discovering where my error was.
    The original brochure was created as an Appleworks Draw document and cannot be opened in Pages.  Before I upgrade my iMac from OS 10.6.8 to Maverick, I need to make sure that I have created fresh Pages documents whenever I used a Draw document in Appleworks.
    The dilemma is solved.  Thank you.
    Mary Lou

  • Text in Pages document won't italicize

    When I highlight text on a Page document, and select 'i' to italicize the text, nothing happens!  Can anyone help please?

    It tells you in the Fonts panel.
    Tahoma has only Normal and Bold, neither in italics.
    Many applications fake the italic by making it lean on an angle, but that is not a true italic. Check well designed fonts and you will see the the italic takes on different letterforms.

  • Fuzzy/blurry text in Captivate 7

    Hi alll,
    We recently upgraded from Captivate 6 -> 7. Usually we use transparent text boxes for text, and when publishing in Captivate 7, the text gets blurry/fuzzy, regardless of color, size, font etc. We had the same problem in an earlier version of Captivate (I think maybe it was Captivate 3), and the workaround then was to highlight at least one charachter within each text box, but this does not work in Captivate 7.
    Funny thing is that if I just drag the generated .htm file into my browser window, the text is crisp and clear, but when I run the same module from our LMS, it all gets blurry and fuzzy.
    Any help to avoid this would be very appreciated.

    Captivate text displaying blurry has been an issue since day one. I've had to deal with it and spend dozens of hours of R&D to try to figure it out... and as you see I'm still searching for an answer. It seems soooo simple but it must be extremely complex because Adobe just can't figure it out! It was the same thing in Flash. We are a global org producing e-learning for fortune 500 companies and at one point Captivate was our most used tool. Due to this issue and a bunch of others, our shop is now doing 75% of our projects in Storyline, 20% in Lectora, and we have ZERO clients asking for Captivate for the last 2 years. When a client spends tens of thousands of dollars on a project, they don't want to have to look at blurry, jagged text. I wish it wasn't this way because I am a highly experienced Cp developer now having to learn Storyline. But Adobe has either ignored this issue or just cannot fix it. In the image below, you can see the differences in the way Captivate displays text and the horrifying difference between Cp and Flash that I just don't get. That one causes a huge issue when we drop Flash stuff in a Cp slide and are required to stay consistent with font type and size.
    Keep in mind, the problem everyone is frustrated about is mainly text that uses Transparent style caption. It appears better when in a styled caption bubble. The blurry text issue can be somewhat fixed by applying a white highlight on all the text. Although, it is still not what we are looking for. And, this extra step in development is painful, costly, and there is always a few that we miss and then we get complaints, etc.
    Man, that first one is just nasty!
    One last thing I discovered that works, but not all of the time, is that if you create a dummy variable with no value, then put your text in a transparent text caption, add a few spaces at the end and then insert that variable, you will see crisp, clean text as if it was html. Again, too much work and not a consistent solution!!
    Hope that helps for those who are new to captivate, and for those like me, who have lost too many hours of precious life and money on this.
    See ya, have to continue my Storyline training now...

  • I can't edit text in pages document

    I created a poster and now it won't let me edit text....help please?? ty

    Menu > View > Show Layout/Invisibles
    Now go command a (Select All)
    What do you see?
    Do you see any boxes around your objects with light crosses on the corners? They are locked.
    click on them > Menu > Arrange > Unlock
    The other possibility is you have moved the objects to the Section Master:
    Menu > Arrange > Section Master > Make Master Objects Selectable
    Or if you click on the text area and then see small white boxes on the corners and a group of objects moves together
    Menu > Arrange > Ungroup
    You have shown me only the poster, out of context and without any of the surrounding format options, so it is hard to tell anything about it. Even whether you are in Pages. It could even be a pdf file.

  • Why can't i make changes to my pages document? I want to amend text in a table but it wont allow me do it

    This never happened before. I have a table in a pages doc in which I have text to amend. The cursor will not click in the box and I cannot type or delete text. Any ideas?

    Object can be locked in Pages so they can't be moved or changed. Here is the text from Pages User Guide which you can download from your Pages Help menu
    Locking and Unlocking Floating Objects
    You can lock floating objects to avoid inadvertently moving them as you work. Inline objects cannot be grouped or locked.
    After you lock individual or grouped objects, you can’t move, delete, or modify them in any way until you unlock them. However, a locked object can be selected, copied, or duplicated; when you copy or duplicate a locked object, the new object is also locked.
    To lock a floating object:
    Select the objects you want to lock, and then choose Arrange > Lock.
    To unlock a floating object:
    Select the objects you want to unlock, and then choose Arrange > Unlock.

  • HT2506 In pages how can I link text within the document? I can find a bookmark option and links only allows me to link to a web page

    Hi all,
    This is my first time using this discussion site! Any help would be great, as I am getting very frustrated with pages!
    What I am trying to do is link text at the bottom of a document to a page at the beginning of the document. I can't find a bookmark option adn when I clink insert link it only provides an options to link to a web page. Help! thanks

    Bookmarks are missing (sadly) and with them, the ability to create an in document link.
    I was looking for this feature in a Table of Contents. When you assign a 'style' to text in a document, you can Insert > Table of Contents. Then Pages will keep the TOC updated and you'll be able to 'link' from the page number in the TOC. (Not much help though, for the OP)

  • How can I paste a part of a sheet from Numbers in Pages as text, without the formulas.The reason I need this (and was used to in Office) so that I have the freedom to delete something in one cell (in pages document) without causing changes.

    How can I paste a part of a sheet that I copied in Numers in a pages document without the formulas, simply as text. Used this a lot in Office. When I make some changes in the pages document. f.i. deleting a cell, I don't want to change other cells. Also when I copy a part of a sheet from Numbers and one of the cells that is part of the formula is not also copied, when I paste in Pages it shows as an error.
    Hope that You can me help with this.

    There are two solutions to the first question, narrowing to one solution when you have a broken link causing an error.
    Here's the "works always" solution.
    Copy (Command-C) the table or range in Numbers
    Click off the table on the blank canvas of the sheet.
    Edit > Paste Values
    Switch to Pages

  • Inserting text into a Pages document with Applescript

    I want to create a Pages document from a custom template but be able to insert text at various points in the document (inputted data under headings etc). I would like to use Applescript but cannot get insertion points to work, is this possible? As usual, all help gratefully accepted.

    I have made a Pages template that contains tables and I want to enter text into sections of these tables
    That's a completely different story! But that's still possible using GUI Scripting. Here's an example:
    tell application "Pages"
        select table 1 of body text of front document
        tell application "System Events" to tell process "Pages"
            set theWindow to window 1 whose role description is "standard window"
            click button "Table" of tool bar 1 of theWindow
            keystroke "Cell A1"
            keystroke tab
            keystroke "Cell B1"
            key code 125 -- down arrow
            keystroke "Cell B2"
            -- and so on
        end tell
        select insertion point after table 1 of body text of front document
    end tell

  • Tables where header text of sale document and bill document is stored

    dear all,
                   i need a table and field in which header text of sale docu is stored .i need to print a text entered by user at the tie of vf01 .
    so plz tell me the table and way how to print that text in print of invoice
    if any function is there for that please also tell me
    waiting for positive response
    regards & thanks

    Take a look at OSS <a href="hhttps://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/600408">Note 600408 - Smart Forms: header texts and item texts</a>, it may be useful for you
    The system does not print header texts and item texts of the billing document in the Smart Form standard form LB_BIL_INVOICE.
    Other terms
    SMARTFORMS, print, text, completion note, invoice
    The following solution describes how to include a 'header note' on header level and an 'item note' on item level in the form.
    If you want to insert other texts into your form, you must adjust the access key (text name, text object, text ID) which you create under point 4 or 11 correspondingly.
    The formatting characteristics of the text are transferred from the billing document to the output. That is, you can change the character format only in the document.
    to correct the form, proceed as follows:
          1. Display form LB_BIL_INVOICE in the change mode of Transaction SMARTFORMS.
          2. Expand the navigation tree on the left side and choose the following path: 'Pages and Windows -> FIRST -> MAIN'.
          3. After text node TITLEINVOICEDETAILS, insert text node HDTEXT with description 'Header text'.
          4. Maintain the general attributes of this node as follows:
              o Text Type: Include Text
              o Text Name:
              o Text Object: VBBK
              o Text ID: 0001
              o Language:
              o No error if no text exists: X
          5. Create the following variable under 'Global Definitions':
          Variable name                    Reference type
          GD_IT_TXT_KEY       TYPE         TDOBNAME
          6. Choose the following path: 'Pages and Windows -> FIRST -> MAIN -> TABLEITEM'. Expand the 'TABLEITEM' table node.
          7. Below the 'TABLEITEM' node (after node IT_REFVG2_COL2_A), insert program line node ITEM_TEXT_KEY with description 'Key for item text'.
          8. Maintain the following parameters for the node:
              o Input parameter: GS_IT_GEN
              o Output parameter: GD_IT_TXT_KEY
          9. Insert the following program lines:
                        clear gd_it_txt_key.
    move gs_it_gen-bil_number to gd_it_txt_key.
    move gs_it_gen-itm_number to gd_it_txt_key+10.
          10. After the new program line node ITEM_TEXT_KEY, insert text node ITEM_TEXT with description 'Item text'.
          11. Maintain the following general attributes of the node:
              o Text Type: Include Text
              o Text Name:
              o Text Object: VBBP
              o Text ID: 0002
              o Language:
              o No error if no text exists: X
          12. Make the following settings under 'Output Options':
              o New Line: X
              o Line Type: IT_DESC
              o New Cell: X,    1 Skip Cells
          13. Activate your form.</i>

  • How can I create a text pop up window in my Pages document? I want text to pop up when the reader hovers his/her cursor over a certain word.

    How can I create a text pop up window in my Pages document? I want text to pop up when the reader hovers his/her cursor over a certain word in the document. I am teacher. So for example when a student came to word he/she did not know, if he/she hovered the cursor over the word, a defintion or other information would appear.  You can do this in Word using bookmarks/hyperlinks but I can't figure this out in Pages. I can link it to another point in my Pages document but I just need the text to pop up - not take the reader to another location.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

    Have you tried Word for Mac?
    You will need to test if links survive export or printing to .pdf

  • How can I [cmd]+A including text boxes? Or how to import one Pages document into another Pages document?

    Hi there,
    I am working on my thesis with several Pages documents (for the first time). And I really have searched all over the Internet to find an answer to exactly my question but I cannot find it.
    First my question was: How can I import one Pages document into another one? I found the answer on that (I think) and there is nothing else than just make a new section and copy/paste it in.
    But then another issue pops up: I cannot [cmd]+A my whole document including the texboxes to paste it in the other Pages document. Then the document will be paste without the textboxes (and I have quite a lot of them in that document) and the text will not be at the right place.
    So please explain to me: How I can combine two Pages documents and keep them exactly the way they are? Is that even possible?
    I thank you so much in advance!

    Hi Fruhulda,
    I have already tried to mark the textboxes in line but that did not work, and besides then the text and the boxes won't be at the rigt places either. Thank you for your reply .

  • How can I automatically create calendar events using text from a Pages document?

    I'm looking for a way that I can automatically have calendar events created, by extracting dates and times from a table within a Pages document I have saved on my Mac.
    Currently, I record my working hours/dates on a Pages document in table format, so that I can record and ensure I receive payment for all hours I work.
    After finding out which shifts I have for the week, I insert the day, date, start time and end time (for each shift), into a table within a Pages document.
    I'm wondering if there is any way - such as through Automator, Apple Scripts, etc. - that I can then have the Calendar app automatically create events from that data - including the date, start and end times for each shift?
    Also, if possible, is there a way to set each event to automatically alert me at a chosen time (1 day, 2 days, etc.) beforehand?
    Here is an example of the layout of my document table:
    Saturday, 21 December 2013
    8:00 AM
    5:00 PM
    9:00 hrs
    Sunday, 22 December 2013
    9:00 AM
    6:00 PM
    9:00 hrs
    Monday, 23 December 2013
    12:00 PM
    9:00 PM
    9:00 hrs
    Tuesday, 24 December 2013
    12:00 PM
    6:00 PM
    6:00 hrs
    If anyone can help with this question, that would be greatly appreaciated, as then I could have my calendar automatically create and sync my work shifts across to my iPhone, iPad and Mac.
    Thanks in advance,

    I totally agree with you.
    Where are the fixes for a long string of bugs, glitches and user issues?
    Looking at the list of new "features" for the next OSX, Maverick (what a dumb name!), all I am seeing is Apple ripping off other peoples' ideas, something it swinges others mercilessly for.
    There is not one thing in Maverick that I don't already have, only more so, with 3rd party add-ons.
    Apple seems bereft of ideas now and I am totally mystified what it is doing with all that money and employees it has accumulated.

  • I have upgraded to Pages 5.0.1 and now I cannot print or pass along "comments" in the text of a document. I previously was able to convert the Pages document, with comments, to a "Word" document so that others could view the edited text. How do I do that?

    I have upgraded to Pages 5.0.1 and now I cannot print or pass along "comments" in the text of a document. I previously was able to convert the Pages document, with comments, to a "Word" document so that others could view the edited text. How do I do that?

    When you installed Pages v5, it automatically moved the older Pages ’09 v4.3 into /Applications/iWork '09 folder. If you want normal comment interoperability, you are advised to resume using the older version of Pages. Newer, is certainly not better with Pages v5.

  • How can I take data from multiple pages documents and put them into a numbers table?

    I produce invoices in pages, with dates, invoice numbers, references and amounts due. I want to take all this data from multiple documents and transfeer it to a single numbers table. Is this possible and if so, how do I do it. I know I can do it the other way round with mail merge but I can't figure out how to do it this way round?

    The data is spread throughout a pages document in specific areas here's a copy of an invoice for you to have a look at.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Web Gallery Captions get lost

    Love web gallery - spend time typing in all the captions to inform family and friends, wait for the upload, watch all the "pending" signs disappear, and then see the captions disappear once it's on the Gallery site. Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?

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    Hello, I have an iMovie project which is a video/audio interview between two people. Unfortunately the interviewer's mic is far quieter than the interviewee's. Is there a way that I can normalise the sound levels within iMovie so that the volume is c

  • Cost Centre Report by monthly

    Hello SAP Gurus, We have developed a Zreport for Cost Centre report in monthly, for this i have used Table COEP , CSKS, SETLEAF. The report is working fine. It is not working for particular Cost Centre Group or Cost Element Groups, for this the value

  • Am i going to lose my pictures?

    my older version of iphoto was 4 and now i installed ilfe08. will i lose all my pictures when i open iphoto08? If yes what can i do to save my pictures or is it to late ? please help methese are very important pictures. thank you...

  • Clarification on post upgrade Statutory requirement

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