General ledger / sub ledger reconciliation, without new GL:

Hi experts, hope you can help me with this quick question:
My client is currently reconciling SAP General Ledger  and Subledger balances in excel spreadsheets, for Customer and Vendors.
The reconciliation is as follows, when the postings are done on general ledger on a reconciliation account and on the correspondent sub ledger, the line items have to be checked on both to be sure that transfer has been done correctly. Currently this process if done by a Vlookup in Excel, using the reference number as join between the data extracted.
We are running ECC6.0, without the new GL, do you know if there is a standard program to make this reconciliation, I will appreciate any documentation about this topic.
Thanks in advance.

Firstly, why would there be any difference between the total of customer/vendor sub-ledger balances and the balance on the reconciliation account(s)?  The posting to the reconciliation account is happening automatically right, when you are posting to a customer/vendor (basing on the reconciliation account assigned in the customer/vendor master)?  And system would not allow direct postings to reconciliation accounts, which eliminates the threat of reconciliation GL account going out of balance as compared to the sub-ledger accounts.
However, you can run FBL3N or FS10N for the reconciliation account(s) and match it with the total balance on all customers/vendors using transaction FBL5N/FBL1N.

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  • Unable to clear sub-ledger items on uploading electronic bank statement

    Hi All,
    The client is in Belgium & uses format BE for bank statements. in postprocessing of EBS (FEBA), there are a few items with a posting rule 0002 (for Eg) that need to be posted manually. The posting rule is as below:
    0002   1  40   BE INTERIM                 50  BE BANK      ZR   1
    0002   2         BE OUTGOING BE      50  BE INTERIM   ZV   4
    As you can see the posting type is 1 & 4. The user's contention is that this should knock off items in sub-ledger i.e., vendor & customer open items but the system is posting to the GL accounts that are assigned to the account symbols shown above.
    My question is... Is it possible with such a posting rule to clear items in sub-ledger? If yes, is there any setting that needs to done to ensire that in FEBA, on manually trying to post the system should direct to the screen where you can enter the customer or vendor number & select open item?

    I found the answer in Customizing new G/L. thanks anyway.

  • Intial Bank Balanace in Sub-Ledger Bank Accounting

    I am going to upload the first ELECTRONIC bank statement into the system. I am using FF.5 to post the initial bank statement and the program is RFEBGB00. However, when I post the initial bank statement in the bank sub-ledger, the initial bank statement is showing as balance "0", which is deviating with the entries that I posted into F-02. In other words, the balances in General ledger bank account and sub-ledger would be deviating to the extent of the balance as on first bank statement.
    In GL Accounting we have already loaded the balance of the bank main account using F-02.
    Any conceptual clarity would be highly appreciated.
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    Hi Alexis,
    Posting area 2 (Subledger Posting) is already configured for posting rule in OT83 for your system, thats the reason system is posting to customer and vendor accounts once it is finding subledger account details in the file.
    If your client doesn't want to post to subledger accounts then delete posting area 2 from posting rule in OT83.
    Mohammed Kalim

  • Sub Ledger Extraction from R/3

    I have to extract Sub Ledger from R/3 into BI.
    in R/3 if u go to transaction f.23 or u go thru menu
    SAP Menu->Accounting->Financial Accounting ->Accounts Recievable->Information System ->Reports for Accounts Receivable Accounting ->Customer Balances ->S_ALR_87012172 - Customer Balances in Local Currency
    when we run this report you will get "Customer " in 3rd column ,
    now I am being told that this is sub ledger.
    I want to know how can i extract it from R/3 and store in BI.
    There is same report in AP also
    SAP menu ->Accounting ->Financial Accounting ->Accounts Payable >Information System ->Reports for Accounts Payable Accounting ->Vendor Balances ->S_ALR_87012082 - Vendor Balances in Local Currency .
    Here third column is vendor (or subledger ???)
    I have not much idea on Sub ledger

    Financial accounting is dual entry system where general ledger (also known as nominal ledger) is the main accounting record book this general ledger is supported by subsidiary ledgers (account receivable and account payable). FI extraction is also known as coupled extraction (as general ledgr is coupled with account receivable and payble). So I suppose you have been asked to work on account receivable 0FI_AR_4) and payable (0FI_PA_4) for more information please see the link.

  • Post capitalization - posts to sub ledger?

    Dear Experts,
    Does post capitalization transaction ABNAN posts to subledger?
    When i made the posting, i have some difference between sub ledger and main ledger.

    Hi Smile,
    Yes it sure does because you need to provide the asset number during ABNAN. Check your aw01n for that asset and see the value of your difference between your sub & General ledgers if you find something significant there or most likely, equal to the planned values. Because, I'd rather see your problem arising on the asset value date which you have identified during ABNAN and that you need to run depreciation for that particular asset that you have capitalized. Hope this helps.

  • FI GL and FI AA sub-ledger recon balance  mismatch

    FI GL and FI AA sub-ledger recon balance mismatch
    Year 2010 .and period 12 .. no mismatch
    Year 2011 and period  01 .. there is mismatch
    so I thing there was issue in year end closing. And now we are in Nov ( 11 period ) . so our special posting period is also  not open to reprocess year end activity.
    How  should i approach to this issue.
    Please guide with step by step process.
    P B

    Thank you for reply,
    2010 Closing and 2011 Opening balance is same.
    and we are using SAP R/3 4.7  so we dont have that t code FAGLGVTR.
    in ABST2 there is the difference in Balance.
    2010 period 12  
    In GL                                                                         
    Begging Balance(100)        
    ending balance (100)
    In Subledger
    Begging Balance (100)
    ending balance    (100)
    difference between both ledgers ( 0)
    But in 
    2011 period 1
    In GL                                                                         In Subledger
    Begging Balance   (100)
    ending balance      (100)
    In Subledger
    Begging Balance ( -400)
    ending balance    (-400)
    difference between both ledgers ( 500)
    Now i checked this
    1. FS10N - GL Balance is same in 2010 period 12 and 2011 period 1
    2. AR01  - Subledger Balance is same in 2010 period 12 and 2011 period 1
    Q : where this -400 balance is coming from . ( where can i see or how can i identify ?)
    Note :
    ( Program is pulling this value from Table : GLPCT )
    P B
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  • Sub-ledger other than vendor/customer/assets

    Our client is having requirement to have sub-ledger (other than vendor/customer/assets) for outstandings and required a report with opening balances, debits, credits and closing balance sub-ledger wise.

    As per your requirement from what i have understood please correct me if I am wrong.
    You want to book your expense with reference to an Outstanding GL.
    Then pay off using the Outstanding GL.
    And you don't want to show the expense gl but should reflect in your Outstanding GL.
    If this is your requirement then please clarify that you don't want to show the expense in TB and also you want to show the amount in Outstanding GL which is a Balance Sheet account.
    At the time of payment what GL will you use and also if you are not showing the expense in the TB then where you want this expense to reflect.
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  • Current Day Bank Statement post to GL and Sub-Ledger

    Hello SAP Friends,
    I need help on Current Day Bank Statement. Appreciate your input/help/opinion.
    My client wants to update Current day bank statement to G/L and Sub-Ledger so that any electronic payment received from customer updated in real-time. As the sale cycle is very short about a week, they do not want to wait to update book with prior day bank statement.
    SAP standard functionality allows creating memo record from current day bank statement to reflect Correct Cash Position.
    Can someone share there experience for Current day bank statement posting and how process has been managed technically?
    Thanks for all help.

    When Manual bank statement is run, a JV gets posted knocking of subledger with debit or credit (Payment/Deposit) and one line item will be posted in the main bank account.
    In you scenario, take the document available in the main bank account and reverse it in transaction code FBRA. This will knock off all the balances and the ledger will be zero.

  • Report to tie sub-ledger to the G/L

    The client needs a balances report that shows detailed balances that would tie to the trial balance in fs10n. The asset balances report cant be used because the "report date" appears to use the value date of the asset and not the posting date. Say if an asset was posted today with a value date in february, the cost appears when you run the report as of 2/28, but this cost wasnt in the G/L on 2/28. Hence fs10n and the balance report dont tie. Where can we get a report to pull the asset balances by the POSTING DATE?
    Note: ABST2 wouldnt fulfill the requirement as it only shows recon analysis and has no details.

    The current book value only works for this period not historicals. I would like to get historicals based on the posting date. The report date is not really the posting date. For example, if you post a retirement now with a value date of 3/31 and posting date 8/20 and run the balances report for 4/30, 5/31 etc you would see that the asset wouldnt be on the report but it would show up on retirements. Same with transfers. Here we do a lot of transfers/retirements and acquisitions with old value dates, that way we can have the asset on the subledger and account for the depreciation from that date. However, as a rule the asset is posted in the current period (since the old periods are obviously closed). Now the internal audit requirement is that they need a balances report to tie the G/L to the sub-ledger as of any posting date (including historicals). As far as I have seen, no standard report is able to accomplish this for us. If its going to be a custom report, then please let me know which tables I can find this data. The issue I have is that the legacy assets which are not posted to but have balances dont exist in ANEK. So, ANEK info doesnt let me tie to the G/L. I need balances + ANEK info upto a certain posting date.

  • Difference in balance as per Sundry creditors account in TB and sub-ledger

    I am front end user in SAP B1. When i generated the trial balance and the Creditors sub-ledger account i found there was a difference as per the TB and the total of the Creditors sub-ledger account. This difference is appearing inspite of ticking the box add journals, can anyone pls tell me why the difference is occuring. Urgent

    Hi Poornima,
    The best way of determining what the correct figures are is to query the jdt1 table (journal entry rows).
    The business partner can be found in the field shortname and then sum debits and credits to get the true balance of each Business Partner. Please note that the figures in jdt1 should be the true value in case there is a difference.
    To work in the right direction it is important to break down the figures and that way identify where the difference is coming from. The break down can be by BP and date period. Also please check if the BPs are using multiple Control accounts if some figures are hidden there.
    Please note that the most common reason when these kind of issues are reported is that some of the report criteria has been defined in a way that will lead to differences. That is speaking from my own experience.
    Hope it helps.

  • Cash journal - Sub ledger

    My client wants to create subledger (he is in the opinion that if One GL accoount is plitted / classified then it is treated as Sub ledger) to split the Amount in GL Account employee wise, by creating Emplopyee vendor master.
    I heared Document Splitting but is it possible, splitting one GL account? (say Printing & Stationary account is to be splitted according to Emloyee vendor/ employee)... i.e..
    if you take one GL account (Expenses) he wanted to generate a report of GL account based on the employees who expended a part of amount? when...?
    That means, if you open any Expenditure account, it also give a detailed report that the transaction done by whome? ofcourse you may say "Text can be maintained"... but based on text we cannot generate rport naa?
    Is it possible GL Splitting like document splitting? i think no... please correct me / guid me in a possible way
    if yes, Please let me know how it is to be done? and what is different between Document Splitting and GL Splitting?

    It is correct that you can get a list for every employee. if you create the as vendors. For all expense GL which have been created as Cost Elements in CO, there is a standard report, which would display the offsetting account number and name. The T Code for the same is KSB1. It basically gives  you the details of expenses per cost element and cost center combination. However, the same would not be available for balance sheet account, say for eg, cash Journal. For that you need to modify a structure to display the offsetting account number in FI reports. Refer the link
    Re: adding a field to FBL3N
    Hope this solves your issue.
    Sanil Bhandari

  • Sub ledger Postings - EBS

    Hi All,
    I wanted to confirm whether sub ledger posting through Bank Statement upload works only in case of customers and not in case of vendors. I m trying the carry out sub ledger posting for vendors. however SAP is determining account type D only for sub ledger posting.
    Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs.
    Aman Goel

    Please refer this link:

  • How and When Sub-Ledger Data is populated into XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS Table

    Hello Gurus
    I have been working on a Sub-Ledger Accounting and I could get a fair idea of how data is being transferred from XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS to XLA_AE_LINES and XLA_AE_HEADERS. As per my understanding, During "Create Accounting" process, data from XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS will be summed up based on JOUNRAL_LINE_TYPES rules and conditions to load into XLA_AE_LINES and XLA_AE_HEADERS. Then during "Transfer to GL" process, data from XLA_AE_LINES and XLA_AE_HEADERS is transferred to GL Tables. What I didn't understand is how and When data gets loaded into XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS. What are the rules and conditions and during which step data will be loaded to XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS table? Can somebody please explain me how data is transferred from Sub-Ledger Distribution Tables to SLA Distribution Table?

    Above Notes are good.
    But I just wanted to add a staight point.
    xla_distribution_links and xla_ae_lines will get populated at the same time.
    Both goes on JLTs and their conditions. One is detailed and the other is summarized / merged.
    xla_ae_lines will have extra balancing lines and xla_distirbution_links will have extra gain / loss lines, which end up with zero amount.
    Also check the links for the setup of distribution identifiers.

  • Advance sub ledger and create Artist statement

    hi all,
    i am getting error in one report program name ( *ZFI_ARTIST_STATEMENT* ) Tcode (ZFI_ARTIST_STATEMENT) Clear advance sub ledger and create Artist statement .
    this is running good in FCI environment but not in FCP environment. so please can you suggest me that what could be the isssue.
    there is no change in program . that i have already seen.

    I feel you have posted the question in wrong forum as it seems from your explanation that the issue is not related to SD.  What for that zee report has been developed ??
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Reports  on ( G/L Account  ,  sub ledger,  cash book &bank book.)

    can any body tell me  how to write a program on reports  for  G/L Account,
    sub ledger,
    cash book and bank book,
    plzzzzzzzzzzz  soonnnnnnnn

    hi expertss,
    can any body  explain me abt these G/L Account

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